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Portatile in acciaio inox cucina a legna leggera solidificata alcool fornello cottura esterna pic-nic barbecue Campeggio

Portatile in acciaio inox cucina a legna leggera solidificata alcool fornello cottura esterna pic-nic barbecue Campeggio

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leggero e compatto: solo pesa 13,4 oz, ha un impatto minimo sul peso dello zaino.
ecologico: nessun emissioni chimiche, senza batterie, senza taniche di carburante, meno emissioni di anidride carbonica. fonti di carburante illimitato
: cucinare un pasto utilizzando i ramoscelli che si raccolgono sulla vostra escursione o alcool solidificato. Dire addio a pesante, costosa, benzina combustibili inquinanti.
costruito duro: in acciaio inox temprato, la stufa è significata per robusto zaino in spalla e campeggio.
venire in un sacchetto della maglia per trasporto conveniente.

in acciaio inox dimensioni del pacco: circa 14 * 7cm / 5,5 * 2.8 in(D * H)
peso totale: circa 380g/13,4 once

Package List:
1 *
stufa a legna 1 * Mesh borsa

Nota:solo stufa a legna, barbecue e altre pentole non sono inclusi.


Where can we find the instructions for use ?

  • Try this------- YouTube video--> "Bushcraft Fire Lighting: Woodburning Stoves" There are many videos on YouTube, from quite a few experts, demonstrating wood preparation, fire starting, utensils, water boiling and cooking, with this type of stove, plus many other types of varying portable wood gas and alcohol stoves..

    By BBQ Guy on July 22, 2017


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  • By PJ

    December 4, 2017

    The one I received is not exactly like the one pictured. It does not have the "Lixada" logo on it anywhere. In fact, it says a different competitor's name one the outside of the white box. I own another stove identical to this one that I bought a year ago from some other seller. They are exactly the same. I believe there are many sellers that sell these with their own brand name and listing title, but all of the stoves are the same. Made in China... Other than that, the stove works fine. Just like my other one. It's best to use wood pellets for the best burn. Or, cut pieces of wood that is close to pencil size thickness and as short as possible. The more you can eliminate air space, the better the burn. I like to use parts of this stove for my various alcohol stoves. You can use the rings as pot stands and spacers. This is why I purchased a second one. Can't complain too much when they are only about $20...

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  • By AquaFarmer

    December 1, 2017

    I have only used it once - but I did 2 'burns' with it. It seems you have to boil water or cook w/ 1 burn and be attentive about adding twigs/branches to it or it will burn out and seemingly needs to be emptied inorder to be utilized a 2nd time. There isn't any/much flame control, but It seemingly boiled water fast - or maybe it seemed faster b/c you have to add more wood so often? Overall I really like the concept of being able to utilize twigs & wood & being reusable! It does need a flat-ish surface & luckily I found a good rock - I don't know that I would burn over a wooden table/bench.

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  • By PDXguy

    December 1, 2017

    I struggled with this stove at first. I was constantly having to blow into it to get more oxygen to the fire, and then I would get a faceful of smoke. Then I took my drill and added holes to the pan that the wood rests in, especially along the sides. Now it works incredibly well, with almost any size or amount of wood that will fit into it. For cooking, I prefer filling up the stove a couple of times and letting the wood burn down to a good bunch of coals, and it simmers quite well. Or I keep the fire fed and have a mini campfire. Note that this modification means it will burn hotter than without additional holes, and probably go through more wood. That is an easy trade-off for me, because without the modification I don't find the stove very usable. Also note that I live in the Pacific Northwest, and all the wood where I camp is softwood, mostly pine. I can't say how this works with hardwood. Now the main concern I have is the fold-out pot supports on the top, which I expect to be the failure point. They seem on the flimsy side. Another note: you do have to be able to start a fire with wood to use this stove. It is easier than starting a campfire, especially once you get the hang of it (use a small amount of wood to start, don't fill it up), but it still requires basic fire starting skill.

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  • By Seth C. Howard

    November 30, 2017

    used once . another accidental "one click" purchase from a tablet screen swipe ; i use left hand more now . still , when came thru , i kept as i had been looking at gasifier stoves . not impressive HOWEVER , my wood was marginal and took time to cook up . unit does burn well once hot enuff . when burns down , no flame , just clean heat . with big flame can actually see the air circulation into upper combustion . good price , why i kept at first . will be going with me on hikes and firewood cutting trips for sure . i simply cooked dogs onna stick first trial and unit did well . longer burn than i expected once burned to coal pile .

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  • By Paul L.

    November 20, 2017

    Worked really well, if you separate the top and bottom piece before lighting the tinder inside, it would be easier to get the stove going with a ferro rod. Works well as both a wood burning stove and windscreen for an alcohol stove. I've used my trangia mini alcohol stove inside and it worked really well. The way the airflow is going inside primes the jets and they would burn as well. Fitting the GSI cup on top is a little tricky as it's a tad bigger than the pot stand but it's doable. Overall very happy with the purchase and hearing the wood crackle while burning adds a bit of serenity when using it.

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  • By Admiral Schmickover

    November 11, 2017

    Great Stove. I am all in on this thing. I used on several ice fishing trips this Winter to boil water using wood debris and dry grasses. PROs: -Compact. Stores within itself -Durable storage bag -Lights quickly and burns hot (I was able to boil 2 cups of water in under five minutes) -Can burn a variety of materials (I've tried twigs, grass, leaves, bark, frayed twine, charcoal CONs: -A bit heavy (13.4 oz), but for it's versatility, I think it's a fair trade-off -Need a slightly larger pot to fit on the stand than I am accustomed to bringing. My 1qt GI Canteen cup was not stable, but my GSI 8" frying pan was just fine I highly recommend this stove to anyone for camping, canoeing, or kayaking. For the weight of some butane canisters, this will never run out of fuel!

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  • By Bob M.

    August 18, 2017

    I bought this stove mainly to use with gelled alcohol chafing dish cans (like Sterno) as the fuel source. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. The chimney design seems to concentrate more of the heat from the burning fuel compared to the other Sterno-type portable stoves I've used. I haven't noticed any pronounced "rocket stove" secondary combustion effects yet, but I do note that there's little or no soot produced, again compared the other canned heat stoves and chafing dishes I've used. I'm guessing combustion is more complete in this stove, because of the chimney design. Using the canned heat fuel, the base of this stove stays cool even with extended use, making the stove practical for use on a wooden or plastic table surface. Other canned heat stoves I've used get very hot, as does (obviously) the fuel can itself. The chimney design also makes it possible to use the canned fuel in breezy to windy conditions, since it completely shields the flame from breezes that would otherwise easily blow the flame out. The stove seems to be well-made, of good-quality stainless steel. All the parts fit stow compactly in a pretty nice mesh bag, and they all fit together easily and securely when the stove is set up for use. As other users have already noted, the folding pot supports could be a weak point in the design, so they probably warrant a little extra care in setup, take-down and storage, to help them last. Also, the with a pot full of water or whatever perched on top of the stove, things can get a little top-heavy, so a solid, level surface to perch it on is a must, along with some extra care in use, to keep from tipping the whole thing over. (I imagine all the chimney stoves share this trait, unless they have extending feet or a broader base, which would in turn make them less portable.) All in all, this is a nice portable stove, particularly good for use with canned alcohol fuel, and a bargain. The fact that it can, if needed, use so many other fuel sources is a bonus.

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  • By ridiculousperson

    July 17, 2017

    These stoves are what you want because they burn any kind of garbage that you find on the forest floor. No gas, no alcohol, no fuel tabs, nothing but what you turn up under your boot. One problem: some people think they are worth big money. No so this stove. For about one-third or less of the usual cost, this one does the job. Be ready with a lot of sticks, leaves, and anything dead because this thing burns hot and that means it has a big appetitite for fuel. It is fairly small and light with a good mesh bag to transport it. This stove is the simple answer to coffee, oatmeal, Ramen, steak & eggs-- whatever you want. You can pay 3 or 4 times this price, or you can just buy this one. Kind of strange how it comes with no directions, but you can figure it out. It even has some kind of little bowl extra attachment that is apparently meant to burn alcohol in case you brought some extra vodka with you. I am going to get another one of these little darlings.

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  • By toad

    June 27, 2017

    Great little stove. Burns wood very well to completion. Trickier than my trangia because of the quality, availability, and dampness of the fuel available wherever you happen to be. Starting a fire is always more time consuming than sparking up alcohol, but well worth it when you get this stove going. Im not in a hurry when I'm camping so any time spent collecting wood or tending the fire is all part of the experience for me. It keeps my fire starting skills intact, doesn't throw much smoke, and has an indefinite burn time. Add more wood and keep cooking. No need to let the stove cool down before refueling like alcohol stoves. Im glad I have this in my kit.

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  • By B. Hale

    June 6, 2017

    I am very pleased with this backpacking rocket stove gasifier. I have the Silverfire Survivor rocket stove, which is large, heavy and not meant for toting around with you. I got this one because I wanted a stove for backpacking that uses wood as fuel and that I could count on to burn wood that may not be dry. It is heavier than most lightweight backpacking stoves, but that is not accounting for the weight for fuel that I won't have to carry. I used wood that had been sitting out in the rain and it burned well. It didn't take much and that is taking into consideration that the wood I used was light and spongy (wild elderberry), so I expected to have to use a lot of it, but did not. I used a fire starter made of dryer lint and petroleum jelly. Unfortunately, I did not time the amount of time it took to boil water, but it was within minutes. I am impressed. It took a while to make the decision to purchase this stove because I really wanted the Silverfire Scout, but in the end, I could not justify the cost because, after researching this one, I felt it would do the same job.

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  • By dave

    May 26, 2017

    Been using this for awhile now. I can bring a pot of water to a rolling boil in 5 minutes. Personally I like the pot stand part better on this version vs the more expensive solo (based on pictures of the solo). This stove packs down and nests inside my pot and is very handy. No more buying or carrying fuel. Always plenty of sticks around. I had been interested in the solo stove for awhile now but the price had held me back. Saw this one and figured for <$30 what's there to lose? Never having used the solo I cannot say if this one works better but I can say it works very well.

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  • By Tito

    March 24, 2017

    Amazing , very good investment , well worth it I recommend it to anyone who wants to go camping you have the option of using wood or liquid alcohol and gas canister , the first night Me using the stove I used wood and it literally took 2 minutes to bring the water to a boil I counted and my son my wife and I were on the AT and they were very restless for some hot cocoa and in less than ten minutes they had food and hot cocoa , and the wood burns very strong due to the air ducts on the inside koodos for whoever invented this stove and it also fits just about any pot I also forgot to mention that the wood was damp and it was also windy and the stove worked like a wonder btw this is not a false review I'm literally leaving this review the afternoon after leaving the AT

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  • By Rodrigo Ramos

    March 22, 2017

    The Lixada Stove arrived on time and well packaged. It arrived in perfect condition and is an attractive looking stove. Upon close inspection I found it to be in perfect condition. It comes in several parts that you will assemble and disassemble to use. Once yu read the instructions and put it together/take apart a few times, it will become second nature to use it. It does cause a bit of smoke for a minute or two until the gassification process starts, which is common among these gassification stoves. The only down side I found (its not really a downside really) is that after a few uses it becomes stained from burning the wood in it. To me this didnt matter because I bought it for its function, not aesthetics. Love this stove.

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  • By KO

    March 16, 2017

    Just got back from a camping trip where I used this little jewel. Let me say first I have never used any other wood gass stove but this thing works amazing. I used it to warm bbq beef, sloppy joe, boil hot dogs (my youngest doesn't like his dogs in a fire) and to make trail coffee. It only takes a small amount of dry wood to get the jets going. It even worked great with me assembling it wrong one of the times I used it. It is so compact when disassembled it fits inside my coffee dripper. I even store a little can of sterno inside the stove in its little stuff sack. The sterno works great in it as well. Empty it out between uses. Or else the jets won't get good air flow. I was blown away how quickly I was cooking with wood fire. Highly recommended.

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  • By Bernard Adams

    March 16, 2017

    I used this stove on an 8 day camping trip. Made coffee and cooked on it daily. Great little stove! I would just pick up finger sized sticks off the ground when walking back to camp site, break them into 3-4" lengths, pack them vertically into the burn chamber(be sure they don't stick up too high or they interfere with the pot holder), put smaller kindling on top and light the top. It's very important to light the top as this is a gasifier and consumes fuel from the top down. You can start cooking as soon as it is lit but it takes a couple of minutes for gasification to begin and that's when the serious heat begins. From the time I lit it to the time I was drinking coffee was usually about 8 minutes! I think that's pretty good, especially when using free fuel. Sticks can be added during use by removing cooking pot and dropping sticks in the top. I also think wood pellets would work well but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Great little stove! I highly recommend!!

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  • By Valériane

    February 22, 2017

    It is MUCH smaller than expected, but it is VERY light. So, that's both a plus and a minus. The merchant ought to use a coin or something in one picture for relative comparison. That aside, it worked great. burns very hot. Be sure to have plenty of twigs at the ready. It burns so hot that you will have to refill it a few to several times while cooking. However, if you just want to keep something hot after cooking, just the coals do a very good job. Because of its shape, I was not able to light tinder with a fire-starter. I had no problems with a lighter. The stove is built for gasification. In other words, you not only burn the wood, but the gassy byproducts of burning the wood. This is what makes it such a great product. However, certain woods produce more smoke and the stove's shape caused the fire to choke out more easily with those woods. So, I was glad to have brought a cheap folding fan with me. It made it easier for me to clear smoke preventing the fire from choking out. It also made it extremely easy to reignite a fire. TL;DR: Great LITTLE stove, but bring a folding fan as well.

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  • By matt

    February 10, 2017

    I really like this little stove. Been building my own which work well enough and I couldn't shell out sixty to a hundred bucks to check out a store bought. I've watched every video I can find on these things and I don't believe that you can get any more bang for your buck than you get with this stove. Used it with pellets. One cup of pellets burned just short of twenty minutes. That equates to 40 hrs of burn time for a five dollar forty lb bag. Can't beat that. The little bowl that it comes with will hold alcohol all right, but I used a trangia type stove by putting the bottom of the burn chamber in up side down and placing the alcohol stove top of that. The burner part barely sticks out the top and works wonderfully. I just use the little wash basin shaped bowl that it has as the ash catcher. Place this stove on the ground or non burnable surface, cause it do gets hot! Can't help using bad grammer sometimes. It's a good build and I'm really glad I found it.

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  • By BigEye in AZ

    February 1, 2017


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  • By K Davis

    January 19, 2017

    Very good construction and design - I only wish I could take credit for its' design - so very genius - And it works well - I went out in the yard and grabbed some leafs and pinecones and twigs. Things - we might have in an emergency and even though it was damp ( I do live in a rain forest ) The pine cone provided the initial heat and - I held my breath for a few moments - like you would in a real emergency. It smoked a bit too much BUT - It soon took off and fired up very nicely - I feed it some more - and it would NOT quit. I was so amazed - I played with it for the next two hours... Feeding it every thing from wax paper scraps to even wet leafs - (not so good) but it took it and did it well. I trust this and am going to buy another one for my grab and go kit. This one stays home for my flood kit (it comes with a solid fuel plate) to start even wet things.

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  • By Pine Needles

    January 17, 2017

    So much fun to use! Gets really hot, even the charcoal in the fire pit I set it in to test it out started burning underneath, so keep this in mind. It took 11 minutes to boil 20 oz. of water at 3000 feet. My pot was too small though and I had to hold it the whole time. I think with a larger pot base my time would have been better. I will keep using it for the fun factor. Way more fun that my gas backpacking stove, though much slower and a lot more work to get it going keep it going. I used little twigs and wood chips I found around the campsite. You have to stoke it a lot to get it hot for boiling. But for a simmer could let it burn down to coals and it will stay like that for a long time.

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