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Blu CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 assi LED RC Quadcopter giocattolo Helicoptert (CX-10 Quadcopter; Mini 2.4G Quadcopter; giocattolo di RC)

Blu CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 assi LED RC Quadcopter giocattolo Helicoptert (CX-10 Quadcopter; Mini 2.4G Quadcopter; giocattolo di RC)

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4 canali mini quadcopter rotolamento.    
Tiro di volare, giroscopio a 6 assi reali.
Lancio di volo/hover/flip/mano in su/giù/sinistra/destra.        
Allarme di bassa tensione.    
Con luce a LED per volo notturno.    

Nome dell'articolo: Cheerson CX-10 Mini RC Quadcopter
Colore: blu
Frequenza: 2.4G
Giroscopio: 6 assi
Materiale: ABS
Dimensione: 4 * 4 * 2,2 cm
Tempo di volo: circa 3-5 minuti
Tempo di ricarica: 30 minuti
Controllo a distanza: circa 20-50M
Batteria per quadcopter: 3.7 v 100mah
Batteria per trasmettitore: 2 * batteria AAA (non incluse)
Formato del pacchetto: 15 * 7.5 * 7.5 cm / 5.9 * 3 * 3 in
Pacchetto peso: 134g / 4.7oz

Lista dei pacchetti:
1 * blu CX-10 Mini Quadcopter
1 * 4CH Mini Radio Controller (modello 2)
4 * elica di ricambio
1 * caricabatterie USB
1 * manuale inglese


How do I get this thing in beginner mode. Manual talks about beeps, but, how does on set it to 1 beep, 2 beeps, etc.?

  • To set the mode use the left stick used for throttle center it and press down 1 beep beginner 2 beep moderate 3 beep expert.

    By Donald J. Kovacs Jr. on July 5, 2017


Besides a computer, what other ways are there to safely charge the CX 10 battery?

  • I plugged mine up to my Xbox to charge it, I think it should be fine plugged up to any USB port

    By Daniel Vaughn on October 2, 2017


What's the problem if the motor stops working?

  • If they all stop it could be a dead battery. If just one it could be jammed. They can be replaced.

    By Jack on May 14, 2018


Could rice absorb coffee because I flew my mini quadcopter in a coffee mug with coffee in it

  • I would rinse it right away so theres no coffee residue....and then let it dry. Mine flew into the aquarium and i just let it air dry and it works just fine.

    By hinajm on April 17, 2018


Mine did not have a manual. Is there somewhere I can download it?

  • All info is online.

    By Stephen Y. Bartlett on April 14, 2018


Does this really only come with two blades?

  • It came with all four blades on both of ours! But we had a defective one, they sent us a new one, didn't work so they gave us a refund. Very amazing customer service. My husband even wants to buy again but you have to be super careful with them!

    By Aubrey on April 5, 2018


how much range does it have outside

  • I would say around 20-25ft before you will start to encounter connection problems.

    By s on April 7, 2018


Can I use extra battery

  • It only takes a few minutes to charge & is not designed to swap batteries. They're so cheap just get two for perpetual fun.

    By J. Ashley Cooper on April 2, 2018


What do i do when the drone does not respond

  • The following takes longer to describe than to do, and is for mode 2 (most common control set up for drones) Pairing and calibration only take 30 seconds if that. Your Drone and controller may not be paired properly. After fully charged (red light on usb cable is lit while charging, light on USB turns off indicating … see more The following takes longer to describe than to do, and is for mode 2 (most common control set up for drones) Pairing and calibration only take 30 seconds if that. Your Drone and controller may not be paired properly. After fully charged (red light on usb cable is lit while charging, light on USB turns off indicating charged.. usually 20-30 mins at most). First turn on drone, place on flat surface best to have fwd direction (blue lights) facing north/away from you and lights on drone are blinking. Then be sure the throttle stick (left) on controller is all the way down, turn on controller (it will beep twice), then move left stick all the way up (another beep) then all the way back down (another beep) .. Lights on drone go solid indicating it is paired with controller. If drone stops responding during flight.. could be interference (but is usually only monentary), could be beyond control distance about 100ft, could be batteries in controller need to be replaced. You can calibrate controller also if drone drifts and cannot be fixed by using the trim buttons. After pairing, while drone is still on flat surface press the throttle (left) stick in (press on it like a button, one beep is low, two beeps is medium, 3 beeps is advanced/fast.. put in fast mode, 3 beeps. Then put the left stick to the lower left position and the right stick to the upper left position. The drone lights will blink and then go back to solid, calibration complete. see less

    By MichaelT808 on March 28, 2018


What do I have to do when one of my propellers are not spinning?

  • Excahnge it for another one.

    By JB on March 27, 2018



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  • By Wolf I. Butler

    January 23, 2018

    Fun to fly indoors or on a VERY calm day in your back yard. Some things to be aware of, though: These aren't really great for "new" fliers. They are very small and fast, and the controller is very tiny and toy like. If you are new- you are better off getting one of the larger inexpensive quads. Syma makes really good ones around $50. You will find flying the CX-10 to be a lot more fun after you gain more experience with larger ones. (That's been my experience, anyway.) This doesn't come with a blade guard, and you probably don't want one. The ones that are available add way too much bulk and make it much more difficult to fly. These are tiny- they won't do much, if any, damage when the run into something (including you), and replacement props are cheap. You shouldn't fly in an area with anything fragile anyway. They are a blast to fly around an office, rec. room, garage, etc. They will fly outdoors, but with nothing more than the slightest breeze or it will quickly blow out of range. Make sure to switch it on while it is on a level surface, or follow the instructions to calibrate the gyros every time before you launch it. You shouldn't need to mess with trim at all.

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  • By Jake E.

    December 26, 2017

    I've had this little cx-10 for about a month now and here's a few things i'd like to share with everyone. I basically bought it to tear around at home and the office, and it's been great for that. It's also the perfect quad if you're looking at learning to fly quads and want a cheap learning one. I was looking at getting into the hobby, and just didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a quad i'd inevitably break. I went with this little guy, cause come on you can't beat $15. The two main issues with this quad i've noticed. 1.) Quad won't take off properly and just flips over, this can be fixed by ensuring your blades are attached correctly(it does matter the order they're in, google the correct) 2.) Randomly does actions without input after a big crash, this can usually be fixed by removing the shell. What happens is the manufacturer inserts a tiny piece of thin plastic between the battery and the motherboard, during a hard crash this can be moved and allow the battery to short out. Fixing this or substituting a piece of paper fixes it. If this is not the case then likely your issue is one of the small white plastic clips on the ends of the motors is broken, and allowing the motor to vibrate during flight, this causes the flight controller to do some strange things. Simply tightly wrapping a thin metal wire around the motor and arm to secure it fixes that. Simply google this, it's a common fix. Other than that there's not much to say, it's worth every penny and it's a blast to fly around and hone your drone skills. Pros: 3 modes for sensitivity Quick charge Easily Repairable Replacement blades are cheap Maneuverable Cons: Not terribly durable

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  • By Oliver Batcheller

    December 26, 2017

    "Good for first time flyers" this is only true because the drone is cheap. Really, the smaller the drone, the harder it tends to be to control. That being said, this drone flies pretty well for its size. Unfortunately if you are a first time flyer like I was, you may want to practice over something soft until you learn how to properly land. I basically flew this drone every chance I could the first week I had it crashed it at least 10x each session. It broke after about 6 days of doing this, I opened it up and what happened was one of the wires for the motor disconnected from the circuit board. Its actually an easy fix if you have a soldering iron, screwdriver and some patience but I just decided to save it for parts and order a new one. I recommend this drone but just know that even though a 5-6 foot drop indoors may not seem like much, it is a lot for a small cheap drone like this. If you take care of it while getting over the learning curve and are possibly willing to get hands on if a motor stops working you can make your $12 go a long time.

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  • By Ryan N.

    December 16, 2017

    I loved this drone. I have flown many drones and for $15 this drone is a blast. The controls are super easy and responsive and the drone is surprisingly fast. It has a button on the remote to do flips in the air which is super cool. For a beginner this is the perfect drone to learn the controls and get used to flying a drone. I crashed it many times and for the most part it survived the crashed with no damage. Occasionally a propellor would break but they do give you a few replacements and you can buy more if you need. The reason why I give this drone 4 stars is because when I was trying to replace a propellor I accidentally pulled the motor out which broke one of the wires. After this I could not fly my drone anymore and it was essentially trash. None the less, it was definitely worth the $15 I spent and if you are careful you will avoid the problem I had completely. This a a great drone and I plan to get a new one soon.

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  • By John E. Cressman

    December 16, 2017

    I've had it for about 2 weeks now and it's nice. I bought it mostly as a cat toy since my cat LOVES bugs. She is entranced by it when it hovers around and goes up to the ceiling. But, as pointed out... it's VERY difficult to control and consequently, I've run into walls, ceilings, doors, stairs, hallways, furniture and... yes... cats. It comes with some spare propellers but I've broken all but 2 of the spares so far. Once I'm out of them, that'll be the end of it. All in all, I've paid more for a cat toy that the cat has completely ignored, so the fact that it is still gets her attention is a win for the $20 I paid.

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  • By Dennis the Menace

    December 15, 2017

    Currently the smallest drone on the planet. Has a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it really is a marvel to behold. I had to order extra propellors as you WILL break them praticing, PROS: Amazing performance. Perfect flips. Durable body and electronics. Charges quickly. Tiny yet mighty. Very affordable but get some extra props. CONS: Takes a while to learn how to fly proficiently. Propellors fragile. Sometimes it freaks out after it crashes and it will go into high speed mode screaming and bouncing around even with controller shut-off which makes picking it up almost scary like picking up an angry those fingers!

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  • By Andrew

    December 6, 2017

    I bought two. One of them has a propeller that won't spin after first crash, I'll probably take it apart and see what's going on. The other one flies just fine without any issues. Comes with a couple spare propellers. The instructions are semi-decent, enough to give you what you need to know. The one thing missing from the instructions is the flying direction, Took some trial and error to determine what the "Front" of the drone was so I could determine which way to move the stick. I've recalibrated a couple of times and there is still a bit of a drift, probably not the drone's fault as I'll admit I've not used a perfectly level surface every time. The instructions have suggestions on how to improve it over time. Battery life is good, they charge pretty quick, and the second drone takes a pretty good beating. I let me 3 year old fly it around and she has run it in to walls, ceilings, her sister, and all kinds of things and it just gets up and goes again with a little tweaking. For the price and what you get, I'd probably buy it again. Good place to start if you've never flown before.

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  • By Skippy

    November 30, 2017

    This is a seriously fun little indoor toy, so long as you accept that you'll probably need to buy two. One to destroy while you learn and then a new one to really enjoy. That's the way it worked with me, anyway. I had no experience flying an RC copter and crashed the first one into the ceiling, the walls, the furniture, myself, and the cats. Repeatedly. I broke the propellers that were on it and then I broke the 4 replacement propellers that came with it. I ordered more propellers, but by then I had cracked and bent the airframe in several places and the gyros just couldn't keep up. On the plus side, by then I was getting really good at flying so its replacement is faring much better. I timed the battery - it's good for almost 6 minutes of continuous flight. Recharging on the USB port takes about 17 minutes.

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  • By NtG

    November 29, 2017

    Awesome little quadcopter to learn how to fly and to play around with while watching TV. You should definitely buy one of the prop guards with it because you WILL crash and break the propellers if you don't have one. You might say "oh that's fine, I can just replace the propellers" Wrong. The replacement propellers out there are not the same as the standard propellers. They are much noisier and a lot more flimsy. I have also broken the frame from crashing it a couple times. Now the copter doesn't fly correctly anymore. I'm not sure why but it will be flying and then just randomly decide to flip upside down and crash. I just ordered a new one, and since I am really good at flying them now I expect this new one to hold up for a long time.

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  • By Eli

    November 25, 2017

    I got this for my daughter (so she would leave my drone alone) and she loves it. The battery charges extremely quick - approximately 25 minutes - and lasts about 10+ minutes flying. No problems out of the box, it took right off. I didn't like that there was no blade guard and the blades are fairly flimsy. It comes with 4 spares and after a day and a half she has gone through all of them. I ended up ordering a kit with a prop protector and 16 spare props. Overall, I would say it is good for learning or younger children.

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  • By msmahfuz

    November 24, 2017

    It is small. It is smaller than any other quad copter i fly. Use the USB charger cable ONLY that is provided. Throttle is on left. It is a good TOY. :-) Pros: - More controllable movement during fly - Good for indoor fly - fly time near about 6-7 mins - Battery not bad comparing the tiny size - Good material / good build quality. Did not brake after flying and hitting it several times. - Charge time is not bad as well. Takes 20 mins to get near about 5-6 mins flight. Cons - NOT made for outdoor fly, slight wind makes it difficult to control - Does not stay still in the flight in one place. Lastly, service is quite good even thought it took near about 18 days to receive it.

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  • By Drum Bum

    November 21, 2017

    I got one of these mini quadcopters for Christmas a couple years ago and this thing is a blast! Unfortunately, the instructions I got were a little unclear and it would have taken me awhile to figure out how to calibrate it (you basically have to sync it with your remote control), but luckily my brother had got one first so I was able to bypass that quickly! It makes about 15 minutes to charge it up all the way and the battery lasts no more than 7-10 minutes, but that seems to be pretty normal for quadcopter batteries no matter the size of them! This quad copter is a lot of fun, especially with trick mode, but make sure you buy extra propellers, because they bend and break pretty easily and then will fly crooked!

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  • By Dean

    November 19, 2017

    Extremely fun!! Best $20 I have ever spent. This thing is very durable. Once, I flew it above the neighbor's house and it got out of range and dropped from about 100 feet in the air onto hard dirt and SURVIVED. Although the front blue LEDs were killed in the process (idk, maybe the wires were severed during the impact???), rendering my unit useless because the blue LEDs are used to indicate a low battery. It had a good run, but MAKE SURE YOU BUY EXTRA PROPS as you will burn thought the included ones in a couple of days. If you're considering buying one of these babies, DO IT.

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  • By blain

    November 17, 2017

    This was a christmas present from my kids and it is a blast to play with. Amazingly tiny as the pictures show, but really quite capable and fast too. Instructions were pretty baffling so I essentially ignored them and figured it out by trial and error instead, no big deal really. The props are what I would expect from something so tiny, no real concern there. My only issue and only reason for 4 stars is that every time I first start flying the throttle keeps cutting out for the first minute or so. I can only get about 1-2" off the ground, and it dies. Do it several more times and eventually it starts working normally...almost like it needs time to warm up. Not sure if that is normal or not.

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  • By J. Storchan

    November 8, 2017

    It's a lot of fun. You have to make sure all the propellers are full horizontal or your will not have a positive flight experience. I learned that quite fast. It really is a entry into quad copters and give you an idea how much fun it is to fly these copters. I am enjoying it everyday. Soon I will start looking into an upgrade to a better copter now I had the experience. Flight time is only five minutes and the battery is not meant to be replaceable. I have already taken apart the unit and it is interesting to find that an experience person can replace most parts. This is not for a little child as the unit can fly right into your face and damage your eye, if you are not careful. Plus it can really hurt on the fingers. This is not a toy, it is for adults. It took a month to receive it from Singapore. There seems to be many renditions of this model. I wonder if the original has been copied. In the future I will think twice before purchasing this overseas. The blades came in severely bent.

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  • By Justyn Zachariou

    October 26, 2017

    This is probably the funnest $16 I've ever spent. I can definitely see why drone racing is an emerging sport! I've only flown it indoors but I'm told it's a respectable outdoor flier too. Here's my experience with it so far: Pros *Much easier to fly than I was expecting...relatively. It's a far cry from the nigh-uncontrollable crusty old RC helicopters of my youth, but still needs some practice. Within a half hour I got a feel for the controls and I was zipping it around the house with little issue. *Durable. I've crashed it many times while learning and I haven't broken a prop yet (with no guard). I flew it into the toilet once and it emerged unscathed. The mainboard is nice and thick with no big cutouts in it like some other microquads, so I don't expect that to break any time soon. The only damage to the shell is a cracked clip. I reinforced all the clips with a little dot of epoxy. Not sure about long term longevity of it though. *It's fairly stable, yet maneuverable for what it is. The rates feel well-chosen; the minimum is good for precision flying and landing (impressing people by landing it in their palms!), and maximum gives it a surprising amount of get-up-and-go. The flips are a ton of fun and always execute flawlessly. *The mind boggles at how great a deal it is for how much technology is packed into it. Cons *It's difficult to yaw without also changing the throttle. I would have prefered yaw shoulder buttons with sticks this small. *The exposed motor wires. The insulation on a couple of them has worn away. It was caused by a combination of vibration causing chafing, crashes, and shearing from applying a prop guard (which I stopped using because of this reason). It would be nice to have them hidden in the motor holding part of the lower shell. I would try to fix this myself but I'm pretty sure my hamfistedness would make it worse. *The charger is very cheap. I dropped it about waist-height onto hardwood and the brittle housing shattered. I MacGyver'd it back together with more epoxy. Inside, there is not much intelligence to it (a single SOT23 package and some passives on a flatflex), so I wouldn't trust it not to overcharge the battery. *Speaking of the battery, it's non-removable. It and the motors will wear out eventually, and it's less trouble to just get a new quad than to replace them, which is unfortunate. For that reason, among others noted here, if this one breaks down I'm torn between getting another of these because of the tiny adorable factor, and a Syma X11. Some tips for noobs: *The cardinal rule for reducing damage is to throttle off if you're about to crash. It saves the props and the motor shafts. It was about to fall anyway, throttling down saves it from being thrashed about. It's so light that it shouldn't take too much damage, unless it was really high up and it falls on concrete or something. *The trim buttons don't seem to do much. If you notice it drifting, land on a level surface, put the left stick to the lower left and the right stick to the upper left. This will recalibrate the accelerometer, the blue lights will flash if it worked. *It doesn't recover well from flips from a hover, give it some vertical speed before doing a flip. *Don't be afraid to give it a good push of throttle with taking off. Else it will skitter across the ground and make it harder to correct, and because it's so light it might catch something and flip. *When you're learning, keep it the same orientation to you. Only use the yaw when you turn relative to the drone. If you can't wrap your head around this, you might want to get a CX-10A with headless mode, but it holds you back. *It's stable but not perfect. It won't do everything for you, expect to make continual small adjustments to the sticks to keep it in a hover. The throttle is the hard part, it's much more sensitive than the pitch stick, especially on low rates. *It's easier to set your throttle to what you want before you start moving around, so you don't need to worry about two planes of movement at once. UPDATE: Having flown it at least twice a day for a week, including outdoors, I have more to say about it. It's much easier and more freeing to fly it outside, when it can go around at max rates without smacking into things. Surprisingly good at fighting wind. The range is pretty good, I can get it far enough away that I can't do visual orientation anymore. It just drops out of the sky when signal is lost though, which is unfortunate. The clip broke finally broke off, but it looks to be mostly cosmetic because the screws are holding the shell together just fine. It was unbalanced and drifty after this, so I removed the opposing clip and it's fine now. I saw online that the motor wires could be tucked into the inside of the motor well (since they're hollow, strange that they made a provision for this but they didn't bother to do it in the factory), so I took it apart to do this. The bottom shell took some wrestling to get free of the mainboard and I accidentally pulled off a few motor wires. It wasn't as hard as I thought to solder them back on. I managed to hide the wires, and now the motors are more snug in their mounts so there's less drift. I think one of the motors is going loose, it makes a shrill sound at certain pitch/roll settings and it shakes and shimmies slightly during hover. Ah well. Once it goes out I'll get spare motors, shell, and batteries.

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  • By Sandro Rojas

    October 22, 2017

    This is my very first drone, learning how to fly it was difficult at first but after a few hours I had the hang of it. Very easy to learn with. The only reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because after crash landing multiple times the the plastic covering broke and the motor fell out of the case exposing the 2 wires inside. One of those wires ripped and this caused it not to work anymore only leaving 3 operational rotors. It only lasted 1 day but i would buy this product again just next time I ought to be more careful and I know that now.

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  • By CKS

    October 6, 2017

    Just got this and am learning to fly it. It took a few minutes at first, but it gets a lot easier. Its flight time per charge is as advertised, which is not terribly long, but plenty long enough to be a lot of fun. The biggest problem I've had is reading the instructions. If they weren't so frustrating to try to read, they'd be incredibly funny. English is definitely not their first, second, or third language! Looks like it would be fairly simple to find an English speaker or an editor! But once you finally make some sort of sense out of the instructions and look at the pics to learn how to get the little thing to "boot up" and start, it's a lot of fun! (But, good grief, get someone to rewrite the instructions!)

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  • By u***M

    June 14, 2017

    I bought the drone a few days ago and it was broken when it arrived. After sending it back to tomtop to get one that wasn't broken I get an email from the company. It was an apology for the broken drone and I got some store credit from them (score). I know it was probably a automated email but its nice to know the company cares. Overall the drone is fun to fly and can move pretty fast when it gets going. It handles almost as good as my big drones but has a really short battery life ~5 min because of its small size. Great drone 4/5 because it came broken the first time.

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  • By Valued Customer 2017

    May 13, 2017

    Took some time to master hovering in the same place, using throttle and pitch. Perhaps, not soon enough before I crash landed it many times into hard concrete. Cracked the body and damaged 2 propellers. (Whoops.) Better indoors with large open areas and carpet, so as not to damage the copter when crash landing (which is necessary when the copter gets away from you), or outdoors in a grassy field. Also, keep checking the blades for hair or being bent from previous crashes, so you can fly without issue. I think it's well worth the price. Flys for around 5min. Charges easily in 20 min or so. Lotta fun.

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