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YONGNUO YN685 E-TTL HSS 1/8000s GN60 2.4 G sem fio Flash Speedlite Speedlight para DSLR Canon câmeras compatíveis com sistema de sem fio YONGNUO 622C/603

YONGNUO YN685 E-TTL HSS 1/8000s GN60 2.4 G sem fio Flash Speedlite Speedlight para DSLR Canon câmeras compatíveis com sistema de sem fio YONGNUO 622C/603

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YN685 é completamente compatível com o sistema de sem fio YONGNUO 622C e 603, HSS é até 1/8000s, mais conveniente e prático de usar.

completamente compatível com o sistema de sem fio YONGNUO 622C e 603: suporta YN685, respectivamente, recebendo acionamento sem fio do sinal de YN622C, YN622C-TX, YN560IV, YN560-TX, RF605, RF603II e RF603.
2.4G sem fio speedlite com guia elevado número de GN60.
a velocidade de sincronização máxima é de até 1/8000s. modalidade de apoio E-TTL/M/Multi
suporta auto e zoom manual e a cobertura de flash podem ser alterados entre 20 ~ 200 mm.
controle remoto off-câmera parâmetros de cada grupo de speedlite: o modo flash/flash intensidade/focal comprimento e sync modo (YN622C sem fio sistema somente) do speedlite em cada grupo pode ser controlado remotamente através de transceptor de YN622C e YN560IV/YN560-TX.
Ultrafast carregamento sistema de reciclagem, a reciclagem mais rápido tempo até 3s.
função alerta sonora de suporte, configuração personalizada e auto salvar as configurações.

projeto de circuito: IGBT
número guia:
GN60(ISO100,200mm) modo de Flash:
E-TTL/M/Multi modo de disparo: na câmera / sem fio fora da câmera
faixa de Zoom: Auto, 20-200mm
ângulo de rotação Vertical:
7-90° ângulo de rotação Horizontal: 0-360 °
fonte de alimentação: 4 * AA(Not included)
iluminação vezes:
100 - 1500 vezes tempo de reciclar: aproximadamente 3 segundos
. temperatura de cor : W.t.c 5600K tempo Flash: 1/200s-1/20000s
controle Flash: 8 níveis de saída control(1/128-1/1), total de 29 níveis de fina sintonia
Interface externa: interface de alimentação externa, porta do PC, quente sapato
Wireless Trigger distância: 100m
função adicional: sincronização de alta velocidade, sincronização de cortina-segundo, FEC, FEB, VEF, a cabeça do flash eletrônico zoom, aviso sonoro, automaticamente salvar configuração, modo de poupança de energia , proteção, função personalizada configuração
Item tamanho do superaquecimento: 21 * 7.7 * 5cm / 8.3 * 3.0 * 2,0 em
Item peso: 430g/15,2 oz
tamanho do pacote: 22 * 10 * 9,5 cm / 8,7 * 3,9 * 3,7 em
pacote peso: 620g/21,9 oz

Nota: a bateria não está incluído.

. lista de pacotes: 1 * Speedlite
1 * bolsa protetora
1 * Mini Stand
1 *
Manual (Inglês e chinês)

Perguntas e respostas do cliente


Do I need to use this flash with a 622c? Is necessary to make it fire?

  • Not strictly necessary, but very useful to control and fire remotely.

    By Alejandro V. on March 25, 2018


Will this work from my camera hot shoe and be able to full control flashes attach to yn622n? i need to replace yn622n_tx

  • Yes you can use it The Yn622 is built in You need YN622TX … see more Yes you can use it The Yn622 is built in You need YN622TX Thank you we offer for nikon and canon all in stock and we can ship it today A&R PHOTO VIDEO see less

    By Steward on May 23, 2017


Will this flash work with nikon and the yn622n

  • Yes if you choose the Nikon mounting option.

    By MJ on May 10, 2018


If i purchase 2 of these to be a slave to my canon 580 exii... will it work?

  • hello you might need YN622TX as well

    By Theodora on May 22, 2018


Is this flash compatible with Nikon D3300?

  • Yes Thank you

    By Idande on May 14, 2018


Would i be able to fire off camera yn560 flash with yn622c trigger on them, while have yn685 on camera without a yn622c trigger on camera?

  • Hello You might need YN560TX for YN560 Thank you

    By Deana on May 11, 2018


Is this E-ttl or E-ttl ii?

  • e-ttl

    By Cameraman97 on May 8, 2018


With the yn622c tx remote , will it change the settings change the settings on this without the yn 622c receivers?

  • Yes The flash has built in Yn622 Thank you

    By Suzuka Etou on May 8, 2018


Is this flash compatible with the panasonic lumix fz300? Thanks!

  • Speedlites can in some case talk and interact with a camera. You will have extreme difficulty finding any speedlite other than a panasonic one that will be able to do that. However, almost all flashes will go off on any camera other than some Sonby's which have a differrent sized flash connector

    By Sterling T Steves on May 4, 2018


I've heard of some issues with canon 5d mark iii and high speed sync. anyone know of any problems with 5d mark iii and compatibility?

  • we have been selling without any issues

    By Davida on May 7, 2018


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  • By ***

    December 9, 2018

    je recommande

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  • By J. Moery

    September 27, 2017

    This flash is wonderful. I am a professional Real Estate photographer and used off-camera flash for all my projects. I was using Canon 430 ex II for the last couple of years along with the Yongnuo 622C, This combination worked great but it was a pain to set-up each time. This flash is more powerful than my 430's and having the built-in flash control has made setting up and breaking down much much much faster. They have been rock solid and have increased my productivity. The price can also not be beat. I bought 2 of these for less than the price of 1 430. I really haven't found a fault with them yet for my needs. I also use the 622C-Tx on camera to make controlling them a snap. So much easier than going through the on-camera interface, but that does work when needed.

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  • By Kindle Customer

    July 8, 2017

    This flash, considering the price, is amazingly good. As a long time Nikon speedlight user (though I think they peaked at the SB800 and are going downhill since) I expected a piece of junk, frankly, but since it was RF compatible with the YN622N-TX, i figured I would try it. On the bad side it is really large, the documentation is typical Yongnuo (i.e. bad), and the head does not give a very clear indication when level vs slightly depressed. But on the good side it is powerful (I'd guess a bit below an SB800, but not much), recycles very fast, has all the features I needed, and so far has worked flawlessly. It also has a very nice "lock" position for the on/off switch that keeps you from accidentally changing settings while repositioning it (I wish the YN622N's had that actually). I use it primarily for off-camera flash, where the size is perhaps even an advantage. It is usable on-camera, but a bit bulky (not so much heavy as just large). I have also tested it in high speed sync (i.e. FP sync in Nikon terms) and it worked nicely up to 8000th, on and off camera. Some test shots against an SB800 showed similarly even spread of light, no hot/dark spots. Considering the price of a new Nikon RF enabled flass (and worst the RF controller for their pro cameras) this is a real bargain.

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  • By inomorethanu

    June 14, 2017

    This is one of the best over two overpriced Canon 600EX-RT flashes with ventured of ATG and Yongnuo. You loved Canon's, you must have two 600EX-RT, just to get AF. And it may not be compatible with 5D Mark II and lower models. So why throw out $1,200.00? You needs just one YN-685: One camera: ETTL II in 1st, 2nd and HSS Off camera, if you already have just one ATG/Yongnuo radio transceiver: AF, radio 1st, 2nd and HSS. If you already have YN600EX-RT, then just get another YN600EX-RT. still a lot less than buying Canon 600EX-RT. Only ATG Gold YN Kim III Flash comes in Canon, Nikon or Sony. At the moment, ATG has pre-order backed up for over 6 months on Nikon & Sony. ATG has hurt sales of Canon 600EX-RT, Nikon SB-910 & Sony HVL-F60M flashes.

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  • By sampleaccurate

    June 10, 2017

    Amazing. I do NOT understand the comments about the radio having "limited functionality". EVERYTHING works. I'm using this with a YN-622C-TX on my Canon 6D and can control everything from the camera. I've tested regular flash, rear curtain sync, multi, e-ttl-II with automatic tracking of the focal length of the flash to match the lens, High Speed Sync, etc. It all works. I see no need for an external radio. HSS allows a 1/4000th (on the 6D) shutter speed and it's ideal for stopping action indoors like children who never stop moving. With a normal flash a lot of ambient light gets in because the shutter must be slowed down to less than 1/250th to sync with the flash (depending on the camera) and this light blurs the photo if your subject is moving fast. You end up with a sharp flash photo with a blurry ghost. Very ugly and disappointing, until now! For less than the cost of one Canon Speedlite I got 3 of these plus the transmitter. It also looks well built. It DID take some trial and error to get it working but it was MUCH less painful than I thought it would be to get to work. I'm no flash expert. The manuals aren't the greatest, but I'm sending back the separate transceivers I bought and using the radios inside the flash, again, with full e-ttl, rear curtain sync, multi, HSS, etc. using an inexpensive YN-622C-TX on my 6D. I've been wanting HSS for a long time and for the price it can't be beat.

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  • By Adam R.

    May 11, 2017

    So far so good. Picked this up to go with my 622C-TX controller and it required minimal brain cell usage to get them to link up and start firing. Controls work as you would expect both in the camera menus (80D) and on the 622C-TX controls directly. It's obvious in hand that it isn't a major name brand, and the feel isn't up to par with my older Canon 580 EX II, but for 1/5th of the price, and radio (not optical) wireless control, I'm most definitely NOT complaining. The stand that comes with is is plastic, not metal, so time will tell if that affects longevity of that piece. Speaking of the mounting bits, the quick release mounting is nice. I'm used to the same from my Canon, and this one does have a little more play in it, but not enough that I'm too worried. If I were a pro and making a living from my equipment, I would spring for the real deal (already did it once with the 580 and certainly don't regret it... and I had two shoots that more or less paid for it at the time) but for weekend warrior and enthusiast work, this seems to be a fantastic option.

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  • By Rob Parrish

    April 17, 2017

    Just got this a couple of days ago and I'm pretty darn pumped. I have a Canon 600XR-RT at work - which is a fine, fine flash - at a fine, fine price. I now have six Yongnuo flashes - 3 560s, 2-468 and this one. The 560s are not TTL - the others are. This flash's radio trigger won't trip any of the others that I have of course, but they are all infrared triggered in Slave mode. So - although this is a good base flash for building on with newer units having radio triggers, I can still use it as a primary main light flashgun, off camera triggered by my Pocket wizards- and have it trigger a fill flash, backlight and hair light YN flash on stands with umbrellas all for less than half the price of one of my Alien Bee studio strobes. Basically for $400 I have a five light mobile studio. The light quality is consistent and I seldom have misfires. Five stars for being a pretty darn good copy of a high end Canon flash that, if (and when) it gets knocked over, I don't feel the need to jump off the roof. I've taken 2 - 3 pretty good drops on the 560s and they still keep coming up working. All in all, I'm a Yongnuo fan.

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  • By TT

    April 7, 2017

    Great buy, given the price and feature set of this unit. I've had few of these Yongnuo Speed Lights since they came to market and most have endured the professional use (I'm a wedding photographer) for many years. Recently, one of my 685 I bought back in summer of 2016 and 580III I bought just a few months ago started malfunctioning. I learned that it pays to buy these units from a reputable and customer service oriented reseller as Yongnuo only services warranty for units purchased directly from them and refer to the resellers if you purchased elsewhere. I had purchased the 685 from FotoPal and the 580 III from 'Value-Added Products' The former responded within a day; whereas, the latter never bothered to respond at all. Long story short, I received the replacement unit from FotoPal yesterday. Amazon had to credit me back for the 580 III as 'Value-Added Products' never gave a hoot.

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  • By LamontLC

    April 3, 2017

    Just got this flash in the mail yesterday. I love it! Well made, huge sensor in the front, Took me a few minutes to get used to the settings. I own two Yn-560-II speedlites, and the settings are a bit different. I wanted a bit more output power, and for the money, this flash is it. I read the reviews complaining that is it not an optical slave, but it works fine me because I can use my YN622C-TX to fire it as a stand alone in wireless mode, or attach it to a YN622-C receiver, and use as a main flash along with my YN560s as slaves. Either way, I can always use my YN560s for slaves if needed. I am more interested in using the speedlites off camera. The only time I use them on camera is with a bracket when I'm shooting runway or something. This flash also includes a over heating sensor. The instructions warn that if you fire it at full power for too long, to allow it to cool down for 5 minutes before continued shooting. It also has a flash compensation settings up to 3+, so you can play around with the output settings. I plan to purchase another YN685 very soon. Yes, it would be nice if it worked as a master and slave, but if you have a trigger, and other speedlites with slave mode, it works just as well. I shoot in both ETTL and manual, and do a lot of model and glamour work, and regardless which modes I'm working with, I just make in camera adjustments to compensate. So the fact that is not an optical slave does not bother me at all. I'm a long time Canon pro, and very happy with the Yongnuo flashes. I haven't used Canon flashes in years, and do not plan to go back, even if I could afford them. I hope this helps.

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  • By baton

    March 28, 2017

    I have no reason to not give this offering 5 stars. I tried my hand at some product photography and needed a third light to control from my YN622n tx. I have an SB 800 and a YN568EX on 2 YN622 tx. The transceiver for this flash is built in. Unlike my other Yongnuo flashes the menu system seems intuitive on this model. The mounting slide and lock is a great addition too! Using a shoot through umbrella, the built in radio transceiver allows a more central placement of the light. The flash appears to work really well without the use of modifiers too.

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  • By wes

    March 17, 2017

    I bought this as part of a pair plus a remote controller. I am impressed in,the features and the easy of use after,working throught the options once or twice. Th seq becomes intuitive - For remote control from the camera,the receivers are built in the flash. WOW See all the different options supported for remote firing flash in detailed specs. All,Other manf Flashes I have seen can be used remote and set to other groups or the same. Support,questions get timley answered by. Email. Support from US dealer said that ships for Amazon orders,also respond in timely fashion without any circle,dances. Last and not least -high speed sync and remote,TTL Yes I recommend to others

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  • By Paul

    March 16, 2017

    Great, inexpensive flash that does TTL and HSS on-camera, and the same off-camera triggered with another YN685 flash unit or the YN-622C-TX controller. The power output (brightness) is about the same compared to Canon's flagship flashes. As with all Yongnuo products, the quality control sucks which means your flash could be dead on arrival or show some weird errors when you test it thoroughly. In my experience the Yongnuo flash products tend to either die during their first few uses or last for a long time. So I always bring a backup, but never had any of the flashes die on me during a shoot (except for a trigger once). To understand compatibility (in a nutshell), Yongnuo has three systems of radio flash triggers: 1. The RF-602 / RF-603 / RF-605 / YN560-TX triggers 2. The Canon-cloned YN-E3-RT which only works with the 600EX-RT line 3. The YN622 / YN622-TX The YN685 flash can be triggered with the YN622 / YN622-TX. With this trigger system it can do TTL and HSS. The power and zoom settings can be adjusted with the YN622-TX unit. This is the preferred combination for this product. The YN685 can also be triggered by the RF-603 / RF-605 / YN560-TX. With the YN560-TX you can adjust power and zoom of the flash. It can not do TTL and HSS as the YN560-TX is a manual trigger. The YN685 can not receive signals from both systems (603 / 622) simultaneously although there is a function that suggests otherwise. At least with my model it does not work. The YN685 needs to be set to either the 603 or 622 system. The YN685 does not work with the YN-E3-RT system at all.

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  • By D***G

    March 11, 2017

    This YN flagship flash is large but surprisingly lightweight. You can read about all its impressive features from description so I will chime in on its deficiencies. There are very few. Bounce card may come out loose if pulled slightly unevenly, a common issue with YN flashes. I own 4 different models. A truly annoying issue is that the battery capacity gauge shows half depleted as soon as you insert new set. Luckily this is not true. A good set of NiMh rechargeables will last you 600-800 shots on an average wedding, possibly more. So don't pay much attention to it. Head rotation is too tight for my taste. Few more tips: communication with my Eos MkII and 6D is excellent; it doesn't seem to have any adverse RF interference on Pocket Wizard transceivers; recycling time is very fast; knobs and controls are large and comfortable; price... I hope YN doesn't take my review to heart, they may decide to raise it. I haven't bought a genuine Canon flash in many years after discovering YN. I went through all Canon models from 550 to 580 exII. All but 430 burned or severely malfunctioned. Granted, I am a heavy professional user but YNs are no less reliable mechanically. They are not as polished and perfected but very good nevertheless. With their features and price they put Canon to shame. To finish, just one word of caution. YNs tend to overheat in hot summer shoots as easily as Nikon flashes. I am yet to try this one next summer in Florida. For this reason I usually keep my little 430 exII nearby on outside shoots but so far haven't had overheating issue.

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  • By James D. Kountz

    March 7, 2017

    I just got two of these in the mail today so Ive only a limited amount of time with them. However I can already tell you that they are absolutely amazing! The build quality is a step up from previous Yongnuo not that it was bad before, these just seem better. The LCD screen is a real pleasure to use and easy to see. A couple of small but nice features is the lever lock instead of the usual "thumb wheel" to lock the flash on a camera or stand. I have always had a problem with those wheels trying to get my fingers in there to tighten or loosen the flash. The lever is quick easy and holds tight. The next thing is the "jog wheel" instead of the usual buttons to scroll through parameters. MUCH quicker and again, just seems easier for me anyway. The color temp seems to be spot on and the amount of control you have with a YN622TX is just perfect. So easy even a caveman can do it! The flash overall is just a really well made, well thought out product. You can trigger this flash with a 622, 622TX, 560TX or a 603. Now the drawback here is each trigger offers different levels of control. With the 622 you get it all! HHS, Zoom, flash power, grouping etc. With a 560TX you can do it all BUT HSS. With the 603 you can only trigger the flash itself. In other words, if the TRIGGER can or cant do it, then you can or cant do it with this flash. Make sense? Clear as mud? Obviously the best setup is going to be with a nice 622TX. That being said however, if you have a standard 622C trigger it will still perform the same functions, you just have to use the control in your camera menu to do it. (Assuming you have a Canon DSLR made after 2007) Heck some people even prefer that. Me, I LOVE having the controls right on top of the low profile 622TX. I cant wait to really put these puppies through their paces, its going to be sweet having all this control PLUS the added benefit of HSS when I need it. For $116 you cant go wrong, Im already ordering two more as soon as I sell my old stuff!

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  • By Michael Ashcraft

    March 3, 2017

    The build quality is really great on this. It feels almost as good as some of the high end canon gear. It dosn't have an angle lock button like the canon ones but there is no chance its going to shift around. I tried out HSS at 1/8000 of a second on my 7d and it works great. No issues at with the flash talking back and forth to the camera for flash settings. The locking quick release is way better than the cheap locking rings that are on most flashes. The AF assist does a good job helping the camera focus in low light situations. Cant wait to use this with the YN-622C-TX.

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  • By Joseph H.

    February 21, 2017

    I'ved owned 3 other yongnuo Flashes, this is by far the best. The flash mount system has been dramatically improved over the plastic twist on version. it has a canon/like click mount system that is way more secure . also it receives wireless transmission from the yongnuo 622-c transceiver without any additional hardware. this is the most reliable/cheap/professional off camera flash setup for Canon. Speaking as a professional wedding photographer, the last 2 models had difficulties with batteries moving and the flash cutting off (after extended use) and the flash mount not working (after extended use). this model solves all of that and gives you a price point that's 66% less than cannon's. Canon's flashes will always be superior in build quality and endurance but when you can buy 3 of these for the price of 1 canon then you know the way to go.

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  • By Denielle

    February 9, 2017

    I love the flash, it works amazing and is very smooth. Quick to recharge as well. Very sturdy. Sadly, the slave only works with remote transmitters. The actual slave function itself does not work with camera flashes, only YN flash to flash slave. You will need another flash or a transmitter in order to shoot with the flash off camera and wireless. Other than that, the camera itself works amazing and I definitely recommend it. Also, just FYI, it does NOT work with Pocketwizard TT1 and TT5. It will but you cannot secure the flash onto the wizards as the flash will just keep firing over and over without you triggering it.

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  • By Jim Conner

    September 7, 2016

    Here is the Yongnuo YN685 review and a short comparison will be coming to Canon's flagship model, the 600EX II-RT. Canon's Speedlite 600EX II-RT is currently selling on Amazon for $479. Yongnuo's YN685 is currently $101. So, for the price you can get 4 YN685's for the price of one 600EX II-RT. On it's own, the YN685 is not a bad flash. I forked over $200 bucks to pick up a few of these YN685's and compare them to my 600EX II-RT. Upon opening the box I was impressed with the build quality of the unit. A few test shots and all seems to be working great. I really like the locking metal foot. It feels solid. The overall build quality feels good too. It's a poly-carbonate shell and seems like it will take a beating. The head moves smoothly and the range of movement is impressive. The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries and there is an option to plug in an external pack. I am using it with my Quantum Turbo 3, to give it a little bump in the recycle time and extend the use. Recycle time at full power is a bit more than 3 seconds on fresh AA batteries. I already had the YONGNUO YN-622C-TX E-TTL Wireless Flash Controller and that is compatible with the YN685 allowing control and wireless function of the flash. With the master slave setup I am also able to control my other flashes in groups and channels. In the end, the Yongnuo YN685 was not as powerfull as Canon's flagship model, the 600EX II-RT. The 600ex-RT was about 1-stop hotter than the YN685 at full power.

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  • By Gabe

    May 18, 2016

    If youre looking for a reliable ETTL flash this is the one. I am very pleased with this flash, very reliable, shoots 100% of the time with no problems. The only problems I have with this flash is: 1. The size - its extremely big, bigger than any flash I have seen. But keeping in mind that it is ETTL and has wireless receiver capability theres probably a reason for it. 2. The smell - Yongnuo states the burning smell is "normal" but I still feel that somehow theres something wrong. But so far no overheating or hotspots on the device. 3. the look - honestly it looks a little cheap, especially compared to their other products (i.e. YN560 III). This flash also works with the TX560, of course without the ETTL. I havent had a problem with the battery drain especially during standby mode (which I turned off)

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  • By Robert T. Snyder

    April 26, 2016

    I'm replacing a sigma flash I bought for 200 in 2012. It has always been flaky and it would not work on my new canon 80D. Since I had the yongnuo radio triggers (622), I went for this flash that had the radio built in. First I have to say the build quality is far and away better than my sigma I paid almost double for 4 years ago. This flash works on camera through my initial tests and also works off camera using the radio triggers...since my old sigma flash works through the radio triggers also this gives me two off camera flashes!! I have one complaint and that is the focus assist light does not come on at all. The nice thing about this flash is that you can update the firmware if you own the radio trigger receiver. so I'm not too worried about the assist light as I"m sure they will fix it soon.

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