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dodocool 360° universale magnetico cellulare Tablet GPS supporto auto culla Stand Base adesiva

dodocool 360° universale magnetico cellulare Tablet GPS supporto auto culla Stand Base adesiva

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dodocool 360° supporto universale magnetico adotta super magnetico NdFeB magnete per tenere il cellulare o altri dispositivi in modo sicuro e regolare l'angolo di visualizzazione in modo flessibile.
Super magnetico
Magnete di NdFeB con forte magnetica è grande per la tenuta dispositivi in modo sicuro, antiurto, resistente alla corrosione e resistente di caduta.
360° rotabile
Base sferica consente di regolare il dispositivo al miglior angolo di visualizzazione in modo flessibile.
Ultra stabile
Fissare il supporto in luogo utilizzando la super adesivo fronte-retro 3M adesivo. Lamiere in acciaio inox migliorano la sicurezza dei tuoi dispositivi.
Facile da usare
Facilmente accedere al dispositivo con una sola mano. Ottimo per la sicurezza di guida.
Compatibile con la maggior parte dei cellulari, tablet, dispositivi GPS e altri dispositivi portatili inferiore a 10". Ottimo per auto, casa, ufficio da usare.
Rasato & elegante
Rivestimento placcato oro splendente, mini formato e disegno flessibile rendono una delicata decorazione.
Marca: dodocool
Materia: metallo
Il diametro di base montare: circa 1,18 in / 30,0 mm
Altezza di montaggio: circa 1,50 a / 38 mm
Diametro di ventosa magnetico: circa 1,65 / 42 mm
Dimensioni dell'articolo: circa 1,81 x 0,63 in / 46 x 16 mm (L * W)
Peso d’articolo: circa 4,26 oz / 121g
Il pacchetto include
1 * dodocool magnetico Suction Cup
1 * Stand montaggio
2 * lamiere in acciaio inox
2 * tamponi imbevuti di alcool
1 * 3m adesivo
1 * manuale di istruzioni (inglese, francese, tedesco, spagnolo, italiano, giapponese)


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  • By Penny Lane

    November 16, 2017

    El fabricante nos envía un estupendo soporte de móvil magnético para el coche, para así poder utilizar el GPS o el manos libres con facilidad dentro de tu automóvil. Todo el contenido se nos presenta en una robusta caja del cartón donde el contenido viene bien protegido y embalado. Es un soporte muy pequeño, de acero, lo que le hace algo más pesado pero mucho más resistente que otros, en color oro, lo que le hace una opción muy elegante y distinta. Este soporte viene separado en dos piezas lo que le da más versatilidad, por una parte viene el soporte, que se fija al salpicadero a través de una pegatina de gran resistencia y por otra parte tenemos la placa magnética donde se coloca el móvil a través de unas pegatinas magnéticas que vienen incluidas, son dos en forma circular, que se pueden pegar al móvil o colocar dentro de la funda. Aparte de las dos pegatinas magnéticas y el soporte, también se incluye instrucciones, pegatinas 3M para el salpicadero y toallitas limpiadoras. Es un soporte genial, con buen diseño, que sorprende por sus pequeñas medidas, que se coloca con facilidad, y que es de gran utilidad para utilizar el móvil en el coche.

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  • By Coincidence Vs Fate

    January 18, 2018

    This is a great item, small, simple but does what it should and does it well. The days are long gone where I used a sat nav in the car, I just use my phone as a lot of people do. The problem is keeping the phone secure. I have tried many different phone holders with stickers and suction pads and many of them are fine for a while but then start falling off the window or the dashboard; usually at a crucial moment. I didn't know what to make of this dodocool phone holder when I received it as it was just so..small! I'll admit to being a little dubious. However, it works brilliantly. We have two cars and in each car we have an old S3 which used to be our contract phone, we keep them in there with a pay-as-you-go sim for emergencies. I placed one of the magnets in the back of the phone to test and they held firm to the magnetic base brilliantly. I had two magnets in mine, a small circular magnet and a larger rectangular one; both worked fine. And, it has to be said, the S3 is quite a chunky phone now compared to more modern designs. Although the magnets have stickers on, you don't need to stick them to your battery, just place them behind your case. We do have a tablet we don't use any more - a Tesco Hudl, so may try the dodocool with that too, but it's a 7" tablet so maybe too weight. That would look great with a Sat Nav on it, nice and clear. Will update the review once I've tried it. Very pleased. This item was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased appraisal and review.

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  • By Mr. K. Arts

    November 27, 2017

    Fantastic! This package comes with.. 1 * Car Mount 1 * Circular Iron 1 * Square Iron 1 * User Manual (English) It attaches easily to the car vent and stays securely in spite of various shakes and knocks including the inevitable speed bumps on the school run. The Iron attachment fits securely to your phone and allows it to remain attached to the mount without coming loose or dropping off at inconvenient moments. You can also adjust the angle of the phone if you need it horizontal or vertical. This is a well crafted piece of kit that uses good quality materials and offers a great solution for anyone looking to secure their phones in a handy place while driving.

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  • By marcoscu

    November 23, 2017

    I have tried a great many vehicle mobile phone mounts over the years, some good, most bad but this is perhaps the most simple of them all but also the most effective. It consists of a chunky and well made rubberised grip that is pushed into the ventilator or air conditioning grill unlike the old style plastic clip styled units this will never break or come apart in use. It is wedged into place and once fitted it is most certainly going nowhere. The forward facing surface of the mount is highly magnetized and is used to hold in place whatever is attached to it using the two supplied sticky backed metal plates, one square the other circular. The metal plate can be either slipped inside the back of your phone or stuck to the rear if the back is non removable. The magnet is powerful enough to allow it to be used through a gel case or similar. I don't see any reason why it should not work with any mobile phone of six inches or less but it might be worthwhile checking that it will work with your particular car aircon grill. It works great for me with my Nexus 5 phone in my 2014 Toyota Aygo and once in place it shows no sign of moving. It looks great too as in use the mount is virtually invisible and the phone seems to just hang there unsupported. Honest review of a manufacturer supplied free product. Recommended.

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  • By D.from.London

    November 9, 2017

    I have spent ages looking for a Phone holder that will fit securely into the centre air duct of my car - a MK2 Fiat Punto Sporting - I think I finally found it. This seems to go in easily but fit securely. The arms are rubberised whilst all other phone holders I used in the past were plastic - this seems to just hold really tightly. Added to that the magnets are super strong. They seem to hold my phone really tightly and the unit comes with two metal plates, one circular and one rectangle shaped.

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  • By R. Supward

    October 18, 2017

    What a pleasant surprise this turned out to be. I'm always looking for things that make my life easier (and stop the police from bothering me) and this phone mount does the job extremely well.It looks so innocent in its little box but take it out and it's a demon. It consists of a magnetic grip that grabs hold of your air vent, and a choice of 2 magnetic plates that you fix to your phone(s). Well, that's easy enough so far but put one near the other and they'll snap together, et voila, your phone is held securely in place, leaving you both hands with which to drive. I can't believe how strong the magnetic parts are (I nearly put my shoulder out from the force) Seriously though, I'm not overstating the power of this mount. It is so easy to use that I wondered why I hadn't got one before now. you get two pieces (one circular, one oblong) to attach to your phone, plus a magnetic grip which clips to your air vent. I say 'clips' but I mean 'REALLY clips.....' even on a really rough terrain there's no shaking that phone or losing its grip on the vent. Once everything is in place, it stays there. Everything about this mount says 'Quality Materials'. I can't find anything wrong at all with this - it even spins easily from landscape to portrait, whichever is your preference. Of course it doesn't have to be phone, it's great for your GPS too. Plus, if you need to charge your phone or GPS, it also keeps it out of the way while doing so. All in all, this is an excellent product. Don't be fooled by the low price, this is nowhere near the 'cheap end' and the price belies just how perfect the mount is for the job it's intended to do. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. I can't force you to buy this but I can strongly recommend that you do.

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  • By Rizwan

    August 20, 2017

    I’ve been relying on my phone’s map feature for navigation more and more in the recent weeks. At the moment I just balance the phone near the gear stick but this hasn’t been ideal as it’s in an awkward position and often falls. I wanted a phone holder for my phone but didn’t want to get one with suction cups as they never stick to my car’s windscreen. After much research, I decided to try out an air vent mounting phone holder, as it would be in the ideal viewing position for me when driving. I decided to try out the dodocoll car phone holder. The phone holder arrived neatly packaged, the package contained - 1 x phone holder - 2 x magnets - 1 x instruction manual As soon as I opened the box, I knew this was a good investment as the phone holder has been designed to last. The phone holder has a rubber base which ‘clips’ on to the air vent of your car, the rubber material means that it won’t scratch your car either. The top of the mount is magnetised. Next, I stuck one of the magnets to the back of my phone by peeling off the top layer of the double sided tape and placing it on to the back of my phone. Although the phone holder comes with instructions, it is very intuitive. You simply stick the phone to the holder whenever you are in the car. I’ve been trying the phone holder for a few days and have found the hold is very strong and the phone stays in position even when driving over bumps and humps. The design also allows you to change the orientation by simply removing the phone and placing back at the orientation required. I love this phone holder.

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  • By KLW

    August 14, 2017

    This is a very simple but effective means of securing your phone while driving. The mount comprises of two magnetic disks, one circular, one rectangular and the mount itself. This circular mount has 4 flexible prongs which squeeze into or mould around the blades of a car air vent. To use, simply push the mount firmly into position. One self-adhesive magnetic disc is fitted to the back of the phone (two are supplied for 2 phones or use whichever fits best) or, if the phone is inside a case, then the disc can be fitted to or dropped inside the case. The phone is then placed on the mount where it is securely held in place via the magnetic disc. It provides a good, secure grip, the phone doesn't fall off when driving over bumps or rough tracks and it's a neat, unobtrusive way to hold a phone. Unlike some other designs, all of the phone's ports are available while in use so the phone can be charged while driving. A good, simple idea which works - but simple ideas very often are the best. I've been using mine for about 4 months with no problems.

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  • By Hasan Tariq

    August 12, 2017

    I’ve got to say the product is extremely useful and you will take it for granted after using it for a while. It just makes your daily routine that much easier. The product comes with two different shaped magnets, the mount itself and a brief user manual. The mount is great. It has a matte finish with a rubber texture to prevent scratches to your device. The rubber feels like they have used a high quality material for this product, even with the part that holds the air vents. The rubber is highly durable which is needed to hold the device safely without any struggle of it falling with the weight of the device. I have used this on many occasions and it does what it is supposed to. The mount just clips onto the air vent without any problem and then the magnet (which you have to stick on your phone) just holds the device perfectly. In addition, the design is made to be compatible with several different air vents. I have tried it on two different air vents and it holds on perfectly. Also, you are able to move it around as well as move the mount itself 360 degrees which is a bonus. This feature is useful in my case because when using the maps app, I like my device horizontal so I can see more of the map. In my case, with the Note 4, the larger magnet is strong enough to hold it onto the mount without any struggle. As this is a rather large device, I was a little sceptical however it did not fail on me. I would definitely recommend this product to all drives as it helps you concentrate on the road. Safety first.

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  • By MartinRG

    July 30, 2017

    This is a pretty effective low cost solution to mounting your Smartphone in your car. Basically you attach the disc or plate to your phone or, as I did, tuck it inside the case. The fitting then slides inside the air vent. It fitted well in to my Fiesta. The drawback is only that angling the phone to see is a bit tricky (as there is no real flex) and if you haven't got a case or don't want to stick the disc to your phone (using the supplied 3M sticky stuff) then this is not for you. Overall, I found the Mudder holder useful and it's simple enough to thrown in the glove box. Recommended Nb: the item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review

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  • By The Truth

    July 28, 2017

    This is so, so nearly a 5 star item in my opinion. I love it, it's exactly what I've been looking for a work incredibly well. the magnetic base slips into your air vent with ease and yet stays securely in place, and because it's magnetised you can then use it to hold you smartphone in place with ease. All you do is stick one of the magnetic plates that are provided to the back of your phone or phone's case, or do as I did, and slip the plate in-between your case and phone. The phone can then be placed on the holder and stays in place. Simples! It looks neat and works well and with the minimum of fuss. My only concern is will the magnetic plate scratch the back of my expensive iPhone and that's something that only time will tell. And that's why it only gets 4 stars. In the instructions, the manufacturers say that the plate won't damage your phone, but who can be sure? If they had just put a little bit of felt on one side of the magnetic plate my mind would be put at ease and this would certainly get 5 stars. All in all, it's a smart, simple and very elegant solution.

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  • By RK

    July 24, 2017

    This is a very simply car phone holder for a Smartphone or other small mobile device. It works using a magnet, which you attach to your phone and then use to ‘clip’ the phone to the holder. The system works well and so far my phone hasn’t fallen off. However, I do find it difficult to achieve the angle on the phone I would like. Perhaps this is due to the location of the vents in my car, which are quite low, but I was not able to get as clear a view of my phone as I would like. I can see this being ideal for some users. If you are frequently in and out of the car and want a fast effective system, this will work really well.

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  • By Willy Eckerslike

    July 20, 2017

    This simple little mount works surprisingly well. The kit comes with two adhesive metal plates which stick (and un-stick cleanly) to the back of the phone (or SatNav I suppose) while the strong magnetic stub pokes firmly into the ventilation slots. I have tried it in both the car (a Kia) and the van (a really old transit) and it fits just fine. The only slight drawback is that if the vents are a bit loose then the phone does rattle a bit. I did have concerns about having a powerful magnet so close to delicate electronics and the SD Card etc. but it all seems to be OK and although the magnet holds my phone firmly, I suspect it might struggle a bit with on in a soft case if the metal disk is stuck to the phone rather than the outside of the case. All-in-all, though, it does the job it’s meant to do and there’s no fiddling with the jaws of sprung mounts – just click it on and get going. There is also the added advantage over windscreen mounts that the phone can be conveniently mounted near the cigarette lighter power outlet so no cables draggling about the place.

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  • By Mr Baz

    July 17, 2017

    This is a small round magnetic holder that slips into a car vent. On the front face there is a rubber round pad, under this is a plastic section which feels quite solid attached to this is a group of four rubber prongs, these are quite stiff which they need to be to ensure that they stick to the air vent properly. In the box you get a thin single rectangular metal plate which is about around 65mm long and 45mm wide and a round metal disc both have sticky pads attached to them simply peel off the protector and stick it to the device you want to use. You have a couple of ways of using the magnetic holders either sticking the plates onto the rear phone casing or between the phone case and battery both are quite low profile so if you stick them on the outer case it won't really bother most people looks wise. . Firstly on the "metal plates" this will vary from phone to phone if you have enough space here to insert it, they plates are thin and should fit inside without problems, but possibly not on all models it worked ok on the Galaxy S4 I tried it on but your success here will vary. At least you get 2 to try the round should fit in any phone the only factor is how much space there is between the back cover and battery. Another use is an alternative attachment for an in car Sat Nav, you'll have to use the sticky pads for that but I found the grip was good with a strong magnetic connection, you can also place the GPS lower down than a windscreen position and some might prefer that. I didn't have any problems with the holder falling off the vents make sure to push it in fully though you have a depth of about 20mm on the "prongs" it worked well during use but vent sizes can vary quite a bit. I wouldn't mind an extra plate though 2 might be enough but a third would be handy if you have many phones. Overall this does a decent job the magnetic contact is very strong and more than capable of holding a phone firmly, worth a peek if you want a small profile discreet phone holder rather than the usual windscreen suction devices.

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  • By Samantha

    July 12, 2017

    I'm really happy with this car mount, as it looks, feels and works very well. Design: The Dodocool Car Mount has a stylish and sleek design, which should look great in any vehicle. It has a very discreet design, so it will not draw too much attention to your vehicle when your away. Many other car mounts I have used are quite large and bulky, however Dodocool have created a mount that's very small, and should discreetly fit into any car vents. This car mount is made from a very high quality plastic, which looks and feels very well made, meaning this car mount should last for many years to come. The best thing about this car mount is it should be able to hold all types of phones and sat navs. I had absolutely no problems attaching my iPhone 5s to this car mount. Also you can attach your phone to this car mount, by either sticking one of magnetic plates to the back of your phone or by putting one of the magnetic plates inside your phone case so you do not need to worry about this car mount scratching or damaging your phone. On the back of the car mount are 4 flexible prongs which squeeze into or mould around your car air vents. Performances: The Dodocool Car Mount came very well packaged, and everything included within the box seemed very high quality and well made. In the box, you get 1 car mont, 1 circular iron magnet, 1 square iron magnet and the user manual. I personally did not need to read the user manual, as this car mount is that easy to install, however I gave the instruction manual a quick read for the purpose of this review. And I found the instruction manual very easy to read and understand, with very simple texts and diagrams showing you how to install this car mount to your vehicle. To attach this car mount to your vehicle, simply push the car mount into your car vents, until its securely in position. Then either stick one the circular or square magnets to your phone or put one of the magnets into your phone case and attach to the car mount. Then your ready to start driving. You can change the orientation of your phone to landscape or portrait. However unfortunately, you cannot adjust this car mount to different angles, which is why this car mount dropped to a 4 stars for me. As I always have my phone angled, so the screen is facing towards me. I fitted this car mount to my little Fiat 500 very easy, with no issues at all. I attached one of the magnets into my iPhone 5s case, and it held my iPhone 5s very securely in place, and has not fallen off the mount whilst driving, even when I'm driving on bumpy roads. I also stuck one of the magnets to my partners iPhone 5s, and again it held his phone very securely in place. The magnet stuck very securely to his phone and was quite difficult to get the magnet off his phone, however once we got it off, it did not leave any marks or sticky residue. There is also very little vibration whilst driving, which is a lot better than some other car mounts I've used in the past. In addition, there is plenty of space for you to attach your charger to your phone, whilst mounted. Overall: Overall I'm very happy with this car holder as it looks great, works very well and holds my phone securely in place on bumpy and normal roads.

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  • By z***M

    November 17, 2017

    Places the phone somewhere safe and in eye view. Very strong magnetic would recommended!

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  • By n***7

    June 25, 2017

    Super fast shipping!

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