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Nail abody lámpara ultravioleta del gel de Secador de uñas y uñas de los pies del gel que cura la luz blanca de la pintura del arte del clavo herramienta del salón 24W Rosa enchufe de la UE

Nail abody lámpara ultravioleta del gel de Secador de uñas y uñas de los pies del gel que cura la luz blanca de la pintura del arte del clavo herramienta del salón 24W Rosa enchufe de la UE

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Esta lámpara de uñas de gel tiene patente. En comparación con otros productos, puede secar todos los geles de uñas y no tiene ningún daño a los ojos y la piel. Se puede acortar el tiempo de secado en un 50%, ¿por qué no intentarlo ahora?

No tiene ningún daño a las uñas y los ojos:
En comparación con otros productos, su luz está más cerca de la luz blanca, la cual no tiene ningún daño a los ojos y puede proteger su piel de ser negro.
Puede secar todos los geles de uñas:
La nueva tecnología de fuente de luz doble, adecuado para el secado de los geles de uñas. producto de la patente, menor potencia pero se puede acortar el tiempo de secado en un 50%.
2 tipos de ajuste de tiempo:
Pulse el interruptor una vez: 30 segundos. Presione dos veces: 60 segundos.
Fresco y silencioso:
No va a ser demasiado caliente, por lo que no necesita ventiladores, lo que hace que sea más silencioso que otros productos durante el uso.
No sólo se puede secar la uña del dedo, pero también puede secar la uña del pie.

Tipo: Herramienta de enfermería del clavo
Modelo: SUN9C
Material: policarbonato y acrilonitrilo butadieno estireno
Color: rosa, azul, verde (opcional)
Tipo de enchufe: enchufe de la UE
Entrada nominal: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 1A
Potencia: 24W
Longitud de onda: 365 nm + 405 nm
Tiempo de vida: 50000h
Tamaño del artículo: Aprox. 21,3 * 12,0 * 7,5 cm / 8.4 * 4.7 * 3.0in (L * W * H)
Peso del artículo: Aprox. 211.0g / 7,4 oz
Tamaño total: Aprox. 21.5 * 13.0 * 9.3cm / 8.5 * 5.1 * 3.7in (L * W * H)
Peso total: aprox. 430.0g / 15,2 oz

1. Como un tipo de producto evaporable, esmalte de uñas no se puede secar por cualquier lámpara de uñas, así que por favor no utilice nuestro producto a esmalte de uñas seco!
2. Por favor, lea el manual del usuario detenidamente antes de su uso.

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1 * Lámpara de uñas
1 * Enchufe
1 * Manual del usuario
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  • By STAM

    December 20, 2017

    This is an LED/UV lamp so it works on all gel polishes. I used it on different gel polishes and it cured best at 60 seconds. You can set it on 60 seconds on the top of the lamp. Once you select 30 or 60 seconds it remembers it so you don't have to set it each time you use it. The shape and look of the lamp is very nice. Its in a semi circle so it has an open back and a wide space for your foot or your hand. My other nail lamp only has space for one hand and 4 fingers. It also has a back so you can only put your fingers in so far. Sometimes I have to bunch them up. With this lamp you don't have to do that. Because of the design its easier for your entire hand so you don't have to do your thumb separate. You can also use this on your feet as well. If fits all my toes under the lamp. I got the white and pink one. The pink is on the botom and its white on top. I received a sample in exchange for an honest review.

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  • By laury

    November 10, 2017

    Wow this work great when I was doing my gel nails! I thought because a lot of the reviews said it didn't work for other people that it would t work for mine either. But it did perfectly work and cure my gel nails. I also like that this is a smaller size lamp too because I can take it with me when I trave if I needed to, and it doesn't take up a ton of space when I just have it sitting on my table. I did four nails at once when I was doing my gel nails, and it only took 2 minutes to cure them completely.

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  • By lolleyp

    November 9, 2017

    This is a great lightweight builder gel nail dryer. I've just started doing my own nails so didn't want to spend a lot of money and got this on special. It has 30, 60 second timer and also an auto on feature when your hand is placed into the opening. This is what I use. Because I am doing my own nails I'm doing them a couple at a time right now and may get proficient enough to do four and then the thumb. Because of this my nails get double the time for curing so haven't noticed a problem with them not drying. I like this because when I do my nails I don't have much room and it doesn't take up a lot of space. This works on both led gel and UV gel because I accidentally bought a UV top coat and was worried it wouldn't cure but no problem. I also travel and will be taking this with me. It's conveniently sized and not heavy. It came packaged well and arrived on time. I am not doing gel polish but actual gel nails.

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  • By Michael

    November 1, 2017

    Michael's girlfriend here. I am soooo ridiculously happy Michael bought this for me! Before I was using a small sally hansen single nail LED curing light for my gel polish and the polish always turned out to be more malleable and always peeled off and I was confused because everyone and everything said gel nails last weeks and are hard and difficult to remove and that wasn't my experience at all. So using this has completely changed my opinion on it! I did my nails using this curing light and the gel is hard like its supposed to be and hasn't chipped or peeled at all. Its like having the lasting effect of acrylic without the damage. I love this light and am sooo very happy to have it and I love that it cures both LED and UV gels! I already want to remove my current manicure just so I can use it again. Oh also, it fits my whole hand, I love that it has an auto-on feature as well as the 2 timer settings

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  • By P***O

    September 30, 2017

    Ordered and received the green one. It was packaged well and arrived on time. Works great with LED gel nail polish (I used the 60 sec. timer per layer). For the thumbs to dry all the way I dry them separately holding them at the edge of the table so the top is facing the center of the lights. This was my first time using gel polish. A few notes for first timers when doing your own nails: 1) Work slow, one full hand at a time ( meaning from base coat to top coat). 2) Clean off nail polish that is touching the skin before it is put under the lamp (especially the base polish). 3) Avoid touching anything until top layer is done. 4) Use lamp per layer. 5) Clean top coat off with a cotton ball and alcohol. (If your doing a nail art design.) 6) Apply nail art design on top of gel top coat. 7) If design isn't right don't be afraid to use regular nail polish remover. 8) Once the 2 weeks have passed use a regular nail polish remover for the nail art and then soak nail bed with a maximum strength nail polish remover (typically say something like "Removes: gel nail).

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  • By TeresaC

    August 31, 2017

    Can't believe I waited so long to upgrade my gel nail dryer. I purchased this for my sister as a gift. And, ended up buying one for myself. I absolutely love this product. Saves me a ton of time - where my old dryer would take me nearly an hour to do my nails. Now it takes me 15-20 minutes - 20 depending on how messed up I paint my nails. I have been doing my own gel nails for over 10 years - and I stand by this product 100%. Suggestion though (and again user issue, not a product issue) --- is when you are curing your nails, make sure your fingers are under the lights. There's a specific section where the lights are - and another section where there are no lights. If you're using and wondering why your polish are not drying, check the positioning of your hands.

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  • By o***w

    November 18, 2017

    I like the fact that my whole hand fits in the lamp, and that it's automatic. A down fall would be when I am doing the thumbs, if I am trying to do an entire hand the thumb doesn't cure correctly and the gel polish ends up running to one side or being uneven due to half being cured and the other half having to be redone. Another issue with the thumbs is just doing the thumbs its difficult due to the lighting arrangements and how the automactic timer is. It won't pick up just the thumbs and when you do the manual timer you have to switch it around to get your thumbs and just doing the thumbs is a little awkward when trying to cure them. Overall it does what it's supposed to but it's inconvenient trying to manuever your hand/lamp/thumb trying to get them cured.

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  • By Heather

    September 22, 2017

    Heats up ok, but tried it when i got it yesterday and with 2 different gel polishes, i had to cure each coat for at least 4 minutes (final coat took over 10 minutes.) I did my toenails and fingernails and it took over an hour. 3 coats, 20 nails, at least 4 minutes a coat for each hand and foot. Make sure you've got time to sit. Plus, i think there's a short in it. It kicks on any time i move it, without pressing the button. I'm going to be careful with that, but I'm going to use it a few more times and try different polishes and hope i find something that works and doesn't take so long.

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  • By Nadia perez

    November 16, 2017

    Outstanding product. My gel used to peel off after a couple of minutes with past lamps but now its very long lasting with this amazing lamp.

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  • By M. Murray

    October 24, 2017

    I was skeptical at first but so glad I decided to purchase this

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  • By Roya H.

    October 14, 2017

    Easy to use and is nice and open!

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  • By s***t

    October 14, 2017

    Off first impression; I like it. Works well and i like the price and like options to choose 30 sec, 60 sec, or automatic sensor. Hopefully it will last a while

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  • By momofkpopfan

    September 20, 2017

    First time trying this at home. Easy access from either side of lamp since its wide open. Was even able to do my toes. Cured perfectly!

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  • By Kazia Floyd

    September 11, 2017

    I've tried 10 different brand of nail polish and this light has worked on ALL OF THEM!!!

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    August 27, 2017

    Item was exactly how it was described.

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  • By Shan M.

    August 27, 2017

    Wow, am I going to save a bunch of money on gel manicures. This light is a must!! Absolutely impressed and pleased by the performance. I paint a coat and set under the lights for 60 sec, then next hand same. For the last coat, I set under the light for 2-3 cycles of the 60 sec timer, each hand. Sets the polish nicely. The key is to make sure between coats, you set under the lights for 60 sec or longer. Definitely buy this if you do your nails at home, or want to in between manicures.

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  • By On 2

    August 13, 2017

    this this is great! definitely a win on tomtop - after a lot of research - i've found the arch way allows for me to have space for both my hands to cure at the same time :)

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  • By Sarah A Forbes

    August 4, 2017

    I have bought 3 of these dryers now and this one is by far the best! Ease of being able to just place hand under and it turns on is wonderful. I use with Gelish products and it dries them perfectly.

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  • By g***6

    April 30, 2017

    Fantastic item, speedy delivery, everything perfect, many many thanks! 5*****

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  • By r***0

    April 18, 2017

    I give many thanks perfect 5 stars Positive Exelent A+++++++

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