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At TOMTOP, memories can be digitized. You may have many photos you want to show at home or office. But you may not know which one to choose, digital photo frame is a great choice. Each of our mobile phones may store hundreds and thousands of pictures, although you can view them on your computer, phone or TV, you can not show them. Maybe you can print them, and put them in the home with a traditional frame, but when you want to change your photos or want to show more of your photos will be a trouble.
Digital photo frame can be a good solution to these problems. It can show a lot of your favorites photo, do not worry because the picture is too much and cause confusion; In addition, if you print out your favorite pictures, also need a lot of time and effort, and can save more space, only need set the frequency of automatic replacement, you can slide your way to enjoy your photos; although the rapid development of electronic technology, but there are still a lot of people do not often use mobile phones or computers, you can not share pictures or videos on social media in time, such as your grandparents.
Most digital photo frames on TOMTOP have powerful storage and display capabilities. You need to insert a memory card to enjoy thousands of pictures or play video and music, display alarm clock, calendar and time, very interesting. Then when you want to update the digital photo frame picture, You can transfer photos and videos from your phone and computer to frames via WIFI, USB or Bluetooth, besides, You can also use the digital photo frame to tell your child stories, play educational videos, show products, and services display sales information, business hours, etc to customers. Show high-quality pictures and videos, wireless remote control, when you move your finger will change, the potential is huge! Digital photo frame is also a very nice gift, you can send your friends or family, it's easy to operate, and convenient. Now you can get a digital photo frame at a very low price, TOMTOP has a variety of frame sizes, such as 7-10 inches, and some large digital photo frames of about 15-18 inches, can be based on the choice of home space, better decorate your house.

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