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As people's safety awareness continues to deepen, security products such as security monitoring and alarm systems are fully integrated into our lives. Video surveillance cameras have become very popular in homes, banks, hospitals, schools and businesses. The role of video surveillance cameras is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. All-weather, multi-faceted monitoring, saving manpower and material resources.
2. Real-time monitoring of video, you can call the record at any time, to facilitate reporting illegal activities.
3. Restricting the behavior of people in active areas plays a deterrent role.
4. It is convenient for managers to grasp the overall situation and understand production and work.
5.Improve work efficiency, management personnel do not have to visit the site, in the monitoring room or through the Internet can simultaneously monitor and manage multiple production sites in real time, greatly improving the efficiency of supervision.
The KKmoon Wireless Wifi 720P HD Camera delivers high-quality, real-time video with sound over the Internet to web browsers anywhere in the world. Both wired and wireless internet connections are available. Once you choose it, you will be amazed at its rich features and richer features. It comes with H.264 1/4" color CMOS sensor with 1,000k pixels, supports QR code scanning, mechanical infrared cutting device provides excellent day/night performance, vivid colors, you can always Watch and record remotely.
Do you want to keep your house safe when you go out? When your children are alone at home, do you want to know their situation? Q11 Mini Camera 1080P Full HD Car DVR Camcorder This may be your best choice. This mini camera delivers 1080P HD DV DC high quality images and video. Compact and stylish design, portable and easy to carry. Due to its small size, it is easy to use and difficult to detect. The camera's built-in high-capacity lithium battery supports up to 100 minutes of recording. Its night vision feature supports high-definition images at night or in the dark. It uses a 360-degree rotating bracket and can be used as a car video camcorder.Small enough so you can record videos without causing any attention or disturbing others.

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