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Meterk 30-130dB (A) LCD Цифровой измеритель уровня звука Измеритель уровня шума для измерения уровня шума Тестер контроля децибел

Meterk 30-130dB (A) LCD Цифровой измеритель уровня звука Измеритель уровня шума для измерения уровня шума Тестер контроля децибел

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Хотите проверить уровень звука? Нужно знать уровень шума? Попробуйте наш измеритель уровня звука Meterk Digital Sound Level. Он отличается широким диапазоном измерений (30-130 дБ). Он портативен и прост в использовании в качестве удобного инструмента для контроля качества звука на фабрике, в офисе, на дому, в школе и на строительной площадке.

Большой ЖК-дисплей подсветки для четкого чтения, удобный для использования в ночное время.
Широкий диапазон измерения: 30-130dBA, быстрый ответ.
Измерение уровня звука со стабильной и надежной производительностью.
Min./Max./Data Hold и OVER предупреждающий знак измерения дальности.
Индикация низкого заряда батареи, ручное / автоматическое отключение.
Оснащен губчатым шариком.
С монтажным отверстием штатива, позволяющим размещаться на подставке, легче измерить, когда ваши руки заняты.
Портативный и простой в использовании, подходящий для контроля качества звука на заводе, в транспортном, автомобильном, детском помещении и офисе аудиосистемы, дома, в школе и на строительной площадке.

Фирменное наименование: Meterk
Черный цвет
Материал: пластик ABS
Диапазон измерения: 30-130dBA
Точность: ± 1,5 дБ
Разрешение: 0,1 дБ
Частотная характеристика: от 31,5 Гц до 8 кГц
Особенности взвешивания по частоте: взвешивание
Дисплей: ЖК-дисплей
Over Range: ЖК-шоу OVER
Электропитание: 3 * 1.5V AAA батареи (в комплекте)
Рабочая среда: 0-40 ℃ 10-80% относительной влажности
Среда хранения: -10-60 ℃ 0-90% относительной влажности
Размер деталя: 56 * 36 * 177mm / 2.20 * 1.42 * 6.97in
Вес деталя: 122g / 4.32oz (включенные батареи)
Размер пакета: 22 * ​​12 * 4.2cm / 8.66 * 4.72 * 1.65in
Вес упаковки: 216 г / 7,63 унции

Список пакетов:
1 * Метр уровня звука
1 * Губчатый шар
1 * Руководство пользователя (английский + французский + немецкий + итальянский + испанский)


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  • By RDCR

    January 30, 2018

    This Sound Level meter is great for checking sound levels and listening volumes to prevent hearing damage. I do a lot of music listening and a sound level meter is a vital tool to keep on hand to make sure you're listening at safe volumes. Prolonged exposure to high levels can easily cause tinnitus and other damage. This Meterk meter is pretty accurate and gave readings that were within 0.2 of my other sound level meter. The display is large and the numbers are easily readable, there is also a back-light for usage in dark environments. It takes 3 AAA batteries which are included, I'm using rechargeable NiMH batteries without issue. Use is straightforward with MAX/MIN and HOLD buttons, the manual also provides instructions if necessary. The plastic is sturdy and seems strong enough for frequent, non-abusive use. There is also a mounting hole on the back for use with tripods. I'm very happy with this device so far, don't underestimate the damage that high volumes can cause!

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  • By M. Y. 'Photographer | Outdoor Enthusiast | Tech Pro'

    January 28, 2018

    I bought this sound level meter for 2 things: videography and games. Videography: I use it regularly to measure how loud the ambient sound is so I could adjust my input levels. This helps save some time in post-production by ensuring all sound is recorded at similar levels. Games: Kids love seeing whether they can sneak past the sound meter to get to the cookies I had set at the end of the room. This allows them to be imaginary ninjas and learning to be as quiet as possible. Whenever someone makes too loud of a noise, the kids laugh, and he or she would have to start over. Who said that sound meters must only be used for work? :) What I really appreciate the most is that the bottom has a tripod mount hole, allowing me to angle the meter at any angle possible using my Manfrotto tripod. This also allows me to work hands-free by freeing my hands to operate the video camera instead. If you found this review helpful, please hit the "Yes" button to encourage me to write more. Thank you!

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  • By Thomas R. Yanske

    January 24, 2018

    I purchased this unit to measure noise levels produced by ventilation fans in underground mines. While I can't yet attest to its accuracy, it appears to be perfect for the job. It is ruggedly constructed, intuitive to use and the backlight is great for the environment that I use it in. A very basic device but with all of the features I could want, all at a very reasonable price. I will update my review when I get an opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with our more expensive "official" dosimeter.

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  • By Here for you

    January 14, 2018

    This is a fun little device!!!! My friends and I are huge into car audio systems and we are always trying to purchase newer, bigger speakers and amplifiers!! We usually only judge which car sounds best by listening to them by ear but not anymore!! This this little fun decibel meter is now the judge!! This device can easily listen to noise and let you know the sound levels. The device and nice and small and can easily fit in your pocket. It has a well lit LCD display so you can use this in the dark! It comes with 3 AAA batteries which help power the device for prolong usage. I used placed this in the trunk of my car, turned the music up, and powered both of my 15 inch subwoofers and the device quickly started working!! GREAT DEVICE!!

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  • By J.Tra

    January 13, 2018

    I really liked this product Easy to use ergonomically designed. You can lock in your results I am not a professional in the video and audio field but, I thought it would be an economical way to determine the noise output on many things we come in contact daily. The human ear can detect from approx 0- 140 decibels most can really detect 30dcb- 130 decibels comfortably. With that as my reference I was able to determine how much noise one would encounter. I have 3 young kids, a young dog, 2 active Chinese gerbils and a mother who's hearing is going. Perfect specimens! I did check my meter at 2 am and got a low reading of 32 ( we still have radiator pipes and small appliances like clocks and timers it might pick up ) on an average day I found it was accurate in checking noise from TV and Ipads blasting, Old washing machine running to newer appliances that had lower ratings (quieter running). My Mom s TV was at 120! (and now I had the proof!). I had become a great tool and helping to be aware of how loud some things get and how it can help in the long term protect our and young children hearing. It was a good device to check basic stuff.

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  • By Dimitri M. Reviews

    October 17, 2017

    I received this sound meter to test the effectiveness of my studio foam throughout my house, it has given me accurate signals even at higher dB! I like how it even has a screw insert on the back to connect to any kind of equipment you may be using (in my case my camera tripod). Also it has a nice screen with very clear and large numbers, which is also backlit so you can read it with ease. Overall I think that the Meterk Digital Sound Level Meter is a great choice if you wish to measure sound levels in your home, studio or any space that you need to measurements of your sound!

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  • By Shaun R

    December 15, 2017

    Works well. Would be 5 star if there was a way to turn off the 10 minute auto shutoff. Used it to adjust and normalize the volume of my music files.

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  • By Pete_A

    December 9, 2017

    Excellent value for the money. Works great, easy to use product. Highly recommend this seller

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  • By Scott

    November 29, 2017

    Was a useful tool to see the difference sound proofing has made on a measurable scale. Also use for vehicle sound systems to test speakers.

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  • By Moose Man

    November 24, 2017

     I am testing a lot of household items to see how loud appliances are. It's pretty nice to see it in real time and get an idea about what appliance produces noice in the house. Or if the TV is on full volume. It's easy to operate. Just press on button and it starts reading. It records the high and low point as well and it can lock the reading. Needs three batteries ( were included). I added a picture of what noise levels are as a reference

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  • By Annie

    November 17, 2017

    This is a hand held sound level meter. This can be used around your home or in industry. LCD backlight for clear reading. It uses 3 AAA batteries.It is light weight at 7" in length. It has a wide measuring range from 30-130 decibels. Light weight about the size of a tv remote. It has a wind resistant ball.Automatically powers off. Low battery indication. Every wonder what the noise level is coming from your teen's room. This tool will tell you.

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  • By Chatter

    November 7, 2017

    Compact unit and very handy. It alerts you to dB lever of 100 and over. A nice item.

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  • By Chris

    November 3, 2017

    It definitely goes up to 130db; tested it myself with my high power speaker system in an enclosed soundproof room. But now I have to buy a hearing aid...

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  • By H***v

    November 1, 2017

    Arrived in good condition and as pictured in advertisement. Easy to use. I'm not concerned with calibration as it is for my personal use to make comparative readings as I try different materials for sound deadening a cover for my portable propane powered generator. It works good and serves my purpose. No negative comment at all.

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  • By Rebecca Blocker

    October 27, 2017

    The meter feels very quality made in the hand with a backlit screen being very helpful when it's dark. The refresh rate is a few times a second that is good enough for any thing you would need it for. The min and Max feature is really helpful and is definitely a plus. The meter also seems to be accurate. I would definitely recommend this.

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  • By K Davis

    October 26, 2017

    Works well for me to compare road noises of different cars I am thinking of buying. I set it on a 2" foam pad and center it on the dashes and take the same 2-mile road trip with RxR crossings, cobblestone road, gravel and some potholes and compare levels through all the sections.

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  • By G.Teague

    October 24, 2017

    Very easy to use and handy when sound deadening your cargo van. Fun for other uses too. My wife sneezes at 98 decibels! And I ........well use your imagination.....at 80 decibels. The record so far.

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  • By Adam Torres

    October 6, 2017

    Great product. Love it!

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  • By Dennis

    October 6, 2017

    works well for the price.

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  • By nothing but time

    September 27, 2017

    This is great piece of souND measureing. Easy to use ,compact. Setting it is easy. I use it to check sound of air rifles. My friend has a high dollar German made one. It matched it. Can't beat the price. Comes complete with batteries and instructions that are easy to read. For 20.00 bucks it's worth it just for fun.

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