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100% originale Hubsan X 4 H107C 2.4G 4CH RTF RC Quadcopter W / Black fotocamera 30W & verde (Hubsan X 4 Quadcopter;Hubsan H107C Quadcopter)

100% originale Hubsan X 4 H107C 2.4G 4CH RTF RC Quadcopter W / Black fotocamera 30W & verde (Hubsan X 4 Quadcopter;Hubsan H107C Quadcopter)

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Questo originale hubsan X4 H107C RC quadcopter dispone di alta qualità e le prestazioni durevoli, che è la scelta migliore per farvi godere più gioie volanti.

nuovo hubsan X4 H107C RC quadcopter con fotocamera
ultimo sistema di controllo di volo di 6 assi con giroscopio regolabile sensibilità
permessi super stabile volo
leggero cellula con durevolezza bello
4-modi flip
(sinistra-destra-avanti-indietro) cavo di ricarica USB permette di caricare dal computer.
volare sia al coperto e all'aperto capacità

marca: Hubsan
articolo n.:
H107C nome dell'elemento: il Hubsan X4
colore: Black & Green
motore (4):
Coreless motore frequenza: 2,4 GHz
batteria: 3.7 v 380mAh
tempo di volo:
circa 7 minuti tempo di ricarica: 40 minuti
trasmettitore: 2.4 Ghz 4 canali
fotocamera: 0,3 MP
modulo di registrazione Video : incluso
Memory Card: Micro SDHC(excluded)
dimensioni del pacco: 36 * 18 * 9cm / 14.1 * 7.1 * 3,6 nel
peso del pacchetto: 532G / 1.2lb

lista del pacchetto:
1 * Hubsan X4 Quadcopter di H107C w / fotocamera (nero & verde)
1 * trasmettitore (modello 2)
1 * 3.7 v 380mAh lipo batteria
1 *
caricatore USB 4 * elica di ricambio
1 *
U elica chiave 1 *
protettore dell'elica 1 * manuale inglese


How do I use the camera part of the helicopter?

  • The camera is built in to the chassis and aims forward. The memory slot is a micro SD card slot - I've used a Kingston 4GB card which works fine. I've seen other reviews saying it's limited to 2GB - maybe that is the maximum file size that can be captured? I have 5 videos on my SD card now with about 3.4GB left on t… see more The camera is built in to the chassis and aims forward. The memory slot is a micro SD card slot - I've used a Kingston 4GB card which works fine. I've seen other reviews saying it's limited to 2GB - maybe that is the maximum file size that can be captured? I have 5 videos on my SD card now with about 3.4GB left on the device. There is no view screen, so when flying you have to assume that whatever the copter's camera is pointing at will be captured. Here's the process I use to make a recording (very similar to kadams): 1. make sure microSD card is in the slot - copper contacts towards the body of the copter 2. make sure throttle is down - power up the controller 3. connect power to the copter (I wish there was a switch - I'm concerned about the durability of the wires being pulled apart repeatedly for charging) 4. press the black button just below the battery compartment, verify the tiny red LED starts to blink - just above the memory slot on the right. 5. set the copter on level ground so it can initialize and sync with the controller 6. Fly! 7. after landing, press the black button once more and verify that the red LED stops blinking. This will stop the recording and save the info to the memory card. 8. now it's safe to disconnect power on the copter and remove the SD card. see less

    By GlennJ on September 10, 2017


How long is the battery life for flight time?

  • I get about 6 to 7 minutes of flight time on my original and also on the spare battery. JT

    By Johnnie T on November 18, 2017


Please let me know if anyone has seen or heard of a Hubsan FULL HD 1080p

  • Monoprice has one that is 720p. $50 http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=117&cp_id=11719&cs_id=1171901&p_id=13995&seq=1&format=2&cl=res&utm_source=151205_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=13995&utm_campaign=151205_saturday

    By Steve K. on December 5, 2017


Does the unit come with any extra blades?

  • Yes, it comes with one set (1 prop per motor - 4 props total) of new blades as well as a protection ring - however the protection ring is taped to the underside of the inner packaging - if you flip over the white plastic packaging mold, you will find the ring taped underneath your model.

    By Tommy RC on October 26, 2017


How do you get the battery out ? i've gently pulled on the cables and no movement occurred. box directions do not clearly say.

  • gently pull down on the little flap and pull battery at same time should come right out

    By Joseph Woodward on December 23, 2017


all the fans are working but the quadcopter is not flying! and one motor is getting hot! Need help ASAP~!

  • Hi Nouman, I believe it may be due to the fact that the props on the quadcopter are in the wrong place or you are using the wrong ones. Take them off and ensure that the letters "A" and "B" are matching on the props and quadcopter. These are indicators for which props turn clockwise and counterclockwise. Hope this helps!

    By Arsham Mojgani on July 6, 2017


What all comes in the box?

  • Comes with the x4 copter, the controller and one battery (plus usb charger). As a bonus mine did come with a prop guard (but the product description makes no mention of that). You will need some extra propellers... and want at least one more battery. The crash kit is a good value. It comes with 16 extra props and a b… see more Comes with the x4 copter, the controller and one battery (plus usb charger). As a bonus mine did come with a prop guard (but the product description makes no mention of that). You will need some extra propellers... and want at least one more battery. The crash kit is a good value. It comes with 16 extra props and a battery (plus some more stuff)... that alone is with the extra purchase. see less

    By Skywalker on April 21, 2018


GoPro compatible?

  • I have a GoPro and the Hubsan x4 but have never tried to put them together. I've seen it fly with a keychain video camera strapped to the bottom and maybe even a Mobius action cam might work. I just wouldn't wont to put my almost $400 GoPro on a $60 micro quad. Just my opinion. Good luck.

    By Negri on April 5, 2018


How long does a full charge on the battery last?

  • 10 minutes tops

    By Birdie on February 2, 2018


What if you crash it in snow? I know it's not water proof and water would kill it but what if it crashed in the snow and you immediately dry it off

  • I would disconnect the battery immediately and then use a hair dryer on it till completely dry or put it in a thing of rice for a couple of days just in case.

    By Chris on January 11, 2018



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  • By CC

    July 31, 2017

    Great fun.. hadn't realised how much one would have to learn to pilot this little drone.. especially when taking into account wind direction and speed. At the price I'm not sure I can think of anything more fun and absorbing to involve myself in.. regards gadgets. Love it! Loved the challenge. 4 AAA batteries are required to power the handset remote. The drone is powered by a rechargeable battery and there's a lead to recharge via a computer or mains USB socket. A full charge gives you about five minutes flight.. and that's just how it is. Unfortunately battery life/flight time doesn't get better until you spend large amounts of money. I researched the rules for flying these drones. Essentially, one needs plenty of space away from buildings and people... and they fly REALLY high but to be honest if you do that the wind will likely take it and you'll lose it. Follow the rules about reinstalling blades carefully.. as blades do break from collisions; there are two types of blade and the unit will not fly unless they are installed in clockwise/anti clockwise balanced positions. For many years I've been disappointed with 'gadget gifts' but this one hit the spot!

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  • By Adam Bowker

    June 5, 2017

    Overall, this thing gets a pretty good rating from me. I'll break it up into categories, with my overall thoughts at the bottom: Durability: 6.5/10 The quad is pretty durable, but a few things could use improvement. The arms have a cool feature where they sort of "break apart" in the event of a crash, but can be popped back together again (to avoid permanent damage). The only problem is that they "break apart" way too often; the mechanism is quite loose. Also, the propellors are very cheap and will break very easily as well as pop off the motor shafts during the smallest of crashes. However, it's not a huge deal when they come off (if you're lucky enough to find them after they fly off!) since you can simply slip them back on. Sadly, the prop guard is just as cheap as the props. I dropped the quad from maybe 4 feet high, it hit a bush, and landed on the sidewalk. Not a bad crash at all, considering it only fell about a foot onto the sidewalk after coming out of the bush. But the prop guard had snapped apart! Lastly, the motors aren't quite up to the task; I dropped from maybe 10 feet onto a flat surface, landed sitting face-up, and one of the motors stopped working (that might have been my fault though). Luckily Amazon replaced my quadcopter with a new one, no questions asked. Other than all of that, the thing feels like it has a decent build quality, and I'm not at all worried about the main canopy breaking. Camera: 7/10 It's certainly not the best camera. Reminds me of an older cell phone camera. But when I bought it, I knew the quality wasn't going to be great, so I can't be too disappointed. The only real problem is focusing the camera; there's no auto-focus and no live feed out so it's almost impossible to get it focused correctly. I'll update the review in a while when I can get outside and get some footage! Battery: 6/10 This is the last category before I talk about actually flying the quadcopter. The battery isn't too bad; it's got your average R/C helicopter flight time of 6-7 minutes per charge. I'd definitely like to have more flight time, but I can always buy extra batteries for around $3 each. The main downside is charging time, which is north of 45 minutes, even with a high-output charger! Flight & Transmitter: 9/10 Flying this little guy is so much fun! Even a pilot like myself with a little bit of experience still has tons of fun, but some of my friends bought these as well and learned to fly very quickly. There are two modes: Normal & Expert; Normal mode has stick sensitivity of about mid-range, whereas Expert mode has extremely sensitive sticks. The latter allows you to flip and fly pretty dang fast. It's definitely a challenge, but lots of fun! While you're flying in either mode, the trickiest thing is orientation. When it's coming towards you, pushing the stick left will make the copter lean right, and vice versa. Sounds easy, right? Nope. But Hubsan included red and blue LEDs to assist with this. It's still kind of mind-boggling when it's coming at you, but the LEDs (and different-colored props) definitely help out. In most other quadcopters I've flown, the yaw control is a bit unstable. They all tend to lean in a certain direction when spinning, but not this one; it needs minimal correction. The transmitter isn't my favorite, but definitely beats that of the similarly-priced quadcopters such as the Estes Proto X. This transmitter is about the size of an Xbox controller and has sticks of a decent length. It can also be programmed to reverse channels or adjust stick sensitivity. Overall: 3.5/5 (rounded to 4/5) This is a nice, stable flyer suitable for beginners as well as experienced pilots. Everyone who has flown mine has had lots of fun, no matter the experience level. At just $49 (or $38 without a camera) I highly recommend this quadcopter over its competitors. Just be sure you buy lots of extra propellers, as I went through the included 2 sets within 1 day. Luckily, they're only about $7 for a 20-pack. If you have any more questions or want more information, feel free to ask!

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  • By Fabricio Trentini

    December 5, 2017

    Really great drone for the price! It has a really easy set up and also its really easy to fly! All the necessary information is in the manual, and you can easily find videos on the internet to help you with any issues. The battery life is considerably small, but that's because of the size of the drone, I highly recommend buying some extra batteries to enjoy the drone even more. I also recommend buying the protection ring as I did and as I show in the pictures attached, THE PROTECTION RING IS NOT INCLUDED.

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  • By Steven Reviews Products

    October 31, 2017

    Great Entry Level Quad Copter. Camera is equivalent to a webcam found in most laptops 720p @ 2mp. Great Quality, reliable and stable with auto balance. doesn't say at a fixed level but will stay balanced. (once calibrated properly) parts are easy to change out but do require some soldering. (2 wires for each component.) the camera has to be activate on the drone its self and must be stopped before disconnecting the battery. The Quad comes with: 8- props 4(a) & 4 (b) -Note they are directional. 1- prop guard (found under package) 1 - 380 mah Lipo Battery with Charger that charges at 0.36 amps. ( total charge time is about 1 hr / run time is anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on use ) 1- Main QuadCopter 1- prop removal tool 1- Remote control (requires 4 AAA Batteries Not included) Some things to buy additionally. Spare Props, Storage case, Parts Pack, Microsd Card( 32 gb is plenty), extra batteries / charger.

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  • By Fatma Alluwaimi

    October 16, 2017

    So I wanted a cheap compact drone to be my first and I got this one. It's a good practice drone, very sturdy and can take a beating and high falls. I was trying at a barely field and the wind blew it to the deep field and it was impossible to find. Two months later it was harvest time and I finally found the drone, it was in great condition, still works, footage still available. It survived rain, sun, animals, and a tractor running over it. This is a truley amazing first drone and for practice and fun travel where you are not looking for high quality footage but footage is really good considering it's size. I have a video of when I lost it and found it and another video by a lake on my instagram f_alluwaimi

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  • By Waylon Jones Reviews

    October 11, 2017

    Après 30-40 min de recharge, on peut voler environ 7-8 minutes, c'est suffisant pour essayer quelques cascades. Avant de le faire voler, ne faites pas la même erreur que moi, retournez la boîte, vous trouverez le protège-hélices! ça vous évitera d'en casser une comme il m'est arrivé, heureusement qu'il y en a 4 de rechange! Après avoir feuilleté le manuel, on règle facilement le mode de conduite avec lequel on est le plus à l'aise et on se lance!La caméra permet de faire quelques vidéos pour le plaisir. Je conseille!

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  • By Julien

    September 20, 2017

    Un tout petit quadricoptère permettant de voler aussi bien à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur et d’une taille si réduite qu’il est très aisé de le transporter partout où l’on va, tout le monde en a rêvé et le voici ! //// Description du Hubsan X4 //// Le drone Hubsan X4 RTF (Ready to Fly) H107L (L pour Led) est livré avec sa radio commande, une batterie et son chargeur. La radio de ce modèle mini-drone X4 V2 H107L permet comme la première version du Hubsan X4, deux modes de vol, débutant ou expert. La petite taille de ce Drone Hubsan X4 H107, permet le vol en intérieur et en extérieur. Idéal pour des débutants ou des enfants. Tout l’intérêt de ce drone est une utilisation en intérieur car très léger il est parfait pour débuter dans le monde des drones et apprendre a piloter Ce nouveau drone est équipé de 4 leds, qui permettent un vol de nuit en toute sérénité. Deux couleurs de leds, pour différencier l’avant de l’arrière. Peuvent être désactivées pendant la journée pour économiser le temps de la batterie.

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  • By Travis Lathrop

    November 27, 2017

    This little drone is simply amazing. I would argue that it is the best drone available from a performance-to-value ratio. Most people take this for granted but the technology available for such a low price is absolutely amazing. This is far more than 4 motors attached to a plastic body. There is a lot going on in order to make this thing even remotely flyable. The battery technology, camera, accelerometers, gyros, etc all make it possible. Ok enough nerd ranting... First off - it is TINY! I was able to easily fly it around my small one bedroom apartment after very few practice flights. Be sure to calibrate the accelerometers and fly it in MODE 2! MODE 1 was very counter intuitive (for me at least) so I would start with MODE 2. Flight times are about 5-6 minutes and the batteries take about 45 min to charge. I would recommend buying a couple extra batteries. The camera quality is AMAZING considering this drone is ~$50, but it is comparable to a cell phone camera circa 5 years ago. I recorded a 2 minute video and the file size was approximatly 200 MB so buy a micro SD card accordingly. Overall very happy with this purchase. Lots of people will want to buy one of these after they see you flying yours!

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  • By Brady Communications

    November 18, 2017

    Let me start off by saying that this is the coolest little quadcopter out there. Of course I am somewhat bias, but it is amazing the way it flies. It is so nimble and stable. It is incredibly small - fits in the palm of your hand, but this little guy surprisingly does very well in light winds 7-10mph. There are plenty of mods out there to keep you busy with this. I added red and green flashing LEDs on the bottom so that it looks like an actual full-sized aircraft when it is so high. The range is exceptional. You really can't go wrong with this quadcopter. The remote transceiver itself is worth every penny I spent. I also use the remote on other RCs. I own 3 now, just because I wanted a fleet.:) way cool!

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  • By MedicMan

    October 27, 2017

    I bought this for my new son-in-law Brian for Christmas. With the $15 SD Card (not included) for the 720p camera, the whole works cost about $75. In fact, it was reported to be the best quad copter under $100. I whole heartedly agree! We had the best time ever flying it with Brian's older brother and dad in Santa Cruz and we crashed it on pavement, gravel, and even into a puddle. No problems; the little flyer bounced right back and soared to more than 300 feet in mere seconds. And the video was excellent, even better than I had hoped for or even dared to imagine. Highly recommended. NOTE: Be sure to buy the H107C (with camera). The videos (or still photos) increase the fun X10 fold and the electric motors are much more powerful than the non-camera model. It is well worth the extra $20.

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  • By g***h

    September 18, 2017

    First thing I suggest is this: Put a sticker or tape a piece of paper on the quadcopter with your name and phone number. This will make it easier for someone to contact you after you lose it flying it too high too far. I'm hopeful a neighbor will find mine in their backyard and return it. But that was my fault not understanding the flight characteristics. When it's falling rapidly, it will start to wobble and make it difficult to regain lift and directional control. Otherwise, the quadcopter itself is amazing. It's very solidly built, and it resisted at least 10 crashes, several from about 50 ft high. The arms are designed to snap but not break in case of a hard crash. Video quality is acceptable (microSD card is not included) but not great. Still frames while playing back a video on computer are very stable with little blur. As far as spare parts, extra propellers are a must, extra batteries good to have, but the other extra parts from a typical Crash Pack may not be needed. And and unexpected plus: the manual is clearly written in English that makes sense.

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  • By Caleb

    September 16, 2017

    I bought this as my first quadrotor. I have always been interested in RC as a child and just now rekindled the hobby. This copter as many great features. The expert/normal mode is very helpful and makes the learning curve much less apparent ( and damaging, I like to do barrel rolls :D ). I was also surprised at how high this guy can go! I had it flying above 120ft trees. Camera works as well as expected. I find the camera to be better in close quarters. After gaining altitude the landscape below becomes grainy. I also enjoy how cheap the crashkits are. LED lights are a nice touch as well. Extra batteries are a must. Order extra batteries with it. Doesn't fly well at all in strong winds which is expected based on the quad's size. VERY easy to calibrate on the go.Controller does fine and easy to use. If only it was waterproof and could float!!

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  • By molieres antonin

    September 5, 2017

    C'est mon premier drone , je voulais tenter "pour tester" un petit modele sans trop dépenser . Cela fait 4 jours que je teste la bête et franchement je m'amuse comme un gamin . En intérieur c'est parfait , il est livré avec une petite protection d'hélices qui évite de tout dézinguer à chaque crash . On arrive a maitriser le pilotage très rapidement (en mode "débutant" il y'a un mode expert, débloquant plus d'inclinaison que je n'ai pas encore testé ) . En extérieur le pilotage est un peu plus difficile notamment avec du vent , le drone lute un peu contre le vent . Par contre quand le temps est calme on peut monter très très haut ! Les vidéos sont "correctes" bon bien sur il faut mettre en corrélation le prix ... forcement c'est pas stabilisé , c'est dans une résolution 480p mais en pilotant doucement on arrive a un résultat correct :) J'ai acheté le lot d'accessoire avec des pièces de rechange et une batterie supplémentaire et j'avoue que la seconde batterie est très utile . En effet les batteries durent entre 4 et 6 minutes ... ça passe très vite et la recharge est plutôt longue (45 minutes) donc 2 batterie ne sont pas de trop . Bref pour 45€ c'est vraiment excellent !

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  • By Tim Johnson

    August 31, 2017

    UPDATED REVIEW !!! The camera works great!!! I was trying to view the video on my Chromebook which evidently will not play AVI video properly and I thought I got one with a bad camera. It was the fault of using a Cromebook, not the Quadcopter. I am 200% satisfied. This thing is great !!!!!!!! I flys fantastic, even in some wind. I'm an absolute beginner and I was able to fly this inside without crashing after about the fourth time. (4 battery life's flying) I then got the nerve to fly outside. It was quite breezy, however I was able to fly without any major problems. That doesn't mean I didn't crash, but it didn't hurt it at all. I still have my share of crashes as I'm still learning to fly...... But I can fly quite a few times without crashing at all. ( The trick for me was to set the controller sensitivity down to 30 and fly slowly. ) The Prop Guard that was taped to the underside of the box is an absolute must have item. Don't even think about it when you receive yours.... Just install it. It has saved mine every time I crashed, ran into a fan, wall, or table etc. It's worth ten times it's weight in gold for me. Completely fantastic durability. I crashed this thing continuously on hard floors, walls, ceiling fans, chairs, coffee table, doors, my concrete driveway once, and my truck once. In all of these crashes I lost 1 prop outside. Take the time to "completely" read the book while charging your first battery. It will explain how to calibrate (level) the thing, and how to lower the sensitivity to a more comfortable level for you. I liked this one so much I bought another one! (The One with the 2 mega pixel camera was my second purchase)

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  • By LARRART Julien

    June 28, 2017

    Petit (très petit) drone, ou plutôt quadcoptère. Facile d'utilisation, même pour les débutants comme moi, et on s'amuse très vite avec. Avec un peu d'entrainement on arrive à le piloter aussi en sens inverse, mais c'est pas obligatoire. Pour les plus doué il y a un mode expert qui permet de faire des figures. Bon j'en suis pas là ... A cause de sa taille il est assez sensible au vent, et devient difficile à piloter si ça souffle trop, mais si le vent est faible ou en intérieur, c'est très facile. Par contre rien à redire sur la solidité de la bête. Vu les chutes que le drone a subi, je suis étonné qu'il soit si peu abimé et même toujours fonctionnel ;-) Concernant la caméra, j'ai fait sortir la mienne de la coque pour permettre de filmer vers le bas, car à l'origine la caméra filme vers l'avant, et je ne trouve pas ça intéressant. La qualité est correcte vue le prix. Il ne faut pas s'attendre à une image de gopro ou de reflex évidement. Par contre je trouve l'angle de prise de vue un peu étroit. Dans l'ensemble c'est un excellent rapport qualité/prix

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  • By Starrfire

    June 17, 2017

    my fiance got this for himself for his birthday this year. He loved the camera option, and did several flights while it was on. There's a mic but it is drowned out by the buzzing of the motors that make the props spin, so that's a bummer. Also- the camera broke rather quickly, and we just don't have the right sort of soldering iron to fix it, but the quad copter still flies fine, and is lighter without the added camera...so the battery lasts a bit longer. Bummed it wasn't even a month old when the camera broke, but because the quad copter itself still works, is reason for me to keep it at a higher rating. My fiance still very much enjoys flying this, so if he's happy, I'm happy. Well worth it since he had another Hubsan and now has plenty of batteries to keep flying for a longer period of time.

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  • By W. Cromer

    June 13, 2017

    I bought this on a friend's recommendation of it for an entry level drone with video. It took a bit to get used to but once you get the hang of it you can have a lot of fun for a little money! It is so small that I have a lot of trouble with depth perception in a bright sky. After many attempts to learn to flying it in daylight, I discovered quite by accident that flying at dusk is really easier when learning to fly it. The lights are much more visible and if you crash in the grass, the lights make it much easier to find. For so little money, the camera is really good on mine. It took nice, clear, bright video even in twilight. If you didn't now the video was taken in in twilight you'd never suspect it. I had trouble initially getting the recording to start consistently. I formatted the memory card for MSDOS FAT using a MacBook Air. After this initialization of the memory card, it recorded with just the push of the button - just like the instructions say it will. I bought a pack of extra batteries and a multi-battery charger. This is money well spent.

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    June 9, 2017


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  • By Stephz

    June 6, 2017

    J'ai mis du temps à faire voler le drone correctement (cad. voler droit sans partir dans tous les sens), si besoin j'ai deux trois conseils et remarques: - Si le drone ne décolle pas ou décolle que de l'avant ou de l'arrière et donc reste au sol: Les hélices ont toutes un emplacement spécifique, la couleur est importante et la lettre sur l'hélice est importante (A ou B). Pour le miens: hélices rouges à l'avant, la B sur le moteur gauche et la A sur le droit. Derrière à gauche la noire A et à droite la noire B. - Si le drone décolle bien mais part d'un coté. Allumer le drone. Puis la manette (donc manette des gaz en bas puis allumage). Une fois le drone connecté (la manette s'allume en vert, les diodes du drones sont allumées fixe), poser le sur une surface plane et droite, puis mettez la manette des gaz en bas à droite, et faites des allez retours gauche droite avec la manette de direction jusqu'à que les diodes bleues du drone clignotent deux trois fois. Puis vous pouvez décoller, le drone devrait être assez gérable maintenant. - La documentation est en anglais, mais vous la trouverez facilement en Français sur internet. Tapez documentation h107C fr - Il y a une protection hélices scotchée derrière le plastique d'emballage à ne pas oublier. - Si une hélice a été cassée même un petit peu remplacer la, elle peut perturber le vol. - Bien ranger les fils de la batterie dans le drone. C'est d’ailleurs pas très pratique, j'ai peur qu'ils cassent à force de se faire manipuler. - Vous avez une rechange d'hélices dans la boite, 2 rouges et noires en plus. Personnellement j'ai acheté un pack de 5 rechanges supplémentaire pour être tranquille. - Pour la caméra, ne pas s'attendre à une qualité de film extraordinaire. Déjà il faut l'allumer et l'éteindre sur le drone, donc le début du film sera forcément une paire de main reposant le drone par terre, un petit bouton sur la manette aurait été sympa. Ensuite l'image est assez brouillon en tout cas sur le miens j'ai du mal à comprendre le 720P écrit en gros sur la boite. - Je n'ai pas encore réussi à faire des flips comme expliqué dans la documentation, mais je ne désespère pas ! - A offrir à un enfant prudent, les moteurs tournent vraiment vite, les hélices découpent les feuilles des plantes et les décorations de noël sans aucun problème :) Bon produit, bon prix on s'amuse.

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  • By Dispo

    June 3, 2017

    This was my first drone purchase and I fairly pleased with the performance. The charge time for the battery is close to 30 minutes with a fly time about 5 with the lights and camera running. I lost 2 propellers in the first 2 minutes of flight.... I would suggest not buying green. The are extremely difficult to find in the brush. With that said my flying experience was zero prior to buying this and there was a little curve. I found mode 1 to be difficult to operate and once I switched to mode 2 I quickly gained control of this little guy and am able to preform well enough to land it back in the palm of my hand when I am done flying around. I have played with expert mode a little and wow, huge difference in response by the drone. With no previous experience I tend to crash it pretty quick in expert mode, normal is much more forgiving. I've gone up to about 100 feet, but it is so light that you can tell its pretty much fighting for it's life up there. Even a light breeze makes some harsh flying conditions but it is very maneuverable and agile when it is a nice calm day. I ordered a new pack of blades at a price I can live with (White so they are easier to find). Also I ordered some more batteries, it is a long wait on a recharge and it is easy to keep a couple of these on hand. 5 minutes to 30 is much more fun. The camera works alright but it has a very narrow line of view so you do not get the pictures you might like to see, with the pitch and yaw operating my videos do not seem to catch much even when I try to get some good footage. For the price I'm happy with what I got.

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