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GoolRC 炭素繊維 ハンドヘルド·ジンバル エキステンション·バー ロッド アーム 37cm FY-G3 ウルトラ ハンドヘルド 3軸 ジンバル用

GoolRC 炭素繊維 ハンドヘルド·ジンバル エキステンション·バー ロッド アーム 37cm FY-G3 ウルトラ ハンドヘルド 3軸 ジンバル用







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長さ: 374ミリメートル
直径: 23ミリメートル
重量: 76グラム
パッケージのサイズ: 37 * 3 * 3センチメートル/ 14.6 * 1.2 * 1.2インチ
パッケージの重量: 84グラム/ 3オンス

注意: FY-G3ウルトラハンドヘルド3軸ジンバルやGoProが含まれていません。

1 *ハンドヘルド·ジンバル エキステンション·バー ロッド アーム



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  • By Mical B

    December 13, 2016

    I received the two Feiyu Tech extension poles and switch a day after ordering them. Very speedy delivery from ALL e RC via the US Mail using the standard delivery option. They were just as described and very light weight. The products had a good description but nothing was said as to how they all went together. I thought you removed the switch off the bottom of the gimbal and screwed in the extension poles, then added the new switch on the bottom. I also thought the extensions were made with connections to hold the batteries in the gimbal handle and would allow you be able to switch the gimbal on and off using the new switch at the end of the tubes, while the tubes were installed. That is not the case. Here is how it really goes together. You remove the switch from the bottom of the gimbal and replace it with the new switch. The new switch is threaded to receive the extension tubes. You have to turn the gimbal on using this new switch BEFORE installing the extension tubes. You can, if you want, install the old switch at the bottom of the extension tubes to keep from misplacing it, but it does nothing except cover the open end of the tubes. So, you cannot turn the gimbal off and on while the extension tubes are installed. There is nothing to clarify this. Overall I am happy with the extension tubes as received. I just wanted to clarify how they went together and how they worked.

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  • By PandaPro_SMG Media

    March 24, 2016

    I'm glad that I got this with my new G4 gimbal. I use it waaaay more than I thought I would. With the GoPro's FOV, it almost looks like you're flying a quad copter when full extended into the air. There's just one design flaw. In order to turn off/on the gimbal, you have to remove the extension bar every time. This was annoying. But it's my only gripe. USES: So what I did was attached the GoPro handlebar mount to the bottom portion of the extension bar. Then mounted the GoPro Smart Remote to the mount. Works perfectly with the camera. The battery power is decent, but you get a second set of batteries which is nice. You can also charge your GoPro from the actual gimbal. Which I found to be insanely cool! Gimbal itself works great. Super smooth video, slick angles, once you get used to changing modes, you'll be good to go.

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  • By Ahmad Alnaimi

    March 21, 2017

    Very Good nice product

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  • By mohammad

    February 15, 2017

    I liked nice product

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  • By Ariel

    January 17, 2017

    All ok nice product

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  • By RickSut

    November 21, 2016

    Don't twist them on or of too hard.

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  • By David J. Baxter

    November 16, 2016

    These extenders also work on the G4 the a well made light weight. The end cap/button shown replaces the original that the device comes with, offering a slightly deep socket to tread the extender poles into. The original is also threaded just not quite as deep.

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  • By LBas90

    October 4, 2016

    Awesome, all together makes a great selfie pole. Adds more dynamic views for your gopro/camera. The only thing I wish was that the on button would extend throughout the pole, so that I dont have to take the pole off and on to turn on the Stabilizer. But overall, this is a great lightweight pole extention.

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  • By T***c

    September 15, 2016

    Work's great with the Feiyutech G3, extends my reach and area of coverage for shooting weddings and sports, It compliments done video at low levels during my video shoots.

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  • By Hercy

    August 16, 2016

    Very nice. Light weight and strong. Had been using pvc pipe and hose clamps. Well worth the money.

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  • By Braz J

    July 14, 2016

    This makes my go pro feel like I have a crane or a jib. it gives the overhead shots great looks.

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  • By A. eriksson

    July 12, 2016

    Seemed fine. All was fine.

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  • By Henrique Monteiro Ele

    July 11, 2016

    Light and strong. You can really rely on those.

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  • By petey

    February 10, 2016

    GreatGreat extensions, carbon fiber is light and strong. I managed to rig some parts together and get the switch to actually turn the gimbal on and off while attached to the extension... pretty cool, but should of came from the factory this way lol.

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  • By Smyyachts

    January 14, 2016

    The weight is good for those high and out of reach shots. I'm disapointed that the on/off switch is rendered useless with the extensions.

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  • By TriGator

    December 16, 2015

    love this. Great quality and extremely lightweight (as to be expected). A little pricey though I thought.

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  • By W. Design

    November 12, 2015

    I wish there was a way to turn the gimbal on and off with the extension but this thing rocks.

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  • By Mark D

    August 12, 2015

    Great piece of kit

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  • By Luke G.

    July 11, 2015

    good poles but like everyone said in the reviews, only gripe is that you have to take the pole off to turn it on/off. If you have the G4, you can press standby to conserve the battery, that's one way to do it.

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  • By David M Christian

    April 13, 2015

    Make sure you get the switch,nice item

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