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Инфракрасный термометр

Инфракрасный термометр

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  • By Marcin M.

    January 26, 2018

    I used it few times and these are my observations: Pros: 1. comfortable and easy to use 2. cheap 3. Like the feature of continues monitoring when holding the button 4. Laser pointer for the targeting 5. Good packaging and quick delivery Cons: 1. not always accurate, the reading can be affected by the color of the material it is made of In general good for a rough orientation. Worth the money but if you are looking for something more precise you should get ready to pay more than 7 times more (flir or fluke)

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  • By Highlander

    January 25, 2018

    This thermometer has done the job I bought it for, to find cold spots in our house. I searched our house for draughts prior to getting this item without success but within a few minutes using the GM550 I had identified several cold spots. This thermometer seems to be fairly accurate around room temp. but below freezing point it is a long way out. I took it outside on a frosty morning when my out door thermometer was at -1.2 C. and I was getting readings around -13 C. As the product description says (Measurement Range: Between -50 °C and 550 °C) but (Operating Temperature: Between 0°C and 40°C) maybe the unit would not be accurate as the operating temp was below freezing. I then went to the deep freeze opened the lid and aimed the device in the freezer, I got readings between -35 C and -37 C. When I took items from the freezer and tested them I got reading from -30 to -35 C. I have tested temp in deep freeze and it is showing -18.7 C. I have not had the opportunity to test at high temp yet but did test on boiling kettle aand got reading of 60 C but as this is a polished surface I did not expect an accurate result. So beware of accuracy of this item.

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  • By Boz

    December 3, 2016

    My main reason for getting this IR temperature gun was for checking the surface temperatures in my reptile’s vivarium’s (Bearded Dragon, Corn Snake and Geko) and its perfect for this and by far the most accurate and easy method for making these spot check and when setting up new viv’s. It requires one 9v battery which is included, then simply press the trigger and aim the red laser at the surface that you want to read the temperature of, the reading is “live“ whilst the trigger is pressed so the reading on the display will change as you move the red dot to different areas which is great for checking for hot/cold spots on surfaces, then on realising the trigger the current reading is fixed and shown on the display. There are 3 buttons below the display the first one switches the laser pointer on and off, the second switches the measurement between Celsius and Fahrenheit and the third switches the back light on the display on and off. This is a cheap and accurate way of taking temperature measurements from many surfaces, it has so many uses it would be impossible to list them all. Have to add my cats think it’s a great toy and go mad chasing the laser around!

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  • By Lydia Room

    September 28, 2017

    this laser gun is very easy to use. Non contact,for checking temps is important to us,as we use this device for checking the thermal gradients in our snake vivariums.As our one snake hates interference,and,will nip hard when disturbed,the non contact bit is very useful. The only way this device could be improved,for our use would be if it could read the temps accurately, through the glass vivarium doors.It will read them,but it isn't recommended by the manufacturer's to use through a reflective surface. Overall,we are very pleased,and,can't recommend this enough,does everything you need it to,at a very reasonable price. Also,this laser gun,has a much higher range of temps that it will read,than some other laser guns.

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  • By Richard Alan Horsfield

    February 25, 2017

    Having difficulties getting a hot water bottle at just the right temperature, so decided to buy this item. Now the temperature can be checked and adjusted as neccessary without the risk of being too hot or cold. A great addition to my arsenal of equipment. I have often wondered what temperature my freezer runs at, now I can check the temp and be reassured it is performing correctly and my food stuff is safe. I imagine there are many more uses for this piece of equipment, as yet to be found. Highly recommended even for a 'bit of fun gift' for the inqusitive amongs us.

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  • By Umbrian

    January 6, 2017

    I agree with the previous reviewer - it feels surprisingly well made, for something so inexpensive. Works well and seems accurate to within a degree or so. The fact that it's portable and instant means that, in effect, it can do the job of a number of thermostats. It came without a battery, but at this price, I'm not complaining. Just make sure you have a 9v matchbox-shaped battery at home for when yours arrives. Interesting factoid: the outside temperature of a long-haired cat is about 2º lower than that of a short-haired cat!

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  • By L***i

    October 31, 2016

    I intended to buy a different brand that was double the price, but I'm surprisingly happy with the product. Materials used are good quality and feels pretty sturdy too. Item arrived after 2 days of purchase, absolutely brilliant gadget, and so versatile for baking, tempering chocolate, spinning sugar, temp checks for sauces and holding hot food. I still haven't had the chance to fully utilise it, but I look forward to using it for multiple things in my college course, highly recommed this product.

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  • By GmCity

    October 30, 2016

    I got this to measure the temps of Servers and other electronics just as a general idea when the temp sensors aren't working. So far I've measured everything (and everyone) at home and at the office (including our bunny) Some random things I found it is quite accurate on include, water, oil, food, bunnies, people, radiators, lights, car parts, the person who looked at me funny in Tesco, and my Boss. I have yet to use it on a computer. The beeping when it scans is annoying the other half, any way to turn it off?

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  • By Samantha

    October 21, 2016

    Bought this Digital Infrared Thermometer as we wanted to see where the draft was coming in our living room. The GM300 Digital Infrared Thermometer arrived very quickly and very well packaged. Its really easy to use, just simply point at an area in your room and press the button on the handle and it will display the temperature in seconds on the screen. The temperature displayed on the screen seems very accurate and the device is fun to play with (I'm a big kid). Overall I'm really happy with this device and could highly recommend to anyone.

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  • By O***s

    October 16, 2016

    I bought this remote thermometer to check the temperature of bath water. I am disabled and have little feeling in my hands and legs which can lead to scalding when I get into a bath of hot water. I picked this thermometer because it is substantial to hold (I drop a lot of things) and I can take the temperature of the bath water from a reasonable distance, negating the possibility of dropping it in the bath. It works well and I am hopeful that I will not suffer any other scalds. I cant vouch for accuracy but for what I want it is more than adequate. It is easy to use for somebody with weak or infirm hands. All round a good buy.

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    September 28, 2016

    This IR Thermometer is a really cool gadget thats genuinely useful. I brew beer. Everything has to be sterilised to avoid unwanted infection. The ability to check the temperature of anything without touching is superb. This gadget would have cost hundreds of pounds 10 years ago and been unaffordable in the domestic environment. Today its a seriously affordable useful kitchen accessory with uses that go well beyond brewing beer. The most useful application is checking the temperature of a liquid being heated in the microwave, without touching.

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  • By alex w

    September 14, 2016

    Taking temperature of fridges / freezers and display units for health and safety forms is so quick with this. Also if you turn off the laser is becomes a baby forehead thermometer £50 usually. It has also been used to see if something is too hot to handle a few times, see where hot spots are in the ovens. See which oven is hottest and find out exact temps in locations so they can be replicated elsewhere for consistent cooking. I have also mesured the babies bathwater with this. Soo useful. Gives same temps as a more expensive probe but quicker. Can only measure surface temp so a probe will still be needed. For everything else there is this

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  • By Barry Gunn

    September 13, 2016

    I am a chef. I worked with a chef recently who had one. While making sugar syrup he used this product and it was actually pretty accurate. So I got myself one and it is very good for a number of thing. However chefs reading this it is no substitute for a probe thermometer as it only gives out surface temperatures. I would recommend this to guys in the trade good for fast delivery checks on vans and fridges. Ovens and at this price amazing. And the delivery was practically next day. Amazing service.

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  • By a***b

    September 4, 2016

    While it worked it was accurate within a couple of degrees / percent as specified. As expected that depends on the emissivity of the surface you are measuring though black tape on a shiny surfaces helps. (My furiously boiling metallic kettle then read 100C.) The unit failed after 6 months and now just says "Err". I am replacing it with a unit with adjustable emissivity settings such as the GM700 or GM900. I was probably unlucky with the failure. If you don't understand emissivity then you will have equal problems with any other IR thermometer. (I disregarded the failure for my star rating)

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  • By fiddlur

    September 3, 2016

    I bought it for fun and it is fun. I spent a few minutes measuring around the room. I was interested to find that the outside wall was cooler than the others and I found a real use within minutes, the temperature of the top of our Aga which had scorched something left on it. So I am pleased that I have it, although I have nothing planned for it. I offered to measure the outside temperature of a joint my wife was cooking, but usually it is the inside temp you need. Thoroughly recommended, and occasionally essential, but always fun.

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  • By W Moule

    August 25, 2016

    My dog goes nuts for this. If it is chucking it down with rain, the dog won't go for a walk. A quick out for a pee then back she drags me. Then she is full of energy and bouncing around. So one day I stumbled on this, as an exercise method for the dog. I throw some blankets on the floor. Set to laser and point it into the blankets. The dog tries to catch the red dot. It is hysterically funny to watch. When she is panting I stop. She then sleeps for hours. Win! Oh yeah it is really good as a thermometer too.

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  • By Dr. Jp Haxell

    August 17, 2016

    Great product and am delighted. Clear easy read screen. The laser can be used to "sight" the target area you are measuring. The manual that accompanies it clearly explains the various factors or parameters that affect all non-contact IR thermometers. My uses are mainly comparative (checking radiators etc) and therefore I have not attempted to calibrate it against a reference but as far as I can see , the readings are within a °C or so . It does the job and is MUCH better than another make that I used to have. Easier to use, clear screen etc.

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  • By Dekk0

    March 10, 2016

    Good a giving a sense of where cold spots and warm spots are in a room or a house; very helpful in identifying sources of cold or of heat loss. One perhaps lesser concern is that the useful red laser dot/pointer may not be aimed at exactly the spot where the device takes its temperature reading. With the red dot on / aimed at a 15mm warm hot water pipe, I was getting the temperature from the wall behind it rather than from the pipe. The solution was to move the red dot around (maybe 1cm away from the pipe) until the higher temperature came up on the read out. Its still a great device for the price. DMK

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  • By Andrew Firth

    October 11, 2015

    I have given this Item 4 stars as it is ideal for the use to which I am putting it however I am unsure as to its accuracy. I bought the Item to measure the inside temperature of a wood fired pizza oven so that I can gauge the temperature for cooking pizza, roasting meat, andf baking bread all at different temperatures. I only need an accuracy of +/- 20 to 30 deg and the temp range of up to 550 deg is plenty. This it achieves no problem. If you wanted really good accuracy, +/- 1 to 2 deg then I am not sure how well it would cope. It also seems to be quite sensitive to the distance from the surface being measured as well. It arrived on time and considering its price it feels well made and sturdy. It really feels like it should cost a lot more.

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  • By Chris Weston

    October 4, 2015

    I'm sure im not the only one whose first job with this was to go around the house 'shooting' the walls / windows / bath / fish tank / kettle to test their temperatures?! I expected this to be a bit cheap and nasty but it is really nice in the hand with soft rubbery coating on the plastic. Supremely easy to use (once you get a 9v battery) - just point and shoot. The laser pointer is useful so you know you're testing the right thing. Seems fairly accurate. Only bought really to muck about with and check for cold spots in the house. Only thing i would say is that it would be nice to have a bag or some sort of case or even a hanging loop as it is liable to get damaged chucked in a drawer / shelf somewhere.

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