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People are communicating with talking and sharing, working and operating, the smartphones greatly changed the way we live and work. No one knows the number of small plastic phones found on earth, but the biggest guess through the relevant data is that it has more than 7.4 billion. Compared with everyone on earth, this is very high! In the production of countries, of which more than 90% of the phone is the mobile phone. So you need a smartphone and you have to have it. Maybe this is your first cell phone, maybe want to change a new one, or you want to send a friend to you. You need to choose, then Tomtop can give you some advice.
Firstly, choose the analog, dual mode, or digital phone. If you need to lower your costs by choosing a more cost-effective mobile phone, select the analog phone. Digital cell phones can provide more security. Prevents eavesdropping and stealing calls by encrypting, then if you plan to use the phone on the line, you may want to use the phone in digital mode.  Secondly, decide an operating system. Android: Android is probably the most widely applied operating system.. It is easy to operate, so if you have the technical skills, you may prefer like Android system. The main drawback is that the design is frequently updated, which can have an effect on usability. iPhone operate on an operating process referred to as iOS. If you have other Apple product, iOS phones will be the best for you. Thirdly, Focus on the phone comes with a variety of features. Pretty screen: Choose between LCD and AMOLED. Both are in their own way very well. You need at least 800 × 480 pixels to get an excellent experience. For Better to find a 720p or 1280 × 720 pixel resolution phone. Camera: If you are like take photos, you may need to make investments within a larger high-quality camera on the cell phone. If you do not intend to take too many photos, the camera high quality may not be as big of the worry.For most cell phones, the camera quality will reach 8 million pixels. Additional megapixels might develop higher high-quality photos, but this isn't the sole element you must take into consideration in regards to photograph excellent. Ensure that the camera includes a flash. In any other case, photographs were taken inside or at night will appear out blurry. Battery Life: How many hours will you make use of your cell phone? If you are traveling with your mobile phone for a long period of time, you may need a high-power battery. Looking for a long battery life over a short battery life phone. 
We have selected a lot of top brands cellphone for you, including Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Oneplus, Blackview, Umi and more. If you are a loyal Android mobile phone user, most of our products can meet your requirements. If you are an IOS mobile phone user with a limited budget, you can consider our iPhone refurbished machine. Of course, there are more waterproof mobile phones, shockproof mobile phones, 4G smartphones, face ID recognition and fingerprint recognition smartphones waiting for you to choose.With our extensive cell phone selection, you can easily find the features you need in your new phone. Every day at the lowest price.

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