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Touch Voice with Best Earphones and Speakers at Tomtop
At Tomtop, we have Bluetooth Headsets, In-Ear Headphones, and Game Headphones. Bluetooth Headset: Powerful drivers, microSD features, wireless free Zen access, connection to surrounding sound, application control, and call handling. In-ear headphones are made for city workers and travelers. Comfortable, durable, dazzling design for your music to provide high-quality audio and noise cancellation. Our gaming headsets combine the latest technology, premium materials, and good comfort. Ear hooks and earphones are the perfect choices for sports and fitness enthusiasts and you will love our light and durable in-ear headphones for the best water and sound experience.
In terms of functionality, our company has a unique design that resembles the portable BT4.1 wireless hands-free headset listed in this original youth millet music Bluetooth headset, which weighs just 6.5 grams, like the iPhone X Samsung S8 Android / iOS smartphone, Like a coin light and portable, convenient. Its outstanding performance features are earbud audio assembly technology that eliminates noise and provides clear sound. There are also user-friendly switching: support for volume control, the last / next song, music player / pause, answer / hang up and other buttons. For the same type of headphones, we have S / M / L three different sizes. Most of our headphones are modified spray nano-technology: durable, scratch-resistant, oil-proof, anti-fouling.
Choosing the right speaker needs to consider what you listen to, how to listen to it, and the capabilities of your audio adapter. For example, if you mainly listen to classical music in low volume to the midrange, the strong bass is less important than flat, transparent frequency response in tenor and treble. A set of high-quality dual speakers with the frequency response from 90 to 18,000 Hz with 4 or 5 watts RMS per channel. Conversely, if you listen to rock or heavy metal instruments, or if you play the game and want to shake the wall, the high point of the crystal is less important, but the bass is important. You will want speakers, including a powerful subwoofer. Likewise, if you have a 3D audio adapter, it does not make sense to connect it to a two-piece or three-piece speaker set. Buy speakers with enough speakers to take full advantage of the card's 3D location audio capabilities.Of course, in the purchase of speakers, to avoid cheap speakers. On the Tomtop the cheapest speakers, priced at $ 5 or $ 8, or bundled with cheaper personal computers, have a much lower sound quality than premium speakers. Speakers at $ 15 and above are of better quality and offer additional features such as connecting multiple sources or a single subwoofer. Today's best speaker brands are Altec-Lansing, Creative Labs, Labtec and Logitech. Each product has a wide range of speaker models, one of which is suitable for most people. At Tomtop, we can guarantee you to buy the right interface speakers. Most computer speakers use an analog audio interface, which allows them to connect directly to the line-out jack of the sound adapter. Some computer speakers, especially the high-end four, five and six-speaker groups, do not have direct digital connections through digital DIN connectors, S / PDIF connectors, or both. If you are using a traditional sound adapter, please let us know and we will share a common interface method for your sound adapter and speakers.

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