CUBOTマニト4Gスマートフォン5.0inch IPS HD画面720 * 1280px MTK6737 1.3GHzのクアッドコア3ギガバイトのRAM 16ギガバイトROMアンドロイド6.0 OS 13.0MP + 5.0MPデュアルカメラ、2350mAhのバッテリーデュアルSIMカードのBluetooth 4.0のWiFi OTG GPSが

CUBOTマニト4Gスマートフォン5.0inch IPS HD画面720 * 1280px MTK6737 1.3GHzのクアッドコア3ギガバイトのRAM 16ギガバイトROMアンドロイド6.0 OS 13.0MP + 5.0MPデュアルカメラ、2350mAhのバッテリーデュアルSIMカードのBluetooth 4.0のWiFi OTG GPSが

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グリップのための適切なサイズを持つ CUBOT マニトー手、5.0 インチの Android 携帯電話のほとんどを占めているプレミアム サイズとして単一の手によって経験だけから、非常に便利です。

5.0 インチ HD IPS GFF マルチ ポイント タッチ スクリーン、1280 * 720 ピクセル。
MTK6737 1.3 GHz クアッドコアの強力な CPU、安全性と安定性
3 GB の RAM + ROM の 16 GB サポート拡張 256 GB まで。
フロント カメラ 5.0 mp + 0.5 a で背中 13.0MP LED 懐中電灯。
サポート Android 6.0 操作システム。
デュアル SIM カードとデュアル スタンバイ デザイン。(マイクロ SIM カード * 1 + ナノ SIM カード * 1/TF カード * 1)
2350mAh 高容量リチウム電池、待ち受け時間が長い。
サポート ブルートゥース 4.0 WiFi、OTG、GPS、


モデル CUBOT マニトー
バンド 2 G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3 G WCDMA: 850/900/2100
4 G FDD: Band1/3/7/20
SIM カード デュアル SIM カード デュアル スタンバイ (マイクロ SIM カード * 1 + ナノ SIM カード * 1/TF カード * 1)
サービスを提供する Cubot
黒バー ホワイト、ゴールド (オプション)
バッテリー 2350mAh リチウム電池
シェル素材 プラスチック ・金属
OS アンドロイド 6.0
CPU MTK6737 1.3 GHz クアッドコア
GPU マリ -T720 MP2
カード拡張 サポート TF カードを 256 GB の
表示サイズ 5.0 インチ
IPS を拡張、GFF マルチ ポイント タッチ画面
解像度 HD、1280 * 720 のピクセル
画面の色 16 M 色
デュアル カメラ
フロント カメラ 5.0 mp、インテリジェント美容
ブラック 13.0MP 三星カメラ、オート フォーカス、5 P レンズ、ƒ/2.0 0.5 a で絞り LED 懐中電灯
着メロ型 ポリフォニック/MP3
オーディオ ファイル形式 MP3、WAV、AMR、AWB
ビデオ ファイル形式 3 gp/MPEG4
イメージ ファイル形式 JPEG、BMP、GIF、PNG、GIF
電子書籍形式 TXT、chm ファイル、ドキュメント、HTML
データ転送 OTG/USB/ブルートゥース
モバイル インター ネット WAP/WIFI
フィリピン、フランス、ウルグアイアン ・ イタリアーノ、Magyar
電話帳 1000
メッセージ SMS/MMS
GPS はい、in.also、GPS のサポート
WIFI はい、802.1.1 を建て b/g/n
Bluetooth ブルートゥース 4.0
光センサーをはい、距離センサー、加速度センサー、G センサー
のイヤホン ポート 3.5 mm
その他機能 WIFI、Play ストア、Bluetooth、電子ブック、電子メール、OTG
商品サイズ Approx.14.4 * 7.28 * 0.89 cm/5.7 * 2.87 * 0.35 で
アイテム重量 Approx.180g/6.4 オンス
パッケージ サイズ Approx.16 * 9 * 5 cm/6.3 * 3.5 * 2 で
パッケージ重量 Approx.422g/14.9 oz


パッケージ リスト:
1 * CUBOT マニトー電話
1 * バッテリー
1 * 充電器
1 * USB ケーブル
1 * プロテクター ケース
1 * ユーザー Manual(English)

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We provide FREE SHIPPING to worldwide with NO MINIMUM purchase required for all orders at tomtop.com. You also can choose your preferred shipping methods on the Order Information page during the checkout process. Please note for EMS, Expedited Shipping, you should pay the extra shipping fee. tomtop.com offers different shipping methods for you:

Shipping from Chinese Warehouse:
Airmail and register airmail Area time
United States, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom 7-15 business days

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Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland 7-20 business days
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Expedited Shipping*(DHL) 3-7business days to worldwide. 3-7 business days

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DE Warehouse DHL 3-8 business days

DE & Other EU countries.

FR Warehouse Express 2-5 business days France & Other EU countries
ES Warehouse Unipost 2-15 business days ES & Other EU countries
Express 3-7 business days

The transit time depends on where you're located and where your package comes from. If you want to know more information, please contact our customer service team. We will settle your problem as soon as possible. Enjoy your shopping!

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1.Does tomtop.com check the products before shipping them to me?

Yes., of course.
We have a professional Quality Control team. They will check carefully for each item we received from suppliers and manufacturers to avoid sending defective goods to our customers.
If a item is found defective in our QC test, it will be returned to the supplier / factory. Please don't worry about receiving a defective item because we are committed to being a trustworthy and reliable seller on international on-line shopping market.

2.Are Products Guaranteed / Is There A Warranty?

Yes, everything you buy from tomtop.com has a guarantee of quality and will exactly match the description on the website.
Factories that supply tomtop.com are strictly evaluated by us, and we provide you an even better reassurance of consistent high quality thanks to our in-house QC team. We double-check the contents of all orders carefully before dispatch to our customers. You can be confident about ordering from tomtop.com just as much as any western retailer.

3. How long dose it take to have my orders shipped after the payment is made?

1. Processing time 1-2 business days normally: During this period, we do strict quality-control tests and get the items carefully packed.
2. Sometimes the item in your order is really a hot seller and it may be just sold out at that time. It will take us 1-2 more days to get it available in stock again. In this case, The processing time will be 3 business days.
If you don't receive any shipping confirming over three days after the payment is made, please kindly contact our customer service . They will check for you.

4. What should I do if my items arrived damaged?

Rarely, rough handling by the courier can lead to physical damage to your goods, e.g. broken screen.
If this has happened, please follow these steps:
If possible, raise a complaint directly with the delivery representative of the courier company before you sign for the goods. They will advise you on the complaint procedure.
If you already signed for the packet, take photos showing the damage and contact the local office of the courier/delivery company to complain. They will have a complaining procedure which will enable you to get compensation.
Next, contact tomtop.com immediately with your order number and a full description / pictures of the broken item issue. We will contact the courier company from our end.
Once the courier company confirms that the case is valid, they will compensate tomtop.com, and we will pass on this compensation to you. The compensation varies from case to case and is different for each delivery company. In some cases you will need to pay to post the broken item back to tomtop.com in order for us to send out a new piece.

5. What should I do if my products go broken after a period of use?

If you encounter quality issues within the warranty period, you can ask for us. Every product has a specific warranty period. If it is not stated in the product listing, please contact our consumer service team.

In this case, please kindly provide us with proof as below:
The photos of original tomtop.com package with front and back sides
The photos or video of the defective item(s)
The photos, video or screenshot showing the malfunction of the defective item(s)

We will usually offer you a refund or send a replacement as soon as the problem is confirmed.
Sometimes you may need to ship the defective item back to us for free repair service or a new replacement. Customer should cover the return shipping fee, and tomtop.com is responsible for the shipping costs of arranging reshipment by air mail.

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