dodocool MFi認定3.3ft / 1m 3-in-1ナイロン編組マイクロUSB-USB 2.0ケーブル(雷とUSBタイプ-Cアダプタ付き)iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8/7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / LG用チャージ&シンクV20 / G6 / G5 / HTC 10 / Google Pixel XL / Lumia 950XL / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P / Samsung S8 + / S8 / S6以上のグレー

dodocool MFi認定3.3ft / 1m 3-in-1ナイロン編組マイクロUSB-USB 2.0ケーブル(雷とUSBタイプ-Cアダプタ付き)iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8/7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / LG用チャージ&シンクV20 / G6 / G5 / HTC 10 / Google Pixel XL / Lumia 950XL / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P / Samsung S8 + / S8 / S6以上のグレー







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dodocool 3.3ft Micro-USBと雷とUSB-Cアダプタを備えたUSBケーブルを使用すると、Micro-USBポート、Lightningポート、またはUSB Type-Cポートを1本のケーブルで素早く安全に充電および同期することができます。最大480Mbpsのデータ転送速度と2.4Aまでの充電電流をサポートします。これは、LightningデバイスまたはUSB-CデバイスでMicro-USBケーブルを使用するための完璧なソリューションです。


マルチ互換設計により、Micro-USBポート、Lightningポート、またはUSB Type-Cポートに付属のデバイスを充電して同期することができます。

Apple MFi認定

リバーサブルUSB Type-Cコネクタを使用すると、いつでもあらゆる方向にUSB-C対応デバイスにケーブルを接続でき、利便性を最大限に高めます。

最大480Mbpsの高速データ転送速度を実現するUSB​​ 2.0を採用し、2.4Aまでの最適充電電流でデバイスを充電してください。

プレミアムナイロン編組素材は優れた柔軟性と耐久性を保証し、高品質の銅線は信号品質を最大化します。 3.3フィートの長さは毎日の使用に便利です。

長さ: 3.3フィート/ 1メートル
直径: 0.12in / 3.15mm
インターフェイス:1 *ライトニングコネクタ、1 * USBタイプ-Cコネクタ、1 * USB-A 2.0コネクタ、1 *マイクロUSBコネクタ
Apple iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8/7 Plus / 7 / SE / 6s Plus / 6 Plus / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5、iPad Air / Air 2 / Pro、iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3 /ミニ4、iPad(第4世代)、iPod nano(第7世代)、iPod touch(第5世代)およびその他のデバイス
Samsung Galaxy S6エッジ+ / S6エッジ/ S6 / S5 / S4 / S3 / S2 / Note5 / Note4 / Note3 / Note2 / LG Nexus 5 / Nexus 4およびMicro-USBポート搭載のその他のデバイス
Microsoft Lumia 950 / Lumia 950XL / Samsung Galaxy S8 + / Galaxy S8 / Google Pixel / Google Pixel XL / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P / LG V20 / LG G6 / LG G5 / HTC 10 / Nokia N1タブレット/ OnePlus 2 / OnePlus 3 USB-Cポートを備えた他のデバイス
アイテムの重さ:約。 0.96oz / 27g
パッケージサイズ: 4.09×3.66×0.55インチ/ 104.00×93.00×14.00mm(L×W×H)
パッケージ重量: 1.60oz / 46g

1 * dodocool Micro-USBから雷、USB-Cアダプタ付きUSBケーブル
1 *取扱説明書(英語、フランス語、ドイツ語、スペイン語、イタリア語、日本語)



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  • By Lilu

    August 26, 2017

    I purchased this cable to use in the office. This is very convenient as it can charge everyone's phone because of its features. People are often going around the office asking for charging cable. Most of us have iPhone or Samsung so with this cable pretty much everyone will be able to charge their phones. So this can charge the phone from the computer by plugging in the USB-C and then it has 3 different connectors : - USB-A - Micro USB - Lightning The cable is 1 metre long which is more than enough to reach the computer and put the phone beside you. This is a well thought product, fantastic invention. It is also great for a family where its members has different phones as it can charge them all. Good value for money, I think this item is very inexpensive as a lightning cable cost more which only can charge iPhones. I'm pleased with this purchase.

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  • By Yann Avis

    June 27, 2017

    # - Emballage : Le produit est emballé dans une boite en carton et est protégé dans un plastique de qualité. Il n'a pas était abîmé durant le transport. De plus, le produit a été reçu rapidement. # - Le produit : Le câble permet de brancher trois téléphones différent, je l'utilise pour recharger mes différents téléphones, samsung et iphone. Il recharge très rapidement et sans abîmer la batterie. Le câble est solide est très bien fabriqué. # - Les finitions : Le produit est de noir, le câble est solide et les embouts sont en aluminium couleur argent et semble solide également. # - Mon avis : Je recommande ce produit pour charger différent téléphone sans s'encombrer de plein de câble différent.

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  • By L.B

    July 15, 2017

    Étant possesseur d'un Iphone et d'un Samsung, il me fallait donc un câble qui puisse recharger et synchroniser mes deux appareils, l'un en Lightning et l'autre en USB-C. J'ai enfin trouvé mon bonheur dans ce "dodocool" 3 en 1! Dès l'ouverture de la boite, on sent un câble assez solide et très bien conçu. Tout s'adapte parfaitement aux différentes connectiques des téléphones et les embouts se clipsent facilement (Bien regarder le sens des petites flèches sur les embouts pour bien les emboiter au câble de base micro USB). La recharge est très rapide et la synchronisation ainsi que le transfert des données le sont tout autant. Je suis donc pleinement satisfait de ce câble, qui je l’espère tiendra dans le temps. - Les +, Vous pourrez recharger et synchroniser n'importe quel téléphone en Lightning, USB-C et Micro USB. Certain câble vendu sur Amazon ne font que la recharge ou ne synchronise que l'Iphone, donc bien regarder le descriptif sous peine de devoir, comme moi, retourner le produit. - Embouts facile à emboiter (attention : un seul embout peut être emboiter sur le Micro USB..en gros, on ne peut pas emboiter les 3 embouts les uns sur les autres) - Les -, Un système d'attache d'embouts inutilisés aurait été judicieux lorsqu'on ne s'en sert pas...mais ça ne gène vraiment pas au final. Conclusion : Un très bon câble multi usage qui évitera de se retrouver avec une multitude de câbles emmêlés.

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  • By casanovaTEST

    July 14, 2017

    Mon but faire un commentaire clair, sans mettre tous les détails techniques que vous pourrez retrouver dans la présentation du produit faite par la marque, plus haut dans la page. N’hésitez à ne regarder que les catégories qui vous intéressent ! #Contenu du carton #: Le produit est composé de : - Un mode d’emploi - Le câble #Qualité# : Produit de très bonne qualité, aussi bien pour la connectique utilisé que pour tout simplement les matériaux, en plastique mais de bonne qualité. #Prise en main#: Ce produit est très simple à prendre en main car il s’utilise comme un câble normal sauf que vous pouvez utiliser 3 ports différents, micro USB, USB C et Lightning. De plus ils sont tous raccrocher au même câble pour pas les perde. Ce câble est donc très pratique pour les voyages par exemple. #Esthétique# : Sinon je trouve que ce port bien qu’il soit simple il reste joli et discret. # Mon avis général# : En conclusion je recommande ce produit car il répond à la tâche demandé et il sera très pratique si vous devez ramener un câble avec vous tout le temps, comme pour aller au travail ou encore pour partir en voyage.

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  • By Lisa Nicole

    November 13, 2017

    I really like the convenience of this charging cable. I use it in my car so all my friends are able to charge up when needed even if they have different phones. It makes it easier having One device you carry versus separate chargers. I love the way the cables swivel around so your cords don't bunch up and get tied together in knots. I currently use the one that charges for my iphone, but my co worker ended up using a different end ofr her phone, it worked perfect! The cord is the perfect size measuring 3.3 feet long and it has the ability to charge and sync. I really love the thought of this product and look forward to seeing what else they come up with! Great design! *Please note you can only use one of the chargers at a time.

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  • By CatsAndBooks

    October 3, 2017

    I got this because I'm tired of having to search through a pile of cables to find the one that fits the device. I also wanted it specifically to charge my mobile phone. My phone is a simple one - a Nokia 1208, very basic and user-friendly, that I bought some years ago. Nokia 1208 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black  Unfortunately, the charging stand has become defective, and since the model is discontinued, I haven't been able to get a replacement. To my delight, this connector works. I plug the USB-A into the mains adaptor, and leave my phone to charge. It was such a relief that I found this simple solution. The same connector also works for charging my non-bluetooth fitness tracker watch.  Smart Pedometer Bracelet, AsiaLONG Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Wristband with Touch Screen / Calorie Tracker / Health Sleep Monitor / Date Time Display / Distance for Sport Running Walking Women Men Child (Black)  (As you can tell, I favour uncomplicated technology over complex features.) The cable also has two attachments for other types of connectors. Basically, these are mini adaptors which click onto the main connector, so it can be used to charge different types of devices. The mini adaptors are attached to the cable in a secure way, so they don't get lost (as they would if I just kept them lose in my box with the ever-growing collection of cables.) I find this very practical. I wish it had more attachments for more adaptors so I could plug this cable into more devices, such as my video camera, still camera and Kindle. That would be a really practical solution, but of course it's just wishful thinking. I'm not a technical expert and can't comment on factors such as transmission speed. Hopefully, other reviewers can provide expert assessments for that. I just know that it works for what I want it for: charging my mobile phone. :-) What this cable lacks is an attached velcro strip to hold it coiled. That's a practical feature many cables (especially those from Apple) have these days. This cable doesn't, which is why I'm not awarding it five stars. My feline product testing assistant had a good sniff and confirms that the cable smells the way cables should. :-) (See photo.)

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  • By °•○●Sophie●○•°

    September 8, 2017

    Received alot earlier than expected and the item was very well packaged and no damage was done while shipping the product, The cable came in an Amazon parcel and was well wrapped and safe from damage. When I opened up the box that it was in the cable itself was also wrapped in another bag neatly and also came with an instruction manual which is handy but the product is really easy to understand without instructions, The product itself can hold up to 3 devices which is really handy when some friends don't have a charger and ask to borrow yours because you can connect there's to, It's I connected this to my Samsung phone perfectly and it has little bumps and hold it more securely in your phone I've never seen this on a cable it's really well made. The cable itself is also fairly long so you don't need to sit right next to the plug socket itself. I would recommend this to anyone who has a device to connect this to or maybe a present for someone it's perfect.

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  • By ALong

    August 13, 2017

    What a great charging cable. It has three different ends for three different devices so you only have to carry one charging cable with you. I love the way that the cables with the different ends on them swivel around so that you don't have all your devices bunched up. Right now I only use two of the ends, one for my iPhone and the micro USB end, but it has a USB C end as well if you need it. The cord is 3.3 feet long and it has the ability to charge and sync. No error messages, either. Awesome idea, great product.

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  • By sillieidiot

    July 13, 2017

    This cable works like a charm. It does charging and syncing. It's nice to only have to carry around one cable for all my needs instead of 3 separate ones. I docked a star because sometimes it's hard to match up the adapter to the micro-USB port. There is a little arrow, but when you're doing it at night with no light, you can't see the arrow. I wish that they had started out with the USB-C connector so you don't have to figure out orientation and use that as a base for the other adapters. The cable works with fast charging/QC 2.0 on my Samsung S8. The connector also fits fine in my Rhinoshield CrashGuard bumper case for those that are wondering since I read that some wires don't work due to how the CrashGuard is designed.

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  • By chris

    June 8, 2017

    J'ai enfin trouvé le câble parfait pour accompagner ma batterie externe lors des mes déplacements et voyage. En effet, le câble au format micro-USB dispose de 2 adaptateurs permettant la recharge d'appareils apple (lightning) ou USB type C. De cette façon avec un unique câble il devient possible de recharger ma batterie externe (format micro-USB) et d'utiliser le même câble pour la recharge de l'iPhone de mon épouse (lightning) et de mon OnePlus 3 (USB C). J'ai beaucoup apprécié cette polyvalence. Au niveau des performances, le câble est bien sûr reconnu par les appareils sous iOS et procure une intensité identique au câble Apple. En ce qui concerne le OnePlus 3 et sa norme propriétaire Dash charge, le câble n'est bien sûr pas compatible avec cette technologie mais est capable de délivrer une intensité de 1500mAh.

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  • By Sean

    May 18, 2017

    I’ve reviewed quite a few cables and this new cable has been well thought of. The plastic coating is thick and durable and can be pulled and tugged fairly hard and still feel durable. Also you can pull at the ends and it doesn’t seem like it would snap off from the USB port or the micro USB connection. There are two separate connectors attached at end to allow you to swap to Lightning and USB Type C. These are attached to the main cable but the cable is thinner but seem pretty durable with light pulling. There are arrows on the connectors to prevent you putting it in the wrong way and breaking it. Swapping connections is pretty straightforward as the arrows on the connector prevents you putting it in the wrong way. You can only use the cable for one device at the same, as its still just one cable with 2 separate connectors. I’ve managed to test the micro USB and lightning connector and it works fine. It also manages to syncs my iPhone with iTunes when connected to my pc’s USB slot. Overall I would recommend this cable if you need the versatility of being able to charge 3 different types of devices. It also makes less clutter then having to use 3 separate cables. It’s made to last and feels durable. I will update you if it decides to break in the future or if I encounter any problems.

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  • By Devin

    March 11, 2017

    I was pleasantly surprised to see and feel the quality of this multi-charging cable. The item arrived on time and professionally packaged. I have purchased other multi-cables in the past but they were short, not as high of quality and had cables for devices that I did not need. The dodocool Lightning/Micro USB/USB C cable has just what I need for the latest devices. As I said the cable is high quality and by that I mean each of the connecting ports are durable and I feel it will last for quite some time. I will include pics of the cable and packaging so you can see for yourself. I feel comfortable knowing I can throw this in my bag and be able to charge all of my devices at any time. I keep this cable in my bag at all times and enjoy only having to reach for one cable instead of three.

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  • By kyc

    February 23, 2017

    This is an excellent product that will help reduce the number of cables I have to bring along on a trip. However, if I were to make one change to this product, it would be to have the USB Type C port on the cable itself instead of the micro USB port. As the adapters are allowed to swivel freely around the cable, you will need to check that adapters are orientated correctly with the micro USB port every time you plug them in. There is a small arrow on each adapter which helps to identify the correct way to plug the adapters in. However, I believe this product would be way better with a USB Type C port on the cable and the micro USB port on an adapter instead as it would make it a lot easier to plug the adapters into a reversible USB Type C port instead of the Micro USB port.

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  • By Mr. C. Clarke-williams

    January 24, 2017

    This is the perfect cable to keep as a spare in the car or anywhere that you are likely to bee to help out someone with the wrong kind of device. Even better it will work with your device too! In my case I may well keep this cable in the office so that when we have visitors who need to charge something I will be able to produce this with a flourish! I will need another for the car! Currently most tablets and phones use an A to Micro B cable for charging. Some of the newer ones use A to micro C, then you get the odd ball ones (iPhone basically) which use an A to lightening connector. Pretty much all devices made in the last 6 years or so use one of these three types. This cable seems well made and the ends are easy to change. Do be aware though that because the default end is the Micro B you will need to plug it in to the back of the other two connectors the right way round. You may need your glasses first time.

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  • By Yuu

    December 1, 2017

    【機能】 1mのMicroUSBケーブルに、LightningとUSB-C変換アダプタが付いています。 Lightningを使いたい時はLightningの変換アダプタを噛ませて使用します。 【良いところ】 ・1本のケーブルで、持っている端末ほとんどの充電ができる ・USB-C端子がある(まだUSB-Cの3in1ケーブルは少ないのでGood) 【悪いところ】 ・変換アダプタをつけるとコネクタ部分が大きくなってしまう やはり色々な端子を一つのケーブルを持つだけで済むのはとても便利です。 私は外出時、iPhoneやBluetoothイヤホンを持っていきますが、どちらも充電できるのは素晴らしい。 最近ではNintendo Switchの充電端子もUSB-Cなので、スマホとNintendo Switch用にも良いのではないでしょうか? 家でも、ケーブルがごちゃごちゃせずこれ一本あるだけで色々な機器が充電できるので重宝しています。

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  • By 55T

    November 28, 2017

    microUSB、Type-C、Lightningケーブルなど・・・ メーカーが別々の種類の充電ケーブルを出してきてうざいですよね。 私は普段モバイルバッテリー、タブレット、iPhoneを持ち歩いていたがこれ1本で済むようになったのはかなり嬉しい。 デメリットは2つのコネクタ部分がぴょーんと出ているので纏まらない。

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  • By CroixEssence36

    November 16, 2017

    Ce câble est très pratique, il permet de recharger tout les appareils avec une entrée USB C, Micro USB et Lightning. Le câble est sobre et solide. Je conseille si vous avez plusieurs appareils avec des types de recharge différents.

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  • By すまーとめでぃあ yuki

    September 23, 2017

    便利な3in1ケーブルです。 私の場合、iPad Pro 9.7/Xperia Z5 Premium/Nexus 6Pとインターフェースの異なるデバイスを持ち歩くことが多いので、とても重宝しています。 MFi認定を取得した製品ですので、ライトニング変換部分は安心して使えます。 耐久性もそこそこあるようですが、少々頼りなさそうですので、使っていくうちに評価も変わるかもしれません。 ケーブルの長さは1mなので、取り扱いがしやすく、デスク周りや外出時の持ち歩き用としても良い感じです。 今までは、microUSBケーブル+変換コネクタを持ち歩くスタイルでしたが、変換コネクタはなくしやすいので、こちらの製品は、よりスマートに持ち歩けるので、活躍しています。

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  • By h***G

    July 25, 2017

    Merci ! Câble USB multi sorties (USB C, Micro USB, Sortie APPLE). D'un côté femelle, de l'autre mâle, chaque sortie peut vous permettre une adaptation sur votre support choisi. Prise en main facile, les adaptateur ne peuvent pas s'égarer, car chaque sortie est liée au câble.

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  • By wifecooky

    May 27, 2017

    Micro-USBケーブル、Lightingケーブル、Type-Cケーブル 3in1の充電ケーブルです。 私の場合、携帯2台(iPhoneとHuawei P9)、モバイルバッテリーなどの設備を持っていて、 この1本で全部充電できるのはとても助かります。 いつも3種類のケーブルをカバンに入れていて、 取り出すのにストレスが溜まってしまいます。 1点だけと言うなら、ケーブルがちょっと細く、 長く持つかが心配です。

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