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Oryginalny Wltoys F949 2.4G 3CH RC Samolot zabawek mocowanych Skrzydło samolotu na świeżym powietrzu (Wltoys F949 samolotu; 2.4G zewnątrz samolotu)

Oryginalny Wltoys F949 2.4G 3CH RC Samolot zabawek mocowanych Skrzydło samolotu na świeżym powietrzu (Wltoys F949 samolotu; 2.4G zewnątrz samolotu)

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-Hotel według prawdziwy samolot Cessna 182, fajny wygląd.
-Kombinacja 3 silniki bez rdzenia, silniejsze siły napędzającej
Materiał kompozytowy - EPP, wysoka elastyczność, Fantastyczny odzyskiwania i nie łatwo złamać! -Łatwa obsługa, odpowiednia dla początkujących i pośrednich lotu gry graczy
-Obowiązują podczas lotów wewnątrz i na zewnątrz, dłuższy dystans zdalnego sterowania. Latające zasięg do 200m! -Ster adjustble rozmiar woluminu, a można zrobić wszelkiego rodzaju trudne ruchy dokładnie, takie jak chodzenie do przodu, w górę/w dół, obrót lewo/prawo, dostrajanie, 360-stopnia rotacji, spirala moxement, pętli, itp.!

Nazwa marki: WLtoys
Tryb: F949 Rozpiętość skrzydeł: 500mm
Długość kadłuba: 393mm
Wysokość: 132mm
Czas lotu: około 25 minut
Czas ładowania: 40 ~ 60minutes! Częstotliwości: 2.4GHz! Nadajnik baterii: 6 * baterii AA (! nie obejmuje
Samolot baterii: 3.7V baterii LiPo 500mah
Liczba drivering silnika: 3 bez rdzenia połączenie silnika
Kontrolowanie odległości: 200m! Latające Waga: 58g
Dimention: 500 * 393 * 192mm(W*L*H) Suitble dla: wiek 14 +Wielkość opakowania: 55 * 22 * 12 cm / 21,7 * 8,7 * 4.7 w
Waga w opakowaniu: 766g/1,7 lb!

Uwaga: Nadajnik jest model 2 (lewa ręka przepustnicy)

Lista pakietu:
1 * Wltoys F949 samolot! 1 * 2,4 G nadajnik (
. Model 2
1 * 3.7V baterii LiPo 500mah 1 * zapasowe śmigła! 1 * ładowarka USB
1 * śrubokręt
1 * Instrukcja obsługi po angielsku! )
1 * 3.7V 500mah Li-Po Akku
1 * Ersatz Propeller 1 * USB-Ladegerät1 * Schraubendreher! 1 * englische Bedienungsanleitung
1 * 3.7V 500mah Li-Po Battery
1 * Spare propeller
1 * USB Charger
1 * Screwdriver
1 * English user manual

pytanie Odpowiedź

  • Q Where in the USA is this shipped from?

    By Donna March 27, 2018

    A Is New Jersey.

    Reply By Customer Service Center March 28, 2018

Pytania i odpowiedzi klientów


can we buy its parts?

  • It's a pretty dam cool aircraft

    By I'm aZoe on July 13, 2017


The directions say to plug into a computer or cell phone to charge the battery, can you just use a usb wall plug?

  • yes

    By Steve C. on March 1, 2018


Can u fly two of these planes at the same time?

  • Yes! I ordered two at once. both control flight controllers are set to each plane so one does not inter fear! Heck, I think One could order five and each would be on there own set frequency !

    By Olie on January 13, 2018


How high dose it go

  • The Control distance is 200m.

    By Irven on March 21, 2018


Does it come with every thing I need to fly is is this a brushless motor

  • My son was very disappointed with this! The parts did not fit together well.

    By Barbara Thompson on June 26, 2017


What's a slide slip?

  • It is an aerodynamic state where an aircraft is moving somewhat sideways as well as forward relative to the oncoming airflow or relative wind. In other words, for a conventional aircraft, the nose will be pointing in the opposite direction to the bank of the wing.

    By Frank on November 16, 2017


Is the plane made of sterofoam

  • Yes, the F949 is made of styrofoam as are 99.9% of the light aircraft RC market. Some manufacturers claim their product is made of Z-Foam, however, I have not seen any significant difference from standard styrofoam which has been around for decades. The F949 is a great beginner flyer.

    By R. E. Carr on November 2, 2017


Is this a good plane for an 11 year old boy beginner to fly

  • If he's at least a little experienced in rc, maybe. IF he's not I would probably just go with a 2 channel rc plane, this is a 3 channel which makes it a little harder to fly

    By Customer on February 22, 2018


Can a buddy cord be used for learning with the controller?

  • Yes a buddy cord be used for learning with the controller.

    By Napoleon on July 17, 2018


What are the dimensions, and is it ready to fly are do you assemble it yourself?

  • The wing spam is approximately 24” and you just have insert that landing gear into the slots and screw the wings. Very simple.

    By Jose Reyes on June 8, 2018



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  • By jay

    March 8, 2017

    I have to admit, I bought this item off Amazon. Took almost a month to get it so if you're in a hurry, spend the extra $10 and buy it here. As for the instructions, they ARE a joke. But, there's some decent You Tube videos and it really isn't that hard to figure out. I mean- it's a trainer. Also for the record, I am a rank amateur RC pilot. I have found being able to fly real planes is nooo help at all! But I have built and flown balsa gliders for years and have a pretty sound feeling for what keeps a plane in the air as far as trimming them goes so I made a few modifications to suit me before I ever flew it. Not really a good idea necessarily but, it worked out. That said, lets start item by item; The instructions. They ARE pitiful. Some sections are so poorly translated that they are completely unintelligible. Others are merely comical. Assembly is super simple. The wing tucks in the front and is held on by 1 screw in the back. The landing gear are simple wheels stuck on bits of wire. Only having grass to land on and that pretty rough, I opted to just leave them off and go for belly landings. Here was one modification I made. I had a piece of plastic shaped like a skid so I attached that on the bottom. Before I did that, I did some trim tests. I just took the plane outside and gave it some gentle tosses into the wind like it was a glider. It is somewhat nose heavy. I decided to move the battery from it's bottom compartment to inside under the wing farther back. I borrowed an idea that came with a used RC plane I had got some years back. (Then I didn't get around to trying to fly anything till this came along.) The previous owner had put some velcro on a shelf of the plane's inter and on the battery. It stayed put when you put it in! Well this plane has a little shelf back of and below the wing's leading edge. It sets about the middle of the fuselage so not too high. That made putting my skid on the bottom more practical since it helped balance the weight longitudinally and not being too top heavy either. These changes let the plane 'fly' (tossed to glide) pretty level. The plane tracked pretty straight out of the box. Trimming R or L was unnecessary. Another change I made was to switch from the screw holding the wing on to rubber bands. I kept dropping that tiny screw (my 60 year old and arthritic hands are not so dexterous as they once were.) and many trainers are rigged that way. Must be a reason... Anyhow, I just shoved a couple of bamboo grill skewers through and trimmed them off leaving about 5/8" out each side and got a couple rubber bands to hold the wing firmly. It's proved to work fine. The wing seemed just too flimsy. I covered the top surface with clear packing tape. That stiffened it up. I know I have added weight but, it has flown pretty fair for a rough first flight. Tall grass (hay field actually) has cushioned what might have been crashes. But, the one day I had a chance to try it, was windy and gusty. NOT good flying days especially for rookies with trainers! (me) In fact, I think the extra weight helped steady it. The transmitter. Seems pretty decent for what it was included with. Set up for 3 channel, I believe it is also used for a 4 channel A/C too. It has a little window showing a plane with function indicators. Adjust the throttle and the propeller blinks. Ok, that's easy enough. Move the left stick and the rudder shows to move. WAIT! That's not right though. Lateral movement of the left stick does not do anything on this plane. Right stick for and aft movement moves the elevator and left/right moves the rudder... only, the indicator on the transmitter show the ailerons moving. But, no ailerons on this plane. That's why I think this is other times a 4-5 channel control. Button on top (or front, as you will) left side switches plane from H/L. The right side of the control says "mode 2." The top/left- front button clicks and gives off with a beep, as if it is changing something, mode should be but, I cannot find a thing that has changed with it. There are trim controls for rudder, elevator and throttle. There is a fourth that beeps but other wise does nothing. I bought two additional batteries of the same rating and connectors. Handily, the charger that comes with the plane will charge two at once. Flight time was not normal under the conditions, had to pretty much use full throttle a lot but still got 10 minutes with the original battery and maybe 15 from the others I bought. Another thing I did. In moving the rudder control, I noticed the vertical stabilizer moved so that there was practically no rudder movement to one side. So I shoved another bamboo skewer down through the vertical stabilizer into the tail and that stiffened it enough to allow equal rudder movement. I had a gusty windy day not good for flying but, I had at it anyway. Managed one decent flight and my son one better. A few rough landings and tumbled out of the sky a few times. The plane took no damage at all though landing in tall hay probably helped. Even landed it in a cedar tree once. This plane is not frail and being foam will be easy to repair. Also, in spite of my inexperience, I only managed to stall it once. I eagerly await a calm day to try it out. All in all, a great plane for the price. I only give it 4 stars for the so called instructions. But, they really aren't necessary. I know this is long but, I had a lot to say about it. Sorry! 7-2-16 UPDATE One bad thing. The battery charger quit on me. But, since I want extra batteries, I just bought some the came with a charger. This new one will do up to 4 batteries at a time. I have had a blast with this thing. I've crashed it a lot and it is still primarily intact. The prop broke and yes, it is a little tough to get off but there are enough explanations in these reviews to make it simple I love to tinker with things and so I have done with this plane. I seem to have added weight where it didn't want to fly so I stuck a bigger prop on it and away we went. Works fine! Pics from left; 1 & 2. & 3.The prop shaft and gear seems to get loose enough to not stay fixed in one direction so I put some glue up under the motors taking much care not to glue the prop gear in place! 3. Note the down angle of the propeller shaft as indicated by the arrow. I believe that is the result of too many hard landings. See 4th pic from left. I positioned the prop shaft gear and filled the space beneath it with white glue as shown in the second image from left. Care was taken not to glue up the works! back to 3rd from left. 4. The tape is not just for decoration. I cut through the wing to make a hatch to facilitate battery changes. That weakened the wing so I cut out a piece of thin flashing aluminum that surrounds the cut out and extends to either side. Weight increase is a fraction of an ounce. 5. arrangement to hold the batteries in place. I stuck a piece of craft stick (wider version of a Popsicle stick) across and above the servos. Put velcro on the surfaces w/in the plane and reverse bits on the batteries themselves. I haven't had any problems with batteries coming adrift. 6. As described previously. 7. This image covers two things. One it shows the battery cover open and closed. Secondly, notice the front of the a/c (military abbreviation for "aircraft" for those who may not know). The left of the two shows the plane as it was. The propeller shaft had a tendency to shift position making the a/c hard to control consistently. The right of the two shows a piece of flashing metal I put on to keep the prop shaft aligned consistently. I did leave clearance so no drag occurs. The side holes are for ventilation. This also shows original prop on left, new larger prop on right. That calls to mind another relatively significant problem. The outer part of the propeller shaft broke off. Apparently, the metal center only extends part way through. There was enough remaining that, by slicing off part of the nose, about an 1/8", I was able to reattach the prop. It was later that I broke the prop. The larger replacement prop I bought (a second prop does come with the plane) did not match the shaft. I solved that problem by drilling into the head of a phillips head screw of sufficient size to go firmly on the shaft stub, and glued it in place with super glue. It has only come off once. The landing skid I had put on the belly I had to remove do to weight penalty. I mentioned it in my original above but, the reason I left off the landing gear is because I'm flying out of a hay field and all the gear did was flip the plane over. I bring it in, chop the throttle and let it settle into the grass. Works better that way. That about wraps it up. I've probably had more fun with this tinkering with it than flying it. The fact it is still flying is a testament to it's durability if naught else. Great plane. I am definitely getting more of these for my boys. I have another control I can link to so a couple can fly at one time. I most definitely recommend this plane to novice and experienced alike!

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  • By Reading Mama

    September 6, 2017

    I have crashed this forty or fifty times. The foam is very soft and forgiving and the only repairs I have made were one year after I purchased it, I put some Gorilla glue on the engine to plane body as it was not tight and the body was splitting in half up front. Considering the abuse this has taken it is great and it is a good trainer. If there is any wind at all, it is very difficult to fly, so you have to wait until there is no wind. Then it is possible to fly it. My kids have had problems flying it and so have I, you must have a really big area, it takes a hundred feet to turn, if you turn quicker you loose altitude and go in. There really isn't enough wing, if you figure out how to fly this, it will improve your skills for a tougher plane. This plane can be landed on its wheels and it will take off from its wheels. My battery went bad, and I had to purchase new ones, five for ten bucks. Many foam planes have a dry Styrofoam that breaks on impact, this is different and has not yet. I recommend it except for how hard it is to master.

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  • By dp84

    March 12, 2017

    If you are looking for a cheap tough trainer to learn to fly than this is your plane. I have been flying RC planes off and on for a few years now. I have to say that I'm impressed with this plane. Now that I am an adult, my father doesn't have work so many crazy hours to support the family. He knew that I had started this hobby and expressed that it was something he always wanted to learn. I bought this so my dad could have something for him to learn on. I tell you my father has crashed this plane hard like everyone does when they are just starting out and this plane is so light it only has a few scratches. The one thing I would warn new hobbyists about this plane is because it's so light that it is hard to handle in any gusty winds. It's easy to get caught in cross winds and loss control. Not to worry though, part of buying a plane like this one is to learn how to respond to those kinds of things so when you get your nice plane, you don't crash it. If you are looking for your first plane and don't want to spend a lot on something you will crash, then this is your plane. It won't hurt to buy and extra few lio batteries. The battery that comes with the plane lasts a good while for its class. Mine has been about 10mins of actual flight time. Oh another quick tip... Spend the 6 bucks to get extra props. Not that the ones that come with the plane are bad, but they do get damaged after a few crashes. Good luck! The

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  • By p***t

    March 10, 2017

    Very pleased with the long flight times, about 20-25 min. on an hour charge. I recommend purchasing an additional battery to make your trip to the field more fun. My plane's wingtip and horizontal stabilizer were bent when I received it, probably from settling while shipping, If you notice that your wings are curved also, use a hair dryer to gently heat the wing while straightening the foam, then hold it straight while it cools. Use your trim buttons on the transmitter to adjust the direction of flight. when trimmed right, It can fly hands off - It flies very well.

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  • By j. walker

    March 9, 2017

    This is the best plane to get if you are starting out in the RC plane hobby. The high wing design of the Cessna makes flight more stable and easier to control. The wings also have a lot of dihedral (upward bend, V shape) which also makes flight more stable and easier to control. The 500 mah LiPo battery lasts an average of 20-25 minutes, which is unheard of for planes! The motor is powerful and the plane can go pretty fast for how small and light it is. Its lightness makes it less likely to be damaged in the beginner's inevitable crashes, and the foam is very sturdy and can handle lots of crashes and spills without so much as a scratch. The 3 channel remote that comes with it has throttle control on the left stick and rudder and rudder and elevator control on the right stick, which is much easier for a beginner to handle than the 4 channel remote with aileron controls added to it. The remote is capable of digital trim and has a range of ~200 meters. For $47, you aren't going to find a better deal for a starter RC plane than this plane from this seller. The plane was shipped to me (US) in less than a week.

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  • By leslie

    March 7, 2017

    This product was described correctly by seller but still didn't realize how SMALL it was! I've been in radio all my life but quit for years and thought this would be a good start back not the hobby. I've flown it 2 times and it DEFINATELY is not for a beginner. Any significant wind blew it all over the sky and was a constant fight in 8 - 10 MPH wind. The controls operate perfect and has low and high rate throws but the plane is not very responsive but I have to try finding a NO WIND day and see how it does as it will glide very well.

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  • By palela hida

    February 1, 2017

    I have several children so over the years have purchased many toy airplanes. None were very good and most broke immediately. I bought this for my 12 year old grandson who loves planes. I also purchased insurance. This plan is absolutely fantastic. It runs for a very long time and is almost indestructible. We ran it into a tree and twice crashed on the ground before he got the hang of flying it. And to our great surprise, it survived without even a scratch. It is actually very easy to fly and we probably didn't even need the insurance. We really love, love, love this plane. It is a wonderful toy for any child who loves flying airplanes.

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  • By k***7

    May 28, 2016

    This is the best plane to get if you are starting out in the RC plane hobby. The high wing design of the Cessna makes flight more stable and easier to control. The wings also have a lot of dihedral (upward bend, V shape) which also makes flight more stable and easier to control. The 500 mah LiPo battery lasts an average of 20-25 minutes, which is unheard of for planes! The motor is powerful and the plane can go pretty fast for how small and light it is. Its lightness makes it less likely to be damaged in the beginner's inevitable crashes, and the foam is very sturdy and can handle lots of crashes and spills without so much as a scratch. The 3 channel remote that comes with it has throttle control on the left stick and rudder and rudder and elevator control on the right stick, which is much easier for a beginner to handle than the 4 channel remote with aileron controls added to it. The remote is capable of digital trim and has a range of ~200 meters. 

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  • By ingrid nahm

    March 19, 2017

    If you are thinking about buying this, you might want to buy two. I was very excited, but after awhile, the prop will come out of the styrfoam nosecone and it will never fly srtaight. Also, the wheels are very cheap, and are likely to fall out.Mine fell out after a while. Only good thing about this plane is that, on a very calm day, after flying it 50 feet high, try cutting the engine and it will glide a very long way, or you can do vertcal barrel rolls. Once again,it will not last so you may want to buy two. Do not be fooled by it`s looks like I was.

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  • By douglas dewese

    March 18, 2017

    Soooo.... as a first time RC pilot, this little boy impressed me. It took me about 2 or 3 minutes to get the controls figured out (and a few rough landings) and to get it trimmed out with the included transmitter to be pretty easy to fly... I actually was really getting to enjoy it.... Easy to fly, and the rough landings at first only required a rag to wipe off a little dirt and one time I had to re-install the landing gear... but it really did good for the first little bit Then, one slight goof.... and I had a busted prop on it. Which is no big deal, they included an extra in the packaging, which made me feel better about my goof, as they must expect this to happen on a tiny trainer like this and were helping you get ahead of the game. So, I figured a 3 or 4 minute repair and I'd be back at it. (Extra props are available on Amazon for this plane as well). This is where I was let down. First, the instructions are pretty poor. This is a Chinese toy, and as such the instructions were written in Chinese and then translated to English, so the translation is really hard to get what they are trying to tell you. Also, no place in the instructions are any type of repair or maintenance instructions... so this prop switch was all on me to figure out. So I used "Youtube" and watched a few videos to help me get an idea of what I should be doing. Again, this was my first RC plane, and I would like to move up in the level of plane, so even though this isn't a high dollar item, I figured I could give a repair a go, especially for a part that they included an extra for. Second let down- All the videos show the propeller easily pulling off the shaft to be replaced. This was not the case. I don't know if they glued this propeller on or what, but no matter how much I tried to gently encourage the prop off, it just was not moving. I tried all the options I could think of, and finally got to the point where I figured a little more "force" was needed to get this dislodged. And at that, the entire "spindle" that held the propeller and also had the gearing on the end of it to mesh up with the 3 motors pulled off. It was held in place by a small metal pin that immediately became loose and then slid back into the motor compartment. when the spindle came off... which means that I could not push the spindle back on, as the pin that held it in place just pushed back into the motor. Once the spindle was off, I did manage to get the broken prop off and the new one on, but I can't get the spindle back on to the metal pin. I have not given up yet and am still working on seeing if the pin will sit where it's supposed to if I can get back pressure on it and slide the spindle on, but due to the build of the plane, I'm not sure what I can sneak down behind the motor area to push against the back of the pin to get the spindle on. LUCKILY, I also bought the Canopy protection plan, which covers something like this. For this plane, under $50, it was only an extra $5 and you can actually add other items on to it as well, for under that amount... so if my repair fails, I am covered to at least get my money back out of it. If the repair had gone as planned, I would have given this 4 stars, as the actually initial problem of the broken prop was my issue.... however the way things went in the repair has me believing that there were some build issues present that caused my problem... so reduced the review. I plan on posting pics once I get the chance to add into this. UPDATE------ No pics, but I did get the prop fixed. Took some fancy odd ball work, and if you have the right tools it actually wouldn't have been as bad- I got a small nail inside the compartment behind the motors so I had back pressure as I pushed the gearing and prop back on to the shaft... once all the way on it was just a matter rotating the gear to mesh with the motors. Still... the prop change shouldn't have changed this much work. I did increase my stars from 2 to 3 as it seems the fix worked.

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  • By B***7

    September 7, 2018

    Chegou em 2 semanas, está tudo certo, só falta testar no ar!

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  • By E***s

    May 3, 2018

    Perfeito!Chegou dentro do prazo.Brinquedo pefeito.

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  • By f***a

    March 7, 2017

    The plane is very cool but had some difficulty putting in back wheels. Have not been able to fly yet but look good.

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  • By A***7

    March 10, 2018

    Top, gerne wieder

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  • By j***k

    March 9, 2018

    Recieved on time, nice plane, imagined it a little bigger. Thanks!

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  • By s***r

    January 17, 2018

    Genaue Einhaltung der Lieferzeit und unbeschädigte Ware! Perfekter Service!!

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  • By f***a

    December 30, 2017

    Alles bestens. Danke !

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  • By c l

    March 9, 2017

    This thing is awesome. Small amount of wind and you can do all kinds of tricks. Within minutes I was doing power off landings. Lots of fun and tougher then you would think. Asphalt eats up the props quick, it comes with another on. Probably better off flying over grass, but concrete is a lot of fun for taking off.

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  • By r***7

    December 29, 2015

    Beschreibung könnt besser sein aber sonst ok

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  • By p***e

    February 24, 2015

    Alles bestens gelaufen. Gerne wieder :)

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