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Safety and health are always the most important things for everyone, especially for special occupational groups. Staff members often need to wear personal protective equipment at work when ensuring their own safety and reducing the risk of accidents and occupational hazards. In daily life, the elderly, women and children are vulnerable groups in society, and they also need special protection. Therefore, personal safety equipment is essential.
The Tomtop website is a one-stop shop for purchasing security products. We offer you personal protection equipment of all types and functions. The head restraint is mainly a safety helmet. At the construction site, the helmet can protect the construction workers from being hurt or reducing head injuries when walking in the low position or when the head is hit by a sharp and hard object. The face protection device is mainly used to protect the mask, especially when welding, to protect the face from sparks and dust.Eye protection equipment includes safety glasses, full sun protection welding helmet, anti-glare welding glasses, dustproof and splash-proof laboratory protective glasses. These safety glasses are suitable for use in working environments where dust, gas, steam, mist, smoke or splashes are present to protect the glasses from injury.The respiratory protection device has a silicone gas mask that effectively absorbs toxic gases and purifies the air.Ear protection equipment is mainly earmuff equipment noise reduction soft earmuffs, hearing protectors, etc., to avoid noise damage.
Most of the work on construction sites is mostly done by both hands, which determines that the hands are often at risk. The safety of the opponent depends mainly on the gloves. We offer a variety of cut resistant work gloves. When workers are exposed to sharp objects or rough surfaces, these gloves have anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, heat insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, anti-slip and other functions. Prevent cutting.The fuselage protection mainly relies on protective clothing, heat-resistant split leather and leather welding clothes, flame-retardant clothing, waterproof, chemical resistance, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-radiation, etc., suitable for high temperature or low temperature operation.Foot protection equipment is mainly portable fire boots. These shoes are corrosion resistant, water impermeable, non-slip, and wear non-slip or insulated or fire resistant shoes in certain environments.
In addition, we also sell a variety of child safety tools, anti-wolf alarms, mini wireless smart GPS locator trackers and more.The anti-wolf alarm is portable and easy to use. When attacked by intruders and attackers, it will emit a 120db loud alarm, suitable for girls, children, the elderly and other people who need protection. The intelligent GPS locator tracker is suitable for children's old pet wallet keys, etc., can view the current position of the object on the phone, and can also find the last stop position and time of the lost item. When the mobile phone and the anti-lost device exceed the default effective distance, a two-way automatic alarm will be activated to prevent the elderly, children, pets, etc. from being lost.

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