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As we all know, car dash camera is very important. With the continuous progress of technology, car usage is also getting higher and higher. Relatively speaking, the possibility of accidents also gradually increased, then how to judge in the accident who should be responsible for the accident, the car dash camera is a very The evidence of the letter. Even under some objective conditions, the video recorded by the dash camera can help the police provide strong evidence.
At present, the automotive instrument camera has developed very maturely, has become a common tool in the use of cars. The car DVR is a device that can be placed on the windshield inside the car to record the itinerary. As a result of various accidents continue to occur, man-made car theft, extortion and other acts of disruption are also very high. Users pay great attention to the safety of the car, which is why TOMTOP has so many combined with a variety of functions, practicality, durability of high-quality departure instrument camera. You really need one. We have a variety of different series of DVR for a variety of different user needs, plug and play are very convenient, lightweight materials, simple installation, very space-saving, to ensure car safety. Many of our latest car DVRs combine state-of-the-art HDR technology with resolutions up to 1440P, you can see many of the details that can not be captured by the camera, internal DVR recording JPEG photos and AVI video to MMC card and SD card, and allows playback on other devices. You can use the SD card reader and USB port to view videos and photos on any computer device. Most DVRs have 1080P high-resolution video capabilities, with front and rear cameras, with a 140-degree wide-angle lens to ensure video capture quality. Not only can record video can also be recorded, even in the evening do not have to worry about, it's infrared night vision function can clearly record the travel conditions and road conditions. As long as you want, you can cycle video, our car DVR can record the whole journey. When there is an accident, in the case of your accident is not accident, car DVR in the video, photos, recording is to prove your best tool. Even in the case of claims, is also very useful.
Travel safety is critical to anyone, buy our car DVR, buy insurance for car safety. At the same time, TOMTOP also has a good cooperation with a variety of brands, including: KKMOON, PAPAGO, Anytek, CACAGOO, VIOFO, Ausdom, Blackview and so on. Hundreds of different models, sizes, and features of the DVR for you to choose to view our DVR category, sort by date, price, brand, comment, popularity, choose the favorite you want to buy, put the security on the car , but also in your heart.

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