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Super User Program:

1.  What is Tomtop Super User Program?

3.  How to join our Super User Program?  
What is Tomtop Super User Program?
Super User is a special program which is customized for all friends who are specialized in reviewing kinds of products. No matter which identity tag you are, professional reviewers, our customers, Initiative Super or IT Expert, it’s available for you to apply for reviewing our largest discount products. These products need nearly no money! Help us finish the review and submit the review link, you are our super user! 
Why do we suggest you to join in TomTop Super User Program?
If you are interested as well as specialized in reviewing products;
if you own one or more professional review channels, such as Youtube, blog website, twitter and so on;
if you wanna review some great and popular products from our website;
and if you do not wanna buy with a high price, why not join in our Tomtop Super user review program? Here, you can apply for all kinds of products shown in this program area that has big big discount. Buy whichever one of them to make a review and submit your feedback, then you will become our Super User.
How to join our Super User Program?
1. Please register an account of Tomtop website. In your account, you will find out: Make money - Review Program;
2. Click the join review program, fill in your info as the format, submit the application and wait a few days for our checking and letters to you;
3. If you pass our first checking, there will be a letter to notify you to apply for our products. The products that have big discount and coupons;
4. Submit your product application. If you pass, our letter will be sent to your email account;

5. This email includes coupon code for the product you apply for. As well, you will find a product link in this letter, please use it to purchase and put it in your feedback video or post or article reviews;

6. Complete your product feedback on tomtop.com and post your trial review on your social network;

7. When all of the procedures are finished, please take care of your product’s arriving and make the feedback review asap;

8. Please submit your feedback link to your Tomtop account in time: "Make money - Review Program - My Feedback".

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