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JY0508B 1.8m klappbar INEINANDERSCHIEBEN Aluminiumlegierung DSLR Kamera Camcorder Video Stativ mit Flüssigkeit Drag Head gepolsterte Tasche

JY0508B 1.8m klappbar INEINANDERSCHIEBEN Aluminiumlegierung DSLR Kamera Camcorder Video Stativ mit Flüssigkeit Drag Head gepolsterte Tasche

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Die maximale Höhe erreichen bis zu 180cm, Länge gefaltet ist nur 90cm, leicht transportieren, die maximale Belastbarkeit bis max. 6kg erreichen.

die maximale Höhe erreichen bis zu 180cm, Länge gefaltet ist nur 90cm, leicht transportieren.
3-Abschnitt Stativ mit Lock-System, einfach um die Höhe des Stativs anzupassen.
65mm Metall Montage Schüssel.
rutschfeste Gummifüße, stabile Gestaltung
, die das Gummi für längere Zeit Gebrauch ersetzt werden kann.
verfügt über eine gepolsterte Tasche für einfache Durchführung und speichern.

-Fluid Head
1/4" und 3/8" Schraube auf der Schnellverschluss-Platte, geeignet für Kamera oder Camcorder.
-90 ° / + 75 ° Neigung Winkel Anpassung Gestaltung, können Sie schießen, wie Sie wollen.
horizontale Wasserwaage, um das Gleichgewicht zu finden.
fein einstellen Knöpfe.
das Handle kann auf beiden Seiten (Werke für Rechtshänder und Linkshänder) montiert werden.
verstellbaren Griff Länge von 37cm bis 58 cm.

Main-Material: Aluminiumlegierung
Element Gewicht: 4,3 kg/9,4 Lb
Objektgröße: 90 * 16 * 16 cm / 35,4 * 6.3 * 6,3 in
Paketgewicht: 5,8 kg/12,9 Lb
Package Size: 94 * 20 * 20 cm / 37,0 * 7,9 * 7,9 im

mit 65mm Metall Montage Schüssel, der Kugelkopf nicht als einen Teller-Kopf verwendet werden.
die Schraube auf dem Gummi ist M8, nicht 3/8" Schraube.
Fluid Dämpfung Kopf von der Temperatur beeinflusst werden kann und ob. Zur Lösung des Problems der großen Dämpfung können Sie das Handle für Ratote den Kopf schnell.

1 * Stativ
1 * Fluid Head
1 * Quick Release Plate
1 * behandeln
1 * Connector
1 * gepolsterte Tasche

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  • Q Product JY0508B PLEASE give a reaction, when is there stock again in Germany??

    By Walter Ophof March 30, 2018

    A I am sorry that this product has been discontinued in the German warehouse.

    Reply By Customer Service Center April 2, 2018
  • Q When is this avaible in GERMAN Warehouse again. When I order can you deliver over German Warehouse becaurse of I want no problems with Custom prices

    By Walter Ophof March 28, 2018

    A Sorry this product has been discontinued.

    Reply By Customer Service Center March 29, 2018
  • Q About the JY0508B 1.8m stock.. is this tripod going to restock in german house in near future ?

    By kostas adoniou April 9, 2017

    A UK warehouse is available now,we will get restock soon.

    Reply By Customer Service Center April 10, 2017


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  • By Joe

    November 15, 2017

    I purchased this tripod as I wanted something to hold my camera whilst filming. The camera tripod has 3 adjustable legs and a adjustable center pole that has a tilt and turn too so you can get the correct position needed. The tripod is metal and is very strong compared to others on the market it has 3 adjustable legs so you can get the tripod level which is easy to do as the tripod itself has a bubble level to help guide you. The top mount is easy to unclamp to allow you to attach to the camera the clamp it back in place and also has a ball joint to allow you to position the camera into the required position. For me this it Ideal For making over the shoulder tutorial videos for my YouTube channel. It's a great tripod that folds away into the carry case and is by far the best one I have.

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  • By Alex Giaroli (Youtube)

    January 17, 2017

    🔍 Se devo essere sincero non me lo aspettavo un prodotto del genere da Andoer (infatti non hanno nemmeno perso tempo a rimarchiarlo), mi aspettavo la solita cinesata scattosa che sta in piedi per miracolo. Fortunatamente ho dovuto ricredermi perché questo treppiede e soprattutto questa testa fanno quello che promettono, ovvero andare fluidi, sia i movimenti orizzontali che quelli verticali sono facilmente regolabili ed estremamente morbidi, il meccanismo verticale ha addirittura una molla per farlo tornare in posizione, in caso non vi basti la livella. L'asta è rimovibile ma soprattutto allungabile, nella sua massima estensione risulta davvero molto comoda, soprattutto per i movimenti lenti, le gamne le avrei preferite più regolabili ma non si può certo dire che non siano solide. 🔥 Se cercate una testa fluida ma che sia davvero fluida questa è una ottima alternativa a modelli ben più costosi. 🔥

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  • By Bernardo Fasano

    January 17, 2017

    Andoer Testa Fluida è un prodotto che offre sensazioni uniche nella sua fascia di prezzo. In un mondo decisamente caro, come quello della fotografia, avere a disposizione uno strumento così completo e roccioso è un bene per chi vuole avvicinarsi ad oggetti sempre più professionali. Andoer Testa Fluida è una soluzione adatta a tutti, forse non semplicissima da trasportare, è il piccolo appunto da accettare per avere una testa fluida. Ogni singolo movimento è davvero fluido, piastra a sgancio rapido, controbilanciamento…insomma siamo di fronte alla migliore soluzione economica disponibile. Il tutto viene esaltato da una scarsa disponibilità sul mercato di competitors competitivi e completi, che rende questa Testa Fluida Andoer una soluzione invogliante per chi non vuole spendere una fortuna.

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  • By Mathis Dieudun

    November 1, 2017

    J'ai énormément cherché, je suis très compliqué à satisfaire, et je suis satisfait à (quasiment) 100% de ce trépied, surtout niveau qualité-prix. Tête fluide à 100%, même en longue focale on obtient des panoramiques magnifiques. Semble solide, résistant, peut-être que les frictions des pieds pourraient être un peu plus travaillées. Bras téléscopique extrêmement pratique lors d'un mouvement. Mon seul petit regret est l'absence de frictions de 0 à 3 pour la résistance aux mouvements horizontaux (qui se règle avec une vis) et aux mouvements verticaux (qui ne se règle malheureusement pas mais est parfaitement réglée, résistante et réactive à la fois).

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  • By Gary

    September 6, 2017

    OK I just received the stand today and have to say it's well built and the quality of the product is really nice and sturdy and does not feel cheap in any way. I am a wedding videographer and use various cameras to film. I took it out the packaging and didn't even have to read the instructions that's how easy it was to setup. The mounting plate it comes with is brilliant and also has a quick release function. The head when rotating around feels really smooth and I was able to pan from left to right using my baby finger without much force. It comes in a tough carry bag for easy carrying. I'm really impressed with this purchase.

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  • By Paul

    September 6, 2017

    I got this to use with my camcorder and I'm very pleased with it for one main reason: The panoramic head has an adjustable handle that extends to a whopping 21 inches, and this makes it capable of achieving some incredibly smooth panning. The head is nicely dampened to facilitate this smooth panning. It feels effortless to use, with a natural tendency to return to the level when you let go, which helps to offset the weight of the camera when you tip it forwards/backwards. On the left of the head, the large red metal knob allows you to fix it vertically so you can pan left and right only, but it's also convenient to use this knob while you are panning, allowing decent two-handed control with fixed and non-fixed verticals (i.e. one hand on the knob, one hand on the ballhead handle). This impressive head needs to be supported by a suitably sturdy tripod, and indeed the whole thing weighs in at just under 4kg including the quick release handle. For stills photography, I think I'll stick to my lighter tripod, but this is definitely my favourite for video work already. The head is also independently adjustable to some extent, so once you have deployed the legs to the required height, you don't need to mess about with any micro-adjustments to get it perfectly level - simply unscrew the base of the head and it will freely pivot a small amount. You then use the built in spirit level to get it level and then screw it back firmly. Then you can pop the camera back on with the quick release plate, and you're immediately ready to go with some level panning action. The padded carry bag is a nice touch, and it's actually possible to get everything back in it without too much effort :) I didn't think I'd actually use it to be honest, but the handle is very comfortable and makes it easy to carry for about half an hour without too much strain. Obviously, it's best to transport it in a vehicle as much as you can. One final point that I thought might be useful to know: The quick release plate has both a 1/4" and 3/8" screw on it. The larger one can be removed if necessary, which makes the plate also suitable for use with smaller consumer camcorders such as the Canon Legria models (and pretty much everything else that size).

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  • By Simon

    August 25, 2017

     This is a lot of tripod for the money- I would even say it is of an industrial standard. It comes in a nice bag which holds it all safe, and it can be assembled in literally seconds. The legs extend downwards, making it able to hold the camera at chest height. As with all these things, the main part is the head of the tripod. This has a sturdy head which can be adjusted in all the ways. It sits on a circular ball rocker, which sets the head angle. It also has a spot spirit level so you can ensure that it is flat. You can also adjust the horizontal angle and also spin the head around. Finally, the cradle can slide forwards and backwards. It has 3 pins in it (one retractable) which means it can take most things- although clearly a Go Pro would be just lost on something this big. In fact, I would only really use this for larger video recorders, such is the size and weight of it. A lovely piece of kit- and more than you would want on a day to day basis. If you want something which will see your days out and still be​ going strong, or if you have a larger film recorder- then this is for you. Highly recommended.

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  • By E***O

    June 6, 2017

    Got this tripod new last week and used it on two shoots over the weekend. So far it's great. It's sturdy and lighter than I expected which is great for the on the go documentary type shoots I do. The pan and tilts are smooth. The handle extension is very handy and the height the tripod reaches is great. Overall very happy with my purchase. I expect that the tripod won't last as long as a more expensive brand tripod but I intend to treat her carefully and in hope of making it last. I've worked with some more "expensive" tripods in the past that have fallen apart when mistreated so with due care this should be a quality purchase.

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  • By k***j

    April 23, 2017

    The tripod is perfect. It's intended more for an actual full size video camera, but I shoot with the Canon XL1 (6-7lbs) , and it's really sturdy and supportive for my camera. The fluid head is absolutely smooth. It even has a spring loaded head for smooth balancing while tilting. The panning is very smooth and the locks work well for drag. The the tripod legs stack up in between each other and not into each other for added support. The tripod head has a nice solid feel to it. My favorite part is that its a ball based head, which means you can adjust the head itself for leveling on uneven ground without having to play around with adjusting the legs. Overall this is a very good tripod for the price range, the body is mostly metal especially the head. I would recommend this if your looking for a sturdy, professional tripod for your dslr or video camera.

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  • By Roberto Solano

    April 13, 2017

    A pesar de que me llegó con una tuerca de fijación de las patas rota, y tuve que devolverlo inmediatamente (sin problemas, me reintegraron rápidamente el dinero, y pasaron a recogerlo), lo noté muy sólido, y con una altura respetable, que te permite grabar sobre las cabezas del público. Como puntos negativos.. El peso, no es un trípode para andar todo el día con él, pero eso ya viene explicitado en las características, cada uno debe saber si ese aspecto le conviene o no. También, aunque el pan es muy suave, el tilt ya es más duro... evidentemente, es para cámaras de mucho peso, y no la de mano que uso yo.

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  • By Guido Vegnaduzzo

    April 12, 2017

    Nella totalità posso dire che sono soddisfatto di questo cavalletto. Fa sicuramente il proprio dovere. I materiali costruttivi sono in lega di alluminio che garantisce una certa robustezza e leggerezza. Anche le componenti principali della testa non sono da trascurare. Parlando di quest'ultima il movimento è abbastanza fluido ma on vi sono regolazioni effettive della fluidità dei movimenti di panning e tilting. Ci sono delle viti di bloccaggio ma la testa ha sempre la stessa resistenza. Che d'estate col caldo non è niente di male ma provato nelle piste da sci a zero gradi diventa meno fluido....una buona custodia a tracolla finisce questo set che mi sento di consigliare per applicazioni semiprofessionali.

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  • By Zak

    February 17, 2017

    As a media technician I work with a variety of tripods, ranging from £30 photo orientated tripods to £500 tripods. This manages to feel like a £300-£400 tripod at a fraction of the price. The weight is good, heavy enough to keep absolutely solid when using the camera but still light enough to carry around for a few hours. The plate is easy to take out and place back with no issue and there are no problems with the plate become loose. It surprised me at first because it is in fact a side mounting plate, that is to say it doesn't slide into the head it sort of clips in from a diagonal angle, however it is still able to slide along the head to gain better vantage for the camera. The one criticism I have with this is that the locks on the legs can either be looser than expected or tighter than hoped but after a few weeks this problem is gone and so I'm not taking a star away just for me getting used to the tripod. An all round solid tripod for video, 100% recommend.

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  • By W***j

    January 28, 2018

    Good entry level filmmaking tripod. Simple to use with a good fluid motion.

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  • By m***x

    November 14, 2017

    For the price, an excellent tripod. Really small and good quality case, but will extended nice and high. It's no Manfrotto, but you'd pay triple this just for their fluid heads, and this fluid head ain't bad at all, in fact it's pretty good. Had to return though due to half-bowl mount being unusable with any sliders without a flat mount adapter. If this wasn't part of what I needed it for I think I'd be very happy with this tripod for the price.

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  • By Aldo S.

    November 2, 2017

    Treppiede più grande (e solido) di come mi aspettassi. Ciò lo rende molto stabile ma poco trasportabile. Verificherò nel tempo la funzionalità.

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  • By o***d

    August 3, 2017

    Appena ricevuto e corrispondente in tutto alla descrizione. Mi aspettavo qualcosa di più leggero e meno statico, mi devo ricredere, testa fluida, manovre fuide e continue, ben piantato a terra, macchina fotografica ben salda sulla slitta. Sono un semiprofessionista e ne sono veramente soddisfatto in tutto e per tutto. TOMTOP perfetta nella spedizione e nei tempi previsti come sempre.

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  • By Gary Fenwick6511

    May 16, 2017

    I have only used this item a few times so far but it has worked perfectly.

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    May 15, 2017

    Se trata de un trípode robusto y muy versátil. Permite grabar vídeos y realizar movimientos muy suaves. Otra característica que lo convierte en un gran trípode es su elevación. Yo mido 1,90 y con el trípode totalmente extendido casi no llego de puntillas al visor de mi cámara.

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    February 7, 2017

    Credo.che sia il migliore della sua fascia di prezzo. Solido, affidabile e stiloso. Quando me l 'hanno rubato ne ho ricomprato subito un altro dello stesso modello.

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  • By Carmelo Scordia

    January 26, 2017

    Credevo che a questo prezzo avrei preso un cavalletto da portare con me e buttarlo dove capitasse prima senza curarmi o preoccuparmi, mi sono accorto che è un ottimo prodotto, testa fluidissima, consigliato, venditore consigliato

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