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Lucky Wheel Game Win 50% OFF

For ANY Products

Nov. 14th ~ Dec. 4th

  • Guidelines
    1. Game Time: Nov. 14th ~ Dec. 4th @02:00 UTC.
    2. Click "Play" botton to play luck wheel game, win cool gifts for $0.01.
    3. Just log in to get 2 FREE lucky attempts to play game each day.
    4. Share one of the following channels to get one more chance each day.(1 chance each channel, up to 3 more chances each day).
    5. Subscribe our newsletter to get 2 lucky attempts.(up to 2 times during promo day)
    6. Use 20 points to Try lucky attempts.
    7. Each customer can try up to 50 lucky attempts each day.
    8. Tomtop reserves the rights for guidelines and prizes for the game, If you have any question, please contact with our support center.

Free Chance: 2


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