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100% originale Hubsan X 4 H107C 2.4G 4CH RTF RC Quadcopter W / Black fotocamera 30W & verde (Hubsan X 4 Quadcopter;Hubsan H107C Quadcopter)

100% originale Hubsan X 4 H107C 2.4G 4CH RTF RC Quadcopter W / Black fotocamera 30W & verde (Hubsan X 4 Quadcopter;Hubsan H107C Quadcopter)

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Questo originale hubsan X4 H107C RC quadcopter dispone di alta qualità e le prestazioni durevoli, che è la scelta migliore per farvi godere più gioie volanti.

nuovo hubsan X4 H107C RC quadcopter con fotocamera
ultimo sistema di controllo di volo di 6 assi con giroscopio regolabile sensibilità
permessi super stabile volo
leggero cellula con durevolezza bello
4-modi flip
(sinistra-destra-avanti-indietro) cavo di ricarica USB permette di caricare dal computer.
volare sia al coperto e all'aperto capacità

marca: Hubsan
articolo n.:
H107C nome dell'elemento: il Hubsan X4
colore: Black & Green
motore (4):
Coreless motore frequenza: 2,4 GHz
batteria: 3.7 v 380mAh
tempo di volo:
circa 7 minuti tempo di ricarica: 40 minuti
trasmettitore: 2.4 Ghz 4 canali
fotocamera: 0,3 MP
modulo di registrazione Video : incluso
Memory Card: Micro SDHC(excluded)
dimensioni del pacco: 36 * 18 * 9cm / 14.1 * 7.1 * 3,6 nel
peso del pacchetto: 532G / 1.2lb

lista del pacchetto:
1 * Hubsan X4 Quadcopter di H107C w / fotocamera (nero & verde)
1 * trasmettitore (modello 2)
1 * 3.7 v 380mAh lipo batteria
1 *
caricatore USB 4 * elica di ricambio
1 *
U elica chiave 1 *
protettore dell'elica 1 * manuale inglese


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  • By CC

    July 31, 2017

    Great fun.. hadn't realised how much one would have to learn to pilot this little drone.. especially when taking into account wind direction and speed. At the price I'm not sure I can think of anything more fun and absorbing to involve myself in.. regards gadgets. Love it! Loved the challenge. 4 AAA batteries are required to power the handset remote. The drone is powered by a rechargeable battery and there's a lead to recharge via a computer or mains USB socket. A full charge gives you about five minutes flight.. and that's just how it is. Unfortunately battery life/flight time doesn't get better until you spend large amounts of money. I researched the rules for flying these drones. Essentially, one needs plenty of space away from buildings and people... and they fly REALLY high but to be honest if you do that the wind will likely take it and you'll lose it. Follow the rules about reinstalling blades carefully.. as blades do break from collisions; there are two types of blade and the unit will not fly unless they are installed in clockwise/anti clockwise balanced positions. For many years I've been disappointed with 'gadget gifts' but this one hit the spot!

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  • By Adam Bowker

    June 5, 2017

    Overall, this thing gets a pretty good rating from me. I'll break it up into categories, with my overall thoughts at the bottom: Durability: 6.5/10 The quad is pretty durable, but a few things could use improvement. The arms have a cool feature where they sort of "break apart" in the event of a crash, but can be popped back together again (to avoid permanent damage). The only problem is that they "break apart" way too often; the mechanism is quite loose. Also, the propellors are very cheap and will break very easily as well as pop off the motor shafts during the smallest of crashes. However, it's not a huge deal when they come off (if you're lucky enough to find them after they fly off!) since you can simply slip them back on. Sadly, the prop guard is just as cheap as the props. I dropped the quad from maybe 4 feet high, it hit a bush, and landed on the sidewalk. Not a bad crash at all, considering it only fell about a foot onto the sidewalk after coming out of the bush. But the prop guard had snapped apart! Lastly, the motors aren't quite up to the task; I dropped from maybe 10 feet onto a flat surface, landed sitting face-up, and one of the motors stopped working (that might have been my fault though). Luckily Amazon replaced my quadcopter with a new one, no questions asked. Other than all of that, the thing feels like it has a decent build quality, and I'm not at all worried about the main canopy breaking. Camera: 7/10 It's certainly not the best camera. Reminds me of an older cell phone camera. But when I bought it, I knew the quality wasn't going to be great, so I can't be too disappointed. The only real problem is focusing the camera; there's no auto-focus and no live feed out so it's almost impossible to get it focused correctly. I'll update the review in a while when I can get outside and get some footage! Battery: 6/10 This is the last category before I talk about actually flying the quadcopter. The battery isn't too bad; it's got your average R/C helicopter flight time of 6-7 minutes per charge. I'd definitely like to have more flight time, but I can always buy extra batteries for around $3 each. The main downside is charging time, which is north of 45 minutes, even with a high-output charger! Flight & Transmitter: 9/10 Flying this little guy is so much fun! Even a pilot like myself with a little bit of experience still has tons of fun, but some of my friends bought these as well and learned to fly very quickly. There are two modes: Normal & Expert; Normal mode has stick sensitivity of about mid-range, whereas Expert mode has extremely sensitive sticks. The latter allows you to flip and fly pretty dang fast. It's definitely a challenge, but lots of fun! While you're flying in either mode, the trickiest thing is orientation. When it's coming towards you, pushing the stick left will make the copter lean right, and vice versa. Sounds easy, right? Nope. But Hubsan included red and blue LEDs to assist with this. It's still kind of mind-boggling when it's coming at you, but the LEDs (and different-colored props) definitely help out. In most other quadcopters I've flown, the yaw control is a bit unstable. They all tend to lean in a certain direction when spinning, but not this one; it needs minimal correction. The transmitter isn't my favorite, but definitely beats that of the similarly-priced quadcopters such as the Estes Proto X. This transmitter is about the size of an Xbox controller and has sticks of a decent length. It can also be programmed to reverse channels or adjust stick sensitivity. Overall: 3.5/5 (rounded to 4/5) This is a nice, stable flyer suitable for beginners as well as experienced pilots. Everyone who has flown mine has had lots of fun, no matter the experience level. At just $49 (or $38 without a camera) I highly recommend this quadcopter over its competitors. Just be sure you buy lots of extra propellers, as I went through the included 2 sets within 1 day. Luckily, they're only about $7 for a 20-pack. If you have any more questions or want more information, feel free to ask!

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  • By Fabricio Trentini

    December 5, 2017

    Really great drone for the price! It has a really easy set up and also its really easy to fly! All the necessary information is in the manual, and you can easily find videos on the internet to help you with any issues. The battery life is considerably small, but that's because of the size of the drone, I highly recommend buying some extra batteries to enjoy the drone even more. I also recommend buying the protection ring as I did and as I show in the pictures attached, THE PROTECTION RING IS NOT INCLUDED.

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  • By Steven Reviews Products

    October 31, 2017

    Great Entry Level Quad Copter. Camera is equivalent to a webcam found in most laptops 720p @ 2mp. Great Quality, reliable and stable with auto balance. doesn't say at a fixed level but will stay balanced. (once calibrated properly) parts are easy to change out but do require some soldering. (2 wires for each component.) the camera has to be activate on the drone its self and must be stopped before disconnecting the battery. The Quad comes with: 8- props 4(a) & 4 (b) -Note they are directional. 1- prop guard (found under package) 1 - 380 mah Lipo Battery with Charger that charges at 0.36 amps. ( total charge time is about 1 hr / run time is anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on use ) 1- Main QuadCopter 1- prop removal tool 1- Remote control (requires 4 AAA Batteries Not included) Some things to buy additionally. Spare Props, Storage case, Parts Pack, Microsd Card( 32 gb is plenty), extra batteries / charger.

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  • By Fatma Alluwaimi

    October 16, 2017

    So I wanted a cheap compact drone to be my first and I got this one. It's a good practice drone, very sturdy and can take a beating and high falls. I was trying at a barely field and the wind blew it to the deep field and it was impossible to find. Two months later it was harvest time and I finally found the drone, it was in great condition, still works, footage still available. It survived rain, sun, animals, and a tractor running over it. This is a truley amazing first drone and for practice and fun travel where you are not looking for high quality footage but footage is really good considering it's size. I have a video of when I lost it and found it and another video by a lake on my instagram f_alluwaimi

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  • By Waylon Jones Reviews

    October 11, 2017

    Après 30-40 min de recharge, on peut voler environ 7-8 minutes, c'est suffisant pour essayer quelques cascades. Avant de le faire voler, ne faites pas la même erreur que moi, retournez la boîte, vous trouverez le protège-hélices! ça vous évitera d'en casser une comme il m'est arrivé, heureusement qu'il y en a 4 de rechange! Après avoir feuilleté le manuel, on règle facilement le mode de conduite avec lequel on est le plus à l'aise et on se lance!La caméra permet de faire quelques vidéos pour le plaisir. Je conseille!

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  • By Julien

    September 20, 2017

    Un tout petit quadricoptère permettant de voler aussi bien à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur et d’une taille si réduite qu’il est très aisé de le transporter partout où l’on va, tout le monde en a rêvé et le voici ! //// Description du Hubsan X4 //// Le drone Hubsan X4 RTF (Ready to Fly) H107L (L pour Led) est livré avec sa radio commande, une batterie et son chargeur. La radio de ce modèle mini-drone X4 V2 H107L permet comme la première version du Hubsan X4, deux modes de vol, débutant ou expert. La petite taille de ce Drone Hubsan X4 H107, permet le vol en intérieur et en extérieur. Idéal pour des débutants ou des enfants. Tout l’intérêt de ce drone est une utilisation en intérieur car très léger il est parfait pour débuter dans le monde des drones et apprendre a piloter Ce nouveau drone est équipé de 4 leds, qui permettent un vol de nuit en toute sérénité. Deux couleurs de leds, pour différencier l’avant de l’arrière. Peuvent être désactivées pendant la journée pour économiser le temps de la batterie.

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  • By t***E

    January 27, 2018

    This review is to reflect the product. I am a first time Drone buyer and pretty disappointed on how easy this thing stops working. One little bump, and I mean little and the motor dies. Tricks on the internet are worthless, just buy a new motor. Which aren't expensive but irritating. The toy does a fine job at keeping me occupied, but its very touchy. And I am in beginner mode, I would guess the cheaper ones would be easier to maneuver. Company who sold was quick. packaging was good, shipment time was a little slow, but that is expected during holidays.

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  • By Scott Brown

    January 1, 2018

    Got this little drone for Christmas. Took a bit of time to figure out what I needed to do to keep it in the air. But with a bit of practice, it has been fun to learn how to fly. I asked for this model to keep the cost down, as I didn't want to learn how to fly with a more expensive one that I was going to crash. Replacement parts are cheap and fixing issues is easy. Keep in mind that you actually have to fly this one. It does not have any of the automatic features that some of the more expensive ones do (no auto hover or auto leveling features). Camera video quality is in the middle. I have seen worse, and have seen much better. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to fly and doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars to do so.

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  • By Zhelanya M Kaste

    December 10, 2017

    I am giving this 5 stars not because it's the best quadricoptor around or because the video quality is absolutely outstanding, but because for the price it is a great deal. In my view, this is a perfect starter quad. I had no previous experience with these things, but was able to get the hang of it pretty quickly and while the video quality is far from perfect, that's not the reason I bought it. You buy this one to get comfortable flying them and then if you break it (which I have managed to avoid doing so far), you're only out ~$50 (or less if you buy the model without a camera).

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  • By g***a

    December 9, 2017

     Wanted to get my 11-year old an RC copter, and after doing a bit of research on cam-enabled quadcopters this one came up highly recommended. The unit performed very well, even for a newbie, and even the video worked first time we tried. However, only after a couple of light crashes (one of which occurred on grass but tumbled with enough energy to send it onto the nearby basketball court) and a bent (but not broken) propeller did I find out that the quad actually comes with a round bumper guard, which I didn't discover until another reviewer of the guard -- which is sold by itself -- mentioned that owners should first check their box, on the underside of the packing material, to see if it already comes with the unit. Lo and behold, there it was, secured by two pieces of scotch tape. Curiously, it is not mentioned anywhere on the outer box or the instruction manual. I could tell that one of the props was bent because after installing the bumper guard, unlike the other 3 props, it wouldn't spin freely, so I had to gently bend it back into shape. Subsequent flights seem to be fine, I just wish I had known about the guard before those first flights! As others have mentioned, videos come in AVI format in 720x480 resolution; oddly the timestamp on all videos is 12/31/79, in case you download it to a folder with a bunch of other videos and can't find it. I didn't have any spare Micro SD cards handy so I purchased the  Kingston Digital 16 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Card with SD Adapter (SDC4/16GBET) , which seems to work just fine out of the box, no formatting necessary. As you can see in the video, it's not HD but what do you expect for $50? There wasn't any audio on the video file but if there were, it would probably be filled with the rotor buzz. This thing is a blast, I've already ordered a couple spare batteries and the carrying case, I can see easily spending more than the entire cost of the unit in spare parts, but boy is it fun.

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  • By Doc B

    October 20, 2017

    This thing is really fun. I've been interested in getting a quadcopter for a while now, and finally decided to try one. I crashed it about 10 times during the first few flights. It can move quick, and takes a little bit of practice to steer it well. It has held up well in the crashes, though. I had to use the replacement blades that came with it, but that's it. Despite crashing straight into walls, it still flies great. I don't have another quad to compare it to, but for someone starting out this one seems about as durable as I could have hoped for.

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  • By A Botting

    October 12, 2017

    What a great trainer. Had this for about four months. Have never flown and took about two weeks a few times per day to get used to flying toward yourself: done indoors at low altitudes of 2 to 4 feet, over carpet. comes with prop guards which you'll need indoors because it's too easy to hit the walls, but take off the prop guards for outdoor flying to extend flight time. The high altitude flying is fun and the images are just fine for previewing the terrain and neighborhood from way up high -just have trouble seeing the thing that high up. Addictive. Watch out because now I'm looking to buy a bigger, more expensive copter. Extend your flying time by turning off the annoying LED lamps. Crashed it many times but the construction is rather robust since the legs can break-away a joints and be reconnected; the props get damaged so recommend an extra set more than what is included. As of late, have been having fun flying outdoors in even in windy conditions. It's controllable for that. Have fun.

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  • By Antoine

    September 28, 2017

    Je souhaitais depuis longtemps, m'essayer au pilotage de drone mais je ne voulais pas dépenser trop. Après avoir lu beaucoup d'avis, j'ai finalement commandé ce petit drone "référence" pour démarrer. La livraison a été rapide et le produit bien emballé. Je ne regrette pas mon achat car le pilotage de ce drone est extrêmement amusant et l'apprentissage est plutôt rapide. Au final, c'est toute la famille qui s'amuse bien. Par contre, un bémol pour la notice uniquement en anglais (mais on peux la trouver en français sur internet). Je recommande.

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  • By Jake

    September 22, 2017

    I got this drone as my second drone working my way up to the high end ones. that being said this little guy is amazing! right away after calibration it I could fly it with ease. After a few hours with it I turned up the setting to the expert mode (Not recommended for a small space) This mode is very sensitive it makes the drone dive and be able to flip. After getting the hang of it I have to say it is very fun although not the best for filming for that I was stay in the default setting. As a side note it does not do extremely well in the wind it is a lot more fun to fly it in an open living room. I also recommend getting the crash cage. All and all I highly recommend this drone!

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  • By Brandon Pierce

    September 5, 2017

    If you are new to quadcopters this quad is a good started as it has both normal and expert modes and can perform flips and other maneuvers as you get better. I purchased this quad because I wanted something I could fly indoors when the Texas winds and weather get bad. So far, this quad has performed accordingly and I highly recommend giving it a shot with the price range it is in. You can get your feet wet to see if you are interested in the hobby than move up to more expensive quadcopters as you get better. The Hubsan X4 H107C gets about 5-6 minutes of battery life, at least for me since I push it to it's limits quite often. The propellers are easy to remove and binding is a piece of cake. Other quads out there can sometimes have issues like the Blade Glimpse when it comes to binding but not this Hubsan. I haven't tested the camera as I have other quads for that reason, but at 720p and cheap I wouldn't expect much and keep in mind you need to supply your own SD card. Durable, light weight, and fits in the palm of your hand, the X4 can take a beating if you are new. Just don't go ramming brick walls at 10 mph and you should be fine. Then again if you are learning, you shouldn't be hauling around the airspace anyways. I would recommend getting additional batteries and the battery charger that lets you charge all of them at once or you will be waiting about 45 minutes after you deplete your only battery just to fly again. My only real complaint about the quad is that it didn't come calibrated out of the factory but that only takes a minute or two but still takes away from time during first flight. The controller adjustments for calibration and switching from Mode 2 to Mode 1 couldn't be much easier. Your standard trim buttons are there and beep per change and will beep differently when you adjust it back to default so you know where the "middle" of the line is. If you are like me and use the transmitter like you do a console controller you will be fine but the finger pinch method that many professionals use is a bit difficult, at least for me. Admittedly, I don't use that method as I use what works best for me. Overall, this quad is great for the money. Stable, bright LEDs, easy to control and bind, and just fun overall. Keep it indoors unless there is no wind outside and you will be fine. Just remember to stock up on batteries like you would an quadcopter or you will get 5 minutes of fun and then be waiting.

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  • By S. Ng

    July 26, 2017

    I love this thing. With an optional prop guard installed, it is tame enough to fly indoors even for beginners. Without the prop guard, and with a fresh set of blades, this thing will zip around like nobody's business, outdoors in the park. I bought it because I wanted a trainer to learn how to control a quadcopter, before purchasing an expensive video drone like a Typhoon or a DJI Phantom or Mavic. I'm having so much fun flying this zippy little guy. I may still buy an expensive drone someday, but for now I'm having a blast flying this quadcopter around the park, with 5 extra batteries.

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  • By Brian MacInnes

    July 22, 2017

    Best toy around $40 I have ever played my life. This was Christmas gift and due to the battery coming with a decent charge this was up and flying within minutes. I did not have any of the issues mentioned with the quad drifting - a few trim adjustments fixed this quickly. I've taked about 20min of video with it so far. Video quality is what you would expect from a toy, but very neat to view. Very difficult to get smooth footage - must be very smooth with the controls (which can be rather twitchy). Durable - crashed this from about 40' in the air and did no visible damage to anything - including the props. Remote - Works great and is also compatible with my Estes ProtoX that has a tiny remote. Like using this one with the Estes. Range - I've flown this to about ~200' up above without issue. Only thing to remember is that the winds change quickly that high and this toy doesn't handle wind very well. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to either get into the hobby or fly something easier than a toy helicopter. Many hours of enjoyment provided, indeed!

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  • By Vince Skahan

    June 25, 2017

    Love it, with some war stories. Firstly, this thing is fast. Really fast. Like gone in a blink of an eye fast. I had mine up so high, so fast, that I could barely see it. Took off toward the woods and it was so far away that I couldn't figure out which way was forward and how to get it to come back. Must have guessed correctly because it came down a couple hundred yards away, lost a prop, and was sitting there upside down awaiting me. Fortunately I had enough juice in the (tiny) battery capacity to permit me to goose the throttle occasionally to let me hear it and eventually I spotted the leds and recovered it. Whew. Downsides - the props are labelled A and B but it's almost impossible to read the matching markers on the copter. I put a touch of blue paint on the 'B' housings (B for blue:-) to make that easier in the future. I half-broke the copter power plug as it's very fragile, but it's holding together thus far. Pulled the connector off the wire for the charging cable the second time I used it and needed to do some soldering to cobble something together. It turns out a pair of breadboard male-male jumper headers match the copter-side female plug width, so it works for now. eBay is your friend - picked up a four-port charger and some batteries from China, and five sets of props from the US for 20 bucks total. The props damage very easily, and fly off if you land hard and are 'very' hard to spot. Thinking of giving mine a light blaze orange coating of paint to try to help. Learning how to fly this is pretty easy once I figured out the left stick is up/down and rotating the nose left/right, while the right stick is actually the one for banking. Running with the leds on helps me a lot figure out where the nose of the copter is. The red leds are the rear. Helps a lot. The manual is basically useless non-English, probably the worst non-manual I've ever seen. To sync the gyro all you do is pull the throttle to bottom left, and flip the right side control left-right-left-right until you get the blue leds to blink. Once you do that, the gyro is in sync and it is very stable flying. Hint - sync the gyro with the copter on a 'very' level surface. If you sync on an incline, you get controls out of sync with true level to match. There are multiple YouTube videos nicely demonstrating the procedure. Only significant downside thus far to me is the camera continues to capture zero-byte movies 95% of the time which is a real downer. The switch for the camera is 'tiny' and barely works, and only then if you press it a couple dozen times. It's basically impossible to turn the camera off correctly, as dozens of button presses have no effect. Eventually I can get the camera off, but the unit seems very sensitive to you 'really' shutting the camera down in some unwritten procedure. It seems the procedure is click the button a thousand times til the red/blue blinking stops. Turn the remote off. Disconnect the battery. Then eject the microSD card. Now that I've figured out how to fly the thing, I'd really like to get some movies of the scenery. The few movies I got brief clips of were very cool. Even got a nice clip at night flying 40 feet over the Christmas lights in a tall tree in the front yard. Should be 'really' cool in daylight on a clear day. The camera is much better than most reviews think it is. Very fun. Definitely worth the money. update - I think I figured out the zero-byte or no-movies issue. The switch for the camera appears to jam if you do not push the battery 'very' far into the body of the copter. If you do that, the camera button seems to work much better. I did a few flights today and got full movies from each flight. I might add that the file sizes were just a little under 300MB/flight, so you can get a couple dozen full battery flights on one cheap 8GB microSD card.

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  • By G***T

    June 20, 2017

    This is my first quad and I've only had had it for about a week but I'm already in love with it! It was really easy to get the hang of and once I did I haven't had a bad time with it. The camera isn't amazing but it's honestly better than I expected from only 2 megapixels. I ordered a fisheye lens from cali bros that I haven't put on yet but I'm excited to see how it works out. Definitely order a crash pack or at least plenty more propellors. And don't fly without the guard until you get good. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into the drone game.

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