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6.3" из нержавеющей стали рыбалка плоскогубцы ножницы резец удалить крючок снасти инструмент оранжевая линия

6.3" из нержавеющей стали рыбалка плоскогубцы ножницы резец удалить крючок снасти инструмент оранжевая линия

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рыбалка штабелер ножницы, можно отрезать леску и удалить крючком, очень полезный инструмент для рыбаков.
узкий нос зубчатыми достигает глубоко в рот рыбы для извлечения крючка.
изготовлены из высококачественной нержавеющей стали и пластика.
Весна помочь челюсти действия.
эргономичный дизайн, удобные в использовании.

технические характеристики:
цвет: оранжевый
материал: нержавеющая сталь & пластиковых
Длина: около 16 см / 6.3 в
вес: приблизительно 85g/3 унции

пакет включает в себя:
1 * Рыбалка плоскогубцы


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  • By A-A-Ron

    August 31, 2017

    I bought these pliers for kayak fishing. They are light and the scissors are very sharp. Cuts right through my braided line like butter. I haven't had to use them to extract a hook from a catch yet, but I believe they will do just fine in gripping just the hook. Love that it has the carabiner and leash already attached. Won't lose these overboard. Seem to be very well made so far. They are small, but if you need them as a tool while fishing on the yak for small game (flounder, etc), they will suit you just fine.

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  • By Zombie Dad

    February 16, 2017

    These affordable fishing pliers are a great starter tool or economical choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot. They grip well, hold small items without issue and cut well. The ends also have a slight curve to them which helps when you’re maneuvering them in tight quarters. These are constructed of 420 Stainless Steel so they should offer decent corrosion protection. The locking tab is a great feature. I really like being able to lock these closed when not in use. It’s easy to lock and unlock with one hand which is very important for me. I’ve never been a fan of the exposed spring design seen with these, but it’s a pretty common design seen in many or most other economical fishing pliers in this price range. These come with a light weight nylon canvas sheath complete with a hole for a lanyard or tether (not included) and a belt loop. My biggest complaint with these fishing pliers is the handle. The hard plastic is a bit slippery and the handle feels too short. I have large hands and I find myself wishing the handles were about an inch to an inch and a half longer. It feels a bit awkward using these with one hand and I find myself fumbling just a little when I try to reposition my grip or re-situate the tool in my hand with one hand. They’re perfectly usable, I just would prefer a larger handle. These are a great economical or starter pair of fishing pliers and the few issues I have with them aren’t major drawbacks. I’ll be using these as a backup pair and as a small set of fishing pliers for large freshwater lake fishing. All of that being said, I also purchased a set of the Booms X3 Saltwater fishign pliers:  Booms Fishing X3 Saltwater Resistant Fishing Pliers Deep Blue  at the same time and those blow these away in terms of looks, comfort and construction. If you don’t mind spending another $10 or so (at the time of this review) I highly recommend considering stepping up to the better pliers over these. If you just need an economical set of fishing pliers that you won’t cry if you drop in the drink. . . these are ideal! PROS: + Affordable + Quality Construction + Corrosion Resistant + Comes with a sheath case with belt loop + Work well + Can be locked closed CONS: - The handles are a bit slippery when wet. - The handles are too short and awkward feeling for larger hands - The sheath is a bit on the cheap side. . . but that doesn’t bother me much. I’ll be using these as a back up pair or set of smaller pliers for use in large freshwater lake fishing. Overall I like them. . . but I also picked up a set of the H3 Booms fishing pliers and those are so much nicer (For about twice the cost.) Overall these are a good value. You may be able to pick up similar or nearly identical pliers for a bit cheaper if you are willing to wait for shipping from China etc. These are ideally priced in the $5 to $10 range. I wouldn’t recommend them much beyond ten bucks. I personally received a complementary sample product in exchange for my honest opinion and review but that has nothing to do with my opinion or review expressed here. If you need an affordable set of decent fishing pliers or fishing pliers for small hands these are a good choice. Personally, if I was only going to buy ONE pair I would probably consider spending a little more to get something a little bigger and a LOT nicer like the X3 pliers previously mentioned. The X3's (The blue pliers in one of my review photos) might be overkill if you only need small to average sized pliers for freshwater fishing. Get these H1's if you don't need something bigger, have small or average size hands or you're on a budget.

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  • By SirFixALot

    February 12, 2017

    In my opinion, a product must be reviewed within some defined guidelines. It is simply unfair for a producer, if its general-use product is being compared unfavorably against a professional-grade product. This is especially critical when there is a huge difference in the pricing of the two products. My rating for this fishing plier is based on its performance against the pricing as the guideline. From the appearance of the plier as it came out of the bag, I think it is worth the Amazon advertised price. Upon careful exam, I noticed the cutter does not provide a clean cut to the braided line. The cutter cuts the steel wire and mono line flawlessly. One would think by tightening the screw which hold the 2 separate pieces of the plier, the two sides of the cutter can meet up closer and provide a cleaner cut. Unfortunately, it does not. This is where the general-use versus professional grade comes in. The center screw of the plier had just enough slop, and the bodies of the two pieces of the plier where they met are just not flat enough, a clean cut is just not achievable. The cutter does work in cutting the braided line, but it is not a clean cut. If you are cutting a brand new braid line, it is acceptable. If the line had been through a couple cycles of soaking in the water (limb but dry), you would have a tougher time cutting through it. Again, it does cut through most of the strains of the braid, just not all at once. Repeated cutting is necessary to finish the cutting job. Another unadvertised feature of the plier is the closing of the plier at its nose. There is a built-in stop that does not allow my unit to make full contact at the nose. There is a 1/32 inch of spacing at full closure. I don’t think this is a problem though, because even the thinnest wire hooks would easily take up the gap. The plier does provide a firm grip of the hook at full closure. You just cannot use this plier for extreme precise work. The ring splitter pretty much negates anyone’s attempt in using the plier as a tweezers, as most of us fishermen would at some point. I have not had this unit long enough in the saltwater to assess the quality of the stainless steel. I am not expecting to abuse it by wrapping it in a wet salted rag for a week. I think this unit is good enough for me, at the price. If I had spent more than $15 for it, I would probably ask for my money back. Not if, but when I do drop this plier in the ocean, I would most likely buy another one. Oh, yeah. BTW, this item is shipped from China. My wife wanted to know why a woman from China shipped a package to my house.

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  • By G. Baker

    January 20, 2017

    The pliers are a thick steel construction, good spring tension, have multiple indents for different uses, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cord actually has a steel wire internal, so even if the plastic breaks it still won't fail. The only two things I wish were better, the grip are slippery, after handling a fish your going to have a hard time holding this, and the release clasp is hard to do one handed. I can unlock it with my thumb without gloves on, but locking requires manipulation.

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  • By Carol T.

    January 4, 2017

    These are smallish, as fishing pliers go. But for my smaller hands, these work well. They might not work AS well for a big dude. These are useful for a number of things, such as dealing with fishing line (cutting) because it’s a scissor as well. Normally you would use the pliers for removing hooks but this company also makes something even better for hook removal that you should take a look at before buying this, although this is more multifunctional than the hook remover with its scissor component. I cut some line with it quickly and cleanly. There is “spring-assisted jaw action” to this, as the manufacturer calls it, so that it stays secure in if you are maneuvering tough hook out of its lodging in the fish. It will also go pretty deep if you need it to. Made of a nice high-quality stainless steel with a plastic handle that feels pretty good in the hand. Like I said, however, it might not be as comfortable for a larger hand. I’m sure I’ll be getting some decent use out of this once the warm weather comes back to us. They come with a protective sheath and you can secure the blades closed when not in use with a little hook/clip on it. Another nice tool for the tackle box. The prices on these range from $3.76 to $11.99 (at the time of this review). I’m not quite sure why there is such a disparity in the prices but even at $11.99, these are still a nice addition to your fishing tools. Recommend.

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  • By Katrina Ashley

    January 2, 2017

    This is a good basic set of fishing pliers, with a few drawbacks. I like that they come with a holder to carry them in. They also have a feature that allows them to lock and stay closed when not in use. They are a reasonable size and lightweight. I was very impressed that it cut braided line with no effort--I didn't even have to close the snips, just slid the line into the cutting groove. Another reviewer said the cut was not clean on braided line--I disagree. It cut with a very, very clean cut. The photo attached shows how clean the cut is! However, they do feel cheap. Definitely not made with high quality materials. The biggest complaint is that the snips are too small for my hands--the handles are too short. Overall, these are very impressive for the price. I gave them 4 stars simply because they aren't quality of expensive fishing pliers, but you wouldn't expect them to be for the price.

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  • By Cheryl Stout

    December 24, 2016

    I was expecting a little larger pair of fishing pliers when I received these but after using them a couple of times, I'm glad they're the size they are. They fit snugly in one hand and they do the job they're supposed to. I used them for cutting line and they worked fine. They also worked great on getting hooks out of fish. The ends of the pliers line up evenly, there's no play in the cutting motion and for the price ($9.99 today), they are a good deal. They are made of stainless steel with hard plastic handles so I won't expect to see any water damage on them. They also come with a black nylon belt sheath, which is handy. And there's a clip between the blades to keep the blades closed when you aren't using the pliers. All in all, a good product for the price. I am glad that I received these pliers in exchange for my honest review.

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  • By gtw

    July 1, 2018


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  • By R***g

    September 2, 2017

    very good like it, as good as expected

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  • By d***9

    June 19, 2017

    Honest fella and did me right

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  • By BWha

    May 26, 2017

    They work for the lightweight work they are intended for. Fishing. The plastic is cheap and I imagine won't last very long or could easily crack with improper use. The scissors work great. They fold up nicely and cut braid with ease. Obviously not upper quality materials, but for the price you can't go wrong.

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  • By Donna Oswald

    May 8, 2017

    line cutters not for braid

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  • By Plastikman

    May 7, 2017

    Love this like it, as good as expected

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  • By X***o

    March 2, 2017

    Simply made all you really need Works well and you can't beat the price Looking forward to using them on my guided fishing trips

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  • By c***7

    January 5, 2016

    Great item, good transaction. Thanks

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  • By h***6

    October 20, 2015

    Good price quality product very fast shipping

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  • By j***1

    September 25, 2015

    shipped fast no probs

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  • By a***5

    September 9, 2015

    great item thanks

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  • By c***n

    September 2, 2015

    Many thanks

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  • By b***0

    February 2, 2015

    Nice tool and timely shipment. Thank you!

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