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Andoer 260 LED Video Light

Andoer 260 LED Video Light

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    November 15, 2017

     The reception fast and perfect packaging. Made with acceptable quality materials composed of 160 LED. At the rear is the button on and off and brightness adjustment wheel as show both video and photos Brings three filters (white filter to soften the light, yellow filter to reduce the color temperature and pink), suitable for different environments. Battery idicada with white LED lights that indicate the amount of power left. It has the standard hot shoe plug, so can be installed on the DV or DSLR, and DC with standard hot shoe (except Sony). It can be used for photos or videos or to supplement own lights. Compact design, high power, good durability, and low heat output. If I am to tell the truth about the 2180 lumens that advertises, offers only 600, but for the money, is more than enough. Multiple power options (not included): D16S CGR- Panasonic, Panasonic series D (D08S, D16S, D28S, D54S); Sony NP-FH70, NP FM55H, NP -F550, Sony FP series (FP50, FP70, FP90); FM series (FM50, FM55H, FM500H, QM71D, QM91D); F series (F550, F570, F770, F960, F970); number FV (FV50, FV70, FV90); FH series (FH50, FH60, FH70, FH90, FH100) rechargeable battery 6 * AA battery and which do not icluye .... !! Highly recommended purchase.

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  • By mr w dunbar

    April 30, 2017

     Great little light for the money. So versatile. I use this mainly as a fill light for indoor wedding photographs, but have used it as a fill light also in a video setting. It takes AA rechargeable batteries, and also a Panasonic CGR-D16S, Sony NP-FH70, NP-FM55H, NP-F550. The batteries last a good while, and the light given off is quite bright for the small form factor. It is dim-able and there is a tester button on the back. It has a hot shoe mount to use in a dslr video rig such as a run and gun rig, and can screw directly onto a light stand. Overall great little light for very little money!!

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  • By Fabien Fouet

    December 19, 2017

    Très bon éclairage puissant et pas cher qui conviendra parfaitement au débutant ! Un objet plus petit qu'il n'y paraît, Une largeur de 13,3 cm Et une hauteur de 9,3 cm Pour se donné une idée j'ai fait une photo posé sur mon iPad mini ! En dessous de l'appareil on retrouve un pas de vis standard et donc compatible avec tout les trépieds et la fixation de tout les appareils photo ! (Personnellement mon éclairage est sur un trepied Tomtop) Le tout peut être alimenté avec 6 piles (ou batterie) de type HR6/AA ou avec une batterie SONY type F. Je vous conseil cependant d'utiliser des batteries plutôt que des piles plus onéreuse.. Sur piles l'autonomie est d'environs 1h20 à pleine puissance et 2h30 à faible puissance. J'ai effectué de nombreux tests avec cette article en plein jour (à l'intérieur) comme en pleine nuit, l'éclairage est parfaitement visible ! Les filtres donne un petit plus mais on ne voit à mon goût, pas suffisamment la différence, le filtre jaune se voit très bien la nuit mais le jour est presque invisible, le filtre roses n'a que peu d'intérêt selon moi il aurait peut être fallut le remplacer par un filtre bleu pour donner une ambiance "Froide" à nos photos/vidéos. Pour ce qui est du filtre transparent il permet simplement de diffusé la lumière et de la rendre plus opaque. Résultat un très bon produit pour par cher très efficace en vidéo comme en photo, sa petite taille est un vrai plus pour pouvoir le transporté partout mais penser à prendre des batteries de rechange ! Ce commentaire vous a plu ? N'hésiter pas à cliquer sur le bouton "utile" ci-dessous :)

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  • By R de Bulat

    January 14, 2018

    This is a nice little light panel and, with the diffuser supplied, very effective to a metre and a half, before falling off substantially thereafter. This is certainly good enough for my purposes, which is to conduct interviews and close action shots, having a range of other lighting for room lighting etc. You need batteries, 6 AA or, as I have used Sony FM 30's and it also takes some panasonic batteries. On a rig with a small action cam there is a definite change of balance and addition of weight, but not so much as to make it difficult to use. It is supplied with a diffuser and orange filter, changing the colour temperature from 5,600 k to 3,200 k. I would not be inclined to use the light without a diffuser on people, especially in close-up, but the panel is adjustable. Using a fully charged Sony battery for around 10 -15 minutes at full power I found that one of the four test lights goes out, suggesting a range of between 40 minutes to an hour of lighting, which is quite good in my experience. The light is clean and correct, providing good key lighting of the subject. The lamp is made out of cheap plastic and I do wonder how long the LED's will last for, but if you get a year or more of use, it will be good value. I have bought a lot of Chinese lighting for photography and video over the last few years and it always seems a bit insubstantial; nevertheless, I am still using the same equipment I bought 5 years ago and have never had a problem with it. I am completely satisfied with this lamp and feel confident that it will last, providing it is suitably cared for. I think that the design and build is certainly good enough and that it is a useful and value for money purchase.

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  • By Danielle

    January 10, 2018

    I own several sets of photography lights which cost much more than the CN-160, and since purchasing this I'm wondering why I paid so much. Ok, so it's not as rugged as some far more expensive items but it's not exactly fragile, you just don't want to bash it about. The light uses a wide range of batteries, from various camera rechargeable batteries to regular AA cells (6 of them). Even though the light lasts is efficient and but it lasts for quite a long time on AA cells, you're going to want to take quite a few spares on longer shoots. The light has a very handy power check button on the back which shows the current battery charge with a row of four LED's. The bundled filters work really well as does the variable brightness, the light output is *very* bright at full power and is remarkable for such a small unit. The only feature I would have really liked to have seem would be a 9v power socket for stand / external power use (but I cannot complain at all at this price). In summary, a terrific five-star product, exceptional value for money.

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  • By MisterBig

    December 25, 2017

    Très bon éclairage pour vos photos et vidéos, livré sans batterie ni chargeur, les piles AA fonctionnent, mais laissent un jour sur l'arrière de la lampe, pour la batterie, prendre Batterie NP-F970 NPF970 pour Sony. Et bien sûr le chargeur avec, le bouton permet de moduler l'intensité de l'éclairage, très pratique, livré avec 4 filtres pour des températures d'éclairage différentes. Et bien sûr le support pratique pour Trépied. Si mon commentaire vous a aidé dans votre achat, merci de laisser un j'aime. Bonne journée

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  • By Arnaud Ledit

    December 23, 2017

    La surprise ! Voulant un panneau contenant beaucoup plus de led, je me suis rabattu sur ce produit déjà très bien noté, par manque de moyen. En le recevant j'ai déjà été surprit par sa taille, sa qualité (qui reste peut être moyenne mais n'oublions pas qu'il s'agit d'un panneau led à 20€) et par sa qualité d'emballage avec deux filtre à l'intérieure pour diffuser une lumière plus chaude ou plus froide. J'installe les 6 piles et je m'aperçois que l'on peut contrôler le niveau des piles grâce à un voyant constituer de 4 led (encore une belle surprise). J'allume le panneau grâce à la molette qui permet de contrôler le niveau d'éclairage progressivement,l'éclairage est très puissant ! elle peut très largement éclairer des pièces entières dans le noir complet. Parfait pour mon utilisation photo, video (dans n'importe quelles conditions intérieur et extérieure) et les explorations urbex : Lors de ma première exploration avec ce panneau je me suis rendu dans une ancienne caserne désinfecter, il ma permis de pouvoir éclairer des pièces d'un peut plus de 100m2. Très bon produit n'hésité pas !

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  • By Tetsou

    December 16, 2017

    A great light for studio videos which can be mounted on a standard tripod or small enough to be mounted on camera. The variable intensity dial works well. I have yet to crank it up to max. DONT look directly at the light _ it is very bright. The addition of three filters make this very versatile. I ordered two lithium ion batteries and charger to power the lamp but it will also take six triple A batteries. The only down side is is the plastic construction is a little crude and the ball-joint of the mount a little rough, but overall it does the job.

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  • By Thierry

    December 15, 2017

    Rien a dire sur le bon fonctionnement, un conseil tout de même, la rotule marche/arrêt est FRAGILE, quand vous la tournez pour régler l'intensité, faites attention de ne pas appuyer dessus, mais de bien aller de la gauche vers la droite ou inversement, sans appuyer pour l'enfoncer, car ma torche s'est cassée car ce bouton rotatif est rentré dans la coque, impossible de réparer car tout est thermocollé, pas de vis nulle part, cela ne m'a pas empêché d'en racheter 2 autres identiques tellement le produit est bon.

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  • By Martin B.

    December 14, 2017

    Ce panneau led est super pratique !! Il dispose de 160 leds qui éclairent vraiment bien. Le boitier s'alimente avec 6 piles AA, ce qui peut être gênant, cependant, on peut mettre une batterie d’appareil phot Panasonic, ce qui peut être très pratique. L'avantage de ce panneau led est qu'il dispose d'un commutateur réglable en fonction de l'éclairage voulu, ainsi que d'un banc de led indiquant la batterie restante. Je conseille donc ce panneau led, pour son rapport qualité/prix. Le seul défaut que j'ai pu trouvé est qu'il dispose d'un trou à l’arrière pour la batterie, ce qui fait un visu pour les piles.

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  • By Pepone

    November 29, 2017

    Cette torche est tout simplement parfaite si l'on tient compte de son rapport qualité prix. De petite taille elle s'adapte idéalement sur les camescopes de poing ou d'épaule et la plupart des reflex Grace a son alimentation par batterie ou piles, elle reste légère et facile à utiliser. Avec sa molette de réglage elle offre l'intensité lumineuse désirée en fonction de la situation (sans oublier ses filtres qui permettent de jouer avec la lumière). Bref avec son prix modéré, elle est l'outil idéal pour ceux qui ne souhaitent pas se ruiner et obtenu ir un éclairage d'appoint au top pour leur caméra ou leur appareil photo. Un très bon produit que je recommande

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  • By PalmaMultimedia

    November 24, 2017

    I received this light a few days after ordering and I was immediately impressed by the light and filters that came with it. The fact that it works on different types of battery is a major plus, I'm using the batteries from my Sony SR11. It is light, in weight and the light it gives is soft and bright. There's also a tester built in and the dimmer is smooth to operate. I haven't used it on a project as yet but it's obvious that this light will give great illumination to the darkest of scenes both for video and photography.

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  • By lucluck

    November 8, 2017

    C'est le deuxième panneau identique que j'achète. Le 1° avait une des diodes qui ne fonctionnait pas. Mais là elles fonctionnent toutes les 160. C'est un achat satisfaisant, je trouve que la puissance maximum est intéressante, à tel point que j'ai peur pour la durée de vie des LEDS. Mais c'est purement subjectif, mes craintes ne reposent sur rien d'autre. Par contre je trouve l'éclairage assez froid, ce qui se ressent négativement pour éclairer des visages. Mais pour le prix, ça rend carrément service, et on accepte de ne pas être super exigeant sur un certain nombre de choses. Il existe un modèle assez similaire à celui-ci, mais dont la fixation se fait par une rotule. Au vu des commentaires faisant état de la fragilité du système à rotule, j'ai préféré commander à nouveau ce modèle, avant une embase qui ne m'a pas posé de soucis sur mon 1° exemplaire, qui me satisfait totalement. Je l'ai alimenté simplement pas 6 batteries AA sanyo Eneloop 1900 mAh. Car malheureusement mes batteries Panasonic ne sont pas compatibles de l'adaptateur fourni (batteries pour mon caméscope Panasonic X920). C'est un achat d'un coût très raisonnable, que l'on se doit d'avoir dans sa besace vidéo

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  • By S***N

    October 4, 2017

    This product looks cheap on it's arrival as the external packaging isn't all that special, however the product though made of Plastic seems durable. It takes 6 AA batteries unless you order & use a battery pack specific to Sony or Panasonic that fits it's internal fitments. I am both a Nikon & Sony Camera user, so I have the best of both worlds. The lighting Panel is very easy to use, it slots into a normal standard hot shoe on your camera or other plate/stand etc. It is continuous lighting without flicker and works wonderfully with both Digital Camera & Video usage. It has a simple on/off dimmable switch that even a child can operate in the dark. The lighting given off by this Panel is stronger than other well known brands such as Manfrotto etc and it's a far, far cheaper option. Even if I do drop this item or step on it accidently and it breaks, it's cheap enough to replace time & again for still less cost than other Panel lights. What's more it comes with three screens that slot into the front, One clear to diffuse the white light, one orange to warm and one pink which I haven't used yet, but I'm sure will add a nice artistic glow to any image such as a portrait taken at sunrise or sunset or something similar. Do I recommend to other?.....YES I DO. Will I purchase another, I ALREADY AM DOING. As it's always good to have a spare and I'm sure I'll be using both together when that extra light is needed.

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  • By MrKevlarr

    July 15, 2017

    From what I have experienced with this light it is very good, great in fact. However I'm not sure whether this is just a fault on mine or a design problem but for whatever reason whenever I put this together the alignment of the light is never straight, it's always a tiny bit out. For such a little thing to be out of place it is annoying for me but this however does not alter the performance of the overall product. Again I am not sure whether this was just with my purchase but the instructions were pretty non-existent for me, yes I knew it was pretty self-explanatory but I would rather use one battery rather than 6 AA batteries while using this and not knowing what battery I need is a little pain. They are my only problems with this product as the actual LED battery indicator light is blinding on it's own and when the actual light is on full power all I can say is WOW. This light is great for my little projects for YouTube and I can't fault it! Whether it's mounted on one of my tripods or on my camera I always get the right amount of light I need for my shot! Pros: Light is amazing, cannot fault it. Cons: Whether it's a defect or design flaw my mount never straightens directly up and instructions were non-existent when it came to alternate battery size.

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  • By deltavee

    July 12, 2017

    I'm using two of these lights for still photographic work and they have exceeded my expectations. They are robust enough for normal use in a domestic or semi-pro setting and treated with reasonable care I think they will last well. The main advantage over traditional lights is they run cool and need no cables or attachments so frequent repositioning is easy. The battery cover and the mounting bracket are not as solid as you would find on models costing five times as much but this seems like a fair trade-off. The light itself works just as well as any other unit of similar power. If you need flexible lighting for stills or video then you can't go wrong. Don't forget to stock up on quality rechargeables like Sanyo Eneloops and a decent charger like the Tensai TI-1600L

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  • By BK

    July 10, 2017

    Unfortunately the delivered unit had some of the battery connectors inserted the wrong way round, making it impossible to use AA cells, but they were just push-fitted into the lamp housing and easily moved to the correct locations. Provided were three filters: white, pink and yellow which despite the description referencing a "magnetic diffuser installer", were simply slotted into place in front of the LEDs. Only one filter can be fitted at a time. The display brightness is easily set by use of two buttons on the rear of the lamp, "+" and "-", with the level indicated on 5 (very bright) LEDs. At two clicks on an up/down setting changing the LED indicator by one step, this gave ten levels of brightness. A brightness setting is not remembered when the unit is powered off. The lamp itself is quite solidly built and provided with an adapter which allows it to be hot-shoe mounted on a camera, or on a tripod. I fitted 6 new AA cells and measured the following, using an X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter: Full brightness with no filter, at approximately 20cm = 8,000 lux Color temperature at full brightness, with: no filter = 5950k white filter = 6006k pink filter = 6544k yellow filter = 4660k

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  • By RJP Book Boy

    July 5, 2017

    Works well and I am using it for still photography. The unit is well made and will work with a variety of battery types. I am using AA batteries as they are cheap and this unit works well with rechargeable 2800 ma ones. The light is strong for around 6 feet away but falls off quickly after that. I am not too worried about this as I am using it to light up a light box for macro work along with a couple of smaller units for modelling. The diffuses and filters that come with the unit are OK but have only a mild effect on the light output and quality. Overall for the small outlay this unit is fine for my use but be aware that the range is not that big compared to more expensive light sources.

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  • By Jonathan Brind

    July 1, 2017

    AA batteries last for an hour or two and then fade. It would be better if they cut off rather than fading, since you may not notice when this happens at first. The light also takes video batteries and I have several large video batteries (Canon & Sony) but none work in this light. It's going to be quite expensive for me to buy a charger and a battery to see if another type will work. But all in all a much more user friendly light than the red heads I've been using (without much success) in the past.

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  • By sam knox

    March 8, 2017

    Very impressed with this light. As an independant film maker on a very tight budget, I've used borrowed LED light panels before and I found this to be as good as - if not better than the more expensive models I've had on loan. This is very bright, surprisingly robust, lightweight, portable and compact. Best of all, the price was outstanding. I've read comments from some buyers saying they were upset because they ordered an Andoer light, but they got a Wanson light instead. To those buyers, can I suggest you take the light out of the box (which was indeed branded Wanson) and look on the back of the light, where you will see it's clearly branded as an Andoer product. Can't fault this product at all.

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