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With the enhancement of people's safety awareness, the monitoring system plays an increasingly important role in our production and life, and it has become an indispensable safety barrier in people's lives.banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, factories, communities these public areas are inseparable from monitoring. The monitoring system consists of a complete set of equipment with cameras, lenses, shield brackets, fill lights and other accessories. The monitoring transmission process requires video lines, power lines, signal amplifiers, anti-jamming devices, lightning protection devices, optical transceivers and other equipment. The monitoring backend has hard disk recorders, hard disks, video splitters, picture splitters, consoles, TV walls, cabinets and other accessories to assist in the work. The ability of the monitoring system to perform such powerful functions is the credit of these accessories.
The camera plays a key role in the entire monitoring system. It is the equivalent of a surveillance eye, monitoring everyone and activity in its line of sight. Most monitors are a billiard-type camera, such as the KKmoon 1080P AHD hemisphere CCTV camera, equipped with 6 infrared lights, with a night vision distance of up to 7 meters. The built-in IR-CUT dual filter restores true, clear colors between day and night. Widely used in homes, offices or other indoor places.
The sensor is the ear of the monitoring system and passes the received information to the controller. The NEO Coolcam Z-wave PIR Motion Sensor Detector is a smart safety device that transmits a Z-wave network of a specific frequency. The sensor does not work alone and must be used in conjunction with its Z-wave alarm panel for real-time monitoring, day or night. As such, it is an ideal intrusion warning for homes, apartments, mobile homes, dormitories, offices, garages and other desirable locations.
In addition, integrated video and power lines for CCTV surveillance cameras are also essential, all audio and video signals are transmitted through it, and DC power is supplied to CCTV security cameras. Made of pure copper, it is of the highest quality, plug and play, and easy to install. With these basic devices, the monitoring system can operate normally.

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