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FS-GT2B 2.4G 3CH Radio model Pilot nadajnik i odbiornik dla samochodów RC Łódź

FS-GT2B 2.4G 3CH Radio model Pilot nadajnik i odbiornik dla samochodów RC Łódź

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3CH pilot zdalnego sterowania dla samochodów i łodzi RC.
Współpracuje między 2.400GHz częstotliwościom 2.4835GHz, podzielonych na 160 pasmach fal.
Obejmuje ona całą szerokość pasma w zakresie pasma anteny.
Przyjmuje AFHDS (Automatic Frequency Hopping systemu Digital).
Wysoka czułość odbiorczy.
Super aktywne i pasywne funkcje anty-zacina.
Bardzo niskie zużycie energii i stabilną pracę.
Wbudowany w projektowaniu anteny w nadajniku.
Nadajnik jest zasilany przez akumulator litowo-jonowy 3.7V.

Kanały: 3
Typ Tryb: samochód / łódź
Zakres RF: 2.4-2.48GHz
Pasmo: 500kHz
Zespół muzyczny: 160
Moc RF: mniej niż 20dBm
System 2.4G: AFHDS
Typ Kod: GFSK
Wrażliwość: 1024
Ostrzeżenie o niskim poziomie napięcia: Tak (mniej niż 3.5V)
Dziwne: 90 stopni (L: 45, R: 45)
Zakres TH: 45 stopni (F: 30, B: 15)
Port Ładowarka: USB
Powered by: 1 * 3.7V Akumulator litowo-jonowy
Pojemność baterii: 800mAh
Tryb wyświetlania: Wskaźnik ledowy
Waga: 262 g / 9,2 uncji
Długość ANT: 2,6 cm / 1in
Rozmiar: około. 15,6 * 22,3 * 9.4cm / 6.1 * 8.7 * 3.7in
Kanały: 3
Model Typ: samochód / łódź
Częstotliwość: 2.4-2.48GHz
Pasmo: 500kHz
Zespół muzyczny: 160
System 2.4G; AFHDS
Typ Kod: GFSK
Wrażliwość: 1024
RF otrzymaniu czułość: -105dBm
Moc: 4.0-6.5V DC
Waga: 5g / 0,1 uncji
Długość ANT: 2,6 cm / 1in
Rozmiar: 3,5 * 2,2 * 1.2cm / 1.3 * 0.8 * 0.4in
Kolor: czarny
Certyfikat: CE, FCC
Wielkość paczki: 24 * 18 * 10.5cm / 9.4 * 7 * 4.1in
Waga paczki: 562g / 1.2lb

Lista rzeczy do spakowania:
1 * Przetwornik
1 * Odbiornik
1 * Uchwyt
1 * Kabel USB
1 * rurki anteny
1 * Kod dopasowanie linii
1 * Napęd CD


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  • By Brian Johnson

    December 30, 2017

    I ordered two of these to convert a couple of nitro cars to 2.4GHz. I chose this radio rather than the route of adding a fail safe to the existing AM radios. I am extremely pleased with the decision. The radio comes with a lithium battery that seems to last a very long time. I have only charged each one once and would guess I have between 4 and 6 hours of actual run time on them so far and do not require recharging. They use a standard USB charger I am never terribly far from a power source when they do require topping off. The transmitter feels light and cheap but performs quite well and the range is as far as I can practically see the car. I have not actually tested it to see how far it will go. The fail safe is easy to set up and works as it should. Nothing fancy. I have only two complaints about the system. 1. The third channel is a button type that has a preset home position. It runs the servo to home every time the system is turned on which happens to be the reverse gear on my Revo. I don't think you can reverse the third channel so I have to remember to shift into forward every time I turn the system on or it scoots backwards a couple of feet before I remember to shift gears. This is a bit annoying but not a huge deal and is a nonissue if you do not need three channels. 2. The rear cover on the transmitter has to lift up to power on/off or adjust the trims and there is no mechanism to grip the cover to do this. You need to use a fingernail under the cover to open it up. This is not difficult and all of my kids can do it easily, but it will, make things difficult if you like to flip the cover up while driving and make little trim adjustments as it does require both hands for a second. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade from AM to 2.4GHz for either nitro or electric applications.

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  • By Steven Housden

    December 20, 2017

    I got 2 of these over a year ago and you can see in the pics They are still as good as the day I got them. My son and I bash just about every weekend so thats a lot of play time on these. We wanted to replace the old AM radios with the eye poking 3ft antenna so I started researching..For the price this looked just right for us and I wasn't wrong. In over a year I have had no issues what so ever out of either set. They were super easy to install and they were already factory paired so we didnt have to do anything except charge the batteries and go. PROS: ▶ Pretty sturdy construction..we have dropped them a few times..nothing happened. ▶800 mAh Rechargeable battery ..That doesn't sound like much but I can't remember the last time I charged them. They last forever. ▶Charges easily on a usb port with provided cable....I plug ours into the PC...LED inside the lid to show the charge. ▶Very lightweight...easy for my 10 year old son to handle. ▶Throttle and steering trim works great. ▶Throttle and steering Rev switches in case you hook up the receiver backwards... ▶Easy install ▶ Flip up cover to keep from hitting your switches during use and to keep out the dirt..nice ▶Comes with everything you need to get going including a binding cable if you ever need it. CONS....▶When the battery did die there wasn't much of a warning...We thought the truck broke down...ended up just being a dead battery in the transmitter. The lights are under the lid so they are hard to see when it's closed. Maybe a small audible beep would be cool if it was getting to low. All in all I have had no regrets in buying 2 of these. I would recommend this as a great budget radio that will rid you of the dreaded Am radio's with the 50 foot whip antennas. I hope this review helps someone. Happy Shopping!!

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  • By Scott Sniff

    December 14, 2017

    I had to purchase a new transmitter in order to get rid of my throttle servo setup on my RC10 from 85 and upgrade to an ESC, since the industry doesn't make ESCs that are compatible with older radios. It's just a good thing that you can now get affordable systems like this, even though they're from China. The LED system is a little hokey, but everything works as it should, and comes with its own battery so, you just plug in to recharge! Not nearly the quality and nice feel of my old KO Propo system, but much more convenient!

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  • By Jon E Watte

    October 20, 2017

    The package contains a receiver, a pairing cable, the transmitter, a LiPo battery (that goes in the bottom) and a mini-USB cable for charging. There is also a LiPo safety flyer, and a mini-CD that my computer can't read. Looking at it with a scope, here's some additional information: Channel 1: Steering, from 1000 microseconds to 2000 microseconds Channel 2: Throttle, from 1150 microseconds to 1850 microseconds, centered on 1500 when the trigger is not pushed Channel 3: Low, or High; 1000 microseconds or 2000 microseconds, toggled by an almost-hidden button on the grip. Starts at 1000 microseconds. If it loses connection to the transmitter, the receiver outputs a 1750 microsecond pulse for throttle (half throttle) and outputs nothing on steering and toggle. The pulses are not output in parallel, but instead in sequence, followed by a short pause. The pulse rate is 60 Hz from leading-first-pulse to leading-first-pulse. Hopefully this helps someone who's looking for a little more detail.

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  • By DY

    October 19, 2017

    For the price you paid for, it's worth it. Don't need to buy batteries so that was freakin wonderful. Who cares if the kids you race against makes fun of you for the silly looking control.. All you do is tell them how dumb they are for buying double A batteries when all I need to do is plug it into their Mom's laptop to get juice. After that, you beat them up with the control, but I wouldn't recommend that the remote control is a bit light and plasticky. Anyhow, you pretty much get best bang for your buck on these puppies.

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  • By Aggiewrench

    October 11, 2017

    I am a complete RC newb and even I could make this work. I very randomly purchased nitro RC missing a few parts and a controller for $38. My kids and will enjoy getting running. I chose this controller based on cost and it's rechargeable battery. As I said I know nothing about RC cars, but binding the controller was very simple, as was setting the fail safe. We have yet to drive the car, so I withheld one star. This is a basic controller with decent basic features and it seems to be a fine starting point for a dollar conscious beginners.

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  • By t***z

    March 20, 2018

    Hat etwas länger gedauert aber China / Deutschland ist halt nicht um die Ecke. Produkte kamen unversehrt an und funktionieren gut. Preis ,Super...!

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  • By Adrian C

    October 17, 2017

    Would've been a 5 star but I feel the battery didn't last too long. But it's really good.

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  • By s***d

    December 23, 2015


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  • By w***x

    December 19, 2015

    Item as described.All aspects of transaction good.Would trade w/ again. 5 stars!

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  • By d***7

    November 6, 2015

    Good people skills backed by quality goods supplied very happy with seller

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  • By r***1

    October 3, 2015

    Great stuff thanks !

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  • By g***8

    September 30, 2015

    Recommended seller aaaa☺

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  • By r***d

    September 10, 2015

    FS 2.4GHz tr/rx arrived safely, Thanks

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  • By g***x

    September 7, 2015


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  • By i***l

    September 6, 2015


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  • By o***s

    July 29, 2015

    great product at a fantasic price thanks guys A+++++++++++++++++

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  • By g***e

    April 15, 2015

    Goodear thank you '','',,',,'

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  • By m***s

    December 18, 2014


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  • By f***e

    November 28, 2014

    very good service and quick ! thanks

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