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Alkaline Ni-MH AA/AAA Battery Rapid Travel Charger US 4-Sockets

Alkaline Ni-MH AA/AAA Battery Rapid Travel Charger US 4-Sockets

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* Can charge up to 4 Alkaline/Ni-MH AA/AAA rechargeable batteries per time.
* Matched charging cable of US standard.
* Controlled by highly intelligence Micro-programmed Control Unit.
* Constant current output.
* Overcharge and short circuit protection.
* Maximum time, capacity and voltage control.
* Single Electrical Quantity Detection Technology: Precision control, convenient and intuitive individual status indication.
* Ni-MH batteries with different capacity and variety are allowed to be charged in a mixed way with the Alkaline batteries.
* High density of integration and high stability control circuit.
* Automatic trickle charge function.
* Intelligent Failure Recognition Technology can identify defective Alkaline battery—safety reliability are guaranteed.
* With LED indicators.
* High quality, with one year warranty.
* Decent design.
* Compact size, light weight, easy to carry.
* A must buy for all.

* The fully recharged Ni-MH battery and re-activated Alkaline battery work perfectly with digital camera, MP3 player and other electronic devices.
* After the Ni-MH batteries are fully charged or the Alkaline batteries are fully re-activated, no overcharged occurred even the batteries have been loaded in the charger for long time.
* More activation cycle and better activation effect on Alkaline battery when it is using in digital camera, toy motor car and high current equipment (working current more than 300mA).
* Because of the “Inertia Memory” feature of the Alkaline battery, the Alkaline battery is suggested to be used in the same electronic device after re-activated which will drive a better performance.
* When the defective battery has been detected by the circuit, it cannot be charged or re-activated.

Product parameter:
* Applicable Battery Type: AA, AAA
* Applicable Battery Capacity: 500mAh-3500mAh
* Socket: 4 (can charge up to 4 pieces per time)
* Input Voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
* Maximum Power Consumption: 6W, Max 100mA
* Max Input Current Protection: 500mA
* Ni-MH Output:
DC 1.4V 1600mA for 1 piece of AA batte
DC 1.4V 800mA for 1 piece of AAA battery
* Plug standard: US plug
* Color: White
* Product size: 109*70*67mm
* Product weight: 97g
* Package weight: 148g

Package including:
1 * Travel battery charger
1 * Charging cable US

LED indicators:
* Self Test: After connected to AC power, all LEDs lit in red and green alternatively for a second then out to standby mode.
* When the Ni-MH battery is being charged, the corresponding LED is red.
* When the Alkaline battery is being re-activated, the corresponding LED flashes between red and green.
* When the Ni-MH or Alkaline battery is fully re-activated, the corresponding LED is green.
* When the Ni-MH or Alkaline battery is poorly contacted or defective, it will not be charged and the corresponding red LED will flash.

Warranty will be provided except the following conditions:
1. Product breaks down or gets damaged as a result of careless use or improper operation.
2. Product breaks down or gets damaged as a result of fire, electric shock and abnormal voltage applied.
3. Product gets damaged or scratched because of the product dropped, or falls into water or it is penetrated by water.
4. Product gets damaged because of improper repaired or torn apart by user.
5. The appearance of the product gets dirty or old as a result of long time usage.

* When the voltage of Alkaline battery is lower than 1V, it cannot be re-reactivated.
* It is not suggest to re-activate the Alkaline battery that were used in the remote control, clock and other low current electronic device (working current less than 200mA) because the working voltage can always be lasted to 1V or lower.
* Because of the diversity of Alkaline batteries made by different manufacturers, the activation cycle will be difference. The highest can reach as much as 80 cycles. It is suggested to use better quality Alkaline battery so as to reach a better activation effect.
* When the activation of the Alkaline battery is completed, it should be re-activated again after it is used, otherwise the battery may be defective.
* The new purchased Alkaline battery which has not been sued should not be activated by this product, otherwise the battery may be damaged.
* The activated Alkaline battery should not be placed in the rugged environments of exposure to strong sunlight and humidity. If it is placed for a long time, leakage of chemical may result. Re-activate is not suggested.
* After the Alkaline battery is activated for 15 minutes (for one piece of battery), if the red LED still flashing, it indicates that the activation effect of this battery is poor and it is not suggested for use.
* Because of this product is working in impulse state, the circuit normally makes a little “sizzling” sound.
* After the Alkaline battery has been re-activated, it should be taken out from the slot.

FAQ of Alkaline Battery Charger Alkaline Battery Re-Activate Charger
1. How much is the costs for re-activate 4 pieces of Alkaline batteries?
A: The largest working power of Alkaline Battery Re-activate Charger is calculated as 6W (0.006KW)×1.3h (the activation completion time for four pieces of batteries)×¥1 (for 1 KW/H) = ¥ 0.0078, so the cost is less than ¥ 0.01.

2. How much money can be saved while using Alkaline Battery Charger Alkaline Battery Reactivate Charger?
A: The average market price of one piece of Alkaline battery is ¥ 2.5. For the first 10 times of cycle usage, it can be counted as: ¥ 2.5 × 10 = ¥ 25, it can be saved ¥ 22.5 for one piece of battery of the first 10 times of recycle usage with the same power provided.

3. What is the “Inertia Memory” property of the Alkaline battery?
A: The Alkaline battery which has been used in a electronic device, should continued to be used in the same device after it is re-activated by this product, for the working current and voltage of the device has made the internal chemical substance and structure of the Alkaline battery produce some steady state. In other words, the Alkaline battery has “remembered” the working current of the original device, which is called “Inertia Memory” feature of the Alkaline battery.

4. How to use the Alkaline battery to complete many times of activation?
A: Because of the Inertia Memory feature of the Alkaline battery, the Alkaline battery should be activated immediately when the remaining electric energy is around 20% so as to avoid over-discharge which gives rise to failure of the battery. For example, if the flashlight with a new Alkaline battery doesn’t work after it is used for 8 hours, in order to obtain more effective activation times, the Alkaline battery should be re-activated after it is used for 6 hours.

5. How long can the Alkaline battery be used after re-activated?
A: According to results of making several tests on Samsung S750 digital camera by using Duracell Alkaline battery, it can be seen that :
A: Time for first 10 times of recycle usage: approximate 100% of the new battery
B: Time from the 11th to 15th of recycle usage: over 80% of the new battery
C: Time from 16th to 30th of recycle usage: 80% - 35% of the new battery.

6.Can the Alkaline battery and Ni-MH battery be re-activated and recharged simultaneously?
A: Absolutely workable. Self-Adapting Charge Technology is adopted in this product for mixed charge of the high intelligence Alkaline battery and Ni-MH battery, any different varieties of battery in different combination can be identified exactly and automatically.

7. How to conserve the re-activated Alkaline battery?
A: If the re-activated Alkaline battery is to be stored, please do it after the electric energy is used up, or otherwise, chemical leakage may occur. If the re-activated Alkaline battery has been stored for a long time, the re-activation effect will be relatively poor.

8. Will Alkaline battery explore while being re-activated in Alkaline Battery Charger Alkaline Battery Re-activate Charger?
A: The principle of using Alkaline Battery Charger Alkaline Battery Re-activate Charger is to revitalize and activate the internal chemical substance again of the battery but not to recharge. As long as it is normally operated according to the instruction manual, the Alkaline battery will absolutely safely in the process of re-activation, unless it is artificially damaged.
Reason 1: Alkaline Battery Charger Alkaline Battery Re-activate Charger adopt the Defect Detection Technology for the Alkaline battery, it can automatically stop the re-activation before dangerous situation occurred.
Reason 2: Each Alkaline battery has safety gas valve to ensure the safety.

9. Can the Alkaline battery be re-activated after it is used up in the low current electronics devices such as the flashlight and clock?
A: When the flashlight does not go on, the battery will be discharged to a very low voltage as near as 0V, which is far below the 1.3V of reference voltage. The internal structure of the battery has been destroyed and the battery has lost effectiveness. It is similar to that a good “doctor” can not save the “life” of a “died man”, so the battery can not be re-activated again.

10. How to operate the Alkaline battery to reach the better re-activation effect while it is being used in the flashlight, toy car or other electronic devices?
A: Such electronic devices have no function of automatic shutdown, the battery will be discharged to a very low voltage till completed. If it is less than 1.3V, the internal structure of the battery will be destroyed and then the battery will lose effectiveness. So the battery should be re-activated before it failed, so that a better re-activation effect is reached, in other words, re-activate it when the remaining electric energy of the battery is 20%.

11.Why is the re-activation effect of the Alkaline battery used in the digital camera better than that in the flashlight?
A: When the working voltage of the battery is less than 1.3V, the digital camera will shut down automatically to protect the internal circuit so that the battery is not discharged to a very low voltage. Therefore, the battery gets protected. It reaches a better re-activation effect. The devices like the flashlight or toy car has no automatic shut-down function, the battery will be discharged to a very low voltage after its usage is completed. Once it is less than 1.3V, the internal structure of the battery has destroyed. The battery has lost effectiveness and the activation effect is poor.

12. Why is the indicator red LED lit while re-activating an Alkaline battery? (Normally, the red and green LED flash alternatively)
A: When an Alkaline battery with very low voltage is inserted, the Alkaline Battery Charger will enter into a “standby” activation state automatically and the red LED flashing. When the “standby” activation is completed, the normal re-activation state starts. The red and green LED flashing. The two situations above are normal. It can be safely used.

13.Why is the Alkaline battery used for a shorter time after re-activated?
A: The Alkaline battery defective.
B: The quality of the Alkaline battery getting poor.
C: The more activation cycles, the shorter usage time.

14.How to deal with the chemical leakage which happens in the process of re-activation?
A: The Alkaline Battery Charger is designed to be chemical leakage-proof. Normally, chemical leakage of Alkaline battery will not occur during re-activation. But, if it has chemical leakage occurred before and dirt to the Alkaline Battery Charger, it can be cleaned by alcohol or suitable chemical cleaner.

15. Why does some Alkaline batteries can not be re-activated or the re-activation effect is poor?
A: Because of the internal chemical substance has been seriously exhausted and destroyed after its usage is completed in the low-current device like clock, remote control and flashlight. It is similar to an old man can not obtain vitality of a young man even though he has the best diet, so the activation effect is relatively poor.

16. Why does the voltage of the Alkaline battery reduced a bit after re-activation completed?
A: Because of the internal chemical reaction has not been completely stable after re-activation of the Alkaline battery is just completed. After took out from the charger for about ten minutes, the internal chemical reaction was being stable and the voltage drop of the Alkaline battery will be stopped. Some rechargeable batteries such as Ni-MH battery also have this voltage drop after fully charged and will keeping dropped very slowly if they have been placed for standby usage.

17. Why do the red and green LED flash alternatively when the Ni-MH battery is being recharged?
A: Normally the LED turns red when the Ni-MH battery is being charged. If the red and green flash alternatively, it indicated that the battery has been fully charged or it has a high internal resistance. In this case, use up most of the electric energy of the battery and try to re-charge again. If the red and green LEDs remain flash alternatively, it shows that the usage time of this battery is very short or this battery was damaged. It is suggested not to use it again.

18. What kind of Alkaline batteries can be used for re-activation?
A: After repeated cyclic tests on Alkaline Battery Charger, it is proved that all the LR6 and LR03 Alkaline batteries can be used for re-activation.

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