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Mini Digital Portable Music MP3 / 4 Player TF USB Disk Speaker FM Radio

Mini Digital Portable Music MP3 / 4 Player TF USB Disk Speaker FM Radio

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Suporta cartão TF, disco flash USB, rádio FM, etc.
HiFi e saída de som forte e clara.
Com antena telescópica e saída de fone de fone de ouvido.
A tela digital LCD pode mostrar as letras sincrônicas, o nome da música, o nome do cantor e o nome do álbum.
Pode ser usado como relógio, despertador e calendário perpétuo.
Língua multinacional: suporte inglês, espanhol, alemão, francês, russo, italiano, etc.
Suporta função LINE IN, recebendo fonte de áudio de MP3, MP4, PC, Notebook, iPod, iPhone, etc.
Construir em módulo de freqüência de rádio FM de alta sensibilidade, o sinal é excelente.
Construa uma bateria recarregável de alta capacidade, suporta muito tempo a reprodução de música.
Elegante e elegante em aparência, compacto e portátil.
Com peso leve, perfeito para uso doméstico e uso de viagens.
Com um exclusivo design acrílico transparente e uma colorida função de iluminação, tornando-o mais fascinante!

Cor: Prata
Fonte de alimentação: bateria recarregável de lítio de 800mA / DC 5V
Dimensão: Aprox. 5.3 * 5 * 5cm / 2.09 * 1.97 * 1.97in
Peso do artigo: 119g / 4.2oz
Tamanho do pacote: 7.8 * 5.4 * 5.2cm / 3.07 * 2.13 * 2.05in
Peso do pacote: 163g / 5.77oz

O pacote inclui:
1 * Mini Speaker
1 * 3.5mm Audio Line
1 * cabo de carregamento USB
1 * Hang Rope
1 * Manual do Usuário


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  • By Courtnie D Wilkerson

    January 30, 2018

    Cute and holds a charge for a long time. I have looked all over for a small radio that I could put in my cubicle at work and it was much harder than I though it would be. Most places hardly sell radios anymore and the places that did, they were too big. All I was able to find were the Bluetooth speakers, which was expected being that it's 2016 and all. I finally thought to come to TOMTOP and I found this. I ordered it Sunday night and it was here (Birmingham, AL) on Friday. It is very convenient for those who may want to save data on their phones, but still want to be able to listen to music while they work. The only thing I don't like it that skip and volume use the same buttons, so sometimes when I am trying to turn up the volume, I make a mistake and skip to another station. You have to time it just right. Press it too quickly, and you will change the station. But that's something very small. I have only used it for the radio so I do not know how the Micro SD reader or USB behaves. Worth. Every. Penny.

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  • By david1024

    January 27, 2018

    This little guy is great for a quiet office radio. Would be nice for some mobile tunes on a walk or something too. Mine came retail packaged with cables, but no charger/power supply (as states in description). The internal battery will last in mine dor about 3-4 hrs playing FM at low volume. Shipping was super slow (6 weeks), but I didn't want the extra expense and this appears to be factory direct. Kids loved it and I had a hard time getting it back from them to take to office. It has a headphone jack that disables the speaker when plugged in. There were instructions included in my retail packaged one, but it works similar to a lot of other low cost fm/mp3 preamps I have. I will say the that what while it is not the greatest FM tuner I have ever had, it does work rather well and I have not noticed any distortion when it is plugged in vs on battery power. I will buy more for gifts. BTW, the red one i got was a little pinkish and the carry strap I got was pink. Didn't matter as I keep it buried on my desk.

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  • By N.Acton

    January 18, 2018

    For the price it's very good. Pros: - Very multi-functional: plays music from USB sticks, auxiliary cord (included) connects to any mp3 player, good FM radio quality, MicroSD cards allow you to basically turn it into a small mp3 player. - listen through built in speaker or headphones, both have decent sound quality. - flashing lights can be turned on/off if you choose. - fairly easy-to-learn interface - runs on battery, charged through USB cable (included) Cons: - flashing lights are on by default when you turn the device on - no info about the mp3s that are playing, no mp3 shuffle mode for USB or MicroSD (that I have been able to find) - FM radio signal gets static at higher volumes It's one day in and working fine, I'll update my review if it stops working for whatever reason.

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  • By Millie Bardales

    January 18, 2018

    I love and hate this little speaker radio. I love it because it's so compact and cute. The speaker works great for it to be as little as it is. I have a few portable speakers and the speaker on this radio compares to it of not louder! The reason I bought this pink digital radio was because I wanted to listen to music at work without having to use my data on my phone. I went into work excited to use it the next day and all I heard was static... :-/ I was really irritated because it worked fine in my house. I work in a pretty big building on the first floor and I didn't get great signal for the radio to play any stations then I found out that if I plugged my headphones in some of the stations that weren't clear were clear enough to listen to. I also actually made a long antenna of paper clips and attached it to a binder clip and attached the binder clip to the antenna and it works great at my desk or at least it gives me more stations and the 1 station that plays all types of music. :-) So bottom line is you get what you paid for. It works good outside and in some indoors. The battery also lasts me almost my 8 hours at work. I charge it all night and while I'm out at lunch. The lights Is a cute touch, but you can turn it off to save some of the battery life.

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  • By D. Ivey

    January 16, 2018

    I needed something my son could listen to at night but using my spare laptop seemed wasteful and ungainly. This little cube is about as big as a cue ball and has surprisingly good sound! I didn't have a problem loading music on a flash drive and it replays the playlist all night long. I ended up buying a $9 charging block and used a longer cord from one of my old cameras so I could keep it plugged in to the wall all night. The only annoying thing are the flashing lights...they come on when you turn the unit on and off. But they go off easily if you press the "menu" button for a few seconds. I get a surprisingly good FM signal for being so far away from the station tower. All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised and don't regret this purchase.

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  • By Selador

    January 13, 2018

    I love this thing! King Kong sound from ice cube sized speaker! This can actually get too loud, if you are not outside. Volume control works well, though. Shipping was a nightmare! Started in China. Went to California where it entered the USPS system. From there is went to a sorting center 98 miles from where I live, in Washington state. From there, it went to Denver. Then back to a town about 8 miles from where I live, Then to another town about 70 miles from where I live. By that time, I had gotten fed up with the ping pong shipping game, and called the USPS. Explained the entire tracking fiasco. They located the package, and the next day it was in my PO box. None of that was Amazon's fault. So I am still giving 5 stars. just be warned that shipping is apparently not the best. I bought this specifically so that I could put a lecture or sermon, or some songs, etc, onto a card or flash drive, and listen to it all night. I had nothing else that would play more than 120 minutes of anything. I don't need or want the radio, so I have no idea whether it works well or not. For the purpose, this player is awesome! I wish I had ordered a couple more!

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  • By Some Guy

    January 11, 2018

    I bought two of these from different sellers on a whim and I really like it. It's got a few issues, but for the price it's still worth getting. GOOD: - It sounds far better than I thought it would. I was really surprised. It's not a "boom-box" by any means, but it definitely doesn't sound "tinny". There's actually some depth there. It's also loud enough to hear with the shower running. - My battery lasts for about an hour and 10 minutes playing at the default volume level (which is "6", I believe.) Obviously if you play it louder it will last a little less, and if you play it softer it should last a little longer, but an hour is pretty good for what it is. - Even if it's been off for a long time, it starts playing the last MP3 you played when you turned it off - 3.5mm input and output jacks for headphones and connecting to your phone or mp3 player. Nice touch. - So far it's worked with every microSD card and USB drive I've got. (Various PNY, and Sandisks, when properly formatted to FAT). Be aware that it doesn't seem to work with NTFS or EXT formatted drives, EXFAT USB drives also didn't work in mine. NOT SO GOOD: - I wish the little LED light-show defaulted to "OFF" instead of "ON". It's neat for about 2 minutes and then you get tired of it. It's pretty tedious having to turn it off every time. - The FM reception is pretty weak, but the antenna is kinda short so that not too surprising. - No AM reception. Not a huge issue, but it would have been nice. - Having to hold down the next/previous track buttons to raise/lower the volume is kind of annoying, but not too bad. - The time can only be displayed in 24hr format (or at least I can't find any way to change this.) TIP: If you want to create an MP3 playlist, then copy the MP3s onto the card in the order which you'd like them to play. My projector also works like this. Basically every file has a "last modified" tag, which tracks when the file was created in the directory. This player plays files in order of oldest file to newest file. That's not going to help you if you have thousands of MP3s in a bunch of different subdirectories, but it works if you just want a simple playlist.

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  • By Andrea

    January 8, 2018

    It's very convenient. I got it because I have a number of USBs with music on them and no way to listen to that music on the bus, and this device works perfectly for that. There are just three things that are less then satisfactory: 1. At low battery the behavior of the device is very strange, which was confusing when I first received it and had plugged it into charge and was trying to figure out how to make it work. But keeping it charged makes this a non-issue. 2. The lack of dedicated volume buttons is kind of annoying. You have to hold down either the forward or back button to enter volume changing mode, which can lead to accidentally skipping around songs. 3. To turn off the flickering LED, which I find kind of annoying, you have to hold down the menu button. My menu button is a little bit misaligned or something, because it does not always register a hold, or even just a normal button press. But overall I am quite satisfied with it, and none of the less then ideal facets of it cause me that much annoyance.

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  • By Schuyler Kelley

    January 6, 2018

    Works far better than I expected. MP3 playback is pretty limited; you can only skip forward and backward, and sometimes the tracks are sorted oddly. Once in a great while it wipes my USB stick, so make sure you don't have anything irreplaceable on it. Technical things: Your USB stick has to be formatted with a FAT filesystem. For most of you, that's automatic--just plug it into a computer running Windows, and it'll be formatted appropriately. I had my USB sticks formatted with EXT4 because of how I use them, and it took me ages to figure out what was wrong...

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  • By Ellis Chan

    January 2, 2018

    Ok. I bought 2 of these with the intention of gifting 1 and keeping the 2nd. Right off the bat, the 1st one out of the box was dead. This thing is made in China with directions so poorly written it makes the directions to Swedish furniture look easy. I was ready to return both. However, when I powered up the 2nd one I was so impressed with the sound and volume put out by this tiny cube I was very tempted to keep the 2nd and find another gift! The bottom line is you get a lot out of this little thing. It's a bit of a learning curve, but consider what you are getting for little more than lunch st your local fast food joint. It makes a great little gift, perfect for an office, and it's just cool. I was going to replace the defective one. Instead, I bought 2 more.

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  • By Christopher Michael Gallardo Jr.

    December 31, 2017

    I have used this little speaker/radio/multi-functional awesome device to enjoy hours of my own music put on an SD Card while I was working in AmeriCorps Tribal Civilian Community Corps doing everything from forest trail maintenance to cleaning up black mold in the aftermath of the floods in Detriot, Michigan, U.S.A. I just put this in a little plastic zip-lock bag or top on of one at times and it still works and it is LOUD and it can hook-up to bigger speakers: I used it when no other music was available at many events as I, along with my other fellow members, hosted many events!~ For this price, I am definitely a satisfied customer!~ ^_^

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  • By Bargain Hunter

    December 21, 2017

    So far, I really like this thing. I wanted something to use in the bathroom, was small but could also go with me. For the price you can't go wrong. I bought a flash card to keep in it on a permanent basis. I also purchased a ac/usb power cord which I have not received yet so I can just plug it in for power. I took the advice of others and shut off the lights when using and the charge does last longer. I will also follow the advice of someone who said to put it in a baggie for bathroom use (moisture). I think the sound and volume is astonishing. I also purchased one for my sister and she is as happy as can be with it. I will also be purchasing one for my granddaughter. ordered this from Tomtop, Julytec Raspberry Pi Power Supply Micro USB Charger Adapter (DC 5V 1.5A 1500mA), for use with speaker and it is not the right size on the USB end. It looked like it was in the picture though the picture is pretty lousy. Also, charge does not last longer than 20 mins. even with lights off.

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  • By Ella

    December 20, 2017

    Cute, nice range and SMALL! It fits in the palm of my hand. I charged it up which did not take long, and connected an old Sony MP3 player. Pretty nice sound. The volume control on the unit is for the radio, so the player is the control when attached. It really is very cute and I think someone in the right age range will love it. I like it, but...I am, ahem, over 50 and I just cannot see the tiny silver button labels. I know they are there as I caught the flash, but cannot read them. That said, after poking buttons for a short bit, I figured them out and have no issue as there are only 4. The only thing that I would have preferred is the charging cable and player hook up cable are black....I would prefer them to be white since the black visually overwhelms the cuteness factor. All in all, a cute gizmo. I don't think it would play very loud either, if you are thinking you can use it for a party or such. It's teeny. Cute.

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  • By Paul M. Zahorosky

    December 18, 2017

    This is an amazing little radio. It is actually the second of these types I now own, both for a specific purpose. Trying to find a cost effective way to build a whole-house audio system, I use a good FM transmitter off my main stereo. I then use these little radios to connect to old computer speakers (powered with subwoofer) to play the same music in another room. Right now I have one of these as the audio source for a set of speakers in the kitchen. These little radios make this easy as well as offering other features. First, the FM radio "streams" audio from my FM transmitter and also other radio stations. Then there is the auxiliary input, which can connect directly to a phone's headphone jack. There is a micro-SD card slot where I just threw in a spare card with some MP3 music- works great. All of this and a headphone/line-out jack to connect the external powered speakers. This unit is also battery-powered- a feature I was not looking for but I have actually still yet to charge it from it's initial charge. The internal speaker also does not sound that bad. Don't expect it to rock the house, but it certainly sounds better than any cell phone speaker. The pulsing and color-changing light isn't as annoying as I thought it would be. Overall, if you need a tiny radio that can do a-lot and DON'T need it to be Bluetooth, this one is a winner.

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  • By David T. Hutchinson

    November 29, 2017

    This player/radio is a smash hit with literally "everyone" that sees it. Great value of course, but the main reason for the positive remarks, is the excellent quality of the player/radio. The built-in speaker provides above average quality sound. I purchased 5 other types of players last Christmas @ 3 times the price. None of them came close to the loudness & quality of the sound that this product creates. In fact, I saw some jealousy from a couple of the kids about this new one, even though their units had video & this one does not!

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  • By RebelSwampFox

    November 28, 2017

    I like and dislike this little radio. It sounds great, picks up a lot of channels (I live outside a small farming town), and I also like how small it is. Don't like how to set it up and the instruction booklet is not very clear. This is what I have found out so far playing around with the buttons: Press the menu button twice to get to the radio. Make sure the antenna is up before scanning for the stations. It will scan channels when you press the menu button and the play/pause button at the same time after you get the radio playing. To stop the flashing light just press the menu button for a few seconds. To set the time just long press the play button right after you just turned it on (one press of the menu button) but before you press it a second time for the radio. When the time starts to flash then press the rewind/vol- button or the fast forward/vol+ button to set the hour and then press the play button again for the minutes (it is only in military time).

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  • By N. Garrett

    March 20, 2017

    First, this thing was a little less than $11 with shipping so I can't ding it any stars for the few minor inconveniences it does have. I bought this for my desk at work and I just play music on it, all day every day. If you put music on it in folders you may have a problem as I was never able to figure out how to navigate through the folders. So I just put my music on it with no folder system set it to random and let her rip. I play it through a set of Logitech amplified speakers with a sub-woofer and it sounds as good as my Creative mp3 that cost $80. For use at work I can't crank it up anyway so with the speakers turned all the way down and the unit on 12 it is plenty loud. I am not sure if there is a limitation on the size usb drive it will read, I have a 64GB thumb drive in it right now and it seems to read it fine from what I can tell. I keep it plugged in to the charger while I am using it so I cannot say anything about the battery life. If you are looking for an inexpensive, no frills, mp3 player for a desk or night stand this will fill the bill. It also has an alarm function which I have not yet tried out. I like this little player well enough that I have ordered several more. I put one in the guest bedroom with a pair of amplified speakers.

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  • By Kristin M.

    March 17, 2017

    This is a refined and improved version of the TT-028. Aside from the random color changing LED, the dysfunctional telescoping antenna, and the fake audio graphic display, this unit is very well engineered and produces high quality sound with a very good EQ function. The FM sensitivity however, is disappointing. From what I can determine, the telescoping antenna does little to nothing and appears to be mostly gratuitous. The dominant FM antenna is the "Line In" cord, which when plugged in, also activates the FM radio function. The flashing light may be halted by press holding a button, but this needs to be done each time the unit is turned on. I have not clocked the play time per charge documented in other reviews. I am looking forward to the TT-030 in the hopes that it will incorporate HD FM, or at least acceptable standard FM.

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  • By Doug N.

    March 7, 2017

    I have purchased a total of 3 of these for myself and two other family members. They love theirs, and so do I. I have most experience using microSD card (1GB, 2GB, 32GB). I have also tried USB memory stick as well as LINE IN from Macbook AIR and Smartphones (Android) Tips for microSD cards - If you get a Read error, it is likely because your microSD card became corrupted due to bad write OR you didn't Eject the card from your device (PC, Android, etc.). Plug microSD back into a PC and it will hopefully Repair the card and you won't need to re-format your card (losing your music). -Maximum microSD card I tried was 32GB. I can test 64GB if anyone wants. It's crazy since the 64GB card is around $30 and this unit is only $12 ! I think I am lucky so far and hope that my unit lasts for a long time until the battery fails to charge. When that happens I hope to be able to plug it into the miniUSB power supply and still use it. Pros: Cost, lightweight and compact, plays microSD and USB, loud and relatively clean speaker, long battery life, LINE IN, party light Cons: No dedicated volume buttons, no ability to create playlists, simple LCD monitor does not show track title, no removable rechargeable battery Note: My cons are nitpicks. I know it's hard to put this much functionality into such a small and inexpensive unit Best uses: It's a really nice portable player to take anywhere with you - Beach, Camping, Walking, Studying, Party. Just put it in your pocket or bag and you are ready to play your jams at a moments notice.

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  • By MB

    March 6, 2017


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