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Автомобильный ЖК монитор 7" для DVD и камеры заднего вида

Автомобильный ЖК монитор 7" для DVD и камеры заднего вида

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7 "LED цветной TFT ЖК-монитор.
Высокое разрешение изображения.
Полноцветный светодиодный дисплей с подсветкой.
2 AV входа.
AV1 подключается к проигрывателю DVD, видеомагнитофону либо другому видеооборудованию.
AV2 длякамеры заднего вида автомобиля.
Парковка заднего вида: Автоматическое переключение монитора на режим парковки в момент парковки, а также возврат к предыдущему состоянию после окончания парковки.
Экран вращается.
Соотношение сторон экрана 16:9 / 4:3 регулируется.
Яркость / контраст / цвет  регулируется.
2 способа установки: на подставке либо на задней стенке.
Низкое энергопотребление.
Аудио вход и аудио выход отсутствуют.
Поставляется с ИК-пультом дистанционного управления.
Технические характеристики:
Размер экрана : 7 дюймов
Отображение компонентов: цветной TFT-LCD
Разрешение: 480х234 RGB 
Контрастность: 100:1 
Время отклика: B → W 30 мс W → B 10 мс
Частота видео: PAL /NTSC
Потребляемая мощность: около 8 Вт 
Видео: Два видеовхода
Корпус: ABS
Цвет: Черный
Габариты: 195 * 135 * 25 мм (Д * Ш * В)
Вес продукта: 379г
Размеры упаковки: 212x155x93мм

Вес упаковки: 704г
1 х 7 "Автомобильный монитор
1 х Подставка
1 х Задний кронштейн для подвеса
1 х Видеокабель и кабель питания
1 х Пульт дистанционного управления
1 х Руководство пользователя

Вопрос ответ

  • Q What resolution does the monitor support? Thanks

    By Plainsman January 25, 2017

    A It is 800 * 480 resolution

    Reply By Customer Service Center January 25, 2017
  • Q What is the connector to the monitor ? Is it a 9 pin mini DIN and is it female or male ? Regards,

    By Guillaume Pibre January 18, 2017

    A It is 6 pin mini DIN,and it is male .

    Reply By Customer Service Center January 18, 2017


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  • By madcativ

    June 9, 2017

    Image resolution is good, able to adjust brightness and image orientation. I like that when power is applied to the blue signal wire (it can accept a 12 volt signal, not sure how low a voltage it can be to trigger it though if you want to use it for something else) that not only will it switch to AV2 for my backup camera, but it will also power on the monitor if it's off (as long as you have it supplied with 12 volt power, I have the power wired in to a circuit that is on when the key is on), and then once the signal is removed it will turn the monitor back off, if it was off to begin with. So you do not have to remember to turn on the monitor first before it will switch the input. I have the blue wire connected to the backup lamp power to provide the signal for when I am in reverse.

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  • By ga bubba

    June 8, 2017

    This is a very well built monitor. I happen to be using it strictly as a monitor for my car video backup system, so I don't really need the on-off control, etc. I have the monitor and camera (http://tinyurl.com/pock7uw) both wired directly into my rear backup lights so it only comes on when I put the transmission into reverse. The video display is excellent and it comes with all kinds of mounting hardware: bezel if you need it (I don't), tripod mount with swivel, etc. I bought a beanbag from Amazon (http://tinyurl.com/mhon9nx)and screwed the little metal platform under the monitor down with some tiny flat head wood screws right into the plastic floor of the beanbag. I attached two pictures to show what it looks like in my 2010 Honda behind the shifter and also how it is mounted to the beanbag. It has the nice multi-colored distance lines which transmit from the camera to aid me in backing up; it shows cross lines at the 3 ft, 6 ft, and 12 ft distances. The camera came built into a rugged Zinc license plate frame with the camera and infra-red sensors built into it and I'm happy with both purchases as they work together to produced a fine back-up video system. The little remote control that comes with the monitor allows you to tweak the video: brightness, contrast, color hue, wide angle or normal view, etc., like you might adjust a TV screen, and once you get it to your satisfaction, you can put it away as you are done. The Chinese translation of instructions are hilarious to read, but you really don't need them anyway as if you read the other reviews, you will learn to wire it properly (like the blue wire goes to the backup lights to automatically switch the monitor to the V2 setting for the rear camera). You certainly can't beat the price of this monitor, especially for the quality you get.

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  • By eric DeHerrera

    December 13, 2017

    For what it is, the price is right. Overall quality is acceptable and picture is good. It has 2 video inputs but none for audio, so some applications are limited. I bought it for a budget ground station project, trying to build one for under a bill. Project was a success, only the limitations of the monitor were the blue screen effect, it bothers some others deal with it, but in the case with this monitor it takes about one full second or more to regain picture after losing it. All analog video systems flicker so it would lose video even at fairly close range. It works for what it is, but if losing picture due to blue screen bothers you, look elsewhere. If you fly within close proximity with a decent antenna setup, you could get away with it. My two cents.

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  • By jack r.

    July 31, 2017

    [Upgrade with Image Reverse Function] Esky 7 inch TFT LCD Color 2 Video Input Car Rear View Monitor DVD VCR Monitor With Remote and Stand Love the screen a Neat wait to finish mounting is to use a pedestals that u use to mount ur Hand set of ur Bag Phone will adapt real neat to finishing ur mounting on the Floor instead of a head rest or Dash it work out on My 2012 Dodge Express 1500 Ram 4x4 and it also has two power plug one hot all the time to the right & and the one to the left work off of the ignition swith

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  • By r. boccio

    July 21, 2017

    I ordered this monitor to hook up to my BOSS DVD Player in my van so that kids had a screen to see a movie or to see what music track was playing. Hookup is very easy, even though the instructions are basic to say the least. Red wire to +12v, Black wire to -12v, Blue Wire is hooked up to a backup camera sense signal so that when the camera comes on, the monitor will automatically switch to the camera input. I did not use this cable as I do not have a backup camera, I just left it as is. There is no power on this cable so you do not have to worry about it shorting out to anything. The composite video cable gets plugged in from the source. I wired my monitor right to the power harness for the radio so that it turns on and off with the van and ran the cable under the dash out of the back of the radio area, looks clean and allows the monitor to be moved if needed. The monitor is by no means a high resolution monitor, but it gets the job done and kids really do not care about the resolution so long as they can see the movie and subtitles if enabled, both of which are very usable on this monitor. If you need a cheap monitor for the kids, this will do just fine and it is cheap enough to replace should something happen to it.

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  • By tommyc

    July 20, 2017

    I purchased this monitor to give a rear view on my pickup camper and it works great. Coupled with the camera installed inside the camper rear window, I can now see what is behind me which is a great relief. I also installed another camera in the bed of my pickup to help with loading the camper into the truck. This monitor has 2 video feeds and with just a push of a button, you can toggle between cameras, very cool. The monitor has a very clear picture and the colors are sharp. The only minus I would give is the annoying lines and STOP warning, but the monitor is intended as a back up device not for full time viewing. All in all a very solid piece of equipment for the price.

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  • By doc holiday

    July 20, 2017

    I bought 2 of these to use as monitors for hooking up Roku in both of my garages so I could stream Pandora to some stereos I had sitting idle that accept a line in. These monitors are small but I don't need a big monitor to show me my music choices. Easy for me to hook up via a couple adapters, patch cords and 12 volt power supplies. Very low power is needed to operate this monitor. I used the stands but the mounting options are versatile and I like that. Price is right for what I needed it for. I have tried to stream music from my iphone but I always end up with some extra data charges and Bluetooth is less than desired. This self made system works off my wifi and it's much more of a reliable stream with far less connection issues. I will likely buy more of these.

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  • By mark m.

    July 20, 2017

    Leegoal 7" TFT LCD Un expensive monitor that I use for backup camera and it works grate. It has two R CA connections male and female. Power cable with option to connect to reverse ot other wire to turn it on off and I think it came with a remote but I don't use it. Resolution of the monitor is good enough for my use and after few months still works good. It came with headrests and surface brackets. I'm happy with the purchase. Screen is maybe bigger than other people would choose for backup monitor but if you have the space for it why not. It made my towing experience w easy and I was able to surprise few people how easy it was to huck up the trailer. (They didn't see camera on the back license plate). Would buy it again

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  • By bill weissborn

    July 18, 2017

    Arrived sooner than I expected. Immediately opened it to test and thought, "oh, crud. They sent me the wrong model." This was because the stand didn't seem to match up with the monitor. Then I realized the monitor was in some type of tray and could be removed. DOH! I'm going to be using this for a backup/rearview camera for a class A motorhome so I didn't care about sound--just a good picture. And it does provide that. I don't know if it is HD or even DVD quality but I do know it is nice and sharp, bright and works great with the little backup camera I got from elsewhere. The mounting bracket is a bit flimsy but should do fine for me. More "robust" users may want to do something a bit more sturdy. At this point, I would definitely buy this again.

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  • By marcsomega

    July 15, 2017

    I was happy when I got the monitor, it looks nice and easy to install. I did not install the monitor in the car but on my desk so I can see who comes to my front door. I had it hook up to a 3amp power supply and to a camera for the front door (both of them had its own power supply). The picture was clear and it work great for about 6 months. I turn on the monitor and I had not picture, I check the fuse and it was blown. I check the power supply and it was good. I will reorder the same monitor and a new power supply and plug it in my UPS and see how it works. Overall the picture was good and it did not cost a lot and it was easy to setup.

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  • By james d. holbrook

    July 13, 2017

    Picked up two of these units. One for my Raspberry Pi and one for my FPV tricopter. My first impression was very good. Nice clear picture when connected to my GoPro II over FPV 5.8ghz radio link. Connected the second unit to my Raspberry Pi and again I was very impressed. The only thing left is to try them outdoors using the Tricopter. The one unit came with a sun shield. I'll attach it and give it a try. Picture is sharp and clear. Colors are very good. Viewing angle is nice. I didn't measure it but it is typical for a monitor or TV. I'm going to order two more to have one for each Raspberry Pi. Recommended for my applications.

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  • By r. f. bower

    July 13, 2017

    Put this in upside down under kitchen cabinets. Adhesive pad is not quite strong enough for that application so I had to use screws. But the picture is great, the video settings are retained after powering down and back up, and the frame is nice and thin. I won't use the remote but that works well also. Took a second or two to initially recognize the video input but since then it's come up quickly in the right orientation. No speakers, remember you will have to run sound separate from your audio source. All in all a really good deal.

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  • By osu fan

    July 12, 2017

    I was adding a backup camera to my camper and stumbled across this- what a great value! Works great. The monitor can take 2 cameras and has a button on the front to switch back and forth. If only one camera is connected, it automatically detects which input is used. It can wash out in bright sunlight, but I'm inside the truck and using to backup the camper. As some other reviewer stated the instructions aren't the best, but an Internet search cleared it up. As I stated, I used it as a backup system for my travel trailer- my recommendation is connecting the both power lines to the marker light power. That will give you more flexibility. When traveling, I just turn on the truck lights and now I have a rear-view vision- actually saved me last weekend when I was backing and a 2-3 year-old girl ran behind me. To mount it, I screwed it into the top of a plastic container that fit perfectly into my cup holder. I will post photos and link to better instructions soon.

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  • By zhaas

    July 7, 2017

    Awesome screen, works great with a backup camera system. Trigger wire works exactly as it should, and automatically turns the monitor on when I put it in reverse. There are multiple ways to install it with the included bracket or the case that can be installed into the back of a headrest. The bracket itself can be attached to the monitor in to different ways, either by screwing it into the bottom of the monitor or there is a adjustable slide area on the back of the monitor that you can attach to as well, depending on your mounting situation. There is a double sided tape that comes with it to stick the bracket to a dash, but you should plan on also using a couple of self tapping screws to secure it properly, as the double sided tape doesn't seem like it would hold all that great. One issue that I did have was the plug that comes from the monitor is a little delicate, and you need to be careful when attaching that plug as I bent some of the pins inside very easily. IMHO, I think that they should of just run the power, ground, trigger, and video wire directly off of the monitor, instead of having an extra plug, but it isn't that big of a deal. Picture quality is fine, not HD by any means but it is great for a backup camera or keeping the kids occupied on long trips. There are two video inputs, one specificly for a backup camera, and one for a dvd player or some other type of video. There are two speakers on the back side, but I have not yet tried to get sound out of it, so I'm not going to comment past that. All in all, its a great monitor, I would purchase again in the future if needed.

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  • By jim hamel

    May 29, 2017

    It's not that often that you get more than you paid for. My expectations when I ordered this modestly priced monitor were pretty low so I was extremely pleased to find that other than the documentation, this is actually a very high quality product. I installed a rear view camera in my class C motorhome and mounted this monitor on the engine pedestal. The quality of construction and the picture are both excellent and it worked perfectly the first time I hooked it up. I highly recommend this monitor!. The instructions are weak but it's very easy to figure out how to hook everything up. You actually have two different mounting options - it has a mounting case to install in a headrest, and a mounting pedestal to use as a stand-alone unit. It also has the ability to hook up two separate cameras so I might add a side-mount camera in the future. I don't have a need for the little remote when I'm just using this for a backup camera, but the remote could be a nice little "plus" if you were using this monitor for other purposes. Let me say it again, this is one of those cases where you definitely get more than you paid for.

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  • By ron blevins

    May 18, 2017

    I installed this monitor in the sunvisor of my 2013 silverado crew cabe that did not come with a backup camaera. I took out the sunvisor and removed the inside materials to allow the monitor to sit almost flush. The monitor was easy to wire up for me. Black is ground, red is power that I tapped into a positive wire only with the engine running and the blue wire that triggers the monitor on when reverse is selected. For the small price I paid this monitor gives me what I needed. The color is ok not HD but when backing up you really want to see the objects behind you in my case my black lab that likes to run around my truck when I get home. I also use this setup to hook up trailers I use at work and home and that has turned that chore into an easy one person deal for me without getting out of the truck. I would buy another moniotr from these guys as what I got is what they described. No problems so far. Thanks again!

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  • By wmaursta

    May 11, 2017

    We are very happy with this product (except the complete fail of having real instructions) but reviews by others cleared up the questions. We hooked this unit up to the XO Vision HTC35 infrared waterproof camera with the 2.4g wireless send/receive units all mounted to the back of a 34' living quarter horse trailer - we also pull a boat behind the trailer when going to the lake. Backing can be a PITA so the nice BIG crisp, clear monitor in nice bright color with the reverse/rotate function so I can look at the area the way it looks when I would turn my head to back the truck. Really nice that it has the double video input with switching on the monitor or the nice little remote control - we are hooking up a second wireless video camera inside the trailer to keep an eye on the horses as we travel. FYI - the blue wire is extraineous unless you are hooking up to a sensor to tell it when to turn on/off - we did not hook it up and don't need to. Main cable out goes to the harness, harness yellow (video signal) goes to 2.4g RECEIVE unit yellow - tie your harness and send unit reds together, crimp and hook to HOT (12v) that will be on when the key is turned on in the vehicle, then tie your black wires together, crimp and to your ground. Wa-la. LOVE this little monitor system.

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  • By r.h. tech

    May 11, 2017

    great little unit, I use it as a television monitor under my computer monitor so I don't have to turn my head to watch tv while im working or playing a game, has stopped many a sore neck and is a great way to save power as well...just need a 12v adaptor for a few more bux... the second video is great in my situation with my security dvr it can show motion detected on the screen via trigger hooked to the wire for the "back-up lights" that auto switches the video to the second input as a car backup monitor it would work great as it has many different mounting choices and has features that raise the cost on new cars and the value if your selling one

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  • By basser

    May 11, 2017

    I purchased three items to install a back up camera to my truck to ease the hook up process for my bassboat. I bought a 7" TFT LCD monitor which ws great, but the license plate camera was non-functionable. It took about 1 1/2 hours to figure out because the shop (professional installers) thought the problem was a connnection or broken wire. Luckily I also purchased an additional camera as a back up or Ihey might still be trying to get the other one to work. Long story short I would waste you hard earned cash on this camera. The monitor was well worth the price w/ a clear/sharpe picture & the secondary camera works well.

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  • By avid shopper

    May 2, 2017

    I originally bought this as a screen for an RC FPV setup I put together and the screen performed flawlessly in low light, which there isn't much FPV flying in low light since you are outside in good weather. Which led to my next use, a TV/Monitor for camping! Here is how, (In car) If you want to view the screen with in a car with it off, you should be able to hook the blue cable(The active screen on cable*) up to a switch and connect it back to the red positive cable. This will allow you to watch tv/movies at the flip of a switch even without your keys out of the ignition or if you are trying to use it as a monitor hard lined into your car. (*For education purposes only, do at your own risk*) For a portable unit I used a 11.1 LIPO battery with modified connectors to power the screen, and a separate power source for a digital antenna/dvd player.

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