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YONGNUO YN216 LED Lampa wideo strzelać kamery z 4 kolorów Płyty dla Canon Nikon DSLR Camera

YONGNUO YN216 LED Lampa wideo strzelać kamery z 4 kolorów Płyty dla Canon Nikon DSLR Camera

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YN216 przyjmuje 216 koraliki Lampa LED wysokiej jakości bardzo dużych chipsów światła, jasności może całkowicie spełnić wymóg różne środowiska, w ten sposób światło kamery, które mogą być wygaszone dokładnie i niezawodnie, plamki świetlnej jest bardziej równomiernie i usługi czas jest dłuższy. 
YN216 przyjmuje, Enkoder cyfrowy przyciemnienie które można osobno dostosować do szorstki, przyciemnianie i ekskluzywne tryby ściemniania, bardziej wygodne w użyciu.
Przyjęte, profesjonalne LED jazdy chip, światło jest stabilny i sprawność do 93%.
Lampa aparatu może być zamontowany w aparacie jak również ustalona na statywie. 
Czterech kolor temperatury płyty są skonfigurowane i nadaje się do wykorzystania w różnych środowiskach.
Zawiera 3 rodzaje zasilania: Zasilacz DC (opcjonalnie), bateria litowa, bateria AA. (nie dołączone)
Wstawienie żarówki do gorącej stopki aparatu lub naprawić na uchwytu lampy / statywu.

Dane techniczne:
Źródło światła: 216 LED koraliki! Luminancji kąt: 55°
Temperatura barwowa: 5500k
Współczynnik oddawania barw: > = 90%! Moc: 13W
LM: 2000LM
Średnia żywotność: 50000h
Zgodne baterii (bateria nie ZPP): Seria SonyNP-F:
NP-F750 / NP-F550 / NP-F950/B / NP-F530 / NP-F970 / NP-F970/B / NP-F570 / NP-F770 / NP-F960 / NP-F930 NP-F930/B / / NP-F950 / NP-F330 / 6 * baterii AA
Rozmiar: ok. 13 * 11.5 * 11,5 cm / 5.1 * 4.5 * 4,5 w
Ciężar: 318g/11,2 oz! Wielkość opakowania: 15.5 * 15,5 * 18 cm / 6.1 * 6.1 * 7.1 w
Waga w opakowaniu: 543g / 1.19LB!

Pakiet list:
1 * YN-216 LED wideo! 1 * białe filtr
1 * niebieski filtr
1 * filtr czerwony! 1 * pomarańczowy filtr 1 * mini stojak
1 * Instrukcja obsługi (angielski & chiński)

Nie używać baterii ze skórą, uszkodzony, zapobiec zwarcie. 
Akumulator należy wziąć w dół, gdy nie jest używany.
YN216 dostosowanie profesjonalny Zasilacz DC 8V / 5A; nie należy używać zasilacza DC laptop wyposażony, w przeciwnym razie byłoby w stanie produktu.

Do not use the battery with skin damaged, prevent short circuit. 
The battery should be taken down when it is not in use.
The YN216 adapt professional DC power supply of 8V / 5A; do not use the DC power supply of laptop equipped, otherwise it would unable to the product.


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  • By Caleb Walker

    November 22, 2017

    This light is just so small and bright. It's actual magic. The only thing I would say is that it creates crazy harsh images, so never use it to light someones face unless you have a softbox or you want them to look like a psychopath. The filters are really hard to make fit and I've never really got them to seat properly. I use this as my back-light (hair-light) and it works flawlessly for that, just make sure you have a boom lightstand so you can keep the light out of frame (it will totally wash out your shot if it get in it). Neewer 13feet/390cm Two Way Rotatable Aluminum Adjustable Tripod Boom Light Stand with Sandbag for Studio Photography Video

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  • By Mark O.

    November 7, 2017

    I have a photography background but have recently started experimenting and recording video. After a few uses, I can say it was a purchase, especially for the value. It would be good if this model had temperature operated control and bulbs though. Though it is really bright, the throw is still very narrow. I used it in an indoor shoot last week and tried to bounce it off 5ft reflector for soft light. It helped balance the light coming from the nearby store windows, but i couldn't put it direct on the model - just too harsh for the situation. I'll maybe try and find a larger lightsource for a key light and will use this either as fill or back/accent light. I plan on using this for back lighting for photography use as well. Great product overall. I'm excited to use it more.

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  • By Scott Valentine

    November 1, 2017

    Wow - this is a handy light for a small travel kit. I have been able to use this both on a small light stand and on a Beastgrip Pro for still lighting. The color is very consistent across all power levels, and it's extremely light weight. The mounting could be stronger, as it's made of ABS plastic instead of nylon or metal, so I recommend getting a spigot and using it with an umbrella adapter if at all possible. The barn doors are also not removable, and the hinges seem fragile, so be careful with those. They do stay in place well, and the pebbled surface does a great job preventing hotspots. The variable power is quite nice, but because it's a digital wheel, it may not track properly if you spin it too quickly. That being said, there is a LOT of leeway in the fine controls - probably more than most people need. The light has three power options, which is amazingly handy. I did buy two external Sony-style batteries along with the optional external DC supply. But you can easily pop in some AA batteries and you're good to go. I have not drained the batteries yet, so I don't really know how long any of them will last. I'm not thrilled with the color filters as they're kind of a pain to fit into place, though I am happy they were included. This light is bright enough for interviews, but also good for basic portrait and small item work because it doesn't get hot. The fan noise doesn't bother me because I don't shoot video at this point, and I can see being able to avoid it in most cases even when recording audio. The beam spread is reasonably nice, and I happen to really like its particular fall-off. The doors do a pretty good job at basic shaping, and will tolerate a bit of Cinefoil if you need it. Gels are easily taped right to the doors or to the LED surface if you are using hot-light grade materials. I'm not sure I'd trust the cheaper stuff, but most purpose-made gels will be just fine. Overall, this is an extremely nice light to stick in your portable/light weight kit. I plan to purchase a few more for product and mobile photography.

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  • By Mamma_Green

    September 18, 2017

    I use this light for still photography when I want some control over my lighting but don't have time to deal with setting up speed lights and taking test shots to get things right. It's very bright, but because it's a small light source, it will cast hard shadows if it's not really close to your subject. I stick it on a lightweight tripod and either just hold it out at arm's length right outside of my frame or set the tripod on the floor and get it as close as I can. Used it recently to join in on the craft store photo challenge going around and it worked great for giving the photos a little more drama with a super quick "what you see is what you get" set up. Totally worth the $60. The 3 options for powering it is really handy. I used triple A's, but the light does eat through them quickly. I also use this for a makeup light when doing my models' makeup for a shoot and for that I use an ac adapter. It's a nice little constant light to keep in your photography kit that can have several uses when needed and is a good value. I would buy it again. I think I will also look into getting a larger led for comparison though. Something I can use without keeping it so close to the subject would really round things out for times when dealing with speedlights is too much of a hassle but still need some control over the lighting.

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  • By FiveForm

    September 11, 2017

    Don't feel that professional level LED lighting is out of the question, due to the enormous prices. Yongnuo has made economical on-camera electronic flash a reality and now they have done the same with LED's! This little light is round, so produces round catchlights in the eyes (important, if you know your lighting techniques) and is quite bright with 216 individual LED bulbs. You can ratchet it up to very bright levels and use on-camera, off camera on a stand or tripod, or even hand hold it for close-up model shots outdoors on low-light overcast days to produce your key light when everything else is gray. OR, use as a fill on sunny days. Also, the YN-216 works well as a tabletop light for small product photography, comes with multiple color filters and a diffuser. I located Yongnuo LED's when I got interested in trying them for on-location or studio supplemental lights or even primary lighting for small product sets, only to find that the big name LED's like Roto were just astronomically priced for what you get - yes they can do a lot of "tricks" and special effects, but beyond that have little additional to offer. I am sold on all of the YN LED's, to include this 216, but I also have the YN-300 iii and 600L ii for radio remote controlled lighting that can also be controlled with your smartphone with Bluetooth

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  • By zack s.

    September 7, 2017

    We love this LED light. It has such a great output,is super small and compact-perfect for travelling photographers or people on the go like us. Battery life is great-typically mine lasts for 4+hrs on one battery if not constantly using full power. Works great as a key light and is mountable to any tripod with 3/4 mt. Love the battery life indicator and fine/corse options. Filters are cool, yet the soft filter is not quite as soft as I would like-we fixed it by mounting a peice of baking paper to the inside of the filter and now it's perfect for soft lighting use. 10/10 would recommend

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  • By Paul Martin

    May 19, 2017

     This light is the best I've found for its price range. It's fairly accurate color rendering, super intense light, ease of use and compact size make it perfect for so many video and photography applications. This light is BRIGHT! It's a good thing it has a dimmer dial. Otherwise, I would have to bring a lot of bounce cards and diffusion material. The back panel has a power button, the dimmer I mentioned, and fine and coarse adjustment button and a battery level button. The battery check proved very convenient on a remote shoot I did. The barndoors were also helpful. This is a flood type of light, so it's already fairly directional, but the doors help a bit to keep light managed. The biggest selling points for me were the brightness, high CRI, size and price. I couldn't find anything close to this light for the price.

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  • By Gabriel

    October 19, 2017

    I love this little light, very versatile, you can put it anywhere, works very well as a kicker light.

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  • By o***O

    September 17, 2017

    キチント表記されていませんが、単3電池6本以外にも、SONY互換NP系電池も使えますし、他のYONGNUOライト用のDC電源もそのまま使えます。 取説ですとNPの6600m電池で2時間以上駆動するとの事です。 今まで、YONGNUOは、いい加減なデーターを載せないので信用しています。 今まで、YONGNUO-YN300Airを使っていましたが、YN300Airは3200°と5500°の混用です。 YN216は5500°専用ですが、5500°での使用ならば、 断然YN216の方が明るいです。 理由はYN300Airは乳白板が固定ですが、YN216は選択式だからです。  色味は、個体差も有るでしょうが、肉眼ではYN300Air=Ra95程度、YN216はRa90程度と感じます。 ので、☆1個減らしました。 こちらの兄弟機で、3200°と5500°の混用式も有ります。 乳白板が選択式なので、きっと、YN300Airよりも明るいと思います。ので、 現在、そちらも購入検討中です。 出来れば、『英文の取説』をネット上で開示して欲しいです。

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  • By Skoo

    September 9, 2017

    Great little light with lots of easy-to-use controls. The barn doors are great to bounce light all over the place (sarcasim) but if you want to limit or cut-off light, they can be flipped over--the little nuts&bolts are small so you'll need to be patient but it can be done.

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  • By タケ

    September 8, 2017

    高出力の単三のリチウム乾電池6本で利用していましたが、点灯時以外は電池を抜いておかないとあっという間に空になります。制御回路が消灯中も動作しているようで、いわゆる待機電力が大きすぎます。いざ本番というときに電池が空だとショックです。 平均演色評価数 Ra 90以上とのことでこの商品を選択しました。その点は悪くないようです (演色性を測定する機器を持ち合わせていないので感覚的な評価)。 遮蔽板/反射板が4枚付いていますが、ほぼ飾りです。小さすぎて役に立つとは思えません。取り外しが可能なので外したまま利用しています。 取扱説明書は中国語と英語です。日本語はありませんが操作は簡単です。

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  • By Jorge M.

    June 16, 2017

    Great light for the price!

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  • By Mind Palace Filmmaking

    June 12, 2017

    Very powerful little light. Could be used as a key light under the right circumstances. I will primarily use it as like a hairlight.

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  • By M. Regala

    May 16, 2017

    Well made, but the body is all plastic and the barn doors are a thin metal so I'm not sure what the long term durability will be like. The light is very bright, and I prefer being able to use all 216 lights at one color temp. The included orange filter brings the color down to tungsten so no worries about matching other lights. Running the lamp on a Wasabi NPF950 (that I pulled straight out of the packaging without charging it first) I got just over 2 hours of light at full power.

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  • By DASA

    April 3, 2017

    The YN216 is pretty powerful for such a small LED light with only 216 led bulbs. It has good color, but the barn doors, included color filters and non-removable plastic hot shoe mount are kinda cheap.

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  • By e***r

    December 22, 2015

    alles super ;)

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  • By g***v

    September 13, 2015

    everything is ok

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  • By t***m

    May 8, 2015

    Alles super, Danke

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  • By n***r

    April 23, 2015

    alles ok

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  • By i***o

    April 2, 2015

    Gut verarbeitet und Enstellprogramm sind sehr hilfreich. Gute Lichtausbeute. ;)

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