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In general, the living room is a place for every family to entertain, communicate and relax. It is also a place to showcase the owner's personality, so the decoration of the living room is very important. Usually people like to decorate the living room with furniture, artwork and green plants. The simple, elegant style is the best, not only makes people feel comfortable, but also makes the living room more vivid. In addition, art is also a good gift, whether it is a holiday or a friend's birthday, we can pick some useful and beautiful artwork for friends.

The Tomtop online store is your one-stop shopping store. On this category page you will find a variety of different types, materials, and functional crafts. The various products we sell have unique designs and superior quality,we also offer you the best prices. Our process can be roughly divided into three categories according to materials. Metal crafts, glass crafts and 3D printed artwork. In recent years, if you like 3D printing very popular, it can create all the models you want. If you are interested in 3D artwork, the Tomtop online store is your best choice. We have a variety of interesting and interesting artworks here, such as this moon-shaped table lamp, which is completely imitated by the moon using 3D printing technology. When the light is off, an uneven moon surface can be clearly seen; when the light is on, it will give a soft, warm moonlight to illuminate your room. It can be used both as an ornament and as a creative light.

Nautilus 3D Printed Sculpture is a 3D original sculpture designed by Tomfeel artists. This piece was transformed from a nautilus. The sculpture stripes radiate from their golden dots, smooth and delicate, such as a semi-disc, showing a beautiful curve. Irregular holes also give the sculpture a unique feel.
In addition, the most popular is the Chinese Horse Bronze Sculpture. This is a pure copper decorative horse sculpture with Chinese aesthetic characteristics. The sculptural model is vivid and realistic, using smooth lines and dots in the artistic process to highlight the elegant appearance of the horse. The sculpture is hand-drawn after high temperature special treatment, shiny, no rust, no peeling paint. Each sculpture is a unique piece of art. Suitable for decorating living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.

In addition, we also have a variety of artworks made of glass, such as Tooarts Blue Dolphin Glass Ornament Animal Figurine, Blue Jellyfish Tooarts Glass Sculpture, etc. Hand-blown glass sculptures with delicate and realistic details and exquisite appearance, crystal clear glass The high simulation body and antennae in the middle are almost indistinguishable from the real crystal. It can be used both as an ornament and as a paperweight. Suitable for interior space decoration such as living room study bedroom.

If you like metal crafts, we offer you a variety of animal and novelty metal sculptures. Such as: Tooarts Pineapple wine cork container Handcrafts, Tooarts Owl Shaped Metal Coin Box, Tooarts Metal sculpture Carved iron rooster and the like. These metal sculptures are made by old blacksmiths using a variety of wrought iron forming methods. It has a lovely style and bright colors, and the eco-friendly paint on the surface ensures that it will not rust. The mesh wire, elliptical card and dark color give it a retro romantic feeling.

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