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The smart home system utilizes advanced computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent cloud control technology and follows ergonomic principles, combined with the individual needs of different groups of people, and various subsystems related to home life, such as security, lighting control, curtain control , gas valve control, scene linkage, health care, safety and other organic integration, through the network's comprehensive intelligent control and management, to achieve a "people-oriented" new home life experience. The ultimate goal of smart homes is to make families more comfortable, more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly.The smart home system involves many devices, including smart switches, smart sockets, smart lights, smart door locks, infrared intrusion detectors, surveillance cameras, smoke fire detectors, infrared appliance controllers, automatic watering systems, etc.
Smart sockets and smart lights are the devices we use most often. Koogeek Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug is a smart wall plug that supports Wi-Fi and works with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can remotely control and monitor connected devices using the Koogeek Life app. It turns connected devices into smart devices, Alexa and Google Home are compatible, you can control lights and devices with voice, and with the free Koogeek Life app, you can remotely control and monitor connected devices from anywhere. This smart plug reports the energy consumed by the device in real time. Use smart plugs to monitor the cost of the refrigerator, or the energy consumed by a particular room.
Smart Intelligent Plug-in Energy-saving LED Night Light Lamp uses LED energy-saving chips, so you don't have to worry about power consumption even if you keep it for one night. Save energy and money.It's bright enough to see where you are driving in the dark without turning on other lights. It can last for tens of thousands of hours, giving you good times every night to illuminate the darkness. Built-in smart light sensor, the night light will only automatically illuminate when the room is dark enough. Suitable for corridors, kitchens, stairs, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, nurseries, any place where you need to guide the lights.
Koogeek Door/Window Sensor can effectively improve the safety of your home and home. At work or on vacation, you may know if your door or window is open. Installation is quick and easy. The energy consumption is small and no cumbersome installation tools are required. Sensor and magnet contacts can be easily installed in a few steps. You can set your Apple TV as a home hub, and then all the status of the doors and windows will be displayed on the phone screen at the same time, you can remotely check the status of your home at a glance. With this device, you can work and vacation with confidence.

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