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With the development of electronic technology, automobiles have gradually become an extension of the home entertainment and office environment. Originally independent consumer and communication applications have emerged as new integrated applications after entering the automotive electronics arena. Car owners want to use personal electronics in their cars, use entertainment facilities, connect to the network within the car, and have access to information and content from multiple sources at any time. Therefore, vehicle infotainment systems are becoming more advanced.
The in-vehicle infotainment system is an in-vehicle integrated information processing system formed by a vehicle-mounted central processing unit based on a body bus system and an Internet service. IVI enables a wide range of applications including 3D navigation, real-time traffic, IPTV, assisted driving, fault detection, vehicle information, body control, mobile office, wireless communications, online-based entertainment and TSP services. Level of networking, networking and intelligence.
The car information vehicle information system includes a car computer, a smart navigation device, a driving recorder, a car multimedia, and the like. The Tomtop Vehicle Infotainment online store offers a wide range of automotive information equipment including Car DVR, Digital Radio Receiver, night vision, navigation and more. The Car DVR features cycle time recording, motion detection and night vision, which provide the car with the best and safer view and facilitate reverse. Digital Radio Receiver This device was developed for digital audio broadcast receivers. The wide frequency bandwidth is ideal for giving you multiple channels and easy access to your favorite shows. Navigation WIFI Car Rearview Mirror Built-in GPS navigation + free spare camera for car reversing or parking safety, support for Wifi.
Car entertainment systems mainly include car radios, players, Bluetooth speakers, etc. In the Tomtop online store, you can find any car entertainment equipment you like, such as BT Car Stereo DVD Player, BT Car Stereo DVD Touch Screen Radio, Car MP5 Player Viehcle FM Radios, etc., in addition to satisfying the music you enjoy while driving, listening to the radio news, you can also connect your mobile phone, answer the phone through the front panel, and set the color of your favorite lights to match the decoration in your car. Outdoors you can also use it to watch movies, charge electronic devices and more. You will be satisfied with these full-featured, high-quality equipment.

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