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Now the projector is accepted by the majority of families, You can enjoy the best movie experience at home. Nowadays the projection technology is progressing, and much amazing projection equipment are used in various fields, such as schools, offices, homes, outdoor lights, etc., In order to get the best picture effect, Whether you are playing a presentation at work or watching HDTV at home, all need a correct projector. TOMTOP has collected the latest projection equipment, LCD projectors and DLP projectors and a variety of accessories at an affordable price to provide the user a good experience.
TOMTOP LCD and DLP projectors each have their own advantages: LCD projector contains 3 LCD technology, can guarantee a higher image quality, the imaging system is no moving parts, will not produce motion artifacts, high reliability, Strongroom can also be a good output, colorful, very suitable for schools, companies and other occasions to do detailed data display and graphics sharing. Compared with DLP noise is less, but also more energy efficient. DLP projector with micromirror rotating the wheel, high color contrast, high-level models of the 3-chip DLP can also show higher quality images. At TOMTOP, many LED projectors support a variety of pictures, video and music formats, the maximum resolution up to 1920 * 1080P, configure the memory card slot, While providing high-quality pictures and video for you, provide plenty of storage space for your favorite video, movies, pictures, music, and documents. Designed for entertainment, education and training, business meetings and home theater. Whether it is in the work or daily life, will bring you an unexpected experience.
Here you can enjoy the most advanced features of various projectors and home entertainment technology. All of our series of projector performance, speed or convenience are at a new level, we have a lot of cooperation with many brands, such as TOUMEI, FW1S, Ultramini, XGIMI, Docooler, UNIC, etc. In addition, you can also buy a mini projector that supports tablet PCs and Android phones.If you already have your own projector, then want to find the right accessories, but also TOMTOP has. Whether the projection screen, an HDMI cable, a tripod, a collapsible, or amount, you can take them to home at the lowest price. Welcome to pay attention to our official website and official account, every day there will be different promotions waiting for you! The projector has made our life more convenient, rich and interesting, and now is the best chance to have them!

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