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Grade 12 relógio Display caso jóias coleção armazenamento organizador caixa suporte de couro

Grade 12 relógio Display caso jóias coleção armazenamento organizador caixa suporte de couro

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alta qualidade PU couro relógio vitrine com acabamento requintado.
inclui 12 grades e 12 almofadas pouco macias para a exibição de relógios ou outras jóias.
forrado com material macio da camurça do falso para proteger seus relógios e jóias melhor.
projetado com uma tampa superior transparente clara para fácil visualização e protegendo-os da poeira e da sujeira, ao mesmo tempo.
aparência compacta e elegante.

cor: preto
Material: couro PU + cartão + vidro
grade único tamanho: 9 * 4.7 * 4cm / 3.54 * 1.85 * 1,57 em
tamanho travesseiro: 8 * 4.7 * 4cm / 3,15 * 1.85 * 1,57 em
Case tamanho: 33 * 20 * 9,3 cm / 12,99 * 7,87 * 3,66 em
Item peso: 1317g/2,9 lb
tamanho do pacote: 35 * 22 * 12,5 cm / 13,78 * 8.66 * 4,92 em
peso do pacote: 1510g/3,33 lb

pacote inclui :
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  • By Watchpro

    July 5, 2017

    Box looks really great!! Came in before I expected. The outside of the box looks great. The leather feels and looks really good. The lock is smooth and closes well also comes with a key to lock. The plastic window does not feel cheep at all. The inside looks really good too, but with closer inspection it appears a bit cheep. The cushions are cheep and have paper glued to the side which are very delicate. The dividers are cardboard covered in fabric but look fine. The only thing I do not like from this buy are the cushions but despite that, box looks great. I would recommend this item. Worth the price!!

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  • By Georgio.Ventus

    July 2, 2017

    On a whim one hazy late night (3am), I decided to buy one of these in the hopes that my watch collection will grow into TWELVE slots. (as of now I only own 4 watches, plus some extra straps) The package arrived 3 days soon, looking study and well-maintained. There was a significant amount of care placed into its packaging: plastic covering the actual case, styrofoam plate hugging it within a "fragile care" box, surrounded by air cushioning, & sealed tightly in the delivery box. The case's construction seemed solid, with strong stitching, and well fabricated "leather". The locking mechanism looks fairly weak, but time will tell. A little key is used to give it a quick lock. However, it was dusty inside and there was a visible scratch opening on the leather's interior lining (possibly mishandling?? unused merch sitting for ages??) Overlooking those minor flaws, the shipping time and packaging were stupendous. If you're looking for a practical and handsome watchcase, do yourself a solid and invest in one ASAP.

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  • By snhander

    November 10, 2016

    I just love this watch case, it is so beautiful and well made. I did not realize it was this big, but I am very pleased that it is. This is well worth the money I spent on it and it wasn't even that expensive. The leather is really nice and sewn very well. The inside is felt and it is nice and soft. The top is glass not plastic and the case comes with two keys so you can lock it. Very attractive looking watch jewel box. My husband has started to collect watches and I wanted to get him a nice watch box to tore them in. I was so happy to find this on Amazon and that I was able to get this for him just in time for father's day and his birthday this month. The insert inside of the box fit his watches perfectly and even though some of the faces on his watch are really big they still fit in the box. I like that this watch box will keep his watches dust free, well displayed and protected. This is very easy to open and close too. My husband was so happy getting this for father's day and is proudly displaying it on his dresser. He really likes this case and likes how nice it looks. He is wanting to get more watches just so he can fill up the case lol. I was also very pleased with how well this was packaged and that the glass or case was not damaged in anyway. I will say it again this is a beautiful case and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great way to display their watches.

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  • By Ashleigh Poddar

    July 21, 2017

    This watch is case of pretty good standard, and definitely exceeds its price tag. It came with good packaging and was protected well. One thing that i noted was the item is lot bigger than what it appeared to me by looking at the pictures. I Liked everything about this case beside little difficulty while trying to open the box. since it doesn't have a latch system, you need both hands to open the case (one to hold the unlocking lever while another to open the lid). I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

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  • By glennducusin

    July 8, 2017

    The product arrived well packaged. There were no major flaws or defects in the overall inspection. The case included two keys (I won't need them, but it's nice to have). The covering is a slightly padded black vinyl faux leather-type material with some texture, accented with white stitching. The top has a large cutout to view the items inside. Actual glass is used as the window; very cool! The inside is a light neutral color in that velvet-type lining typically found in jewelry boxes. The cushions are the same material and are removable. The compartments are a sturdy cardboard and do their job adequately. The case holds both my watches and bracelets. At this price point, my expectations are minimal. There were a couple spots with some excess residue that I had to spend a little time cleaning off. One of the corner edges is very slightly worn but is only noticeable upon much closer inspection. There is a black ribbon on the inside used to prevent the top cover from opening up all the way to the other side. However, when closing the cover, the ribbon does get in the way of viewing the compartment it is closest to. You would either need to leave that area open or have the ribbon hang outside when closing the cover, if you do not want an unobstructed view of that area. It's a very minor nuisance for me and I just deal with it. For the price, this is a great buy. The materials and quality are decent. If it is well taken care of, it should last a while.

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  • By michi

    December 23, 2016

    Just received my watch case. It came double boxed and was really well packaged. The inner box had foam on top of the glass and the whole thing was also covered in a plastic wrap. Much better than what you usually see. Since the case was relatively cheap, I expected the usual low quality manufacturing. I was pleasantly surprised. The glass top is really glass, and the whole thing looks quite attractive. The top opens easily, the inserts are nice and sturdy. I was even happier when I saw that my larger Casio watches had room in the compartments. Usually they are too tight to fit well. I managed to fit my whole Casio collection in this case. The solar models are in the center so that they can still catch some light while protected in the box. I highly recommend this case, probably the best one in this price range. I would buy another if I needed more room for watches.

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  • By g.b.pallas

    December 10, 2016

    This is a beautifully made watch/bracelet display case for a great price compared to many other places I've looked. I ordered a very similar item months ago from a different seller that never arrived. Needless to say I was beyond ecstatic to receive this case within 36 hours! I'm a woman who enjoys different styles therefore I own a few oversized (men's and unisex) watches thus why I chose to order the "mens" case. I'm going to attempt to upload a few pics showing I am able to fit more than 12 watches safely and securely.

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  • By l***j

    December 2, 2016

    Purchased this for a gift for someone but liked it so much that I kept it for myself ;) This Watch Box is just what I was looking for to store my beautiful watches safely. Although this watch box is for Men but I find it quite useful for women watches as well. The box has a beautiful vintage design that is very eye catching and has 12 total unit spaces which are quite large and easily fit bigger dial watches. The glass top displayed my watch collection perfectly. Although I have not used it yet but the box also has a key for added security. Overall, I am very happy with this watch box and will purchase more for friends and family.

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  • By jklrsy

    December 1, 2016

    I'm not sure where else you can find a deal as good as this. The watch case is high quality and stylish. I bought 2 of these (gave one to my husband and I kept one). The case works great for my husband's watches but not so much for mine. I realize this is listed as a men's case but I couldn't find a women's case I liked that was inexpensive and thought I could make this work. If all my watches had the buckle closures, it would work like a charm. But, most of mine have different closures. The watch forms that are included aren't able to be compressed so I can't close many of my watches. I figured I would just make my own watch "pillows" (I ended up using some that came with a few of my watches). Other than that, the case has a great depth so the glass doesn't hit the watch faces when closed. Update (7.22.2016) - Still loving this case! I ended up making "pillows" for all my watches and it worked out perfectly. I think one of the perks of buying a men's case is that there's more room for each watch, since men's watches are typically larger. Since most of my watches are on the bulkier side, this works perfectly. Right now I have 2 full cases so I plan on buying a 3rd one for my growing collection.

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  • By stephanie

    November 28, 2016

    GOOD news Bad news here fellas..... got this watch holder, and its actually quite a bargain at the price. saw the six slots, and bought up 6 nice (to me anyway) watches. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, the ole girl holds TWELVE watches. lucky the price is right, because now you can drop more coin on the new watches. just FYI, i have two solar atomic watches, and they update each night while in this case. This was a top seller listed when i bought it, and i certainly agree. Now, i just need six more watches

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  • By eric sedensky

    November 16, 2016

    As my watches piled up, I shopped watch storage cases and holders and racks until I completely achieved “analysis paralysis”. I mainly wanted to be sure I had a box that was spacious enough to comfortably hold men’s watches, even oversized ones, but also something that I could leave on top of the dresser without it being an eyesore. This seemed closest to what I was trying to achieve. Right out of the box, I’m very happy with the overall appearance. It is clean, good looking, and looks like a high quality box, certainly high enough quality for my watch collection. The individual compartments are, to be honest, just a little on the small side, so some of the larger watches I do have to stagger top-to-bottom-to-top to fit them comfortably (see photos), however, there is enough space between the glass lid and the compartments that you can let the larger watches sit above the edge of the compartment without compromising the closing of the box. The glass top is nice to allow you to see your watches, which also become a sort of decoration on their own. The lid is held close to the box by a fabric ribbon that was folded out instead of in, but it eventually settled down. The compartments are lined with a velvet-like fabric and each comes with a pillow to wrap the watch around before setting in the compartment. With twelve slots, it’s big enough for most watch collections, but the compartments could also easily be repurposed for jewelry, or, with the pillow removed, anything from earrings to rings to keys and loose change could also be easily stored inside. The lock works smooth but only comes with one key, so you’ll want to not lose that. Myself, I sort of question the purpose of the lock – a burglar is just going to take the whole box or break the glass. So, if the lock is to keep your spouse from messing with the contents.

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  • By nyterae

    November 8, 2016

    I purchase this product because I have lots of watches I have the 12 to fill up the box plus a few more that I do not ware, this is a leather feel like display box with a hard plastic glass top it comes with a lock and two keys the pads in the slots are card board sides with a soft foam inside covered in a soft martial. you have to mush some of the pillows to get your watches to fit but they all will go into the box. I like this case because now I don't have all my watches laying everywhere. I can recommend this product for men and woman who like lots of watches Like I do.

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  • By stewpass92

    January 4, 2018

    I received my watch box and am very pleased with it. I received a black case with light gray inside, which is what I was hoping to get (the item shows different interior colors depending where you look). The quality is good, not sure if it is really a glass top (thumping it sounds like plastic) but everything inside can be seen clearly. The outside is neat looking, the white sticking is nice. The watch 'pillows' are soft and easily removed, they can be left out to make space for other things. There is a fabric strap on the inside left, to hold the top from falling back. I like this better than a metal hinge, no chance to scratch a watch put in the top left slot. Only thing left for me to do is purchase 6 more watches to fill it up!

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  • By Ryan Parra

    January 3, 2018

    I absolutely love my new Watch box. I own many watches and just end up throwing them into a drawer where they can easily get scratched. Now that I have this watch box I can beautifully display my watches safely. Prior to purchasing, I was worried that many of my watches would not fit in this case. I have many big faced watches including the (Nixon 51/30) and other (50MM) watches that all fit perfectly fine. You will need to stagger the bigger watches with the smaller watches. I even put my girlfriends watches in there, so she is very pleased with my purchase as well. If you are looking for a secure lock box for your watches, this is not the watch box for you. I only gave 4 stars because I was expecting the case to be glass but it is actually plastic. Not a big concern of mine sense I only wanted a cheap display box for my watches. For the price, the quality actually far exceeded my expectations. I have not had any of the problems other reviewers have stated such as: missing pillows, locked key inside, or glue and stitching. My Case arrived looking exactly like the picture. My girlfriend thought I payed around $100 for it. I would definitely recommend to friends and other watch owners.

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  • By Hermit58

    December 30, 2017

    Nice for the price. The little strap that holds the lid open broke the first time I opened it up. I added a small screw eye to the front to make it easier to open with one hand. All of the inserts seem large, because they all fit my watches well, and I'm rather large. I don't see how those inserts would fit a smaller (e.g. normal sized, kid sized, or women's) watch. I suppose with smaller leather and synthetic bands, you could simply store them at the larger settings, and with the metal bands, you could just leave them opened up. This unit, faux leather and all, suits my needs. I'd buy a nicer (i.e. real leather) one if I intended to have it on display. But, this one is tucked away in my bedroom.

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  • By Cameron

    December 9, 2017

    Really not bad for the cost, the one thing I have a complaint about is the fact that there is a ribbon on the lefthand side that isn't shown on the product image. When the box closes, it obscures the watches on the lefthand side. I decided to close it with the ribbon dangling outside which isn't exactly ideal (addendum: I found that if you tuck it against the gap between the case of the watch and the inside of the box in the top left watch compartment, it hides pretty well, so I retract the original complaint). Also, the box doesn't really like staying open. The compartments are pretty narrow, so I can't recommend it for any cases larger than 46mm (which is itself pushing it a little bit). Not bad for the cost, though.

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  • By Maddi Sisson

    November 24, 2017

    I loved this watch box!!! I felt like I needed another gift for my boyfriend's Christmas present and added this to my tomtop cart because of the cheap price. I was not expecting a great product because it was so inexpensive, but I received the product immediately and it was beautiful! It fits and displays watches perfectly and looks very expensive. Its great that my boyfriend is no longer leaving his watches around the house and they look so neatly organized. He loved the gift! 2 years later and it still looks great. It is also great that you can remove the watch holders for a little empty compartment to hold cuff links or other small jewelry. What a great purchase!

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  • By Robert A. Grossman

    August 15, 2017

    I've wanted something like this for years. I love watches. One might say I have a bit of an OCD watch buying propensity. I saw this on an Amazon Gold Box Deal and I'm oh so glad I jumped and bought. For one thing, I'm always losing things. This has helped me to not misplace watches. Also, it's a really beautiful display case for my time pieces. You know how women love their jewelry boxes. Well, I guess it's kind ofd the same thing for me. The "spaces" that hold the individual watches are felt covered and that provides protection from scratches. It's also somewhat of a source of pride in that it's a "Display" case and as with any good display case the purpose is to provide a place to "show off" or present your collection in a positive way. This serves tha purpose well. So, all of a sudden my watches are organized and they really look cool. As a result, I find I wear more watches than before when I would wear one watch day in and day out. Now, I put my watch away every evening and pick one that suits my wardrobe for the upcoming day.

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  • By Brody

    August 5, 2017

    Love this product. I love the sound it makes when it clicks closed. It is a great value and holds my watches beautifully. The only thing I will say is if you have a lot of big-faced watches, this may not work for you since there is little space between the slots when you have the whole thing full. I had to get creative in displaying my smaller watches in between by big-faced watches. For example some of my Fossil Watches would not fit next to each other. Since I have varying size watches, it wasn't a problem. Love the product.

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  • By Average American Shopper

    July 14, 2017

    I could not believe the price and reviews this 12 watch display case was receiving on Amazon, so I decided to pull the trigger. The case showed up in perfect condition in 2 days thanks to Tomtop. It shipped double boxed (it was in a box, then surrounded by air bags, then in another box) so even my terrible USPS worker couldn't trash it. I opened it up and I have to say, the quality is pretty good. I could easily see this is a $50-100 Christmas gift for the watch lover in any family. At $15 it is an absolute steal. My only issue is this: the watches at the left and right ends of the box get covered up and aren't displayed as well as the other watches. I am sure that the manufacturer knew of this flaw but decided to save the extra money and not put in extra material along the sides. At a price point under $20 I don't blame him though. Watch Box Large 12 Mens Black Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case Organizer

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