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Raising flowers, raising birds, and raising fish are popular recreational activities for many elderly people. There are many benefits to raising fish. Fish farming not only can decorate your home, but also adjust your mood. People have observed that their goldfish are comfortable, peaceful and free, they will relax and help eliminate fatigue, trouble and loneliness. Create a relaxed, orderly and optimistic living environment. Family farming aquarium fish, children can learn more knowledge about fish and aquatic plants, growth of biology, geography and other aspects of knowledge, but also cultivate their love of nature and life.Fish collecting is simpler than raising cats, but there are strict requirements for living environment. It prefers good water quality, proper temperature and light, and a fresh air environment. Therefore, fish collecting also requires some basic equipment, including fish tanks and aeration pumps. Filters, thermometers, disinfectants, cleaning tools, water plants, baits, etc.
Noise Mini Brushless Water PumpNoise Mini Brushless Water Pump is a submersible pump with high efficiency, low noise and low energy consumption. It is the perfect tool for fish farming. The stator and circuit board are sealed with epoxy resin to avoid leakage. Small size and space saving, suitable for aquariums, humidifiers, air conditioners, other cooling and circulation systems.
Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Auto Food Timer is a perfect design to automatically feed the fish when you are away from home (you can set it yourself), and when you go home, your cute little fish is still lively. It uses DC micro motor to control environmentally friendly plastic materials, safe and healthy, adjustable switch, and can regulate food export according to the needs of fish. With a large capacity feeder, you can set the timer yourself (12/24 hours). Powered by two 1.5V AA batteries, the operating power consumption is low.
One of the most important tasks of raising fish is to regularly clean the fish tank and change the water. The cleaning tool is essential. Electric Gravel Cleaner Water Filter is suitable for cleaning the gravel in aquarium or aquarium, effectively siphoning fish waste and other dirt. Upgrade the spout and scraper to clean dirt on the corners and walls of the aquarium. Press the top on/off button and the water in the aquarium will be automatically withdrawn through the hose to change the water. Powered by two batteries, safe to use.
In addition, this External Oxygen Pump Waterfall Filter is also a great device.It is a semi-enclosed design that hangs outside the aquarium and saves space. It purifies the passing water and creates a mini waterfall, low noise, and fish or turtles can play comfortably in the water tank. This is a very interesting And practical equipment.

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