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Originale SYMA x5C 4CH 6-Axis Gyro di controllo remoto RC Quadcopter Giocattoli Drone senza fotocamera e trasmettitore

Originale SYMA x5C 4CH 6-Axis Gyro di controllo remoto RC Quadcopter Giocattoli Drone senza fotocamera e trasmettitore

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Nota: Questa versione non include fotocamera & trasmettitore È adatto a coloro che hanno un set completo di X5C Quadcopter ma hanno il corpo si è schiantato

Il sistema di 6 assi permette il quad essere lanciato a mano.
Volo di 6-axis gyro quad-velivoli ad ala rotante, forte stabilità, può implementare facilmente vari movimenti di volo, resistenza al vento più forte, più facile da controllare.
2.4 tecnologia adottata per anti-interference.even più di un quadcopter sta volando al tempo stesso non interferiranno con a vicenda.
Il quadcopter può volare sia al coperto che all'aperto. Inclusi 4 canali digitale proporzionale sistema RC.
Batteria ricaricabile ad alte prestazioni.
Funzione: su/giù, lotta laterale sinistra/destra, avanti/indietro, girare a sinistra/destra.

Frequenza: 2.4G
Tempo di volo: 6-8min
Tempo di ricarica: 100min (USB di ricarica)
Canali di controllo: 4CH
Tensione di carica: DC 4.2-5V
Corrente di carica: < 500mAh
Controllo a distanza: Circa 50-100m
Dimensione della batteria: 42,4 mm * 26,2 * 7.1 mm
Formato del pacchetto: 34.5 * 25 * 7 cm / 13,6 * 9,8 * 2,6 in
Peso del pacchetto: 344g/12,1 oz

Lista dei pacchetti:
1 * SYMA X5C Quadcopter
1 * 3.7 v 500mAh Lipo Batteria
4 * protettore dell'elica
1 * coppia di atterraggio


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  • By Atom

    December 14, 2017

    This is the best drone to buy especially if you are an amateur. However the motors will burn out after a lot of use I'm on my third one now and I have replaced all of the motors the batteries over and over again and it will not fly so I am currently giving up on this brand and I'm going to go up to the next level which is the 200 to $300 level I have found that anything over $100 still most of them do not come close to what this can do and how much fun it is. I gave it 4 stars because it does not last long and replacing parts don't work more often than they should my voice is if you have a broken down drone buy another drone that's already built just without the remote control and camera when you get into changing motors its not worth it especially at this level do your research and last but not least go slow very slow for your first time will be like me and get your first one stuck in a hundred twenty five foot in 20 minutes

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  • By prepper

    December 9, 2017

    This is a great drone. I bought this for my husband who has been flying the little helicopters for years. He took it straight outside and flew it. Right off he lost it out of range in the mountains we never found it. Bought him a second one- he flew it inside until he got the hang of it, Now he flies it outside all the time. This is a great drone for hrs of fun. We did order extra batteries so he could just swap out and keep flying. Recommend for any age capable of fling the helicopters good. They are just as fun with or without the camera but fun to see how high up you are and the aerial view with the camera. Also recommend painting one end of the quad so when it is way up in the air you can tell which is the front so it does not get out of range. They are fast and noisy so need a big indoor area until you get the hang of it to go outside.

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  • By Steve Vigus

    November 17, 2017

    I love that you can buy a complete replacement this inexpensively. My son's X5C got stuck in a tall pine. After throwing pine cones, baseballs, rocks, and sticks at it, a friend finally knocked it down with a paintball. In addition to busting a hole in the body and splattering paint inside, the paintball freed up the drone so that it could fall gently...into the river. By the time we fished it out it was toast. Rather than replace the body, motors, and controller board, I simply ordered a BNF replacement from TOMTOP and we were flying again in two days. BNF stands for bind and fly. This means that you have to supply your own controller and camera. In our case we just used the controller from the broken drone.

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  • By Weeble

    November 10, 2017

    Guy's if your New to flying! Buy this quad First! I'll tell you the reason I say this, a lot of first time flyers opt for the smaller quadcopter to start off with. Only to find them a bit to zippy, and end up fetching it every 30 sec. because they crash so often.<<<<

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  • By zahndh23

    November 6, 2017

    An absolutely fantastic trainer drone. The X5C is perfect for somebody wanting to learn to fly a quad at a low price. The basic controls are extremely responsive and allow you to do simple and intermediate maneuvers to train yourself before moving into the more expensive RC quad copters. I have crashed and wipe this thing out so many times I can't even tell you and it just keeps getting right back up in the air. Though there are several YouTube videos featuring this drone and it's ability to carry a go pro, I have not been able to get it to do this. It is just not have the power or lift capability to handle something size of a GoPro. I highly recommend this quad copter for anybody who is wanting to learn to fly quad copters. Especially if your goal is to eventually move to a DJI phantom it is the same basic design.

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  • By Tara T.

    October 26, 2017

    We are obsessed with our Quad copter! after the first one flew off into the abyss of the forest behind our house, never to be found, we purchased this one. Note to buyers: you might want to buy an extra few battery packs. We constantly have some batteries on the charger while using the ones it came with, that way once a pair die, you immediately have a backup. Battery life is not that good, definitely less than 45 minutes, but still fun to take to the beach and park. would recommend to first time buyers, who are looking to have a starting copter for learning purposes. good for the price for sure.

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  • By Steve Depena

    October 22, 2017

    I love the syma X5C-1. Between the fact that this flies like a dream and it can take a beating, this quad really is great when you are starting out. Also, if you loose one to the wind, a car runs over it, or it gets lost in a tree, one can always get the replacement drone without having to buy the whole package again, meaning the transmitter. This one comes with no camera, but you can get that too. They bind well with the transmitter, as long as it's the X5C-1 and not the X5CS explorer. I have so much fun with the drones making videos. Here is one of them.....

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  • By BarnDog

    October 14, 2017

    Crazy fun for the money, stands up to full blown winds and rainstorms. I have put this thing through absolute hell, running 800mah battery after battery... Crashing into the street, trees, sand... I have replaced the motors and gears once, it's very easy to work on with basic soldering skills. Replacement parts are cheap and everywhere. I've heard some of the older X5's had issues drifting in mild winds, I have never experienced such and thing and can fly comfortably in 20+mph winds and heavy rain. For the record I stripped mine of landing gear and camera pod, and it flies like a dream for about 12-15 mins on 800mah batts depending on conditions. Watch out for sand at the beach, it will destroy your gears. If I had to find something to complain about, it would be the fact that there really is no low voltage warning... When the lights flash it instantly loses power and control, but goes into a low throttle state for some stability when falling to the ground. I don't suggest flying very high when the batts are almost up, you will tumble out of the sky and regret it. Certainly be careful over water due to the way this cutoff works, you'd be SOL.

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  • By Steven Dalnekoff

    October 12, 2017

    Fun drone/quadcopter for anyone looking to get into this hobby. The camera is awful, but you're not buying this for aerial photography. It's fun, fast, cheap and you get great battery life when you remove the camera altogether and super light. Two things to note: 1) Be careful in the wind. Due to its weight, it can easily get carried away so I don't recommend flying it higher than 20-30 feet off the ground. 2) Buy extra prop guards, especially if you're using this inside. They are super cheap, but they can get bent easily and begin to interfere with the propellers.

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  • By Steve

    September 19, 2017

    Fun drone/quadcopter for anyone looking to get into this hobby. The camera is awful, but you're not buying this for aerial photography. It's fun, fast, cheap and you get great battery life when you remove the camera altogether and super light. Two things to note: 1) Be careful in the wind. Due to its weight, it can easily get carried away so I don't recommend flying it higher than 20-30 feet off the ground. 2) Buy extra prop guards, especially if you're using this inside. They are super cheap, but they can get bent easily and begin to interfere with the propellers.

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  • By Bmoncriefsc

    July 25, 2017

    Awesome drone! I highly recommend this for beginners. Its light weight enough it wont harm any one or anything. Fly responsibly drone flying is a new hobby try not to give it a black eye. Ok so I lost my last one up in a pine tree behind my house. Was flying it around my yard when a gust of wind got the best of me. Luckily I found this drone for a decent price! Works with my original equipment, controller, batteries and so on. Fly's great! Put a new battery in it and was flying again in minutes. Just a reminder this is for the Drone Only, No batteries or controller provided. More or less a replacement drone. Thank You!! This is my honest opinion/review, I was not compensated to provide a positive review. I highly recommend this product! Thanks!

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  • By Richard Herbert Johnson

    July 21, 2017

    I really like the Syma X5c-1.but I really, really need to pay more attention when I am placing an order. I needed a new controller as I had burned out the transmitter module accidentally with my soldering iron trying to install a better antenna. So I ordered this one without the camera as it was priced almost the same as the controller and I already have several cameras that fit on it. Unfortunately I did not notice the fine print at the bottom that stated no controller. So now I am going to have to order another one just to get the controller. At least I will have more spare quadcopters for flying! (It's not a good idea to fly these birds too much without letting them cool off between flights as the motors run really hot! So having more than one X5c-1 allows you to rotate them and save your motors) Oh Well!

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  • By KEN

    June 3, 2017

    I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but the propeller guards are like small hooks on the drone which easily gets caught in trees and bushes. My first X5C is still at my local park on top of a tree like a Xmas ornament which is why I got this one. Since flying without the guards, the drone simply falls to the ground whenever I accidentally hit a tree. Now I only use the propeller guards indoors or in a wide open field. Anyone that has flown one of these knows they're pretty durable to begin with anyway.

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  • By Art Vandelay

    May 20, 2017

    This is a great mini drone. I bought this extra drone (without the camera or controller as a an additional to the full kit I'd already bought). I love flying the X5C-1 for 30 minutes or more at a time, so I purchased multiple batteries and this extra drone so that I could rotate between two drones without burning out the motors. Though I haven't experienced it myself, my understanding is that if you just keep swapping out the batteries on the same drone back to back that the motors will be overly strained and could potentially burn out.

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  • By BarnStormers

    March 13, 2017

    Easily the fastest best least expensive quad copter on TOMTOP. I've bought many and my only advice is to remove the blade protectors if you've already installed them as the only add weight cutting down your fulltime and aid in losing your small investment by getting caught up in the top of any tree. Also remove the landing skids as they're not neccesary...once again they just add unnecessary weight cutting down your flight time and unless you want to cut down a tree, removes the catching hook tree limbs love when looking for quad-copters to eat!

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  • By captain georgio

    March 13, 2017

    Too much fun for an old man.If I would have had one of these when I was a kid.Wow so much fun.I have been very conservative in learning how to fly because it wants to rocket ship to the moon if you don't maintain close control.I find the picture and movie feature to most adequate. Its pretty indestructible though I feel it is rough on the motors if they get tree fouled.I need to find a hack to avoid taking apart 30 screws to change motors.motors and parts are super cheap.I later got real-time trans camera.But first concentrating on aviation

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  • By No Coast Chopters (Wes)

    February 28, 2017

    Great price. Great indoor and outdoor flying. Very quite compared to the other models. Very good for night flights. Will hold a 680mah battery for much longer flight time. This model is stripped down and has no remote and came with one 500 mah battery. I believe it's better than the newer models. It's just my tag along quad I don't use the camera or even put one on it. Nor prop guards everything you take off gives you more flight time. Not much low battery warning however. Once the leds start to flash better bring her down right then or gravity will.

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  • By mmmmmrx

    February 11, 2017

    I received the X5C and not the X5C-1 (newer version shown in the one pic). Description and pics here don't match. Would have rather had the "newer" one, but am fine with the older one. Mine came with a battery despite the ad title. These can't be beat for the price. They fly great and are fun to toy with. I'm using it as a learning tool before buying something more expensive. I've flown multiple electric backyard flyer planes and single and multi-rotor helis and still think the practice is necessary as, while they are easy to fly, they just aren't as intuitive to maneuver as the planes and helis to me.

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  • By Gary H.

    January 30, 2017

    I just bought my 5th one. These little quad copters are tough. They've come a long way since the carbon fiber stick arms. The hollow tubes are very resilient to crashing and so are the blades. I still haven't had a motor go out. Believe it or not, I use these as my dog toy! The dog can hardly wait to get outside at night and chase this thing down! Oh, he catches it every now and then (he's very quick), but this thing just keeps on going! There are bite holes and marks all over it! It's worth it though, he enjoys it, I enjoy it... and I don't replace them that often.

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  • By m b.

    January 13, 2017

    these are one of my favorite quadcopters there stable easy to fly. crash and keep goingit's very durablebut don't expect the motors last forever their brushed Toy grade.for the price you can't beat The value to fun ratio this is a great beginners helicopter children learn Fast not like the older folks difficult picking it up that forces Us to fly better. anyway I highly suggest this quadcopter is durable fun fast, prop protectors too, landing gear,super bright green LED lights for flying at night. make sure you get plenty of batteries and let the crashing begin.this isn't a small helicopter but not a very big One ether.with all the other and helicopters I have for the price this is the best in class.enjoy fly on

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