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Remote Control Helicopter to Achieve Your Dream of Flying
Nowadays, RC helicopters have been widely purchased and not only easier to fly than radio-controlled helicopters, but also more affordable, attracting more radio-controlled flight enthusiasts. While popularity, availability, and affordability are great news for hobbyists, for starters, they face the kind of electric RC helicopters that they do not know at all. At Tomtop, we will patiently explain to you and pick out the helicopter style that suits you and your liking, price low to 8.99$.As we know that most traditional Rc helicopters use a helicopter layout with only one main rotor and tail rotor, and two main rotors, one on top of the other and no tail.These are called coaxial RC helicopters, sometimes referred to as dual-rotor helicopters or reversals.The electric RC helicopter is very stable in the air, even if the experience is easy to fly.It is easy to achieve the suspension and forward flight, but it has to be said that the flight performance of the coaxial helicopter has some limitations.Fast flying, aerobatic flying is impossible.But for the easy and straightforward introduction to multi-channel RC aircraft, coax is a good choice and their popularity is self-evident.In contrast, the single-rotor RTF electric RC helicopter flaunts "can fly straight from inexperienced boxes! There is always a need for some tuning, along with some very reasonable and time-consuming practices. The problem is not assembly, but thinking about ARF models is often expensive, and flight performance and your investment will be directly proportional to your ability to properly assemble things. Some RC helicopters are sold without a remote control, in which case there is no need for assembly, but you must have a transmitter that is compatible with your aircraft. Some models without a transmitter are called BNF, which is Bind-N-Fly, so you can save some money if you invest in a good transmitter and then simply buy a BNF version of the RC helicopter.
TOMTOP collects RC helicopters of various brands for a broad range of users, including Syma, Wltoys, Walkera, ALZRC Devil, Qun Yi Toy, XK Falcon and many more, including hot models such as Wltoys V912, Walkera V450D03, XK Falcon K100-B 6CH, WLtoys V977, XK AS350, Syma S33 etc. Buy our RC Helicopter and enjoy the fun of flying and discovering different worlds.

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