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With the popularity of 3D printing technology in recent years, more and more people have more understanding of 3D printing. And use 3D printing technology in various fields, such as: medical, jewelry, toys, machinery, construction and so on. There are three questions you need to consider when choosing a professional 3D printer. First of all, you need to understand the materials used to make 3D printers. The overall 3D printer made of metal is more stable. Secondly, you need to know whether the printer you choose is easy to operate and has high printing accuracy. The third is to try to choose a cheap, cost-effective printer, but you can't choose the cheapest product. Many cheap machines, made of plastic material, have been used for a long time, and they are worn and deformed, and the printing effect is not good.

Tomtop Printers & Copiers Accessories online store is the best choice for your one-stop shop for 3D printers and accessories. We have the most complete range of models and models, the best quality and the best price 3D printer kit. If you want to get the best 3D printed products and have high requirements on the material and accuracy of the printer, Aibecy Ant Mini Desktop 3D Printer Kit and Tronxy Desktop 3D Printer are your best choice. The Aibecy Ant series printer is the quality guarantee for desktop printing. The high quality sheet metal construction makes it very compact and sturdy. It's easy to use, so you don't feel lost when you first use it. Combined with high precision and stable performance, the operation is smooth and precise, and its wonderful 3D printing effect will never make you upset. Most importantly, it has no heated bed, low noise and is safer for the user.
The Tronxy series of printers have high nozzle accuracy and print speeds of 40-120mm / s, with no jamming. The extruder uses a dual fan design for better heat dissipation. The 42 stepper motor works stably and smoothly, with low noise and will not lose any step. Dual Z-axis screws ensure more stable and accurate printing. The printer is equipped with an LCD screen and knob for easy operation.

Assembling a DIY 3D printer is a very interesting experience, and if you want to assemble it yourself, we can also provide you with a cost-effective DIY 3D printer. Such as Anet A8 High Precision 3D Printer Kits and Tronxy High Accuracy 3D Printer DIY Kit, they are equipped with 2004 LCD screen, 5 keys for easy operation, automatic leveling sensor function design, high precision and high reliability. Support SD card and offline printing. Suitable for many types of 3D printing silk, ABS, PLA, HIP, PP and nylon. It is used in many fields Widely, printing 3D toys, teaching equipment and other technical equipment.

In addition, in the Tomtop online store, you can also find a variety of 3D printer accessories, various materials and types of printing silk, smart 3D printing pen, printer motherboard, handheld wireless scanner, various spare parts and so on. If you are interested in these products, please stay tuned to

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