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The alarm system uses physical methods or electronic technologies to automatically detect intrusion behaviors occurring in the arming monitoring area, generate alarm signals, and prompt the location of the alarm personnel to locate the alarm, and display a system that may take countermeasures. The main device of the general home alarm system is the home alarm. It uses advanced wireless digital remote sensing technology, wired telephone technology, GSM wireless telephone technology and Internet broadband technology. It consists of ARM or single-chip microcomputer CPU controller (host) and other electronic circuits. . The alarm system has the functions of anti-theft, room hijacking, fire prevention, help and remote monitoring. In the event of an accident, the alarm system will notify the owner by phone or information or seek outside help.
Tomtop Alarm System Online Store is your best choice for one-stop shopping. We provide you with various alarm devices and accessories. Our products mainly include Wireless WIFI Door Sensor Alarm Security System, Wireless Remote Controller, Wireless GSM SMS Home Burglar. Security Alarm System, Infrared Detector PIR Motion Sensor, Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, Fire Smoke Detector Sensor, KERUI Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor, Wireless GSM SMS Home Burglar Security Alarm System, Wireless Water Leakage Detector, etc.
Your home is where you want to stay safe, but getting all the high-end security equipment and services to help you achieve this is a daunting task. All our home alarm systems are 100% guaranteed for your property and privacy safety. These alarms are equipped with advanced digital analysis, high detection and false alarms. When a stranger enters the detection range and moves, the detector sends a signal to the alarm panel. You can arm/disarm the alarm panel via phone, text message and remote control to support up to 99 wireless zones. Many alarm devices support mobile app remote control These alarm systems are ideal if you travel a lot or want to keep your home safe. The home burglar alarm system can remotely control arming, disarming, monitoring and answering by phone, support external wired alarm and 1 wireless strobe alarm and scream alarm. Users can use the keyboard on the alarm panel to make calls. Alarms, such as telephones, also support SOS, fire, gas, doors, halls, windows, balconies and surrounding areas. With the home burglar alarm system installed, you can travel safely anywhere without worrying about the safety of your home.
The Tomtop online store offers you the most complete, highest quality products and the best prices. Any device related to the alarm system can be found here.

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