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The security system refers to the integration of related equipment and software for establishing a security management platform within the organization by using integrated wiring technology, communication technology, network interconnection technology, multimedia application technology, security technology and network security technology. An intelligent security system is a system for maintaining security and management. It collects all impact management data from existing multi-brand, multi-mode, multi-device defense systems and provides data extraction, data analysis, decision support, business applications and more. Today's people are paying more and more attention to safety issues, and what we care about most is our own personal and property safety, so choosing a strong and reliable smart door lock is crucial.
1.Intelligent anti-theft lock: According to the principle of the lock cylinder, the anti-theft door lock can be divided into a marble lock, a blade lock, a magnetic lock, an IC card lock, a fingerprint lock and the like.
2.Intelligent fingerprint lock: It is a kind of intelligent lock with human fingerprint as the identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. The fingerprint lock is generally composed of two parts, electronic identification and control, and mechanical linkage system. Due to the uniqueness and non-reproducibility of fingerprints, fingerprint locks have the highest safety factor.
3.Smart Password Lock: It is a series of numbers or symbols when it is turned on. Passwords for password locks are usually just an arrangement rather than a true combination. Some code locks use only one turntable to turn a number of discs or cams inside the lock; some locks are a set of several numbered dials that directly drive the inside of the lock.
4.Glass door locks: This is the type of door lock applied to glass doors, as is the case in many offices. The door lock glass door smart lock can record and query according to the number, date, order, etc., and can record the records of personnel entering and leaving the door at any time. Its use can make office security more secure.
Smart BT Padlock Waterproof Keyless Lock with App Control is a smart BT padlock that turns your smart device into a key. For Andriod and IOS systems, keyless design provides the flexibility to help you get rid of issues such as lost keys or forgotten passwords, and you can share access with friends, family, colleagues and employees.It is used in a wide range of applications: perfect for doors, cabinets, bicycles, backpacks, lockers, etc.
Smart Fingerprint Padlock Safe USB Charging Rechargeable is suitable for doors, offices, warehouses, backpacks, etc. It has high security, your finger is your password, and the fingerprint ID function provides a safe and private way to unlock and authenticate. The method can support up to 10 fingerprint recordings, meets the IPS65 waterproof standard, and is waterproof and dustproof. The 300mAh lithium battery can support 2 years of standby time, up to 2500 times.

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