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YONGNUO YN-622C-TX Transmisor LCD de Flash  para YN-622C Gatillo para Canon DSLR Cámara

YONGNUO YN-622C-TX Transmisor LCD de Flash  para YN-622C Gatillo para Canon DSLR Cámara

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Nota: Las siguientes funciones tienen que utilizarse con el transceptor YN-622C .

Lista de cámaras Compatible :
R: La cámara réflex digital EOS con el menú de control de flash externo:
  Canon 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1D Mark III, 7D 60D 50D 40D 450D 500D 550D 600D 650D 1000D 1100D.
B: La cámara réflex digital EOS sin manual de control de flash externo:
  Canon 5D 10D 20D 30D 300D 350D 1D 1D Mark II.

Flash compatible:
Compatible ETTL inflamación: (Se suport control remoto inalámbrico a través del menú de la cámara).
Canon 600EX (RT), 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, 270EX II
Yongnuo YN-565EX C, YN-468 II C, YN-467 II C, YN-465 C (unidades de flash Yongnuo no son compatibles con la función HSS).

Nota: 430EX y 580EX u otras partes del flash no se admite el control remoto a través del menú de la cámara, es necesario configurar manualmente los parámetros de flash.

La lista cable disparador compatibles:
C1-60D / 70D / Series 400D / 500D serie / 600D Series / Serie 1000D
C3-40D / 50D / 7D / Series 1D / serie 5D

Tipo de sistema: controlador inalámbrico digital FSK 2.4GHz
Distancia: 100m
Canal: 7
Modo de flash: E-TTL, flash manual
El modo de sincronización: sincronización a la cortinilla delantera, sincronización a la cortinilla trasera, sincronización de alta velocidad (auto FP)
Grupos: 3 grupos (A / B / C)
Velocidad de sincronización: 1 / 8000s
Entrada: zapata
Salida: zapata, puerto de la PC
Interfaz Disparador: Interfaz disparador 2.5mm
Firmware USB actualizado: Apoyo
Ayuda AF emisor de haz: Apoyo
Pilas a: baterías AA 2 * (Apoyo batería recargable 1.2V) (baterías no incluidas)
Tiempo en espera: 120 horas
Tamaño del paquete: 10.7 * 10.7 * 5cm / 4.2 * 4.2 * 2.0in
Peso del paquete: 176 g / 6,2 oz

Listas del paquete:
1 * Controlador de flash inalámbrico
1 * C1 Cable Disparador
1 * C3 Cable del obturador
1 * Manual del usuario (Inglés y Chino)

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Will this control power for the Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash or must I still use the camera menu on my Canon 6D?

  • It absolutely works on the 430ex II. I have that flash with the 7D and this is a lot quicker than going through the menu. If your on the fence on buying this, I would strongly suggest it.

    By Steven R. Heldenbrand on January 20, 2018


I have a canon 6D. I'm trying to connect my 600EXRT Speedlite to this controller but they do not link. Do I still need a receiver for it?

  • My YN-622 doesnt work well on my 6D. I dont think they are completely compatible. Very depressing . However using two or more receivers works well but stuck manually controlling lights.

    By gerianna on December 8, 2017


Will this work with a canon 60d and a 600ex-rt speedlight?

  • Yes it will but Why? the 600EX RT has a Radio in it controlled by the YN E3-RT Radio Transmitter the only thing you need. The YN 622 will work it but your going to have to put the YN 622 rx on the flash and the YN 622 TX on camera when all you needed is the YN E3-RT Radio Transmitter

    By LRM Photos on June 3, 2017


Is the super sync the same as hss for Canon

  • YES

    By suben SELLER on May 16, 2018


Can i use the ss mode on my yn622c-tx and my yn565ex?

  • I'm not sure by itself, does it have a built-in receiver. I would check with the manufactures website. I know it well if you add the YN 620C receiver

    By k macke SELLER on May 15, 2018


Would either version work with Panasonic cameras? I just need them for high speed sync. I don't mind using them in manual mode.

  • Hello Yes should be compatible Thank you

    By Shining Star Photo INC SELLER on May 14, 2018


I just bought the YN622C-TX and it doesn't work with either of my Canon 5d Mark ii's, but it works perfectly with my Canon T6i. What am I doing wrong?

  • they work great on both of my 5D ll but all three of my flash are HSS I do not know what your using as for Flashs and with that said you really do not need the TX you can set it all from the back of your 5d menu maybe you need to set it there first

    By LRM Photos on May 13, 2018


I have a canon 430 ex iii rt. do i need a receiver for it?

  • Yes, you will need a receiver for it.

    By Pieter Roelofse on May 13, 2018


Update: the YN622C will not fire remotely on any of my 5D Mark ii's or my T6i. The test button fires them but nothing else. Help!

  • Sounds like it should work. Make sure you have all channel and group settings correct. I use 6d and works great

    By D. Kamminga on May 12, 2018


Does anyone know if this trigger works on a Sony a7?

  • No.

    By Jerry H. on May 12, 2018



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  • By Gadget Lover

    December 27, 2017

    Very nice and inexpensive transmitter. I use this to trigger Yongnuo YN622C II receivers and they have worked without fail. Much less expensive than a Canon option and I'm so glad that I stumbled across this product. For the price, probably even aside from the price, these Yongnuo products are great and I am amazed how off camera flash has changed my photography, without taking all of my money. Of course, I have had flashes not fire, but I don't think I could ever trace the reason to this transmitter or triggers. My only problem that I had with this is the mount design. What I mean is that it mounts horizontally on your camera hotshoe. When you need to adjust your lights, and you always need to make adjustments to your lights, I would much rather have a vertical mount while shooting on a tripod. With the horizontal design, I (and I suspect most people, as I'm 5'10") aren't tall enough to look down onto the screen to make adjustments. This means you either need a step stool or you must move your camera off subject, tilt your camera so that you can see, then make adjustments. Of course, if you're off-tripod and just shooting freestyle, this is not an issue at all. Other than that, it's pretty easy to make any/all adjustments. You can control your flashes using TTL, Manual mode, and highspeed sync. I can't imagine anything that a Canon transmitter or Pocket Wizard could offer that this doesn't do at a MUCH cheaper price. As a matter of fact, after much research and comparing options, I was very close to purchasing the Pocket Wizard option when I came across this product. I am so glad that I chose this. Other than the fact that Pocket Wizard does offer a vertical design and maybe easier adjustments as a result, I can buy this transmitter and a bunch of triggers for the less than the price of a Pocket Wizard transmitter. Yongnuo option is a much better route because, with the same amount of money, you get so many more options in gear. In my view, this is a Pocket Wizard killer. I have only good feedback and would recommend this product.

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  • By Adam R.

    November 16, 2017

    It's been years since i had looked at any wireless flash options, and back then I just gave up because pocketwizards were just too pricey. I havent been much of a flash user over the years despite having the Canon 580 EX II. Recently I found some uses for it and was quickly unenthused by the optical slave method. After seeing Yongnuo mentioned in some Tony Northrup videos, I took a look and found these remote (and the pair of YN622C II that I also picked up) and I'm glad I did. Testing so far has been limited, but the function is everything I could ask for. My 80D doesn't know the difference between this unit and the much pricier Canon model. It also allows me to use the 622c's to control my older 580 EX II which has no radio remote functions built in. (If I were to stick with Canon, optical or a long cable would be my only options and that is far from a good enough reason to spring for the $500+ Canon 600EX RT. Being on a newer body, tgis u it can also trigger the shutter (by pressing the test button on a 622c) without even needing the control cable (which is provided anyway.) All in all, as a non-professional, I look forward to experimenting and learning off-camera flash photography with these transmitters/transcievers.

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  • By Anthony M.

    November 9, 2017

    The YN-622C system is an absolutely fantastic tool. Performs exactly as expected and works right out of the box. It only took moments to setup. I've docked one star due to the fact that the display does NOT reflect the in-camera flash compensation settings which made me think for quite some time that I had it setup wrong. When I finally did a test shot I realized it was indeed sending the in-camera compensation it just wasn't reflecting that setting on the display. The compensation settings on the LCD are in addition to any settings in camera. So if you have +1 ev set in camera and you see 0 ev on the device it really is +1 ev. And you could make it +2 ev by adjusting the transmitter. This is a bit confusing at first, but perfectly manageable. The screen has the real estate, it'd be great if it could display the current camera setting at any time, as well as any supplemental compensation. This does not in any way deter me from highly recommending this device!

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  • By Greggie

    October 26, 2017

    These little devices work magic. I needed a wireless flash trigger which allowed not only for wireless TTL functionality but also for the ability to adjust manual flash levels remotely as well. These devices do all of that. All the control is done through the flash control menus on your camera. I have the Canon version and it will work with Canon DSLR cameras going back to the 40D. They are surprisingly well built. I have dropped mine a few times and they keep on ticking. There are a few down sides to them. There is a bit of a learning curve. I had to spend some time at home testing them out and experimenting before I completely understood how to use them. Additionally they secure to a camera's hot shoe with a twisting screw type clamp. That is a slight annoyance for anyone used to the simple swing clamp on modern canon speedlites, but it is not a deal breaker.

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  • By Tommy J. Roxas Jr.

    October 19, 2017

    The best flash controller for those on a budget. It's not as pretty as the Pocketwizard, but definitely works just as well. A must have for all those working with OCF. PROS: Control your speedlight without having to constantly walk back and forth Easy and intuitive function and layout Very little battery usage. Will run a long time, even with nimh batteries inside Works great with the Sony a7 and the Sony a850 with hot shoe adapter Cons: A little on the bulky side. Sort of ruins the aesthetic for a professional camera rig.

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  • By Kevin A. Diossi

    September 8, 2017

    Words can't describe how terrific this product is. I've sold my stupid pocket wizards in favor of these for use with my speedlites. Build quiality is excellent, it takes AA batteries, and they have a dedicated on/off switch instead of a button - an auto off feature would be nice if you left them on.The fact that I can go into the flash menu on my camera or on the top of my camera and command power to flash groups is spectacular. Canon only supports 3 groups, so I can't complain too much, but I would have preferred to see 4 or more groups for improved flexibility. Oh, and the AF assist beam is superb. High speed sync adds a new dynamic possibility to lighting as well.

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  • By mpfannen

    July 16, 2017

    Great product for a great price. Bought this in combination with 3 YN-622 remotes and 3 YN-568EXIIs (minimum level flash if you want to control the flash remotely) This controls our YN560s we used with the Cowboy Studios setup, but you have to manually change the settings on the flash. We use the cheaper CS (Cowboy Studios) triggers and the more expensive Pocket (Pocket Wizards) and PCB (Paul C Buff) Cyber Commander Trigger/Receivers (for main lighting). Comparing to the others, I like them a little better than our PWs and feel they offer almost everything at a much better value. Still shop everything and read reviews of all the products before you buy because technology changes and updates fast. We use lot of different lighting, so these are for our quick/mobile shoots. I replaced our Cowboy Studios and Pocket Wizards devices as they are finicky at times matched with our speedlight whereas the Yongnuo devices have been reliable with little issues and yet to cost me an important shot or die in the middle of a shoot. Using AA batteries does make them slightly bulky, but I feel worth it when using them in combo with the Rechargeable AA Panasonic EnLoop v4s (batteries we also use with speedlights) and they have lasted for all day events without wearing down. The CS and PWs use the specialty watch style batteries, which seem to wear down faster on us and more expensive in the long run to replace. Best bang for the buck for those needing remotes/triggers for speedlight. Fits in my extra Lowepro backpack pockets that don't get used for anything else. Device is simple and easy to control after a quick glance over the manual. Currently using them on a 6D and 5D3 without issues or conflict. Only downside was I had to update to the latest firmware.

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  • By Richard Macias

    June 13, 2017

    I own plus 3 and I bought this unit as a back up. Amazingly after several uses this has now become my primary. I can not agree with previous Zebratt that the manual was difficult to understand. The button configuration is so simple you don't even need the manual but incase you do both my wife and I found it very easy to understand. The range on the unit is excellent as is the ease of use in regards to changing groups, high speed sync, second curtain and power. Con: The only major issue I have with the units are the way they connect to the hot shoe.Its an all plastic thin screw down fastener. These make it very difficult to secure and removing them with bulky fingers can be equally difficult. It would be nice if they used locking fasteners rather than these. Other than that I love it! The pocket wizard uses something similar as well but its a bit thicker making it easier to lock and remove. But I wish they also used locking fasteners like those found on the canon flashes.

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  • By Logan

    June 8, 2017

    This thing is amazing. No more going into the camera menu, so it's very fast at changing settings. For example, three manual flash's all at different settings in three groups. Or, you can have more than that of course in different groups, or you can mismatch some with ETTL and some with Manual. I don't ever shoot ETTL, so if you just shoot manual, you'll more than likely be able to use this with Sony, Canon, or Nikon, even if it's not Nikon branded. You just won't get ETTL, probably won't get HSS either, which I don't use anyway. For the price of this thing there is no reason not to have one. Yes, the flash's have to be on triggers, but the triggers are sold very cheap. As far as yongnuo, I've never had problems or anything tear up, except one flash and that lasted a long time. Buying another one was still better than having a Canon for that much money. Plus the flash that tore up was a very very old model. If you have something without an AF assist lamp, even when you don't have your flash with you, if you're gonna be out at night, depending on how dark your auto focus goes, you can use this as an AF assist lamp. I use it on a Canon 6D, so that already focuses in situations that are darker than anything I'm gonna encounter, also darker than any other AF point on any Canon camera. This will bring it to the point of being able to focus in extreme low light. As far as the part about triggering flash's, it's flawless. Rather you have Yongnuo flash's or not. If I had all Canon flash's I would use this as well as the triggers for them. The radio frequency is much better than putting a flash in optical slave mode, because it can be hidden deep in a soft box. It can go outdoors and be nowhere near it and trigger all of them, etc.

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  • By Unregistered

    May 9, 2017

    I was an early adopter of the Yongnuo 622 flashes. Price and performance packed, they got the job done, albeit with a bit of fiddling about. The biggest downside was the inability to easily control the flashes output, in TTL or manual. In frustration, I turned to the PocketWizards, investing in the TT5/Flex setup. I had my control, but it wasn't exactly the neatest arrangement. And PWs have issues with Canon flashes, so they wear socks. Enter the TX. I'd been waiting for these to be released and for some first impression reviews to roll in. PW Killers. On price, of features, on performance. They're everything I needed and wanted for flash control, whether it was my array of Canon Speedlights or one of my studio stobes. TTL or hypersyncing, its all there. Easy, intuitive controls right on the transmitter. Bonus point for allowing camera remote trigger.

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  • By Adam Donohue

    April 21, 2017

    Love this commander! Full control of all my speed lights with a quick push of a button with out missing, WOW! It frees me up to place several speed lights around the venue I'm working in and have full control of all of them. And the ability to turn on and off the AF assist beam is very helpful, especially when working with videographers. I recently used it at an event that had a stage with spot lights on it but no lights on the crowd. I placed a speed light on each side of the stage and was easily able to balance there power with the stage lighting. I put one on group A one on group B to give me even more control as I moved around the room. I could quickly turn either of them on or off to show the crowd laughing. If Yongnuo could find a way to put a hot shoe on this is would be the perfect unit. I have 4 Yongnuo YN-565EX II speed lights and 7 YN-622C transceivers plus the commander.

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  • By M. Heltsley

    April 15, 2017

    This makes a huge difference! I love my flash triggers, and use them all the time. I use them for speedlights, and for studio strobes, and to combine them when needed. I have Alien Bees and Einsteins as well as a collection of various manual and canon branded speedlights. The flash triggers work on all of them and this controller easily allows me to control them in groups, with or without TTL mixed in, and quickly and easily switch between different groups and configurations. I use these for events where I have different setups for different parts of the room, then quickly and easily move between those groups with this commander and I'm always in control. Some groups have TTL for its dynamic lighting ability and some use manual controls, and I can even use them all together. It's better than any other system I have (and I have several, Cybersync, radio popper jrx, pocket wizard). I recommend this to everyone.

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  • By Tom Marvel

    April 9, 2017

    I normally don't write reviews or give feedback but I'm making an exception for this product Yougnuo has been amazing since it introduced the YN-622 transceiver The TX is beyond Even as a Canon shooter with flash control in my personal on screen camera menu, the TX makes it so much easier & effortless to control three light sources right from the shooting position Especially with a light in a soft box 9 feet in the air The TX worked perfectly right from the box Don't really to need to read the manual (The apparent google translate chinese to english is a game in of itself) I highly recommend downloading the The Other Youngnuo User Guide (I now have on-camera flash control on my Fuji, too) For all you fence sitters: Just buy this controller & don't look back If I was Pocket Wizard I would renew my prescription for Ambien so I could get some sleep at night

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  • By M. Wesala

    April 7, 2017

    My hope was this controller would allow me to use my Canon speedlights (along with the yn662C receivers) to control the flash units in manual mode and trigger them, on a NON CANON BODY. I was afraid the unit would have to interface with the camera to use ANY of the power adjustment features, but this is not the case. It is stand alone, and will adjust flash powers (again, in Manual Mode) and let me trigger them with the hot shoe of my Olympus EM1. I don't need TTL or ratios or anything, just reliable control of the flashes in manual mode and this lets me accomplish that. This is a pretty big deal for me, and I wanted to make sure I passed this info along to others who may be transitioning, or using mirrorless cameras that do not have a robust flash system of their own (i.e. Fuji, Olympus, Sony). Yes, they all have some sort of system, but in real world use, stupid simple and reliable is the name of the game, and this gives you that. I am currently using this with an EM1, a 580 EXII and a YN568EX.

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  • By M. S. M.

    March 10, 2017

    This is a MUST have for Nikon shooters--we Canonistas have the flash control menu. Still, as an owner of a Canon 60D, this is quite a time saver (drilling down into the menu can be tedious at times). I have had no issues with it. You should make sure to do a factory reset once you get your hands on one and you you should turn devices on in this order (flash to camera): 622(C or N)->Flash, Camera->622(C or N)-TX. That way, everything "discovers" its proper place. P.S. You must have at least one 622 transceiver on the flash foot for this to work. Also, you MUST remember to half press the shutter to send out commands to your 622(s). Don't just MASH the shutter release button: these units need time to communicate effectively (true of ANY TTL trigger, BTW).

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  • By Tom & Sue O.

    March 9, 2017

    We have used the Yongnuo YN-622c transceivers on our Canon and our Yongnuo speedlites for over a year and been impressed with the quality of construction, flawless performance and price, of course. I have been seeking the LCD flash controller since Yongnuo released the Nikon version last year. Finally found it and ordered from HKong and prepared to wait till the end of September for anticipated delivery. Received NINE days after ordering from HKong!!! I am as pleased with the shipping time as I am with the controller itself. If you have the YN622c controllers this will complement and round out your equipment. No longer will you have to twiddle around in the camera menu to set up your external flash. Wonderful product. Happy user.

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  • By Bill R

    February 23, 2017

    This thing is incredible. I really should of bought this earlier. The Canon camera can already adjust flash inside the menu system but that takes 3 steps to adjust a light were I can adjust here directly with a single button press and read the display instantly. It has a couple of other things you can't get inside the menu system. For some reason inside the Canon (XTi and 7D) you don't get 2nd curtain sync on remote flash unless you have this unit. And after testing this unit will actually allow you to dial TTL flash power down below the 1/128th power setting. Yes, that means you can make a flash go lower in power than manual but using the TTL flash compensation down. I've only found it helpful when doing shiny product photography but it's a nice extra that didn't cost so I'll take it.

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  • By Muhammad

    February 16, 2017

     Im going to jump right into it: PROS: Affordable, really easy to use, reliable signal from TX to receiver CONS: Not the best build quality, the battery cover removes pretty easily so you might lose it Final review: This flash trigger is amazing! It can do everything other more expensive flash triggers can do. I specifically got these to achieve high speed syncing which is really important for action/high speed photography and also using your camera to sync high shutter speeds during the day time with flashes. Right out the box and turning it on its not hard to understand how to use them if you've used external flashes, it uses standard terminology used when dealing with flash triggers. The menu is easy to read and understand. Also right out of the box they sync with the receivers too so you can literally put batteries in them and start using them. If your looking for reliable flash triggers that will work all the time and that you want flash triggers with high speed syncing and TTL functionality then I definitely recommend this system.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Jim

    February 16, 2017

    I Ordered this YONGNUO YN-622C-TX E-TTL Wireless Flash Controller  YONGNUO YN-622C-TX E-TTL Wireless Flash Controller for Canon , because I have been using the YN-622c's to control my 2 Canon 580EXII's and my YOUNGNUO YN568EXII for over a year and really love them. I sold my pocket wizards and ordered 4 of the 622cs. One to use as a master controller on the camera and the other 3 for the flashes. I have shot many portrait sessions, weddings, events using green screensand I love them. My goal is to purchase 3 more YOUNGNUO Flash units and 2 more transceivers to set more flash units around the reception halls for my weddings so I can light the room with my wife and I each using the YN-622C TX's on our cameras. Smooth Y'all! All you Strobist's out there JUMP ON! Pros: Quality is great Size, about the same as the 622c about 1/2 the size of a deck of cards. Works perfectly! Price, Unbelievable at $40 US Cons: Please get someone to properly write the manuals in English.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Rory K. Young

    January 19, 2017

    I shoot Canon, and these are working flawlessly for me. I’m running one flash on Group A and one flash on Group B, with the flashes centered in front left/front right of a backdrop portrait subject. This allows me to control the level of flash output from the transciever on the top of the Canon 5DM3. I read the reviews, and people mention how this system isn’t intuitive... but it works fine for me... my small team of three in the shoot had absolutely no issues learning the system. Yongnuo has earned my respect with this system. Good job.

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