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Lixada 25g Суперлегкий мини-карманный однокомпонентный титановый сплав Outdoor Cooking Burner Складная газовая плита BRS-3000T 2700W

Lixada 25g Суперлегкий мини-карманный однокомпонентный титановый сплав Outdoor Cooking Burner Складная газовая плита BRS-3000T 2700W

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Эта мини-плита является обязательной при приготовлении пищи на открытом воздухе. Отлично подходит для пеших туристов, туристов, туристов, охотников, геологов и т. Д.

Только весит 25 г, самая легкая печь.
Высокоскоростное вращающееся пламя, равномерно разогретое.
Сильная огневая мощь, 2 минуты 58 секунд, чтобы кипятить 1 литр воды.
С складным переключателем для управления мощностью по мере необходимости.
Складной кронштейн из титанового сплава, сверхлегкая и прочная несущая способность.
Поставляется в сумке для удобной переноски.

Основной материал: титановый сплав
Топливо: газ бутана
Мощность: 2700 Вт
Расход газа: 140 г / ч
Зажигание: руководство
Сложенный размер: 37 * 48 мм / 1,5 * 1,9 дюйма (D * H)
Развернутый размер: 85 * 60 мм / 3,3 * 2,4 дюйма (D * H)
Вес деталя: 25g / 0.9oz
Размер пакета: 13.5 * 8 * 3.5cm / 5.3 * 3.1 * 1.4in
Вес упаковки: 38 г / 1,4 унции

Список пакетов:
1 * Горелка
1 * Чехол

Примечание: Газовый бак и горшок НЕ включены.

Вопросы и ответы клиентов


In what country is this stove made?

  • China I believe. Love it, weighs nothing and works well.

    By jharvey24 on October 25, 2017


Does the thread size match with a 1lb green coleman propane can?

  • No, it does not. This stove will only fit on butane/isobutane canisters with a Lindal valve connector. That said, you can buy a "standard disposable propane canister" to Lindal converter. Propane burns a bit hotter than butane/isobutane, however, so I don't know if you might do any damage to this stove if you use it… see more No, it does not. This stove will only fit on butane/isobutane canisters with a Lindal valve connector. That said, you can buy a "standard disposable propane canister" to Lindal converter. Propane burns a bit hotter than butane/isobutane, however, so I don't know if you might do any damage to this stove if you use it with propane long-term (the whole stove weighs less than an ounce, so there's not a lot of metal in the jetting). see less

    By C. Jacoby on September 5, 2017


Does this have an electric ignition or do you need a lighter/matches?

  • No, this requires a match, lighter, or other ignition source.

    By D. Smith on August 8, 2017



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  • By ***

    December 9, 2018

    Great little lightweight stove. I've had no issues boiling 2-3 cups of water, the pot stands hold just fine for me using my Toaks 750 pot.

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  • By D***s

    October 10, 2017

    Just used this stove to boil one liter of water in 4 minutes 10 seconds starting with cold tap water. In the description they claim 2 minutes 58 seconds which I knew was to good to be true. In outdoorgearlab tests the fastest stove was 3 minutes 54 seconds. This little guy was only 16 seconds behind their fastest stove. I weighed the stove in the included bag and it weighed in right at 1 ounce. You can see from the pictures how small the stove is. I had to make sure the pan was centered on the stove but with the pot centered it felt secure. If it was very windy I might be a little concerned about the pot blowing over. When being used the stove is louder than other stoves that I have used but I don't see this as a problem. I have not used the stove very long so I can't say how durable the stove is. It seems well made but must be treated with care when folding it up. If you are an ultralight backpacker you simply must give this stove a try, there is no other stove as light as this one.

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  • By Ricky Curtis

    November 23, 2017

    I haven't used this cooking stove yet because I'm not going camping until the summertime. That being said the build of the stove is very well made! The stove is small measuring about 3.5 inches long make it very portable. The material is a strong steel that's not easily bendable and is pliable, yet has a sturdy build that's not bendable. While holding the little stove I don't think it would snap if someone puts it into a backpack for example. Also, the metal brackets are tough, so I won't get too nervous when I put a pot or container of water on the stove when I make coffee. Because the stove is small it won't take up a lot of space from my SUV to my camping pack. I will update this review when I go camping in a couple of months. My first impression of this stove is very positive because of its build.

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  • By FCG

    October 24, 2017

    I live in Southern Florida and recently got hammered by Hurricane Irma. Today is day 7 without power and while many people are struggling for a hot meal I am not. I recently bought this stove to be part of a lightweight backpacking cookset but now it's getting most of its use at my house heating up water for freeze dried meals and coffee. This stove is obviously extremely lightweight (25g), but don't let that fool you when it comes to quality and rigidity. The stove is very sturdy and my narrow/tall Stanley pot stays on top with ease. The stove also has a surprisingly wide range of Temps compared to other stoves in the same price range. I was very pleased to see I could actually simmer with it as well as boil water with ease. Prior to the hurricane I took the stove out to Ocala national forest. It cooked 3 meals a day for 2 people as well coffee in the morning and evening over 4 days. It has earned its spot in my pack. Definitely my new favorite stove.

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  • By NHAlpine

    October 7, 2017

    An avid backpacker friend recommended this tiny stove and I am glad he did! It worked great on our first backpacking trip! I can't get over how small and functional it is. It's so small I can keep it inside our camp cooking kit. The morning we left it was very windy and although it took a bit longer to boil water it still worked well. The only issue we had was it went out the first time we used it and had no gas flow. It turned out we just needed to tighten it up on the fuel canister a bit so be sure before you start it it's nice and tight. I can't wait to use it again on our next trip!

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  • By Great ACOGness!

    September 30, 2017

    Just received. I'll reserve the 5th star for after long term use. Initial impressions are it's exactly what I was expecting: a BRS 3000T ultra lightweight stove at less than an oz. Incredible. I'm not sure who actually makes these, but this is just a BRS rebranded for Lixada. However they figure that out with the import, I don't really care but all I know is it's cheaper and smaller than my MSR Pocket Rocket? Am I ditching the MSR? No, not unless this thing can actually prove itself, but for the $14 and 25gr I'm willing to give it a shot. Out of the box, 2 of my three pot arms are rigid while one is loose. Non-issue. I bent the arm a little to retain it better during setup but gravity will keep it down anyways and I don't move my cooking items around once they're actually set up to cook. The machining is a little crude, but it's $14...What I really care about is whether it will cook. I threw on a fuel canister and you do need to tighten it down a bit. The little rubber o-ring needs a good bit of cinching down to the threads apparently as the first time I tried to open the gas it wasn't tight enough while using the similar amount of torque I'm used to with the Pocket Rocket. Another half turn, turned the valve to open, and I could hear the gas emitting from the device (contrary to one reviewer's comments of not knowing when the gas is actually coming through so I've ever got superhuman ears or he should visit the doc). I lit this with my spark lighter from MSR. Flame comes on strong even when just cracked to open. I repeated the process a few times and am currently satisfied. Threw it in my pack and will try it next outing to see if it can go the distance and be as reliable as the MSR PR. Weighed out at exactly 25gr. If I add the MSR spark light and included Lixada baggie, I'd be looking at 1.4 oz total. Basically: NOTHING.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By janette

    September 26, 2017

    This stove can be a little turd sometimes. 85% of the time it works like magic and then once in a while it just won't. So you have to unscrew it and screw it back on and then light it again. It only takes a minute but when you are freezing your butt off and it's been raining for three days and you just want a hot coffee it makes you want to chuck it into the forest. Someone in previous reviews mentioned metal shavings maybe being stuck inside, I agree with that. So for the $10 ish bucks versus $60 for the name brand, I'll deal with its little tantrums. The manufacturer could have an awesome product if they took a second to blow out the debris before assembly. It's durable, it rolled around in my cook kit, I dropped it countless times, it held up well.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By D. W. Rose

    September 26, 2017

    I purchased this to go with the GSI minimalist pot. It is very lightweight and tiny. The product photos don’t do it justice. It’s small. It burns hot and is highly adjustable. No problem simmering. This will boil water in just a little over two minutes. Knowing this is a very lightweight system is was sceptical about the weight it would hold. The weak spot of the system is the pot support arms. They are small. It will hold two cups of water easily but it depends on the pot size for stability. A small narrow pot will on the Support’s well enough to boil but be very careful if you need to stir it. You will need to hold it to keep it steady. A larger, wider pot works a little better but because the small footprint of the supports, it can become unsteady while stirring. I would not try and cook anything on this stove with out another type of pot support. It is my opinion it needs four support arms instead of three. It also needs a better design arm pivot base. The base is easily twisted and I’ve had to tweak them to keep the pots level. I did put on a small 6 cup coffee percolator just to see if would move around or become unstable. I was pleasantly surprised that it was stable and heated up pretty quick. Overall, it does what I wanted it to do. And that it to boil water and nest into a very small lightweight pot. It does this extremely well and it boils water quickly and easily.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Tony

    September 26, 2017

    Nice little camping burner here. Works great, very easy to screw on and it folds out when using, and in when storing. Comes with a little carrying puch as well. Works excellent, very nice flame to get all your cooking needs taken care of!

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  • By v***r

    May 28, 2018

    Alles Super !!! kann ich nur empfehlen!!!!!!

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  • By Mark Graham

    December 1, 2017

    perfect .8 oz. backingpacking stove

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  • By Timothy B. Morris

    October 28, 2017

    This is awesome and compact, super compact

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  • By James

    October 26, 2017

    Very small, very light, but works better than expected. Very happy with this little camping stove.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By R.F. Taylor

    October 21, 2017

    as described fast shipping.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By John Patrick

    October 21, 2017

    It was super ultra light, and inexpensive but seemed thin on the supports. I ended up returning.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By e***w

    October 16, 2017

    Works great. Super light weight.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Golden Dragon

    October 12, 2017

    Works well over several times using and very inexpensive. So incredibly small and portable. I love this and it's perfect for my adventure backpacking trips. I must say it is well worth the money. Product is sturdy and built well. Skinny little arms are a hastle but holds 2L and cookware well.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Campmaster55

    October 5, 2017

    A stove under ONE OUNCE???? Who would have thought? This is amazing. I pulled out my collection of stoves going back to my original Peak 1 all-in-one unit that weighed in at just over three pounds complete (and which I was thrilled to be able to lug around on the trail). The evolution of stoves over the years is amazing. What's left? Will the next generation of stoves be made out of helium? Or will they just be teleported to our destination for us?

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By P. Johnson

    October 3, 2017

    I put this to the test this past weekend hiking the Black Mountain Crest Trail. It is oh so tiny, and very sturdy. It packs down to nothing and starts and burns like a champ. It did not feel tippy at all when attached to a 110 gram / 4 ounce fuel canister and a 750 ml titanium pot of water on top. The wind was howling and it stayed lit, although I did use a wind screen. I hope to rely on this little stove for many years to come.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By A. Neff

    September 27, 2017

    This thing is tiny. Very lightweight. Lights easily and has a large burn range, from a very small silent flame to high intensity afterburner. The arms that hold the pot are the weak link, while they work the tops are not all flat and therefore the pot ends up sitting on three small points and not equally across all three arms.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

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