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Mouse sem fio 2.4GHz

Mouse sem fio 2.4GHz

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2.4 GHz Wireless Optical caneta Mouse ajustável 500 / 1000DPI para PC Android azul

inovador estilo caneta mini rato fornece precisão e fácil controle do cursor do mouse.
2.4GHz sem fio conexão, até a distância de operação de 10m.
ajustável 500/1000 DPI sensor óptico para controle de movimento suave. economia de energia
: se não há nenhum sinal de 2,4 GHz, ele irá desligar automaticamente.
caneta em forma de, especialmente adequado para entrada de manuscrito.
Real Plug e Play, nenhum driver extra necessário. função de alarme de baixa tensão
, lembra que substitua a bateria em tempo.
projetado com uma roda para página transformando durante apresentação PPT.

cor: preto + azul
rastreamento sistema: óptica
freqüência de operação: 2.4GHz ~ 2,483 GHz
distância de operação: até 10 metros, 360°
resolução ajustável: 500/1000cpi
operacional corrente: 15mA
exigência de sistema: para Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS, Android OS (com interface USB padrão)
tipo de bateria: 1 *
pilha AAA (não incluídas) tamanho do Item : aprox. 14 * 2.3 * 1,5 cm / 5.5 * 0.9 * 0,6 em
tamanho do pacote: 18 * 12 * 4,5 cm / 7.1 * 4.7 * 1,8 em
peso do pacote: 96g/3,4 oz

pacote incluído:
1 * caneta Mouse
1 * USB 2.4GHz receptor
1 * montar


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  • By Chuck McB

    December 27, 2017

    Like many have said, the mouse is a bit unusual and you need to play with it a while. But, it seems to work fine. Be advised there are NO instructions what so ever, at least my box came without any, so it's a matter of experimentation to figure out what the various buttons do, and how they relate to a standard mouse. I bought this in hopes of using it with MS "Paint", for photo editing since control of a standard mouse is VERY tough in that program. While fine control is a lot better (certainly an improvement well worth the small cost of the pen,~ $16), I will either need more practice, and/or experiment to find the best surface to use it on. Again, in these regards, some instructions would have been very useful!

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  • By tykycat

    December 22, 2017

    I am very happy with the wireless pen mouse overall. It's not difficult to use, but it does take a lot of getting used to, and I don't know if I'll ever master the "right click," which is inconveniently located on the left side where I naturally place my thumb. Setup was very easy and quick....simply plugging a cordless drive into my computer and flipping a switch on the pen mouse. After only 3 days of use, it has already reduced my repetitive use pain tremendously, which is the reason I purchased it. Like other reviewers, I am switching back and forth now between this pen mouse and my regular mouse throughout my work day, depending on the task. I was worried about the varied reviews, but for my needs and my purpose of having to change something to alleviate pain, I am very pleased with this purchase.

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  • By P. McClung

    December 15, 2017

    This works just great! I am a designer and have wanted to get a Wacom tablet for the times when I need to draw lines in Illustrator or InDesign but the prices have kept me from diving in. But this is a great (and MUCH cheaper) alternative! I also use my mouse a LOT and this gives my hand a rest and a different grip. I haven't had it long but so far I am loving it as a good alternative to the mouse. It is easy to use, very intuitive and the buttons are positioned in good places for use but not so I am clicking anything accidentally. The only little drawback I see is keeping track of the little USB that you plug into the computer - it's pretty small and there is no way to store it on the pen when you aren't using it so it will be easy to lose it if I'm not careful. But the pen works great, tracks well and the scroll button is wonderful. I very much recommend it, I will probably buy another one for work now that I know how much I like it - at the price you can't beat it!

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  • By Fabio V.

    November 14, 2017

    premesso che all'inizio ci si deve prendere la mano in quanto la posizione molto diversa della rispetto a quella a cui siamo abituati con il mouse ci impedisce di lavorare in scioltezza. E' più grande di una penna e si deve fare l'abitudine alla posizione dei tasti ma superato lo sconcerto iniziale diventa una valida alternativa al mouse anche per riposare un po' la mano. Il PC l'ha riconosciuto immediatamente e la penna è ben realizzata. Naturalmente no è adatto a lavori di estrema precisione, in particolare l'ho trovato utile per consultare internet e per scorrere molte pagine in quanto lo scroll funziona molto bene. Le 4 stelle solo per il consumo elevato della batteria (ministilo AAA) se scordate di spegnerlo se la succhia rapidamente!

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  • By 例:アマゾン太郎

    September 27, 2017

    人差し指のボタンが左クリック 親指のボタンが右クリック ホイールの上はDPI変更ボタンです。 物はシンプルで非常に良いと思います。 故に惜しいのです。 例えばこれを買う人は多分省スペースを求めていると思います。 ノートパソコンなどでのプレゼンのように。 なのでやはり現在主流のマウスについている前ページ、次ページ、ホイールクリックあたりはついていた方がより良いと思います。 ちなみにセンサーのリフトオフディスタンスは非常に長いので、あまりにも省スペースで使用を考えている場合は、思ったポインティングはできないと思ってください。 私はblenderというソフトのスケッチ機能で、マウスよりデッサンしやすいかと思って買ってみましたが、ホールクリック機能の無さが本当に惜しく感じてしまいました。 もし興味がある方はそれらを踏まえた上で購入しましょう。 (勝手に改善案。もうすこしエルゴノミクスデザイン、DPI変更スイッチはもっと上で選択スイッチ式に。ホイールをクリック式に、人差し指の延長線上にススム、戻るボタン追加。人差し指のボタンを垂直から斜めに変更。{指を斜めに曲げるのはきついため}これがされたら確実に買う)

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  • By M H Burns

    June 21, 2017

    I got this to replace my regular mouse to help with ulna nerve pain. It keeps my arm at a better position than using a mouse, as I use a pad on my lap to move the mouse on. I like the way it feels in my hand, not too big (I have small hands), the buttons are at good positions for me. The only thing I don't like, which applies to all pen type mice and not just this one, is that when pushing the left click button, the pointer almost always move due to pressure I put on the button. It takes sometime to get used to, and I had some hand strain from using it. I use it for my office computer, and I use the computer for general office type work (writing reports, Excel, email, etc), nothing too intense. It serves the purpose for me. The little stand is pretty useful, especially if you don't want to be blinded by the optical light every time you put it down.

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  • By NY rat

    June 14, 2017

    bought it along with a track pad so I can switch at work between devices as my hand/wrist were getting sore from using regular mouse all day. I have been using it for about a month now and still it is a challenge to use a thumb to right click on things (as the button is right where your thumb is when you hold this mouse). So I got into a habit of using more keyboard shortcuts like ctrl/x to cut or ctrl/a to select all, or to hold shift and then tap at the end of the area I want to select etc I also had to change my settings on the computer so it only takes one click to have things open...this helped a lot as the left button of the mouse(right index finger push) takes a bit to get used to so I don't have to click it twice...just once. But overall, this is a big help if you trying to save your hands/wrists. I like using it and the more you use it, the better you'll get at it. It did take forever to arrive! Plus, it didn't arrive by the date indicated and I had to write to them to find out what's up. It arrived 2-3 days later than indicated. Took almost a month after ordering to get it but it's worth it.

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  • By Mauro C.

    June 6, 2017

    Richiede adattamento anche a chi non ha perso l'uso della penna per scrivere...: l'uso è intuitivo, ma le forze applicate no. Si tiene come una penna, ma la pressione dei tasti lo fa spostare di qualche millimetro e quindi può non prendere un comando (come quando si clicca sul mouse, ma inavvertitamente lo si sposta), quindi la soluzione migliore è quella di puntare bene sul supporto prima di cliccare. Adatto anche ai mancini: il tasto sinistro del mouse classico corrisponde a quello sul dorso del pen mouse (e si aziona comodamente con l'indice così come la rotella di scroll), mentre il tasto destro corrisponde a quello sul lato sinistro: i destrimani lo azionano col pollice, i mancini lo fanno col medio senza difficoltà. La qualità percepita non è altissima, ma funziona e costa poco. Non uso programmi grafici sul PC perciò non posso giudicarne l'uso. Resta da vedere la durata della batteria (una AAA non inclusa). Comoda la possibilità di usarlo anche lasciandolo inserito nella sua base trasparente.

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  • By Akit

    April 27, 2017

    I purchased for my wife, an interior and graphic designer. She loves it, and it has completely replaced the use of a mouse for her. It seems that it can be used in a very precise way. The pen design, not specific to this item but to all of the other pen mice, seems more ergonomic and intuitive to her. I on the other hand, am unable to get used to it; I've lost all plasticity it seems. We also work from occasionally, side by side; when she puts the pen down, sometimes the red light shines in my eye. Silly, I know... But she is happy with it.

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  • By Anne/Jessie Basham

    April 18, 2017

    It works, put a battery in it and all the buttons work. In glove sizes I have a small hand and sometimes this feels too thick as it sits between my thumb and the side of my palm which may be good for someone with a large hand. It reads better on a textures surface rather than a smooth surface so running it over fabric like your pants is better than just the top of a desk. If you want to try drawing or writing on a computer this would be a fun way to start, overall the only negative I see with this product is that there is no where to put the usb plug in so you have to be attentive to not losing that tiny little thing.

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  • By James4765

    March 31, 2017

    I've tried nearly every other type of input device including the Apple trackpad, the Logitech trackball, the Logitech marble mouse, the LugaLake Vertical Mouse, and the basics wireless mouse. This is the only one that helps my carpal tunnel syndrome. The pen mouse feels cheap but is actually very durable. I have knocked mine onto the floor repeatedly and it still works great. The only drawback is that it takes a while to get comfortable with the mouse buttons, particularly the right mouse button. The pen mouse has a tendency to move when you click a button. I strongly recommend that for stability you use the pen mouse only with its base. In fact I have super-glued the pen to its base so it won't fall off. I would also recommend holding down the base whenever you click the left mouse button. And I would suggest bracing the pen against the palm of your hand when you click the right mouse button. This becomes second nature after a few days.

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  • By E. Rose

    March 7, 2017

    I love using this optical pen mouse! It's only moderately okay for hand-written notes or drawing, but it's an excellent mouse. I like the feel of it much better than a regular mouse. I don't need to use a mouse pad. I use it with the little stand and haven't had any trouble. I've been using it for a few months now. I have already had to change the battery once, but that's the fault of the cheap battery and probably because I leave the mouse on all the time. It does shut itself off when left alone for too long, but a quick tap wakes it back up. No problems!

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  • By Skin T.

    January 17, 2017

    I Never knew that using a computer could be THIS EASY!! Using a mouse, it seems like the cursor is an extension of your hand. By Using this pen-mouse, makes it seem like an extension of your mind. At first, using the TOMTOP PEN-MOUSE was kind of weird, I had never used anything but a mouse to control my computer, but in about 5 minutes, I was rocking this thing like i was a pro! Its so sweet, that even playing video games is WAY EASIER!! It only takes a flick of the wrist to do anything now. I don't know why these aren't standard equipment on ALL computers!! Using a mouse seems bulky and awkward now. the pen-mouse itself is built surprisingly sturdy, considering how many times Ive dropped it off the table, but it still works perfectly. the fact that it only uses one battery, is awesome, because it seemed like I was going through tons of batteries using a wireless mouse. using the scroll wheel, I thought would be hard, but it fits my hand perfectly!! When i first got it, i thought that the buttons were going to be toast in no time, but they built this thing REALLY TOUGH!! the DPI button, makes the cursor move a little bit, or a lot, with just a little movement, and that's a plus! I never knew WHAT that button did on my old mouses. My brothers a game designer, and he told me the only difference between this pen-mouse and a professional pen-mouse, is the ability to push down on the tip, to make shading darker, but other than that it does everything the pro ones do, and just as good!! If I had a complaint, it would be that I knock it over all the time, but that's more my fault than its fault. It even comes with a stand, that makes it stand up when your not using it, but I use it to help me hold it at just the right angle,to be the most efficient, when playing games and stuff where speed is important. ABOUT THE SHIPPING: I don't know who actually did the shipping but when I first ordered it, my order got messed up some how, and the company went out of there way to help me, and made sure I got my package. I just thought that was worth mentioning. All in All I would give this Pen-mouse a perfect 10!

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  • By Gimun

    January 16, 2017

    un prodotto che mi ha stupito, per la funzionalità, per l'ergonomia, e per come permette al suo utilizzatore di interagire in modo più "naturale" riscoprendone l'impostazione "grafica" simulando l'utilizzo di una penna..... effettivamente ci vuole un po' di pazienza per adattarsi a questo strumento sebbene a livello personale l'adattamento è stato molto veloce, testata con software 3D fa il suo dovere sebbene non possieda driver e non si possano personalizzare i tasti, limite che personalmente non sento! la sensibilità e il cambio di Dpi per il puntamento sono sufficientemente precisi come lo scroll , resta da vederne la durata e la precisione nell'utilizzo e nel tempo .... per ultimo: i materiali al primo impatto sono piacevoli ma sicuramente ad un occhio raffinato posso sembrare passabili, confrontandoli con il costo dello strumento posso tranquillamente dire che il prodotto supera le mie aspettative!...... 5 stelle meritate per l'idea, la funzionalità e naturalmente il prezzo estremamente competitivo! prodotto che consiglio sicuramente di provare .

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  • By I***b

    January 11, 2017

    I bought this looking for an easier way to scroll through PowerPoint presentations. I could have used a clicker or a mousewheel, but either option is awkward to hold for long periods of time. This pen mouse is feels natural to hold and I can scan PowerPoints very quickly with the mousewheel. As an added bonus, I can easily store this mouse in a flat container. It meets my expectations, but there are a few usability issues that prevent it from becoming a full mouse replacement: * The direction the mouse pointer moves is dependent on how you hold the mouse. While this isn't a problem for traditional mice, the pen must be held in a very specific position to use normally. Ultimately, this mouse lacks the precision of traditional mice. * The included dongle cannot be mounted on the mouse itself. If you leave the dongle plugged into your device there's no issue, but otherwise you have to consider where to store the dongle. * The on/off switch is on the underside of the mouse. While this means you cannot turn the mouse off accidentally, turning it off manually requires a slight but targeted effort. If you turn your mouse on and off frequently to conserve battery life like I do, it is just a little frustrating.

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  • By Bryan W

    January 11, 2017

    This thing is great. There is a little bit of a learning process but once you get used to it it becomes very natural and comfortable. It is very fun to use and you can use it on just about anything. It is also very accurate, I use it frequently with architectural software as well as photoshop and illustrator. The pen tip has flat edges which I use to make a rolling motion instead of sliding when extreme accuracy is needed. This technique makes this devise much more accurate and responsive to micro movements than a traditional optical mouse. My only complaint is that I would like it to have a bit more weight and to be more sturdy. Perhaps if they used metal instead of flimsy plastic it would solve the problem. I still gave it 5 stars because at only just above $10 it is well worth it. The battery life is also surprisingly good considering it only uses a single AAA.

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  • By Leo Allen

    January 9, 2017

    This is one of those "not necessarily needed, but cool to have" tech gadgets. I find that it's most useful when you're in a situation where there is little desk space available. I use it with my Chromebook, especially in those types of cramped space situations. It's use takes a bit of getting used to, but not much. Set up is simple - add batteries, plug in the USB receiver, and you're ready to go! It's as responsive as a "regular" mouse and I've had no issues with it. I was first concerned with the plastic construction, but I have had no issues.

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  • By Kenneth Scott Davis

    January 7, 2017

    I had surgery on my right hand Friday. I ordered this Friday afternoon and received it Sunday (today) via Amazon Prime. It took all of three minutes to get it working. Pop in a 'AAA' battery, connect the USB dongle. Done! I'm dominate on my right hand, but I write left handed. For me, holding this in my left hand is really easy. Primary mouse button is a click with the index finger, and secondary mouse is a movement with my middle finger. It works simultaneously with my existing mouse. Nothing to disconnect. I don't know battery life yet, but who cares. I got a stack of rechargeable 'AAA'. For about $10.00, you really can't go wrong. I intend to order two more, 1 for work, 1 for home and 1 to put in my laptop case.

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  • By Raymond Chow

    January 3, 2017

    I give it a 5 because it lives up to the description. If you shake it, you can hear the buttons rattling, but it's not that big of a deal. The body of the mouse is pretty solid. The tail, which houses the battery seems pretty cheap, but again it's just the battery house. The cap is a tight fit so it's not like it's going to pop off easily and expose the battery. I'm not too sure how hard of a fall this mouse can take, but it seems sturdy enough to survive a desk height drop. The buttons and the wheel works fine. Distance-wise, I've only been able to test it for as far as 7~8ft but it works great (I don't see why anyone would be using a computer any further than that other than for presentations, which 7ft is reasonable enough). It's able to run on NEARLY every surface. I was absolutely amazed that I could use it on my blanket of all things. I could use it on my shirt, my hand, my bed sheets, but the one place I could not use it was a hard, mono-colored plastic board. I think it needs a multi-color surface to function properly. When I say it works on my blanket, I mean it works flawlessly picking up every detailed movement. Another good thing to note is that the tip of the mouse has a smooth coating which allows it to glide around on smooth surfaces easily, but note that you have to hold it at the right angle at all times to consistently be on the gliding coat. On the other hand, this second paragraph will be on the design. The first thing I noticed when I held this mouse was the on/off switch. When holding the mouse, the switch is right where your thumb meets your index finger. The switch isn't smooth either, it's rather rough; therefore, it continuously scratches against your skin. Of course it can be held a little closer to the tip to avoid this, but if you have big hands, I'd reconsider buying this. The left click is hard to press and it causes me to move the mouse in the downward direction when trying to click, which makes me miss my target. The right click requires you to move your thumb higher up on the mouse to click it, when compared to the left click, where the index finger is always on top of it. Finally, the only other complaint I have is that my left click button is crooked. It doesn't hinder it's function, but it just makes it look not-so-cool after all. Some final words and main things to consider: 1) It works fantastically! Plug and go as it says. 2) Design isn't that great, considering the button location and amount of force required to click. - If you have big hands, I don't recommend this mouse due to the on/off switch location. 3) I've used this on my Samsung TV, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 with no problems.

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  • By BLC.Salinas

    January 1, 2017

    I use it for my job to teach away from the computer and it works fine. It does take some getting used to and you need to get creative on where you put the pen while you are standing up but it does the job. It feels a little light but for the money it is better that a cliker that only moves the slides forward and back. This pen lets you change the power points from far away and pick something else. It is simple plug and play to make it work, I have a laptop that runs on Vista and it works just fine.

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