オリジナル JJRC H20 2.4G 4CH 4チャネル 6軸 ジャイロ ナノ ヘキサヘリコプター ドローン CFモード/ワンキーリターン RTF RC ラジコン クアッドコプター【並行輸入品】

オリジナル JJRC H20 2.4G 4CH 4チャネル 6軸 ジャイロ ナノ ヘキサヘリコプター ドローン CFモード/ワンキーリターン RTF RC ラジコン クアッドコプター【並行輸入品】







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バッテリー:3.7V 150mAh(付属)
リモートバッテリー:3 * AAA乾電池(付属していません)
バッテリーの寸法:25 * 15 * 5mm
クアッドコプター寸法:110 * 100 * 25mm

サイズ:14.5 * 11 * 8cm/ 5.7 * 4.3 * 3.2in
重量:185g / 6.5oz


1 * H20 RCクアッドコプター
1 *送信機(モード2)
1 * 3.7V 150mAhリチウム バッテリー
3 *ペアスペアプロペラ
1 *USB充電ケーブル
1 *ミニドライバー
1 *英語ユーザーマニュアル



Do the prop protecters protect hits from the ceiling

  • it helps a little but it will sort of stick to ceiling like most of them do, it is pretty durable and fun to fly, I like it, cheap, and works well

    By Steve U. on April 18, 2018


Would this be able to lift an egg for an egg drop competition?

  • No. I tried to lift a few small things (weighing less than an egg) and it has only enough lift to fly.

    By Josiah P. on April 17, 2018


does it have LED lights?

  • grandson said red, white, blue...I thought just red LED?

    By Julia Farrar on March 20, 2018


how do you reset the drone

  • if you hold both joysticks down and to the left it will reset.

    By Col Hogan on March 10, 2018


So is this able to take pictures? ie camera?

  • No it won't take pics

    By Yukari Fukui on January 29, 2018


How big is the controller

  • The controller in little about 4 inches by 3 inches. It is really fun I highly recommend it.

    By Skyler M. on January 19, 2018


Stupid question it has a controler right

  • Yes

    By Bleize P. on January 19, 2018


Is this drone good enough for slightly windy outside use?

  • no it always gets taken away by the wind. Lost one in a tree for a month. Good news is after spending a month in a tree is charged right up and still works.

    By Jarom on January 14, 2018


had it 3 days worked fine till now just flips backwards when I give it throttle. All props are spinning any one know why?

  • It is easy to get stuff wound up under the blades if you have carpet and maybe animals in the house. such as a long hair cat. Those hairs may not be visable to the naked eye but do get wound up under the blasdes and then it will start flipping to one side. As the other person said. all you need to do is pull the pro… see more It is easy to get stuff wound up under the blades if you have carpet and maybe animals in the house. such as a long hair cat. Those hairs may not be visable to the naked eye but do get wound up under the blasdes and then it will start flipping to one side. As the other person said. all you need to do is pull the props and clean under them. It's very easy. If you want an easy way to know which ones to clean just give the copter a little throttle and watch the props to see which ones are acting strange. Otherwise this is an extremely easy copter to fly and do the 360 flips with. see less

    By Col Hogan on February 14, 2018


Does this have a camera

  • No. Try this one. Little bigger but has camera UDI RC U841-BK Nano RX 4 Multi-Function 4 In 1 Quadcopter With Hd Camera, Blac

    By Chad Roberts on January 3, 2018




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  • By Salman A

    December 22, 2017

    It's a great deal at $9.90 especially with Tomtop prime. I saw it on something like the 5th page of search results but it was an instant buy. Flight time is roughly six minutes depending on how hard you fly it. It flies very well too however without a barometer you're not going to get any sort of hover with this. Yaw rate is very high even on the lowest setting which is pretty fun. It comes with six preinstalled prop guards however they are so close to the blades that any time you smack into a wall the guard ends up getting pushed into the blade so they're mostly pointless. It's a nice touch, but mostly useless. Comes with five extra blades which is nice. Compared to a CX 10 this is much faster and seemingly more stable and durable however I haven't had much time to really crash test it. Battery is slightly worse however I expected this considering it's both larger and a hexacopter. On the topic of battery, I absolutely hate the charging system. To charge it you have to pull this tiny female plug off the quad and then plug it into a male charging cable that comes with it. I feel like I'm going to destroy the cable for the battery before I kill the drone. By not putting another female plug on the board they saved maybe 6 cents? This flaw is what knocks it down from 5 to 4 stars. Over all, if you can nab this for <$10 it's a great deal. The current price of ~$20 is probably hitting the boundaries on this things value but I recommend it regardless.

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  • By Dale Herrington

    December 13, 2017

    Lots of fun and very agile. Only, downside is the motors wear out faster than I like, but that has been typical for all the small copters I've own so far (I have a soldering iron and replace them myself). This one is my favorite tiny copter so far. Better than others I've paid twice the money for. I have a lot of time on mine and it still flies very well, but I've replaced three motors. I really like the rotor protectors and they make the copter really durable. I have yet to break a rotor on this copter.

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  • By E. Ng

    December 1, 2017

    Well built and can survive a lot of crashes. I've been flying DJI's successfully for a few months now and was curious about this little toy. It is definitely an indoor only quad. The controls are extremely sensitive due to the light weight. I was flying it well indoors and went to give it a go in my backyard. Big Mistake! After a minute or so flying around me, I take it higher thinking about 30 feet. It shot way up very fast, way faster than I can respond. By the time I throttle down, it fell like a rock. I over corrected and it shot up fast again to may be 50 feet then lodged in my neighbor's tree way up there! No stick response to fly backwards. The wind at the time barely moved the leaves. To be fair, It is pilot error, I am too use to the precise controls of the Phantoms. Keep it indoors and you'll have a lot of fun. For me, there goes $20 bucks!

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  • By headthruwall

    October 18, 2017

    there aren't any other hexacopters OR quadcopters priced like the jjrc h20 that can fly as well as this aircraft does. only four stars because the blue LED lighting on the front of the aircraft is actually less visible than the red LED lighting on the rear of the aircraft, therefore, I soldered a 3mm white LED and a 200 ohm resistor to the V+ terminal and ground terminal on the bottom side of the h20's receiver board. it barely draws any extra current, no distinguishable difference between flight times before or after I modified it. battery supplied with aircraft is a 3.7v 30c 150 mah li-po battery, which is actually the same rating as the jjrc h8 and h8s, yet uses a different battery connector. unlike a lot of what is said, the controller does not use triple A batteries, it uses two double A batteries (2 - AA batteries). thumbsticks on the transmitter didn't have much grip from the start, i use rubber stick caps from a syma transmitter and they work great. I also modified the transmitter/controller's TX antenna using a shielded coaxial cable and stripped ~32mm off of the shield/ground of the cable to expose the antenna, and soldered it to the antenna terminal and ground on the transmitter. this was done in attempt to prevent fly-aways, which are very common with the jjrc h20 if range is exceeded. they have even been known to fly away even when still in range... seems glitchy. it flew away on me one time in my yard, just kept going straight into the bushes. no big deal there, yet, had I been gaining altitude, it could've been a much worse fate for my h20. this was prior to my modification of the TX antenna, haven't had issues with fly-aways since (knock on wood) and I have easily had it over 200 ft in the air on more than one occasion. this is the third h20 that I've owned. first one's battery connector snapped off of the receiver board on the hexacopter itself, i was going to repair it, but it wasn't worth the cost. bought two new jjrc h20's instead (one is red, one is gold) so now whichever one breaks first and turns into a shelf ornament will then become the donor of parts for repairs. this hexacopter has 3 speeds, headless mode function, does aerobatic flips with the touch of a button, easy to control and maneuver, indoor or outdoor use, and generally... it is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the h20 and in comparison to items of similar value, this aircraft easily exceeds all of them in speed, functions, power, and agility. the lighting and fly-away issues were my only real problems with the h20's design, which are both very easy for me to fix with simple modifications using cheap electronics, solder, and soldering skills. I first purchased a jjrc h20 over a year ago when I had less experience as an RC pilot, and it was "okay" to me. now that I have several professional aircrafts and a lot more experience, this aircraft is much more fun to me, I like to just mess around with it and it's perfect for that. I like the cheaper quality toy aircrafts, they aren't as expensive initially and repairs aren't as expensive as professional aircrafts, they are totally different animals all together. that's why I have several toy aircrafts, and several professional aircrafts. this jjrc h20 as a hexacopter, is very peppy and responds very well to the controller. it has 6 rotors, so it's also a different animal that a quadcopter, i like to think of it as a quadcopter +2 motors, seems silly, but when you've flown both, it will make sense. it will nose-dive in mode 3 at full pitch w/ the right stick, i usually fly in mode 2 because of this and also because of how sensitive the yaw rate becomes in mode 3. I would buy this again, because I have, just gotta be careful with the battery connector so it doesn't snap off of the board again. beware of fly-aways, that stuff is real. I reccommend some simple modifications if you are able to do so, it turns this aircraft into what I wanted from the beginning. overall, the jjrc h20 is definitely worth the cost. update: bye bye prop guards. cut the blade guard off of the spacer screwed through the end of each motor housing. took over half of a gram off of this tiny thing. man does it scream now. if you can fly without guards and can chop them off without issues, it certainly wakes up this aircraft. I've done the same to every jjrc h8 and h8s that I've had before too. more stable and responsive overall, it's a small aircraft, so it makes a noticeable difference.

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  • By Russ

    October 12, 2017

    UPDATE: Turns out that this is a very reliable drone. I was a little worried that 6 motors just added to the failure rate. Hasn't happened. Nice tight spins, good reactions and very stable. Headless mode works well. TERRIBLE design. The battery has a VERY SMALL connector that plugs in between the rear 2 arms. It is almost impossible to plug/unplug (my fingers just do not fit). About the only grip you can get includes the wires. I ended up using a pair of pliers. On mine, the connector goes in from rear toward front. On one video I saw, the connector goes in from bottom toward top (a better solution). If you can get the battery out and charged, it is a nice stable flier.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By James Golden

    October 11, 2017

    Well to start off, the wife loves it, the dogs hate it, the birds hate it, so I love it. Small and easy to store. Fairly easy to fly. The remote has most of the functions that you need available as a button on the controller. Charging times are to be expected with the usb charger. I have a much larger lipo charger and I am going to make a harness for it and the extra 5 batteries that i am going to order. Stability is excellent. It does drift around, but not bad. Flight times are about average for the quad. I get between 4 to 5 min per charge. The flips are lots of fun and very tight. The only problem I am having is the propellers like to remove themselves on a hard landing! But I would rather have to find it and put it back on than replace it! All in all, it is a decent hexacopter for the price!

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  • By m***t

    December 6, 2017

    Mini Quad came as described! Thnx, Scott in Detroit

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  • By v***f

    January 16, 2016

    Thank you for this transaction, all perfect!

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  • By m***r

    January 16, 2016

    Alles in Ordnung, super schneller Versand.

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  • By t***_

    January 13, 2016

    Very fast delivery Great seller!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • By m***r

    January 4, 2016

    Thank you..

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  • By k***l

    December 23, 2015

    A fun toy

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  • By n***1

    December 22, 2015

    Great product &service THANK YOU ......

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  • By b***9

    December 19, 2015

    Nice toy.

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  • By c***g

    December 16, 2015

    Prima! Schnell und gut! Guter Kontakt + gute Reklamationsbearbeitung (englisch)

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  • By j***r

    December 6, 2015

    der Hammer, macht sehr viel Spaß, Anfängertauglich, sehr empfehlenswert.....

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  • By j***a

    November 30, 2015

    Arrived quickly just as promised

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  • By 0***i

    October 26, 2015

    Schnelle lieferung alles bestens Danke

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  • By c***5

    September 3, 2015

    Excellent Item, arrived quickly and well packaged.

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  • By j***e

    September 3, 2015

    todo bien

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