Cubot スマート フォン S308 WCDMA 3 G クアッドコア携帯電話 MT6582 アンドロイド 4.2 5.0」IPS 静電容量式タッチ スクリーン 2 GB 16 GB 8 mp 13 mp カメラ ホワイト

Cubot スマート フォン S308 WCDMA 3 G クアッドコア携帯電話 MT6582 アンドロイド 4.2 5.0」IPS 静電容量式タッチ スクリーン 2 GB 16 GB 8 mp 13 mp カメラ ホワイト







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  • By D. Christensen

    January 27, 2017

    OK, my wife had commented one day that she wanted a "larger" cell phone. In researching what was available in the current cell phone market, I eventually stumbled across this Cubot S308. While I chose a different model (Lenovo A916) for my wife... The unbelievably low price (and high end specifications) of the Cubot s308 were enough to convince me to buy the Cubot S308 for myself. After I ordered the Cubot S308, I read that there are two versions of it. Then I panicked for a moment, thinking I had ordered the wrong one. Depending on where you buy this, you either get Android 4.2 or Android 4.4 as the operating system. The difference? Well, luckily...there isn't one. But there could have been a huge (and negative) difference in upgrading to 4.4. Let me explain that. When google released 4.4, they (google) disabled external storage. In simple terms, this means you can't use a MicroSDHC card / Tflash card with an android device running 4.4. Unless you "root" it, OR...if the hardware vendor tweaks the OS for you. I ran into this issue with an android tablet I'd purchased earlier, that was running android 4.4. It could not access the external MicroSDHC card. I had to work very hard to get that thing "rooted" just so I could access the external storage. But the Cubot S308 that I received has Android 4.4 AND it has access to the external storage slot, also. So Cubot has solved the problem that google created. OK, about the phone itself... If you carefully review the specifications of the phone and read reviews and watch video reviews of it, you would have to conclude that it is (probably) the best value in any cell phone handset as of the moment I am writing this review in January of 2015. But as always, you don't really know what you are buying until you hold it in your hands. I've had a couple of weeks to set it up and test it and I've found a few flaws that make it seem less than perfect (thought still a fantastic value) Sound quality... First, I need to state that I have used almost all major brands of handsets. I'm always on the road ("road warrior"). I'm usually carrying one or two handsets of my own, as well as one or two handsets that my employer requires me to carry. These handsets get switched around a lot and thoroughly tested under very demanding conditions... Basically, I'm a good person to ask as far as what brands to buy, what brands to avoid...and can compare the sound quality of most of the major brands. In terms of sound quality...from best to worst, you have: Nokia (Nothing compares to this, it has the best sound quality) Pantech (Surprised me, pretty close to Nokia quality) Apple Iphone (VERY good sound quality) Lenovo (also very good sound quality) ******** If you are picky about sound quality, you really must stick to one of those above ***** Samsung/LG (similar, acceptable...not as good as the first three) Cubot (acceptable...thought not quite as good as Samsung or LG) Motorola I would personally rank last, in terms of sound quality. OK, so you can see the first weakness of the Cubot S308 is sound quality. The speakers (voice and media) are both plenty loud and clarity is acceptable. But there is noticeable distortion in voice and music, especially compared to better handsets like the LG P715 that this S308 is replacing. I wouldn't call the sound quality "bad" at all. It is more than acceptable. But it's not top notch sound quality, most brands sound better. The second weakness I found is HEAT. Before I go further, I will note that I am only using the Cubot S308 handset with the (included) factory flip cover. So I'm not sure whether the handset would run cooler without the cover on or not. But we have been playing FPS type games with the Cubot S308. The GOOD news is that this thing is plenty powerful enough to run ANY android game. But the BAD news is that the handset gets very hot (to the touch) while running games. How hot? It eventually shuts itself down / locks up...if you keep playing games. Yeah, that's a bad thing... It's kind of sad. I mean, the hardware is fantastic. But it's crippled by heat. The third weakness I found is one that many might call a "strength". That is, it runs stock android with NO mods. How is that a weakness? Well, I've already had to mod it with many 3rd-party apps to get it as user-friendly as I'm used to. Example 1: The default keyboard has an INCREDIBLY LOUD "click" sound to it. I searched forever to find a way to turn it off or (preferably) turn it down. There does not seem to be a way to do that. So I had to install swiftkey (something like that) keyboard to iron out that bug. I like the layout of the ORIGINAL keyboard better than the swiftkey keyboard. However, the swiftkey keyboard allows me to turn DOWN the annoying clicking sound... Example 2: I had some kind of persistent "google" bar on the home screen that I could not get rid of. So I had to install a 3rd-party launcher (nova?) to deal with that. The free version of the launcher has small icons, but I can live with that. (the small icons are less annoying to me than the google bar, which the nova got rid of...) Example 3: The battery indicator is way, WAY off. I'm still struggling to fix that issue. But it seems to show about 40% charge when the battery is actually DEAD EMPTY. I have installed some kind of battery widget that is supposed to deal with that issue. But time will tell if it actually does fix it (still working on this issue) The first "clue" I had that something was wrong was...right after seeing battery level showing about 45%...I took a shower. When I got out of the shower, my wife was saying there was something wrong with the phone. I tried to turn the phone on, but it was dead...would not power on. At first, I thought it was a handset issue. After all, the battery was still about 40% full, right???? But we popped the battery out and put it on a "smart" charger. The "smart" charger showed the battery totally dead. Luckily, we had a spare battery which was fully charged. When I popped that in, the phone immediately came back to life. Since then, the phone has suddenly died on me a few times shortly after I see battery level in the 40s percentile range. As far as battery life goes, I really can't complain. If I use it heavily (lots of gaming, web surfing) I have to change the battery once every 24 hours exactly. (or charge it) That performance either matches or EXCEEDS the performance of every other smart phone I've ever owned. (some I have had to charge TWICE A DAY) Basically, if you really use a smart phone a lot, then you must stay near a charger, or carry spare charged batteries. This particular handset is no exception to that. That's why I ordered a couple of spare batteries to be delivered WITH the handset. I already knew what to expect. :) On a side note, if you buy an accessory charger or battery charger, make SURE that you buy a charger that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3 or similar, if you intend to use the charger with this Cubot S308. Basically, the cell phone batteries keep getting stronger...and the chargers used to top them up have to keep up with the current technology. This S308 requires a higher voltage, higher current charger (even though the battery is only 2000mah). If you're not sure what charger to buy, look for a highly rated "universal" charger that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5. If it's a battery charger you are looking for, make sure it is universal (size adjustable) AND compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5. THAT should work fine for the Cubot S308, as it has the same style battery, the same charging connector, and similar electrical requirements... On activation... For the U.S. network, this thing is spec'd to be used with carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. I actually live in South Korea. Activating it here was surprisingly easy. Generally speaking (unless this has changed recently) it is HARDER to activate a cell phone in South Korea than it is to get it activated in the United States. But I had no problem at all with this Cubot S308. All that was really required to activate it was to transfer the SIM card (KT / OLLEH, which is the Korean equivalent of AT&T in the U.S.) from my old handset to the new Cubot S308, then reboot the S308... DONE! I suspect this handset would work AWESOME on the AT&T network. On display quality... The 5" IPS display is very bright (even around 30% brightness, outside, it still is easy to see!!!) and has good viewing angles. The display quality is (overall) way above average, even for a high-end smart phone. You will enjoy playing games and watching videos on this phone. You will enjoy it very much. The only downside I see (and it's probably because I have a trained eye for calibrating monitors) is that the display "pushes" red slightly. In other words, skin tones are not as natural as they could be. Your skin will look a little red if you view a picture of yourself on this phone. That's not bad at all, and I'm probably one of the few people in the universe who would even notice the slight discoloration. On controls... I would personally prefer for the power switch to be moved somewhere other than right beside the volume rocker, as I keep hitting the wrong switch, no matter which one I'm aiming for. But I LOVE the hidden buttons under the display (menu, home, back). It gives the phone a very, clean, polished, professional look. And it does not take long to memorize (muscle memory) where the three buttons are. They only light up when you touch them, which many people would view as a negative... But I (personally) like that. Stealth controls. HaHa... On cameras... OK, this thing has TWO great cameras on it. Both are set up to do normal pictures or videos, with no need to toggle controls to get from one to the other! I personally think the FRONT camera (the selfie camera) is a little better, in terms of picture quality. But they both take good pictures. Sometimes the main camera (the back one) is a little overly bright. But seeing as a lot of cell phone pictures end up too dark, maybe that was intentional... I can't complain at all about the picture quality of the included cameras. For a smart phone, it does as well as any other smart phone I've used. On overall performance... This thing ROCKS!!! As far as hardware goes, it is a BEAST! Yeah, there are octa-core phones out there, like the Lenovo A916 I bought for the wife. But quad core is more than sufficient. It is so nice to finally have a phone that responds instantly to every command. We've come a long way from the Samsung Galaxy S days. HaHa... Final thoughts... Unless you specifically need a handset to play games on, this Cubot S308 is a STEAL. Is it perfect? No. It does have some minor issues. But when you consider all the hardware and capabilities you get for the PRICE you pay? Well, I'll put it this way... If I spent $1000 on a "unlocked" smart phone (without contract subsidizing) in South Korea today, I would end up with something SLOWER and LESS CAPABLE than the Cubot S308. The Chinese cell phone manufacturers seem to be aiming for the high-end handset market with hardware that is priced VERY competitively... If you want a "name brand" phone that performs as well as the Cubot S308, you will need to pay a MINIMUM of 3 - 400 dollars for an unlocked handset. So depending on which market you are talking about, this Cubot S308 does not really have any serious competitors, unless you are wiling to spend 2-7 TIMES as much as the Cubot S308 costs. (WOW) Edit : I am dropping my rating to 4 stars. Earlier, I was sure that 5 stars was correct, considering the price this cell phone typically sells for. If you have to spend 300-400 dollars or more to get similar quality...that makes this cell phone a pretty good deal. But I've had to drop my rating to four stars due to a hardware issue. Earlier, I mentioned the battery level indicator is WAY off. I have had time to try to fix this issue. I have "rooted" the phone and used apps (which require root access) to calibrate the battery. I am 100% certain that the battery level is properly calibrated. But keeping in mind that I have three brand new batteries and the cell phone acts the same with all of them... Even when battery level is properly calibrated, the cell phone battery will be totally dead shortly after the cell phone is indicating 40-50% battery level. It's not a battery issue, and it does not appear to be a software issue, either. So I think there is a hardware issue with the cell phone itself...something that affects the battery level indicated. Basically, if your cell phone shows battery level around 50%...expect it to shut down on you soon. And when you go to charge the battery, you will discover the battery is totally dead... This annoying issue is the only "real" problem this cell phone has.

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  • By q***r

    December 12, 2017

    simply ... GREAT ITEMS!

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  • By Arinze

    July 27, 2017

    Good phone but I thought most phones comes with earphones .but this one didn't.. I m disappointed

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  • By Terry Daniels

    July 12, 2017

    I got this phone about a week ago and so far I am loving. The phone is fast, the display is beautiful, and the camera is killing it with 16 megapixels. This phone looks extremely classy, and not only that but it comes with a case and a screen protector. I honestly couldn't ask for more my only problem with the phone is that my 4g LTE is not working but the phone is pretty fast with out it so its not really effecting me in anyway. Other than that this is a worthy investment.

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  • By Jaime Núñez

    July 9, 2017

    Got it in the mail yesturday via ups.Everything functions on it great. Cubot seems to be serious about their work just by this phones design and feel of durability.Excellent phone with professional great specifications and features! Very fast and easy to use! Excellent packaging & service as well, seller highly recommended!

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  • By danitacastro

    April 28, 2017

    Very nice product! Great camera!

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  • By Kenneth Prince

    April 14, 2017

    Excellent phone, keep your expensive phones and so call name brands, this is the 6th in our collection

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  • By winston Taylor

    March 11, 2017

    I Love it. High quality

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  • By Skd

    February 22, 2017

    Fast delivery, item came nicely wrapped with unlocked phone, charger, screen protectors, case and quick guide. No ear phone was included I wonder why. Overall nice

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  • By Deedee

    February 2, 2017

    A nice phone. However the internal storage is too small.

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  • By l***1

    December 20, 2015

    Exxcelent celler fast service +++++

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  • By m***e

    December 19, 2015

    Love the phone!

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  • By j***e

    September 4, 2015

    Schnelle Lieferung, Super Ware. Vielen Dank

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  • By j***7

    March 5, 2015

    Fast shipping and item was as described. Thanks

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  • By m***e

    January 22, 2015


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  • By g***r

    December 30, 2014

    good product no issues, good seller

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  • By p***s

    December 18, 2014


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  • By o***5

    January 5, 2015

    Excellent service and fast delivery good

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  • By e***8

    December 20, 2014

    very good. excelent

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  • By k***t

    December 1, 2014

    Muchas gracias, thanks you very much

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