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ammoon 24 "Cutaway Ukulele Hawaii Guitar Present Present

ammoon 24 "Cutaway Ukulele Hawaii Guitar Present Present

LED EQ Koa / Sklejka Cowry Shell Brims / OX Bone Saddle / 4 Strings

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United States
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Ten 24-calowy ukulele z cutaway'owym designem jest wyposażony w korektor dźwięku, który zapewnia lepszą jakość muzyki, może zwiększyć dźwięk i połączyć się z komputerem / głośnikiem, idealny dla Ciebie i Twoich znajomych jako prezent na nowy rok i Walentynki!

24- calowy fashional wycięcie ukulele .
Z korektorem LED, aby dostosować batt, tuner, głośność, bas, środek i sopran.
Może wzmocnić dźwięk i połączyć się z komputerem / głośnikiem.
Port 1/4 "6,35 mm do złącza i obudowa baterii u dołu.
Korpus wykonany jest z wysokiej jakości sklejki koa.
Podstrunnica wykonana jest z palisandru.
Materiał z muszli Cowry ma otwór i rondo.
4 zamknięte tunery i 4 nylonowe struny dają naprawdę przyjemny dźwięk.
Wysokiej jakości nakrętka kostna i siodełko OX .
Idealny dla dorosłych, dzieci i miłośników muzyki.

Dane techniczne:
Rozmiar: 24 "
Główna deska: Sklejka Koa
Podstrunnica: palisander
Nut & Saddle: OX bone
Brims: Cowry Shell
Struny: nylon
Tunery: Zamknięte
Akumulator wyrównawczy: 2 * 3V CR2032 (brak w zestawie)
Rozmiar produktu: około. 62 * 21 * 7,5 cm / 24,4 * 8,2 * 2,9 cala
Waga produktu: 585g / 20,6oz
Rozmiar paczki: 64 * 24 * 10 cm / 25,2 * 9,4 * 3,9 cala
Waga opakowania: 854g / 30oz

Lista pakietów:
1 * 24 "Ukulele

Pytania i odpowiedzi klientów


Is this a Concert or a Tenor?

  • This is a concert ukulele. Normally, concert ukuleles are 23" but this one is 24" (sometimes called a "super concert").

    By Ragtime Billy on May 15, 2018


What size battery does the tuner in the Ammoon cutaway ukulele use?

  • I gave it as a gift, but I'm pretty sure it's a button cell. Good electronics.! Mine had an issue with the binding coming apart, but a dab of CA fixed it. Good uke for the price.

    By gayleannette on December 22, 2017


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  • By M***x

    August 14, 2018

    Great quality product, but prep and shipping may be sketchy.The outer packing seemed OK, but the interior shipping and packing materials included an old used up tape roll as the neck support, and a few layers of foam padding. Looks like the item rattled around in the box quite a bit, as the pickup plug and wiring tie were both loose.If you have long-reach pliers, plugging in the pickup was easy, but I still need to re-attach the wire tie inside the instrument.Instrument quality is great! Nice solid feel with decent quality strings. It arrived from the other side of the globe close to in tune. Tuners feel smooth and pickup works well (once it was plugged back in).

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  • By TB Miller

    December 30, 2017

    I was looking for a cheap uke with active electronics, and was surprised to find this one so well reviewed. So, I took a chance and wow am I happy I did! This is easily as good as any Oscar Schmidt or Washburn-branded uke, and having had an Oscar Schmidt concert uke as my first years ago, I can easily say this one is way better. I wasn't expecting much of a voice from this and didn't really care, as I was only going to play it through an amp, but dang if this doesn't sound good on its own! The pickup works well, and the on-board tuner is fantastic. No more Snark tuner hanging from the headstock ;) The build quality is pretty amazing for the price. The inlays are nice and flush, and the purfling is not only not ugly, but well done. The action is also super low--most cheap ukes have higher action that makes them harder to play. The Aquila nylgut strings are pretty good, so no need to immediately re-string it. Overall, I'm very happy, so complaining about this thing seems picky at this point, but here are the cons: 1. Packaging is insufficient for common carrier shipping. Mine was punctured, but thankfully, the uke wasn't damaged. 2. There is no paperwork in the box at all. No mention of any warranty, no company information. 3. I didn't realize the batteries were not included. It requires two CR2032 batteries (most folks don't have those lying around). 4. There were no instructions as to how to insert the batteries (you have to stack them in the same direction). 5. The pickup wiring is held in place by a plastic mount with a zip tie, but the double-sided tape that held the plastic mount in place had already failed by the time I got it. A new piece of double sided tape fixed it up, though. So overall, I have no qualms about recommending this uke at this price. Really great value here, and that's coming from someone who has owned ukes from a variety of different builders at different price points including Kamaka, Koaloha, Applause, Kala, Oscar Schmidt, and probably a few more I forgot :)

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  • By J. Moffat

    October 9, 2017

    First off: I own multiple ukuleles. The most expensive runs around $600, the least is...well...THIS one. I'm also a Guitar/uke hacker. When I receive an on-line buy, I have tools and glues at the ready. Full disclosure: I didn't buy this ukulele here. I bought it as strictly an experiment. I wanted to know exactly what $~50 would buy. I hoped for the best, expected the worst, and got NEITHER! When I opened the box I was first amazed at how poorly protected it was! I found it flopping around in a flimsy poly padded bag! Getting beyond that, surprised by the looks of this thing. Quite beautiful. The wood, shell inlays, and binding looked wonderful! That logo on the headstock is a laser-cut inlay NOT a chintsy decal! Even the label inside the guitar eschews the usual paper sticker for a genuine laser-etched piece of real wood! They use a real bone headnut and bridge saddle. IT MATTERS! These arguably minor touches add up to show a genuine attempt at delivering a quality product. Closer inspection revealed some serious quality control issues (or possibly shipping damage?). In two places, the binding was separated from the body. Five minutes with super glue took care of that. It also rattled HORRIBLY when playing. I mean deal-breaker horrible! It turns out that one of the tuners was loose in the headstock. Tightening the tuner totally fixed the problem.. Suffice it to say that Asian QC leaves a LOT to be desired. So if you are unwilling or unable to "tweak" this product, you'd best look elsewhere. BUT if you are a gambler/tweaker (and just a little bit lucky) You might find this to be a hidden on-line jewel! I like mine. PROS: LOOKS-It looks like ukeleles in the $200-400 range.The shell inlay is the REAL DEAL and looks great! The trim Is stunning (albeit of dubiously glued) The matte finish is open-pore and totally decent, as is the look of the wood. ELECTRONICS- The LCD screen/Tuner look and work better than many REAL hi-end ukes- I was blown away! A three-band EQ was above and beyond! Plugged in it's a little touchy- delivering almost too much sound. Dialing back the EQ helps. Surprisingly well-behaved pre-amp- Feedback was not an issue. SOUND- Tone is acceptable...LOOK price-wise, this is a REAL low-end uke. It sounds better than that. For most ukes under $200 it's hard to find a GOOD uke. But this one runs in that pack quite well. And for a LAMINATED instrument- QUITE GOOD. Not great but certainly presentable.. It won't kill you either way. INTONATION ROTB was acceptable- would be better when set-up. PLAYABILITY was also quite good, again pending set-up. Tuners seem smooth and include a rubberized coating on the keys, which I WISH all ukes had, but don't. CONS: Quality control- Either trust your luck or your skills. Mine had issues. Yours might be better or worse. Customer support- If you have a problem, you probably have a problem (and a language problem)! Note to Ammoon: A little packaging and QC would be better (and cheaper) than replacing bogus product! All that said, It's a gamble I'm glad I took. Given the price point, it will change the way I buy ukuleles forever. I now believe most "High-end" ukuleles to be "over-priced". BOTTOM LINE: There is a good little instrument in there...IF you're willing to find it. For the self-assured (or fool-hardy) it will deliver a good little ukulele for a DIRT CHEAP price. If they resolve their QC issues, they won't stay cheap for long. I'm keeping mine, and my wife (who originally compared it favorably to a $400 brand) is getting one. That says a whole lotta something!

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  • By JMWCal

    May 26, 2017

    Unexpected quality for the money. Worth three times more. Even has a built-in EQ/Preamp/Tuner which usually pumps up the cost on other name-brand Ukes even more. Nylon strings come on every ukulele made, and sound flat (I don't care if they are the "revered Aquila's"). Replace them with clear fluorocarbons. I did, and this thing rings like a bell now. ***Also - very important: All these ukulele and guitar tuners have a clip-in door to hold the batteries in place. They like to catch on things and fall out. They do not make replacement parts! This one did, too. You need to drill a small pilot hole adjacent the fingernail clip and install a screw, preventing this...or you can just replace the whole EQ unit every time it happens, and it WILL happen. It is a bad design, shich is on virtually every acoustic - electric instrument with every brand of EQ out there. Otherwise, awesome instrument with real abalone inlay and a beautiful teak color matte - satin finish.

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  • By e***u

    October 4, 2018

    The quality of the product is 5/5 and sounds fantastic, you won't regretted...

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  • By d***n

    May 1, 2018

    Great! Very nice for price.

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  • By s***y

    February 3, 2018

    Great product awesome, quick shipping

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  • By b***6

    January 16, 2018

    Thank you new,, fast shipping, my son loves it

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  • By c***y

    January 3, 2018

    AWESOME seller & item! LOVE LOVE LOVE! A++++++++

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  • By Annie So

    December 12, 2017

    Does it tuned GCEA like a regular concerto, soprano or tenor ukuleles? Thx

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  • By l***r

    December 10, 2017

    I received it on the 8th of December and so far I am very pleased with it

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  • By l***f

    November 30, 2017

    Very good quality and sound, pleasantly surprised, THANKS!

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  • By b***t

    November 24, 2017

    Smooth Transaction. Pretty nice ukulele. More foam packing needed. Thanks.

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  • By e***v

    November 16, 2017

    I really love my ukulele. It sounds real good, and great buy!!!!!!!

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  • By m***n

    September 3, 2017

    Great deal - Item arrived safely and in EX condition - Thank you!

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  • By s***n

    August 16, 2017

    As described fast delivery

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  • By d***u

    July 27, 2017

    Great deal, fast shipping, thanks!

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  • By p***d

    July 26, 2017

    Fast shipping,great to deal with , highly recommend

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  • By s***k

    July 1, 2017

    Awesome Uke... best deal on the internet. Thx!

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  • By a***y

    June 19, 2017

    Happy with item, got refund for missing Batt. cover. Good enough for me!

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