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YONGNUO YN900 CRI 95 + ワイヤレス LED ビデオ ライト パネル 3200 K ・ 5500 K 7200LM 54 w キヤノン ニコン カメラ用照明

YONGNUO YN900 CRI 95 + ワイヤレス LED ビデオ ライト パネル 3200 K ・ 5500 K 7200LM 54 w キヤノン ニコン カメラ用照明







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-YN900 が装備されていますマルチ チャネル無線リモコン発光強度を調整し、YN900 のスイッチを制御するために使用します。
-、携帯アプリは公式ホームページで提供される: この携帯電話のアプリでこの LED ビデオ ・ ライト携帯電話で、光度とチャネルの現在のパラメーターを読み取るし、を制御できます発光強度およびビデオ ライトの 8 グループのスイッチを個別に制御します。
-YN900 は 3200 k 色温度で 448 のランプ ビーズと 5500 k 色温度; 特大発光領域の別の 452 ランプ ビーズによって形成されます。色温度は 3200 k 5500 k で調整できます、ために、YN900 より実用的です。
-YN900 は運転するは大きなは効果的にコルゲーションとストロボ フラッシュを避けるを助ける技術 YONGNUO 独自の LED を採用します。
-YN900 は粗調整モードや細かいチューニング モードなど、エンコーダー デジタル調光システムを採用します。
-YN900 の LED のデジタル表示画面、電源出力のパラメーターは、tuitional です。
-YN900 は外部 DC 電源入力をサポートするため、長い時間は可能の撮影 (電源アダプターはオプションです)。
-強制的に YN900 を採用し、放熱ファン LED ビデオライトの長期使用後加熱問題を解決します。
-YN900、色温度フィルター 2 個装備が異なる状況下で使用できます。  
互換バッテリー: ソニー NP-F シリーズ (電池は含まない)
NP F750 NP F550 NP F530 NP F970 NP F330 NP F950 NP F570 NP F770 NP F960 NP F930 NP-F930/B NP F970/B

光源: 900 LED ビーズ
輝度角度: 55 °
色温度: 3200 k ・ 5500 K
携帯電話リモート距離: > 20 m
携帯電話リモート システム: サポート Android 4.3 以上・ ブルートゥース 4.0 以上 ISO 7.0 と上記の携帯電話
リモート コントロール距離・20 m
: > 出力電力: 54 w
ルーメン: 7200LM
平均寿命: 約 50000 H
電源: 2 NP F リチウム電池または外部 19 v または 5A DC 電源 (別売)
アイテム サイズ: 25.5 * 18.5 * 5 cm/10 * 7.3 * 2.0 で
項目重量: 924 g/2.04 LB
パッケージ サイズ: 30 * 22 * 7 cm/11.8 * 8.7 * 2.7 で
パッケージ重量: 1460 g/3.21 LB

1 * YN900 ビデオ光
1 * ランプ ホルダー
2 * Fliters
1 * リモコン
1 * ユーザー Manual(Chinese & English)



On the yn 600 i stuck a toothpick in the fan. It stopped the noise & never overheated even when running all day. Can you do same with 900?

  • This is how I solved the problem - replace the fan with a quality one. https://youtu.be/W57TGcwMUBY

    By D. Boeck on February 24, 2018


Anyone know how to use the remote? Mine doesnt work for both units but works fine for my YN600s

  • Use the remote that came with your YN 900 or the smartphone app for the 900 or 600

    By Robert J. Atwell on May 6, 2018


Is there fan noise with the 900 series?

  • Yes, it's slight but it is something to be aware of. The fan kicks on when it wants so place microphones away from the light and the little bit of noise should not register.

    By John J Mathews on April 2, 2018


why does the yn-900 5000k get 4+ stars and this yn-900 variable 3200-500 only get 3 stars?

  • The variable temperature YN900LED has a lower light output because the diodes are in two banks. One at the same color temp as the single color temp light and a second bank at 3200k. At a color temp of around 4300K the light outputs are similar as both lights have their leds at full strength. The dual bank light achi… see more The variable temperature YN900LED has a lower light output because the diodes are in two banks. One at the same color temp as the single color temp light and a second bank at 3200k. At a color temp of around 4300K the light outputs are similar as both lights have their leds at full strength. The dual bank light achieves various color temps by adjusting the intensity of the two varying banks of diodes. If you are shooting video you might like extra brightness of the single color temp, but if you are trying to match the color temp of existing light for a more balanced and natural look the variable temp light is very handy. I like the spectrum of the variable temp light better for still photography and I can always shoot at 4300K when I need max light output. I currently own 600s, 900s, and 600 Air variable temp Yongnuo lights. I may soon pick up a couple of 1200 variable temp lights. I my experience they perform well for events and location work where power and weight are sometimes very important. see less

    By Robert J. Atwell on March 29, 2018


Is the yongnuo yn1600 a lot stronger than yongnuo yn900???

  • I've not used the YN1600 but theYN900 has always been enough for my needs,

    By Greg D on March 11, 2018


What are the dimensions of the yn-900? (LxWxD)

  • L*W*H is 11.4 x 8.7 x 2.8 inches

    By Babao on January 12, 2018


Does anyone know which pelican case would hold 1 yn900 with remote, included filters, atleast 2 np-f970 batteries, and and grip handle?

  • Hi Friend, our YN900 don't include the batteries, and you need to buy the batteries seperately.

    By Zalamea on January 11, 2018


comparing this light to a tungsten light how much this light will be ?

  • Half the bulbs are daylight temp Half are Tungsten temperature. You have dimmer controls for each. With both turned up to 100% this light is very bright. Brighter than the pro standard bi color 12x12 Lite panel and much more afordable.

    By Tom B. on December 19, 2017


What is the CRI number?

  • Hi Dalibor Zaviska, thanks for your asking. Our YN900's CRI number is > or = 95. If you have any other questions, pls feel free to contact us.

    By Duncan on November 17, 2017


Brightness of variable vs the 5500k version ? if both are set at 5500K isn't the variable only using 1/2 the LEDS therefore 1/2 as bright

  • lol. wow to the answer of that question.

    By Aebowale A. on January 2, 2018




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  • By Paul Grupp

    March 8, 2017

    Have been using two of these for a few weeks now -- have used them for formals for a couple wedding, extra lighting in a very dim reception hall. main lighting for glamour stills and video, and fill for environmental portraiture. In every case performance has been superb. These lights have far better performance, features, and quality than they have a right to for the price. Lots of unexpected and pleasant surprises. For example, they come with an rf remote control that lets you power them up, adjust overall output or color temperature remotely. Because you can set the channel for each light, you can either control all the lights at the same time, or assign separate channels and address each light individually. What I really love is that the lights talk to each other, even without using the remote control. So, for example, if more than one light is on the same channel, if you turn on one light, they all come on. Dim one light, and they all dim simultaneously. Amazing. I don't have the means to measure CRI, but the quality seems very high compared to smaller, cheaper LED lights I've used in the past. I have shot video at 24, 30, and 60fps and haven't detected any flicker. The lights are a little beamy with somewhat uneven coverage and some hot spots -- you will never confuse one of these lights with a 48 inch softbox. But when I say a "little" beamy I mean just that -- in practice it's not noticeable in the final images. As others have noted, the barn doors are very thin cheap metal, and they ding and bend easily. It won't take long for them to look like they've been years in a busy NYC rental house inventory. But they work, and also protect the LED array when traveling, so who is going to complain. They use Sony LI ION video batteries, and battery life is really good. One thing I have noticed though -- if you leave the battery attached but the light "off," there is still significant drain, and after a few days of just sitting unused on a light stand, they will completely drain the battery. So keep the batteries off the lights when not in use. The nightstand adapter furnished by the manufacturer is a bit quirky -- it make a great handle for hand-held use, but put it on a light stand, and there is no tilt ability, which is annoying. I solved the problem by equipping each of my lights with a Manfrotto 026 Swivel adapter, which adapts to a variety of light stands and is built like a tank. In the studio, I mount the lights on any convenient stand -- for location use, I have found the Manfrotto 5001B 74-inch Nano Stand to be the perfect match -- the stand collapses to an amazingly small size, allowing several stands and lights to be brought on location in a very small Pelican case or soft bag. I have not had an opportunity to compare these to the $1K+ 1x1 pro lights. But my gut feel is that these are closer to the performance of the bigger lights than you might think. Turned nearly all the way down, these things are brighter than my old camera-mount LED lights -- turned all the way up, and you can use them for daylight fill. REALLY bright! My only real quibble is the UI is a bit clunky -- you can't set a color temperature and then ramp brightness up or down. Instead, you separately adjust the output of the daylight and tungsten LEDs. Which is a pain in the you know what. It works, and with care you can match the color temp to just about anything while achieving the brightness level you want, but it's an annoying process. I'd much rather be able to dial in the color temp I want, and then ramp the overall output up and down simultaneously. Who knows -- maybe in Rev 2 or 3. All in all, a great light for both still and video photography that lets you bring powerful, flexible, wireless lighting with you wherever you go. Reliable and high quality, these are a game changer for photographers and videographers looking to have professional-level lighting gear without spending thousands of dollars. The perfect entry point into LED lighting!

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  • By D. Boeck

    May 11, 2016

    This is an exceptional light in almost every way. It is wonderful to sit behind the camera and with your phone, make adjustments to the brightness and color temperature. I have been using these for about a year and a half and just love them. But, they have a few issues which require a work around. First, they are not very soft. The barn doors are worthless for actually blocking light, but they are WONDERFUL for holding diffuser to make a much softer light. I picked up a couple of these and just hang them around the barn doors: For interviews, the fan noise is just unacceptable. I was living with it and trying to keep the lights dimmer and closer, so the lights would not get warm and the fan never kick in. But sometimes, you want more brightness and when they kick in, the noise will clearly be heard. Finally, I replaced the fan in the back with a good one. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Yes, it's another $15 and 30 minutes of your time, but well worth it. To learn how, head over to YouTube and search for "Yongnuo YN900 HACK - Loud Fan Fix"

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  • By 3337778

    January 15, 2018

    ビデオ撮影用に購入。 2灯あれば大概の現場で事足りる。 あとは ・色温度を合わせた後の光量調整。 ・ACユニットの煩雑さ。 が解消されれば持ち出し機材としても使いやすいと思う。

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  • By Darren Grimsley

    October 29, 2017

    Quick shipping and these lights are awesome. The iPad control is more useful than I had originally anticipated and these things are pretty bright.

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  • By Jacquelyn Nicole Dunn

    October 24, 2017

    Fantastic light to use in both photo and video work. Now, we own four of them. What I like the most is I can control them from my smart phone and look through the camera viewfinder to see the results of changes in the light. Saves me a lot of steps when setting up.

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  • By DP1

    October 17, 2017

    サイスの割にかなり明るい。 色温度を変えられるのは、その場の光源に合わせられ便利。 数台あれば、ちょっとした撮影ができる。 SONYのバッテリーでモバイルもできるのも便利。 難はケースがないこと。

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  • By うめさん

    October 16, 2017

    説明書に日本語がないのが不便で、使用の詳細を把握するのに時間を要すると思われます。 商品自体の性能は期待値以上です。

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  • By Kevin Ha

    October 12, 2017

    When they said bright, THEY MEAN BRIGHT! The barndoors are of little use, but i guess it does the job. Its pricey, but its worth it

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  • By k***f

    October 4, 2017

    動画用で購入しました。価格で選びましたが、十分満足しています。 できればファンのスピード調整または止められるよう、スイッチがあれば良かったと思います。 少しだけですがファンの音が気になります。 カメラに近づけない限りは音を拾うこともないと思いますが。 温度も高温にならないため、スーパーのレジ袋をアレンジして光を拡散しています。

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  • By John Y.

    March 23, 2017

    Works great

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  • By jeffery gilyard

    March 21, 2017

    Great lighting option

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  • By craig

    March 15, 2017

    Very bright light. This light is well worth the money and much brighter than I expected.

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  • By Alex

    May 25, 2016

    I like it, if you shooting indoor, there is no reason buy led with lower intensity, im using it on max setting and i feel like i need even more. Nicely packages. Buy adapter for sure.App on internet sucks so didnt bother with it.

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  • By mark churms

    May 20, 2016

    Awesome light but needed to replace the cheap fan, which is noisy and comes on automatically (can't control when). Used a Noctua a-series cooling fan from Amazon and a video I found on YouTube that walks you through it. Works just great now - love being able to control it and my other YN300 lights on my phone or iPad with the app (app takes a while to "pick up" the lights so be patient but works great one it can reach them).

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  • By c***o

    January 8, 2016

    Seller very good A+++++

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