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MFi Apple Certified dodocool® alta velocità 3-Port IC Caricabatteria caricatore per auto USB con 33W /6.6A per Apple Samsung

MFi Apple Certified dodocool® alta velocità 3-Port IC Caricabatteria caricatore per auto USB con 33W /6.6A per Apple Samsung

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Specifiche tecniche:
Marca: dodocool
Materiale: Alluminio + ABS
Colore: nero + oro, Bianco + argento, nero + argento (opzionale)
Ingresso AC: DC12-18V
Max sicuro Corrente: 6.6A
Potenza: 33W
Uscita USB: 1 * 5V / 2.1A, 1 * 5V / 2.1A, 1 * 5V / 2.4A
Formato dell'articolo: approssimativo. 3.5 * 2.2 * 6cm / 1.4 * 0.9 * 2.4in (L * W * H)
Peso dell'articolo: approssimativo. 27g / 0,95 once
Confezione: Circa. 13 * 8.3 * 2,8 centimetri / 5.1 * 3.3 * 1.1in
Peso del pacchetto: Approssimativamente. 54g / 1,9 once

Lista del pacchetto:
1 * caricabatteria per auto dodocool
(altri accessori non sono inclusi)

Certificazione Apple (MFi)
caricabatteria per auto dodocool è MFi di Apple certificato in modo da ottenere migliori caricabatterie qualità. Potete stare certi che non si romperà con gli aggiornamenti del firmware di Apple a differenza di caricabatterie non autorizzato.


Will this charger work in cars in Italy?

  • Yes, of course.

    By Termon on August 12, 2017


Does it light up at all while plugged in? If so what color?

  • Yes there is a small LED when plugged in and I believe mine is blue

    By Michael M. LeDu on August 12, 2017



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  • By Anthony J.

    September 5, 2017

    I've tested it by charging two iPads and my iPhone and I've never been able to fast charge like this before, Apple doesn't seem to want you to know that the iPhone 6 will charge at 2.1a. So you could purchase another model that's less than 33 watts and save some money now, or purchase this one and not have to pick up a new one when your charging needs change, it's your choice. If you decide that the size is a problem, then maybe  This One  will interest you instead. Otherwise I recommend that you purchase a 33 watt model like this.

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  • By Bo S.

    August 24, 2017

    My lovely fiance bought me this for traveling after I complained that she hogged the charger too much while driving. It is PERFECT. 3 ports for charging both our phones and one extra for our tablet makes this one of the best travel plugs I've ever had. Not only does it have 3 ports but it is constructed incredibly well. It feels heavy duty and sturdy and I think it will outlast our car. Haha. The aluminum body is solidly made and it works perfect. We have had all three ports plugged into devices for hours at a time and it never gets hot to the touch and charges everything very well. The 3 ports is just awesome to have in the car and I highly recommend this to everyone with a significant other who hogs the power supply. :) I have got many other charging ports for cheap and all of them have failed after awhile due to their build quality. This one I have confidence that it'll last almost forever. Great quality, 3 ports and very nice looking too. This was worth the price and I am very pleased with it. Thanks!

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  • By Willy Eckerslike

    August 22, 2017

    This little car triple port USB charger is a really compact bit of kit. I’ve evaluated a number of multi-port chargers in return for honest reviews and they all suffer, to one degree or another, from being a bit bulky, especially if the car power outlet (did anyone ever light cigarettes with them?) is in a slightly awkward place. In my old Transit, for example, the outlet is rather too close to my knee for a multi-port charger. This dinky little charger only sticks out of the outlet by about 20mm so is totally unobtrusive; ideal for the van. The single 2.4A and two 2.1A ports supply provide plenty of power, proving a rapid and consistent charge rate. Charging an iPhone5 there is no ‘non-Apple certified product’ warning and it works perfectly well for Android devices as well. This stylish, compact unit has a solid, well manufactured feel, it’s a nice tight fit in the power outlet, the USB ports are reassuringly snug and the little blue power LED is not so bright as to be distracting when driving at night.

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  • By S. Power

    August 17, 2017

    This charger is wonderful because it has one 2.4 amps output and two 2.1 amp outputs, allowing you to charge the newest and most power hungry products, three at a time. Output determines how fast the charger can put out power. If you are charging an older smartphone that came from the factory with a 1A charger, than 1A is all that you need. A higher amperage output won't hurt your phone, but it also won't charge it any faster (for the most part). Newer phones, especially ones with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology can accept inputs as high as 2.4A. To get the full charging speed that those phones are capable of requires 2.4A or greater output. Newer tablets use the same 2.4A protocol and older ones charge at 2.1A. This charger has three USB output spots, and they can be used simultaneously, at 2.1, 2.1, and 2.4 amps of current. Beyond its very fast charging speed, I like this plug because it is well made, and fits securely into my car's cigarette plug. It seems like it will last a long time. I recommend it, especially at its very reasonable price.

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  • By Dre

    July 7, 2017

    What You Should Know Before You Buy: ♦ This thing is very small for a 3-Port Charger. It only sticks out of your car's charging outlet about 1 inch. ♦ Has three ports for a huge total output of 6.6 Amps (a 2.4 Amp port and two 2.1 Amp ports). ♦ Fast charging speeds for charging multiple devices concurrently with enough power for tablets in any port. ♦ Very compact for travel if you need to take a car charger with you on trips (renting a car at your destination for example). Conclusion: Overall, this is an impressive 3-Port Car Charger with an extremely high power output. I tested it out by charging my iPhone 6 and charging speeds were great in all ports. I also plugged in my wife's iPad 2 and my daughter's iPad mini, and they both charged quickly with no issues. On top of that, the charger is tiny, taking up very little space. It gives me enough ports for my phone, my Bluetooth music streamer and an extra port to spare for another device. If you are looking for a compact multi-port charger with a high power output, this one is a great choice.

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  • By Tim D.

    July 6, 2017

    I tested this charger as I do all of my charger samples, by using USB power meters to verify power output. I plugged in a  USB Power Load Inducer  from seller Playtronics into the 2.4 amp port and dialed it up to 2.4 amps, then plugged my Galaxy Note 3 phone into one 2.1 amp port via a USB multimeter, and then added my ASUS Tablet to the other 2.1 amp port via yet another power meter. I allowed the test to run for 15 minutes and the charger performed flawlessly. With my phone drawing 1.65 amps, the load inducer drawing 2.4 amps, and the tablet drawing 1.83 amps (for a total of 5.88 amps) the charger was steadily providing all the power I needed to run three power hungry devices.I usually give away my samples after testing, but occasionally I get a product that I find useful enough to keep and use for my own... this is definitely one of those few items I'll be keeping and using. ♥♥

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  • By Margaret P.

    July 4, 2017

    This auto charger has an anodized aluminum alloy face that comes in a choice of gold or silver. It fits easily into the accessory outlet and stays in place. It contains smart circuitry to prevent problems like overheating and shorts and it stops charging when a device's battery is full. There is an LED indicator for power. There are three USB ports that can be used simultaneously with a total maximum output of 6.6 amps, depending on the outlet's capabilities, of course: one at up to 2.4 amps and two at up to 2.1 amps. That is a significantly higher capacity than other charges that I have tested. This particular combination of appearance and function really is the best-in-class vehicle charger at this time.

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  • By Bob

    June 18, 2017

    Although this is an Apple certified device it has many more applications. I often have a number of things running in the car and these days the current demands are getting greater all the time. As this charger has 3 high power outputs 2 x 2.1 A and 1 x 2.4 A it is more than adequate to power my satnav and dashboard camera leaving one output so I can charge something else if I need to. (I leave the 2.4A one free so it will cope with anything. It is solidly made and fits securely into the car socket due to the sprung buttons on each side. The usb sockets hold the leads in place well. As it can draw 6.6A on full load from the car battery make sure you use a properly installed fused socket rather than a temporary hook up.

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  • By #1SOUND

    June 17, 2017

    This thing is just Great! Since many things are USB rechargeable in the car, the demand on a charger to provide high current to several devices at once is paramount. Especially since many devices require Much more than the typical 300ma to 500ma output of most bargain (and not soo bargain) chargers out there. I have to give 'props' out to a Google Play Store App called "Galaxy Charging Current" to alert me to just how 'not equal' things are created. Believe it or not, your Smartphone actually Is smart in how it allows charging. In my case here, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and my GF has a Galaxy S5. Before I bought this charger, I first used the Galaxy Charging Current App to proof out all of my USB to Micro USB charging cables. The results were eye opening, to say the least. Cords that I thought were good, were Crap. Cords I thought were crap were good. Wholey Moley. We both had a terrible time keeping our cell phones alive in the car. I even bought a new battery for my GS4 thinking it was the defective. A quick example. On my in-house Samsung wall charger and cable that came with the phone, Galaxy Charge Current shows a charge rate of 1200ma against a maximum potential of 1900ma. With just swapping the cable cord to a typical 3 for $5 generic pack of cables, the App showed 360ma with a max of 560ma. That's with just the Cord as a variable! So after weeding out all the bad cords, on to proofing out all of my car chargers. Most were in the 360ma to 560ma charge rate range. To put that in perspective, a GS4 or GS5 on and Running, say Pandora to Bluetooth to your car sound system drains at a rate of about 700ma. That means that the running phone Uses more than the charger supplies. So your phone (or other device) will only discharge slower than with no charger at all. One last example. I have a no-name dual output USB charger that I thought was no good. After my cord proof outs, I found It was my best old unit when used with good cords. It charges my single GS4 at 1200ma out of a max of 1200ma potential. Adding my GF's GS5 to the load, mine drops to 600ma, as does hers. So with 2 phones connected, best scenario is no charge, but no discharge. Now, on to this Dodocool unit. Firstly, it Looks fantastic. When you open the box, the finish is like jewelry. It is compact and has great lines. I ordered in the Black and Golden hued finish to compliment my tan van interior. It also has a very classy and unobtrusive small blue LED power lamp. Nothing crazy bright to distract in night driving, but still looks good. So onto performance. In one word, Stellar! With all 'good' proofed out cords, my GS4 was charging at 1900ma out of a potential 1900ma! The Highest I ever measured with the App. So add in the GS5 and my GS4 is still 1900ma... More impressed. Next, add a gen4 iPod Nano I use for work test signals and the GS4 reading is..... 1900ma! Of note, my previous 'good' charger of 1200ma running solo got hot. This Dodocool unit stays air temp cool as could be. Hence it's well earned 5 Star Rating. And a noteworthy PS: I agonized over whether or not there was Any actual difference between this Dodocool unit and the identical looks and specs Omaker units. So I ordered 2 of the Omaker branded units in Black and Silver and attained identical results. The finish was equally perfect on both. So choose by best price, or color combo, or your preference on saying the brand names. These units are Great! PS PS: There are still some older, identical looking versions of this charger in the lesser 5.1Amp versions. Do Not cheap out over a few bucks difference. Go for the newer 6.6Amp units. You will be Thrilled with your results and always charged and ready devices.

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  • By Dan Lebryk

    May 25, 2017

    This is the beast of car adapters - three USB ports that all sport 2 Amp output on all three at the same time. All that in a standard size compact package. Yes, that is an incredible feat, and then they aren't charging a lot of money for this. And then they put it in a handsome package. This is a sealed adapter - meaning if there is a fuse inside it, you cannot replace the fuse. The side pins are sprung heavily so that the adapter will stay put inside the 12V outlet. There is a small blue LED that just lights up the three USB ports. It is enough light to find the ports in a dark car. This comes in three different color combinations. I happen to have the silver version. The plug part is glossy black and smooth. The port part is a matte finish metal like material. It looks classy. My car has two USB ports that only output 0.5Amps. That means almost all devices charge very slowly, if at all. There is only one 12V outlet in the front console, and three 2Amp ports works magic for my devices. I was provided a review sample.

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  • By NF

    May 12, 2017

     There's not a lot to say about the Dodocool 3-Port USB Car Charger, as it's a compact, simple device that does just one thing: charge your portable electronic devices from a car. The charger comes with three USB ports that, collectively, can provide up to 6.6A output, 2.4A on one port and 2.1A on each of the others. It's refreshing to have all three ports capable of charging a tablet, as with my former car charger I had to constantly pull it out and read the tiny text to figure out whether I had the phone and tablet plugged into the correct ports. With this charger, you can plug whatever device you want into whatever port you want and it will do the work for you. You can even charge three tablets at once, as this charger has the horsepower to charge all three at full capacity. Note that the charger does not come with a cable; you're on your own for the cable between your device and the charger. Given the proliferation of cables that I have from all of the devices I've owned, this really isn't a problem for me. As you can see from the attached video, I tested this charger with two tablets and a smartphone. For the smartphone, I was able to get roughly 0.95A on either port. For the tablet, I was able to get a pretty consistent 1.77A output. There are always losses in any system, so it was not a surprise to me that I didn't get a full 2A output. The 1.77A I did get is actually a bit higher than average for the Samsung tablet I used in testing, as I usually get 1.6A when charging that tablet. The bottom line is that the car charger does what it claims and it works very well. I love not having to remember which port is the high-power port.

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  • By JP

    May 2, 2017

    The  6.6A 3-Port USB Car Charger by Dodocool  is a powerful tool to stay charged in the car and here is why. When traveling, I'm always in need of charging something while I'm out and about or on the road for business. I have my tablet for work, my tablet for personal use, my phone, it's a lot to keep charged. The Dodocool charger makes that all that recharging simple. This sleek charger features 3 total USB charging ports, one (1) 2.4A, and two (2) 2.1A ports. The best part is I don't have to pick and choose the port I can use; I am able to use all 3 at the same time with maximum amperage, simply fantastic. The charger is made of a mix of metal and plastic and testing it in three different cars, the prongs offer a good solid fit. Overall, this is a truly powerful charger available at a budget charger price. It's great for anyone that needs to keep a spare in your bag for any random occasion. Just two days ago, I found the charger extremely useful in a rental car I had that did not have any USB charging ports. That made this product a true life saver.

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  • By trebe

    April 19, 2017

    The dodocool DA24BS 3 port USB car charger is a compact device that plugs into the lighter outlet, and provides three USB ports for recharging various electronic devices. Total capacity is 6.6 amps, with one port is rated at 2.4 amps, a two rated at 2.1 amps each. The device is available in different colors schemes, and has a tiny blue LED which indicates that power is available. The build quality of the dodocool device appears to be excellent. The hard plastic shell is very solid, and there are no joints that could easily come apart. The power contacts which are inserted into the lighter, provide a nice tight fit. And the shape of the device makes it easy to insert and remove from the lighter socket. While I don't like to cutter up my vehicle with cords, sometimes it can't be helped, and on those occasions, having a device like this allows you some degree of flexibility. A sample was provided for evaluation.

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  • By Daisy S

    April 13, 2017

    This is one impressive charger! First of all, it fits perfectly into my car's cigarette liighter port...since this port is located inside my tiny sliding ashtray this is just what I was looking for. This charger is NOT bulky and it quite attractive. Best of all it charges THREE devices: My Galaxy phone, my Galaxy tablet and my passengers phone as well. I found that it keeps my phone and tablet charging and I can use these devices while they are charging.I am happy to report that this charger has exceeded my expectations and it is in my car at all times!

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  • By Gama

    March 22, 2017

    This 3 port USB car charger by dodocool is a nice black and silver in color.The 3 USB ports are labeled 2.4A, 2.1A, and 2.1A, more than enough power to keep our devices charged. The USB port will automatically shut down when the device that is plugged into it is fully charged helping to protect your device from over charging and over heating. This charger does not include any cables, which is ok since most devices do come with their own charging cable. I have many USB charging cables around the house from all of our different devices, so finding extras to keep in my car alongside this charger is not an issue. My husband and myself are way overdue for phone upgrades, mine is even a year older than his. With old phones come old batteries that don't hold a charge very long, unless you replace the batteries which we haven't. It doesn't take long for our phones to start losing their charge making car chargers and portable chargers necessary for us. I like that this charges quickly and we are both able to plug them in at the same time while we are out and still have enough room for one of my Kindles. This charger fits well in the cigarette lighter of my car and looks nice too.

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  • By PPS076

    February 22, 2017

    (This product was sent to me by the Manufacturer / Distributor for an honest and unbiased review). I've reviewed quite a few USB car battery chargers over the past 12 months and they have all performed to the required standard - the Dodocol USB car charger is no different as it ticks all the boxes. It's certainly well made with a very modern and stylish design. There are 3 USB ports on this unit with 33W / 6.6A being pumped out across the 3 ports (2.4A + 2.1A + 2.1A). It performed very well when I used it to charge my iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy and the charging time was very good indeed. The connections going into it and the connection into my car from the products thinner section was solid and stable and I found that the 3 ports would be very useful for a large family either on a day to day basis or when going on holidays. Verdict: Met Expectations.

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  • By b***4

    December 21, 2015

    Fast shipping! excellent charger that work as good as anker!

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  • By a***h

    November 2, 2015

    delivered fast, all ports work, nice and seems to be good also.

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  • By l***o

    September 28, 2015

    OK. Fast delivery. Super quality item. Recommended

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  • By d***v

    February 2, 2015

    Cool... Very fast

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