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If you want to have a bike, and love riding sports, a good bike, and perfect accessories will make you feel the joy of riding. Tomtop offers not only folding bicycles, beach bikes, mountain bikes, but also a wide variety of professional bicycle accessories. Where you can buy a set of one-stop cycling equipment! These are hot and practical products that at the affordable price! There are a number of options available for bike computers, from basic GPS units to complete training equipment.
In addition to choosing a suitable bike, you want to enjoy more riding pleasure, then the appropriate equipment on the bike is indispensable, and these for riding time, distance, comfort will have an impact. Especially when you are a new or inexperienced rider, these equipment is even more important. Such as helmet that protects your head, keep your ride safety! Do not try to choose some very thin helmets, although these helmets look cool, but not at a critical time to ensure that your head is not hurt. In addition, you will find the whole trip after the helmet will make you and your family and friends feel at ease. Especially when you are in some extreme environments, such as bumpy mountain ride to avoid more serious damage. Bike holder, if your bike does not have a holder, you may not be so easy to ride. You can be used to install your kettle, can also be used to put your GPS navigation, mobile phone or even other necessities. Bike computer, Tomtop has a lot of choice of the bike computer, with them you can know how far you are going to place, how much time to spend, or some traces of places you've been to. When you are riding, you will want to know how fast your speed, heart rate, burning calories and even GPS maps. You can adjust your riding schedule at any time based on these data areas. These few dollars to dozens of dollars of small computers can give you a wealth of riding data. Outdoor backpack, tomtop there are a lot of waterproof, moisture-proof backpack to choose from, the texture is very light, the capacity is also very large, can be loaded under a lot of things, it is great. Bike glasses, which is one of the essential riding equipment, it can be in any light to make your eyes feel comfortable, and to avoid dust in the air, debris to the eyes of the damage. Bike gloves, winter, a pair of warm, breathable, waterproof gloves can let you ride freely, fear of cold, but also can protect your palms. Summer, we also have short fingers, breathable, sweat gloves, to avoid the ride during the palm slippery. Of course, there are many other accessories, such as bicycle lights, water bottle, bike tires, pedals, and riding apparel. All you need Tomtop can be done for you. Really save your precious time and money.

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