オリジナルCubot最大4G FDD-LTEスマートフォン6.0inch IPS HD画面720 * 1280px MTK6753A 64ビット1.3GHzのオクタコア電話3ギガバイトのRAM 32ギガバイトROMアンドロイド6.0 OS 13.0MPカメラ4100mAh大容量バッテリーOTGのWiFi HotKnot GPS

オリジナルCubot最大4G FDD-LTEスマートフォン6.0inch IPS HD画面720 * 1280px MTK6753A 64ビット1.3GHzのオクタコア電話3ギガバイトのRAM 32ギガバイトROMアンドロイド6.0 OS 13.0MPカメラ4100mAh大容量バッテリーOTGのWiFi HotKnot GPS







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大きな画面と大きなバッテリが Cubot Max の最大のハイライトです。彼らとは、映画や高解像度より大きな画面でテレビ番組を楽しむしてバッテリの問題について心配はありません。

6.0 インチ大型 HD IPS の容量性タッチ画面、1280 * 720pixel。 
メディアテック MT6753A オクタ コア 1.3 ghz 以上のプロセッサ。
アンドロイド 6.0 操作システム。
3 GB RAM + 32 GB の ROM の大容量ストレージ。
5.0 mp フロント + 13.0MP で 2 つの LED 懐中電灯のリアカメラ.
4100mah 大きい取り外し可能なポリマー バッテリー。
デュアル SIM カード デュアル スタンバイ。
サポート WiFi BT4.0、GPS、OTG、HotKnot、等


の の
ブランド Cubot
モデル MAX
バンド 2 G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3 G WCDMA 900/2100 MHZ
4 G FDD: B1 ・ B3/B7/B20
Sim カード デュアル SIM カード デュアル スタンバイ (2 マイクロ SIM カード)
サービスを提供する Cubot
ブラック、シルバー グレー、ゴールデン バー (オプション)
シェル素材 プラスチック ボディ
その他 電源銀行機能
OS アンドロイド 6.0
CPU MT6753A、オクタ コア
拡張 128 GB
表示サイズ 6.0 インチ
ip アドレス。静電容量方式のタッチ スクリーン
解像度 HD、1280 x 720 のピクセル
DPI 245
着メロ型 ポリフォニック/MP3
オーディオ ファイル形式 MP3、WAV、AMR、AWB
ビデオ ファイル形式 3 gp/MPEG4
イメージ ファイル形式 JPEG、BMP、GIF、PNG、GIF
電子書籍形式 TXT、chm ファイル、ドキュメント、HTML
のイヤホン ポート 3.5 mm
カードを拡張 サポート TF カードを拡張
128 GB データ転送 OTG/USB/HOTKNOT/ジェスチャー目を覚ます
モバイル インター ネット WAP/WIFI
カメラ/画像の解像度 デュアル カメラ、カメラ 5.0 mp をフロント、バック カメラ 13.0MP
2 * 0.5 a LED 懐中電灯
言語 日本語と繁体字/簡体字中国語、インドネシア語、マレー語、カタラ、Cestina、Dansk、ドイツ、英語、スペイン語、
フィリピン、フランス、ウルグアイアン ・ イタリアーノ、Magyar
電話帳 1000
メッセージ SMS/MMS
テレビ なし
GPS はいを入力、ビルド in.also、GPS のサポート
WIFI はい、2.4 g ・ 5 G 802.1.1 b/g/n
Bluetooth ブルートゥース 4.0
センサー 方向、近接、加速度計、その他 (光センサー)
マルチタッチ はい、5 点タッチ
その他機能 Play ストア、電子ブック、電子メール
バッテリー 4100mAh
バッテリー タイプ 取り外し可能なポリマー電池
商品サイズ Approx.16.45 * 8.35 * 0.89 cm/6.5 * 3.3 * 0.35 で
アイテム重量 Approx.250g/8.8 オンス
パッケージ サイズ Approx.16 * 9 * 5 cm/6.3 * 3.5 * 2 で
パッケージ重量 Approx.450g/15.9 オンス


パッケージ リスト:
1 * Cubot 最大携帯電話
1 * バッテリー
1 * USB ケーブル
1 * 充電器 5 v1a
1 * プロテクター ケース
1 * 利用者マニュアル (英語)



TOMTOPフォーラムはアイデア交換の場であり、ITエンジニアがディスカッションに参加するのを助けるコミュニティです。一方、TomTopカスタマーサービス(Tomtopカスタマーサービスアイコン付き)は、httpの連絡先と同じ機能でタイムリーに対応します ://www.tomtop.com/contacts




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  • By Mr Smith

    November 8, 2017

    I enjoy tech gadgets, so over the past year or two I've tried several .......... and now this Cubot Max. It arrived on time, undamaged in good condition. The box it comes in is nice and solid, big enough for all the parts (phone, charger, lead, leaflets, case). Unusually for a smartphone, this phone comes with the removable battery already fitted inside rather than packed separately. That's probably why so many reviews say '"remember to remove the transit tape off the battery contacts!". As most people will be opening the phone and removing the battery to put in an SDcard and Sim, removing the tape off the battery at the same time is no big deal one you know its there. The phone also arrives with a gel case and screen protector fitted - so you don't have to worry about buying those separately and adding £10 to the cost of the phone! My phone was packed up nicely but the box seals were open and there was a lot of smudging (the gel 'glue' stuff ) on the screen protector. It cleaned up easily enough though and there was no apparent damage to the protector. You know how its really difficult to remove some phones backplate,? Well, not on the MAX - I took off the get case ....... and the backplate came with it .... and the case is fairly lose on the phone. Again, not a problem, nothing appeared damaged, just a surprise. Its a good enough quality case - easy to slip on and off. I untaped the battery, inserted a sim and a 64GB SDcard and charged it up. The phone gave a few 'this is a slow SD card' warnings. Unexpected, because its a good quality Sony branded card, but it worked OK, The battery arrived totally discharged, but charged up to 100% in about 3 hours. Remember its a high capacity battery (4000+ mah), so full charging will be a bit slower than you're used to with 2000 rated batteries. The phone connection was showing 4G, and Wifi pickup was good, I ran the setup, added my google account and let the phone update. It had arrived with Android 6 installed, so only a small (20mb) OS update was needed. No android 7 update. Google play updated lots of apps.The android 6 install looks nice and clean - just like my previous Cunot phones - with no bloatware that I could see. Setup my usual mix of Android/GooglePlay apps without any problems - and moved them to the SDcard storage to save space in the phone. Test ran several apps, again no problems. And, after all that updating and installing and playing around, the phone was quite warm to the touch on the upper back ..... and still had 89% battery left. The phone is a nice weight and size .... for a 6" 'phablet'. The screen is good enough. as is touch response and general performance. The audio is OK. The camera is not great, but good enough to use as a basic 720p dashcam. I played a game of Warhammer 40K Regicide (400MB, quite graphically demanding) and the phone played it without problem or lag.

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  • By P. A. Ward

    August 21, 2017

    I bought this for my husband and he loves it. It is large and therefore the buttons are larger and this makes texting easier if you have larger fingers. Beautiful screen for watching Youutube videos's etc or playing games. The phoned can be connected to any network as soon as you put your own sim card in. It holds two seperated sim cards if you want to used two different numbers and you can also install and SD card if you wish, although the memory is large already. Comes complete with a rubberized back cover which makes it easy to grip and less likely to slip out of your hand and also a stick on screen cover which helps protect the screen from scratches. Would recommend.

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  • By The House of MG

    June 8, 2017

     I purchased my first Cubot branded phone back in September 2014. I was tempted back then to get an iPhone on contract but opted for the Cubot instead mainly because I liked the name and I found it had more or less the same features as the iPhone without the silly price. Fast forward to 2017 and I was looking to upgrade to a phone with 4G and at least one which used Android Marshmallow Operating system. It needed to be unlocked and have duel sim capabilities. I chose this Cubot Max in black, but it also comes in White and Gold. It is bigger than my S208 at 6 inches yet it sits comfortably in my hand. It’s a little heavier too. This awesome phone has an 8 core processor compared to the 4 of my old one and a whopping 3GB of RAM giving this phone a high processing speed. It has 32GB ROM which is expandable to 128GB. The IPS screen is a standard 1280×720 pixels resolution which provides a good sharp display, strong colours and good contrasts. You can also adjust colour temperature, contrasts, and saturation etc. to your liking. The touchscreen can register up to 5 points of contact at the same time and is very responsive. It is perfect for those who love to text. The viewing angles are really good on this phone making it perfect for watching videos in bed :-). Below the large screen display you will find usual 3 soft touch buttons. The volume control and power button are located on the right side of the phone. I found it a little awkward to remove the back of this phone, but I have similar trouble with all phones due to my long finger nails. However I managed to remove it using an old credit card, a tip I got from YouTube. Once removed you have easy access to the 4100mAh battery [you will need to remove the blue tab from the battery before the phone will work.] You will also find the two micro SIM card slots (dual-SIM) and a micro-SD card slot. There are two cameras on this phone. A 5mp on the front, suitable for taking selfies and a 13mp Auto focus 4P lens, ƒ/ 2.0 aperture camera on the back along with an LED flash light. I found that the autofocus works really fast in daylight and captures really sharp images. The phone supports the following 2G, 3G and LTE frequencies: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz 4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz This phone supports an amazing 42 different languages including English, Deutsch, Italiano, Polski, Romanian, and Hindi to name but a few Transferring files could not be easier with this phone… using USB cable, Bluetooth or Hotknot something I admit I had not heard of before. The technology allows the capacitive touchscreens of smartphones to interact. A feature that can be used for quick data transfer/sharing. When the two screens are near each other, their physics are used in such a way that allows one of them to act as a transmitter and the other one as a receiver. However in order for this technology to work, the two phones need to come with Hot Knot technology installed and be in close proximity to each other. The Cubot Max supports both GPS and A-GPS making it ideal to use as a navigation system. Sound quality is excellent with earphones [not supplied] and quite good without. I did find the sound to be very loud on this phone compared to the Cubot s208 which is a great improvement. Battery life from the 4100mAh battery, is quite good although it did initially take over 4 hours of charging to get it to 100% That being said, I didn’t have to charge it again for a couple of days :-) This phone has a high processing speed which helps the graphics run super smoothly making it an ideal phone for those who like to play games. Thanks to the big 3G RAM, multitasking is not a problem and you can use several apps at the same time. Supported video formats include MP4, M4V, MKV, VIDX, XVID, ASF, WMV, RM, RMVB Supported Audio format include AAC, MP3, AMR, FLAC, APE. Support e-book format include TXT, PDF, HTML, EPUB, UMD. This phone’s case is made from plastic but that is to be expected due to low price. However as specs go this phone is way up there with some phones costing four or five times as much. Dimensions: Height: 16.5cm Width: 8.5cm Thick: 0.9cm Weight: 203 g Conclusion … I can’t really fault this phone. For the price it is quite amazing and gives you the same features as some phones costing four or five times as much. If it performs as well as my Cubot s208 did for the last three years then I will be one happy bunny! A final note; when I ordered this phone, I also ordered a transparent clear soft TPU case cover for it.

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  • By JD

    May 8, 2017

    I have had this phone, which I bought as a second photo my iPhone 6 plus, for 4 day's. The phone feels sturdy, but the case is plastic. Setup is virtually standard Android 6 and took just a few minutes. I added a 64GB micro SD SanDisk Extreme PRO SDHC which the Phone recognised without problem. The IPS screen is very bright and clear, with a very good edge angle view, but is a bit of a finger print magnet. Swiping and pinch screen zooming is very responsive. The Octa Core process delivers excellent performance which is very close to my iPhone 6 Plus, in some aspects faster. Battery life seems good. On the first day I setup the phone and fully charged the battery, which took over 3 hours. This first charge only lasted about five and a half hours before dropping to 3 percent charge. To put this in context I was loading my preferred Android apps, trying out Netflix, plus generally testing out the phone's features. I would suggest that in normal day to day use it should last 8 hours plus. For me the volume could be louder and if your making calls, listing to music, or watching a movie etc., you defiantly will need a bluetooth earpiece, or headphones. I understand that you can put this phone in Engineering mode which will allow you to increase the volume, but as yet I've not tried this. The Cubot Max comes with a soft clear case, which helps you grip the phone, as without it the phone would be very slippery. It also offers no screen protection, if dropped, so i ordered a different one, plenty around. All-in-all this is an impressive phone for the price. As yet however, I can't comment on the reliability.

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  • By Sue Bradley

    April 12, 2017

    This phone is up there with the far more expensive phones. This is my third cubot phone. First one lasted 4 years, 2nd one only lasted 18 months but I did manage to throw it on the floor and smash the screen beyond recognition. Why pay more for a well known name when you can have all of the features for less than half the price. I just wish the instructions were a little more explicit as I am not very technical and have no idea what half of the functions on it are. Google to the rescue in most cases though. A great phone.

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  • By Faith

    March 23, 2017

    I previously had a Samsung Galxay S5 Mini so to say that I was due a new phone is a laugh. I did all my shopping around first. Looking at reviews and spec comparison websites and this this popped up on a lightening deal and I had 10 mins to do my research and make a choice. I nabbed this phone for £115 and for what I got you would have expected that I paid £300. The specs are simply put amazing and the camera quality is simply magnificent. The phone comes with it's own gel case for protection which is more than any other phone company I have known to do. The battery life was phenomenal as was the memory size. The screen quality was once again simply put brilliant and it was very easy to set up and start installing all my apps again. Even the back of the phone with the case off had a nice feel to it. I liked just about everything about this phone except for one thing. I had simply underestimated the sheer size of this phone. I hated how big it was from the moment I opened the box. I tried it out for a week but I just couldn't adapt to the size, I'm only little and typing was now a two hand affair as I simply couldn't reach the other side of the keyboard. It just constantly felt unwieldy and when I actually took a phone call I felt like I was channelling Dom Jolly in the library with my massive phone. So I made the decision to return the phone. which was simple if a bit delayed when I was told it would be a next day pick up and I was still waiting a week later. The money was back in my account a few days after and I am now back on the hunt for another high spec phone that isn't as large.

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  • By NikTheGeek

    June 6, 2017

    I work in IT and I like my gadgets particularly phones and smartwatches.

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  • By Q***W

    October 26, 2017

    Good phone does everything my old Samsung Galaxy did. Only thing it take four and a half hours to charge. Battery life is quiet good normal last over a day. So a bit of a bargain at £90.

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  • By NGB

    October 13, 2017

    Amazingly good value at this price! Quick, with a very clear and responsive screen- and the battery lasts a full day with normal to heavy use.

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  • By Carl Jung

    October 8, 2017

    Extremely well built phone............absolutely up to date and blows all the whistles and rings the bells.............the phone developed a crack on the screen and the vendor is refunding, no questions asked......I will immediately buy another model...........

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  • By walespete, Llandudno

    September 29, 2017

    Brilliant phone. Why pay 6 X more for the well known makes when the Cubot is almost as good.

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  • By A J Tull

    September 9, 2017

    Fast and with it's size, great visibility. It's a bit big for some pockets but otherwise the size is a definite advantage. Camera's much better than my previous phone (a Samsung) and the battery life is awesome. Superb value too!

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  • By William

    August 24, 2017

    Forget garbage loaded Samsung and the other crazy priced phones. This phone is great. Does everything. Great camera. Superb long lasting battery

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  • By N***M

    August 22, 2017

    very pleased with phone. Easy to use. Camera takes excellent pictures. Ordered about 10pm Wednesday, ready for collection 3pm Thursday. Well pleased. So much so my partner is ordering one. Thanks

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  • By mr.p j holmes

    August 19, 2017

    Really pleased with the cubot max. Excellent value.

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  • By E***T

    August 12, 2017

    Just a great phone ! And the big screen...wow. would recomend anytime.

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  • By F***g

    August 5, 2017

    I think this phone is brilliant. Only downside I can think of is charging time but got to be expected the size of the battery. Battery is enough to get me through 2 days without charge and a day with heavy usage. This phone is just everything I was looking for. Well worth the price! Very fast phone as well!

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  • By teacherak

    July 9, 2017

    Love it! Highly recommended!

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  • By Ted

    June 30, 2017

    Cheapest and best phone I've owned, Did get it reduced at £84 but would happily have paid twice that now I know what it's like. Quick, great camera, storage, very slick.only issue I've had is some downloaded games wouldn't work but a reboot sorted this out. I recommend this, you won't be disappointed.

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  • By P. A. Stokes

    February 26, 2017

    Only had it a short while, but very impressed with it. Seems very well made, and works well. Even came with case and screen protector AND charger, which are not included with a lot of phones these days. Especially like removable battery feature.

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